The American Crisis

I was in a good mood yesterday afternoon.

I was enjoying the nice spring weather outside at work when I got a phone call from my wife. She told me that one of my best friends from back home had committed suicide.

I was blindsided, but at the same time I wasn’t shocked. I’m still trying to process it. Just a few weeks before, his third wife had died of a drug overdose. They were both on drugs and his life had long been in a tailspin. After I got married, started a family and became middle aged, we had drifted apart. We were old drinking buddies, but I was never interested in drugs and gave up alcohol. He continued to go down that path. He was in multiple car accidents. He overdosed multiple times only to narrowly survive.

Without sharing any further details, my old friend’s short life (he was several years younger than me) was a textbook example of the plague of family breakdown, drug abuse, precarity and the evaporation of religion that is devastating the White working class. Those old Baptist social norms existed for a reason. He became a statistic yesterday. All the warning signs were there and had been there for years. I’ve read about the trend for years and now I have observed it happen. This is the closest it has ever struck to home.

My friend died from despair due to the absence of order in his life. The moral of the story: liberty without order is nothing to romanticize, celebrate or to encourage in society.

Note: This happened around the same time that I endorsed J.D. Vance yesterday. Say what you will about Vance, but at least he grasps that this is the real problem in Ohio, not Ukraine. Vance is also correct to note the self destructive tendency in our culture. This incident put an exclamation point on it for me.

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  1. I am sorry for your loss. You are correct. We have lost our way in this nation.
    You said, “the evaporation of religion that is devastating the White working class. Those old Baptist social norms existed for a reason.”
    Yes, I agree. And I thought of this scene from the 1998 film “Elizabeth.”
    The point he makes in this scene about religion is 100% spot on.

    • Well life is hell, it requires utterly delusional imbeciles to believe that some benign entity created the human specie and this planet.

      But on the other hand without utterly delusional imbeciles there would be no human procreation. Not an accident that females, who are the main vehicle for bringing more humans, are so shallow, airheaded and stupid.

      Give a bit of education and humans start procreating below replacement levels.

      Blah blah blah “Christ is risen,” “our saviour”, “God is love’ etc etc.. pathetic ridiculous blabbering.

  2. Drug & booze addictions are the scourges of the White working class, Throw fucking cigarettes in there, too. There have been quite a few alcoholics & some drug abusers on both sides of my family; the possible genetic susceptibility to addiction is part of what spooked me away from that path. People in Appalachia (where my father came from) are both dirt-poor & geographically isolated; poverty & sheer boredom lead to self-destructive “partying” behaviors, but even so, people must find within themselves the wisdom & the strength avoid those bear traps.

    • Some guy who was a German Chancellor in the 30s
      outlawed the advertising of alcohol, tobacco and gambling.
      Seems that he knew vices are destructive enough without encouragement.

      Such an evil man.

    • “people must find within themselves the wisdom & the strength avoid those bear traps”

      Some ppl need help, they need a supportive system.
      That’s where our resources should go, not aid to Israhell or $2 millon an hour to send arms into Ukraine. Help our own kin. That should be 1st, 2nd ….all our priorities

      • The American populace becomes less and less my kin every day, which is a big reason for all the despair. It’s a negative feedback loop.

    • Sports bars and their pathologically bad food and alcohol have become the norm for so many people. Staring at football and yelling. But never getting excited about any loss of freedoms.

  3. Alcohol is the bane of most White nations. In the Welsh Revivals of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century (1904) an entire people (almost) threw off the yoke of alcohol addiction. Almost all pubs in Wales were closed, not by law but for lack of customers, and some closed voluntarily because many pub owners were converted and showed it by destroying their wares. The entire society was changed almost overnight and the effects lasted many years, even for generations, and reverberations of Welsh Christianity travelled around the world.

    Even the treatment of draft animals changed: “Welsh miners bred ponies, strong and squatty, to haul carts of coal. In the dark mines, in these awful working conditions, these pit ponies were motivated through beatings and commanded by profanity-laced language. These miners were now being converted, and their lives were changed. Upon returning to work, the miners—these changed men—tried to command their ponies without swearing or beatings.”

