1. It is a shame Zemmour would get to face off against that Neo-Liberal Lackey Macron. I hope Le Pen defeats him thought because that would be a giant rebuke of the globalist, neo-liberal, and transnational Zionist agenda.

    Even though Le Pen isn’t the politician her father was, it would be interesting to see the paradigm shift in Europe. We can only hope.

    • >It is a shame Zemmour would get to face off against that Neo-Liberal Lackey Macron.

      Zemmour was the far better candidate (rhetorically, anyway) on the by far most important issue: the race/migration issue.

      So France has again voted to continue its demographic annihilation: Le Pen has conceded and the result was not close at all; in fact, it was almost as bad as 2017.

      Hopefully the FN will now behave like a real political party instead of a family project or personality cult by 1) dumping Le Pen, and 2) seeking cooperation with other nationalist parties and organizations on the Right.

  2. Le Pen is only a little less evil, which is still evil. There is not a trace of Jacobin in either candidate.

    France was once the light that showed the world the direction to liberty, equality and fraternity, before it fell back into monarchism and bourgeois “democracy” that continues to this day.

    The Yellow Vests mostly supported Melencthon, but a large number abstained from voting. I think most of the Yellow Vests will not vote in this run-off, setting a good example. Why should they give consent to the system that does not even allow their freedom of speech, and brutally prevents it. Recently they held a large demonstration in honour of the hundreds of Yellow Vests who are now crippled and blinded, and those who were killed, by the regime’s brutal police forces.

    • “France was once the light that showed the world the direction to liberty, equality and fraternity, before it fell back into monarchism and bourgeois “democracy” that continues to this day.”

      It was that Jacobin nonsense that’s gotten them in the trouble they’re in today.

  3. Welcome back! I thought you were done. Regarding French elections: Zzzzzz… Nothing will change. What might change eventually is France moving closer to Russia. France was a favorite spot for Communist officials. They still have streets named after Marx and Lenin and probably Stalin. Vive (((le Resistance)))!

      • “Just working to pay the bills. Too exhausted to update the site”

        I want to know why there aren’t dozens of locals helping to maintain this site,
        as our ideals/goals aren’t alien to Southerners.

        • Alot of them post at Identity Dixie. There’s downsides to sharing e-space with other people.

          Losing control of narrative direction. Risk of actually being held accountable for going off the rails. The other people going off the rails. Sharing product of the site. Etc.

          Its easy to start a blog. Making people visit it regularly isn’t something to gamble lightly.

          Blogging shouldn’t be a way of life anyway. Its too easy to lose touch with reality when you type for a living.

    • The Soviets pumped a lot of money into France trying to advance communism. The powers that be, plus idiot voters, will never allow even a candidate like Le Pen to win. Sacrificing blood to “save” France twice within a quarter century was completely worthless.

      • I think France was the biggest victim of(((WWI))). The cultural difference between 1880 and 1920 is depressing and amazing. In 1880 France led the world in just about everything.

      • America fought twice to impose zionist rule on France. Please, American, stay away from human countries.

  4. This whole thing about not “lending legitimacy to the system by voting” is nonsense. It only serves to allow the person who abstained from voting to feel good about themselves without accomplishing much of anything.

    Look, if you are a member of a pack of dogs eating a dead prey animal, and you choose to not eat any of the food because you disagree with some aspect of how the food was obtained, all you’re going to do is starve. If 2-3 other dogs follow suit, you’re going to have 2-3 more starving dogs and some extremely well fed dogs, but you’re not going to change anything about the system. The well fed dogs are only going to get stronger and the starving dogs weaker.

    It’s the same with this nonsense about not sending your children to college. Unless you are wealthy enough to help your children establish a thriving form of self employment, they’re going to always going to be poor at worst or paycheck to paycheck working-middle class at best. Even with a skilled trade, the chances of them ever gaining any social power are none-to-nil.

    The left took over the institutions because the right abandoned them. We aren’t going to solve anything by further abandonment. The system has to collapse on its own weight. That won’t happen because we disengage from it. It will happen because it gets so bogged down that it ceases to function.

    Point being, I support Le Pen and I hope enough populists turn out to carry her across the finish line.

    • @Memebro – I agree with much of what you’re saying here, and all of it is well-said. The thing about college, though, is that it definitely has become an anti-White, anti-human brainwashing indoctrination center. Perhaps the solution is a very hands-on (by the parents or trusted elder) counteractive program to give the student the power to “jujitsu” the negative messaging, and “flip it back” on the indoctrinators.

  5. Whether or not Le Pen is 100% “our gal”, if she is elected things