    But “as the pit ponies stood in awe, reactions 150 miles east in London were more critical.”

    It was not coincidental that Christian revival of sobriety and love were followed closely by the advent and growth of socialism in downtrodden, exploited Wales, because now the exploited common people could think clearly and be united.

  4. My best friend in 6th – 8th grade (we moved away after that) took his own life some years ago; even though thru HS, college, starting out in working life, etc, we’d lost contact, it still hit me hard — I visited his family, which helped (both me and them; and it wasn’t at all uncomfortable, as I feared it would be) — if possible, I suggest you consider doing that.


  5. Its precisely the preoccupation with those things abroad and cosmopolitan/novel, to the exclusion of those things in front of your nose at home that in my mind typifies the yankee mindset. The rootless cosmopolitan mindset.

    Focusing on things you can’t control leads to despair at your powerlessness, and to desperate attempts to effect it or at least your immediate surroundings in extreme ways.

    For some this means dyeing their hair blue and screaming about “racism” in the abstract. For others it means drinking or doing drugs until you are too numb to see that far. Marching through college towns scaring locals with tikitorches screaming about Jews you don’t even know.

    Its a curse increasingly forced upon us by a world totally out of focus, where even we, who are trying to help our own, feel like the best way we can do that is by reluctantly taking up the tacit defense of one side or the other of a conflict on the other side of the world we know nothing about.

    At best it leads to poor judgment as you try to discern a course blindly through things you don’t understand, or at worst leads to a despair toxic enough to lead you to kill yourself just to make it stop, after your life has fallen apart under your very nose to a point its not worth it to you to try and recover it and rebuild it again.

    I know this struggle. I’ve fought addiction and still do. I’ve seen my life in shambles and wondered if it was worth it to keep trying. I’m sorry for your friend and the hurt its caused you to lose him that way.

    We all have to look at home and stop looking at Washington’s bread and circuses while our family/friends are hurting. Look at the decay of our civilization instead of the conflict of another civilization that we don’t have a stake in.

    Blood and soil means our blood and the soil our blood has watered, not the blood and soil we’ve never shed or stood on.

    Whites need to focus on the things we can control, and let go of the things that we are too small to change, or it will drive us to neurosis and self destruction.

    Its no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.

  6. Very sorry.

    Why can’t we have Kamikazee ways to go out of this fallen world, take some bad people, traitors with us when we go?

    Very sorry B

    • “Why can’t we have Kamikazee ways to go out of this”

      I often ponder that question.
      WHITES are too self-destructive.

    • Over 50 veterans a day commit suicide, mostly from VA abuse/malevolence.
      If they chose the kamikaze path, I am sure the system would be corrected.

      • Whites need to figure it out. Don’t sign up to defend a regime that despises you.

    • People with terminal medical conditions would be good candidates for such a proposition.

      • That’s what the j3wz do.

        Jack Ruby(Rubenstein) killed Oswald. Ruby had terminal cancer.
        Princip killed Archduke Ferdinand, causing ww1 which lead to ww2. Princip was dying of TB.

  7. My 82 year old non-blood uncle is retired Navy and buys his whiskey six cases at a time from a military commissary. He says he picks it up at the back loading dock because they know him. He is usually “sipping”, but never gets sloppy or mean or silly drunk. He’s very chill and functional for a man his age. My late father, on the other hand, almost never drank. But on the literal handful of of times I remember he had a few too many, he’d get verbally mean. Alcohol affects people in vastly different ways.

  8. Ohio probably has the strongest and most rigorous opioid laws in the US. But, that hasn’t stopped young men from killing themselves with any combination of drugs and/or alcohol.

    Always remember this, that asshole bartender/bar owner where you drink doesn’t give a fuck about what happens to you. He will be gone, if anything goes sour. This includes those veterans drinking clubs who are into patriotic cirrhosis of the liver.

  9. I had a friend from high school who apparently took his life a few years ago (I was reluctant to ask too many questions). But to all appearances he had everything to live for. Another friend’s mother attempted suicide but wound up permanently disabled instead. She was a very attractive and outgoing woman. So much for “white privilege”.

    • So much for “white privilege”.

      Looking at the statistics, WHITES have a terrible problem with suicides, many times that of other races, yet the media does everything to sweep it under the rug.

      If it were happening among blacks, the headlines would be screaming for action and special programs, along with mountains of blame and WHITE guilt.

  10. Without religion, there is, as some have called it, a ‘God-shaped hole’ in people’s lives.

    One curious topic is why the alcohol problem affects Anglo-based cultures more than Continental Europeans

    In a fair amount of Europe, the drinking age for wine and beer at a café is 16. Kids are given little sips of wine at family dinners. Kids buy hard alcohol easily at the ‘Paki’, the night shop often run by immigrants.

    Yet drunkeness is much less. Kids drink young but you don’t get those huge numbers of people throwing up in the street like in Britain.

    And it may be precisely because alcohol is not so ‘forbidden’ in youth, but kids are eased into it … much as rural USA kids are eased into handling firearms safely, it’s no big deal. European kids get the idea that alcohol is ok but drunk etc is dumbass.

    The drug issue is also less in Europe … ironically perhaps because there is less social mobility, but at the same time the lower classes are better-supported and have more solidarity. Mediterranean cultures tend to have super-strong extended family bonds despite low income. Café culture, people less isolated.

    The USA has this semi-cult of being ‘rich’ or feeling you have ‘failed’. Europoors are more ‘stuck’ but hey so are all their friends so what the heck, no need to despair.

    • I’m from Italy, here in Italy because of Catholic heritage and education, we have less cult of drinking beer or alchol. Today we are drinking more and more because, in these globalized world, we learned from northern culture (especially anglos) to drink a lot.

    • My grandpa gave me a sip of beer when I was 5, and I hated it ever since. Thank you, grandpa.

      • Knew a guy who worked on a ranch as a teeager.
        The cowboys gave him a plug of chew and he accidentally swallowed it, making him very sick. The result, he had a lifelong aversion to tobacco.

        Aversion therapy works 🙂

  11. This is mostly to do with the economic devastation of the White working class, by the Republicans and Democrats. They brought in unending millions of third worlders to take their jobs, and drive their wages down. Then they shipped all of the industry that employed them out to Asia.

    If your government keeps betraying you, praying isn’t going to change the fact you have no money, and will never have it. These people feel hopeless for a real world reasons. Maybe praying for a better world will make them feel better in the short term, but it won’t change the fact they have no future.

  12. Sorry for your loss. Like NBF said, alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes are the scourge of the white working class. Most of it is learned and perpetuated behavior.

  13. Sorry to hear about your loss.
    All forms of drug use has similar outcomes, with some being at faster rates than others. In every case, they are expensive, a health hazard, causes marital and family breakdown, sexual issues, car crashes and employment dramas. If you don’t die from an accident, they will kill you some other way……….thirty years earlier than your time.
    I frequent the gym, eat healthy, moderate portions of food, and DON’T touch drugs of any kind. I have no need to lie to my wife about anything.
    Trust me:- with commonsense and good health, everything else in life takes care of itself.

  14. Sad about your loss, condolences, a friend of mine died for alcholism, our society is falling into disgrace.

  15. Well, i never really say much on this site because i am young and much less informed than most people on here when it comes to the topics of government and history , but i still like learning about things….
    In fact, i enjoy this site a lot and attempt to turn all whites i know onto it.

    I grew up in foster care in southern California and was always alone…when i was about 15 i started running away and doing drugs.
    By the time i was 20 i was starting to do time.
    You don’t want to be white in prison in CA.
    If you thought stupid niggers and idiot beaners were savages…just wait until you live with these methheads and psychos who will kill you over nothing.
    People think the Brand are “pro white” or something or that they are noble guys in some way…which couldnt be further from the reality of what they really are, a drug dealing gang in prison.
    They prey on whites.
    They sell heroin and meth WHITES.
    They are the scum of the earth and i am embarrassed that i ever thought that was “cool”.

    I survived the Dept of corrections and my past criminal life just narrowly and can relate to these types of stories.

    The opioid “crisis” is obviously manufactured and aimed at whites and is the real “pandemic” with over 1.3 million dead in the last 11 years alone.
    Nobody is dying from pharmaceutical drugs…its all Chinese made fentalogues, which are basically research chemicals that people (mostly white) are dying from.

    Much to the dismay of the system and my horrible fate in life, i am still alive and almost 30 now.

    I have a good woman and a baby on the way and i honestly cannot believe i made it out of the situation i was in.

    Most don’t.

    I did about 9 calendar years in prison in California DOC and i can tell you firsthand these stories are very common in our circles inside.

    It’s sick what the gov has done when it comes to drugs and promoting the sickness of addiction.

    The entire homeless population of California is a drug abuse problem, and in some cases it is coupled by or fueled by mental illness ,but mostly it’s the drugs.

    I am sorry for your loss, HW.

    It is an all too common occurrence for a lot of people that i know.

    Just know that helping someone who is addicted isn’t a “waste” of time…
    Someone once did it for me…or i wouldn’t be here.

    • “Just know that helping someone who is addicted isn’t a “waste” of time…
      Someone once did it for me…or i wouldn’t be here.”

      If we had an all WHITE society, it would be a high-care society, preventing situations like you had. Because of ‘integration’ / race mixing, our society has become fragmented and disassociated, turning cold and callous.

      American/california prisons are hellholes, whereas Nordic prisons are award winning in all categories, safety/health/education/training.
      What’s the difference ?

      Take care.

      • Arrian,

        In the form of government and ideology that we find most suitable, opioid or any other chemical or psychological hazardous addiction would never prosper, and its pushers would be composted.

    • I appreciate you for your honesty here and am glad you made it through. All the best to you and your young family.

    • @James Bell,

      That has been quite a hard road you have been down, but all that is in your rearview mirror now. You survived the whirlwind that life hit you with at a tender age, and you are a better man than other Millennials that never had a black eye, chipped tooth, or fat lip from a fight.

      As the wise saying goes, “Hard times creates strong men.” And Nietzsche’s famous, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger” can be applied to you and your life history.

      Congratulations for coming out of that dark tunnel and into the light.

  16. It’s unfortunate that he spiraled out of control and couldn’t pull himself out of it- my condolences for your loss.

  17. You got that right. Sorry for your loss and I offer Prayers for you and everyone who knew him. Suicide is a terrible thing and mia in the news. They don’t talk about it or report on it. This country has long needed more spending on Mental Health. However it’s not just about that but the Church needs a much greater role in society….the Church should be the center of the community after all. Prayers. Deo Vindice !

  18. It’s another reason why I have a general dislike, possibly hatred, of South East Asians. They snatched all our manufacturing, are buying up all our real estate and farms, are ravaging the seas of marine life, and are responsible for most of the drugs that enter our shores. Sure it isn’t only them, but they play a large role.
    And our useless government just let’s them migrate here and just take over.
    You try to be a nice and tolerant person, but I refuse to be tolerant of the endless burdens being imposed on us.

    • “our useless government”
      Your government hates you. It’s obvious by their actions.

      ” tolerant person”
      Tolerance will kill you.

  19. Sorry for your loss. If you are like me, these things dont hit you as emotionally as the movies tell us they should. Why? Because we saw it coming a long way off, like a freight train coming down the tracks. But i can never forget about them, they are speaking their hard learned lessons to me from beyond the grave. They say, “be careful, dont do it like i did”. And i remember how they would smile or make me laugh, and i live a better life for it, for them.

  20. I believe the cultural rot is an obsession with self, the left has been pushing this off on western society for decades. For these people, there is no sense of a higher feeling of right and wrong. I they want to do something, they should be allowed to do it, and they want to force society to change to accept them. The hippie movement of the 1960’s was full of this, ‘if it feels good, do it.’

    People cannot be given rights, without a sense of responsibility that goes with it. This is why liberal wackos don’t like Christianity, it puts a brake on their obsession with themselves. I believe all atheists are devil worshipers when you get right down to it, if they can’t weigh it, measure it, or count it, then it couldn’t possibly exist, The lack of imagination that goes along with self absorption is also a big problem.

    This comes I think from the decadent upper classes, several generations ago, they stopped thinking they had to work or do anything useful with their time. The conservatives never seem to want to fight back against this, it took queers teaching perversion to five year olds in public school for them to fight back a little. Its been going on fiifty or sixty years, the supreme court decided that pornography was free speech but prayer in the schools was not.

    • ” hippie movement of the 1960’s was full of this, ‘if it feels good, do it.’”

      All promoted by (((media))) and their (((ilk))).

  21. Condolences for your loss. It is never easy.

    White people have been conditioned to self destruction through psychological warfare, and it is extremely difficult to alert people to this issue. Partying is promoted as cool, the more obliterated one gets, the cooler one is. A few friends I grew up with are dead because of drugs and alcohol abuse, they did not commit suicide, but the substances took their lives. White men are more prone to suicide these days, or are rather driven to the extremes that will kill them, by a hundred minor uncontrollable aspects of our declining “civilization”.

    About 6 months ago, at our shop, a young White man in his early 20’s committed suicide. He had what seemed like everything going for him. He was working his way up the shop ranks, intelligent, easy-going, friendly to everyone, very likeable, always willing to help where he could. Recently married to a decent beautiful young woman. If you had known him, you would have seen zero indication he had any kind of personal issues. Then, out of the blue, he committed suicide. Everyone was completely blown away by this seemingly surreal event. His wife was devastated, his family in total shock.

    You just never know how much people are suffering inside, or what their breaking point will be. One thing I have become convinced of, is that generally speaking, White people are not just “committing suicide”, the entire White race, is being suicided.

    • “White people have been conditioned to self destruction through psychological warfare, and it is extremely difficult to alert people to this issue. Partying is promoted as cool, the more obliterated one gets, the cooler one is”


      That’s a reason i like ppl like THE GOLDEN ONE on youtube, he works to set a pattern of health and personal development. Oh, how the j3wz hate that.

  22. Hopefully we can knock off this outward display. We are no better off.

    If they have a nickle and we have a dime, we are all Poor. blacks do not give a damn.

    They grew up in this. We are the ones wondering WTF.

    • I believe that happy, well disciplined children can do a lot to encourage living.

      It’s difficult to become mired in despair when there’s a source of happiness and responsibility to preoccupy your mind. Children may be a primal ingredient in self-preservation, in more than one respect.

      I believe this is one reason ((they)) attacked Ayla Stewart so vigorously, for her ‘WHITE baby challenge’.

  23. Hunter, I’m sad to hear this. I hope you’re getting through this difficult time.

    I’ve lived through the suicide of friends, family, and acquaintances. It sucks.

    Spiritual distress is not always easy to spot here. America requires a happy face. We constantly signal with our stupid smiles that we’re well-adjusted cogs in the managerial capitalist machine. We greet ourselves insincerely with “how are you doing?” and anything less than “good,” “great,” or “awesome” means you’re unclean in some way. (Furriners find this very odd.)

    When things weren’t going well economically, I always felt the pressure to stay out of sight. Loserdom in America induces disgust. It means you lack God’s grace, haven’t suffered or put the work work work in, or have a moral fault. And then, when things are going well, you need to keep your reputation squeaky clean and stay away from losers. It’s the bankrupt Trump mentality that winners surround themselves with winners, and losers surround themselves with losers. Even Jordan Peterson gives this dismal life advice.

    We need community. We’re overdosing on freedom.

    While George Fitzhugh gets knocked for defending slavery and socialism in Sociology for the South, his general argument there for paternalism is valid. Most of us are not heroic. Life is a group effort. Christopher Caldwell recently wrote that “do your own thing” is the same idea as “every man for himself.” Is this really what we want?

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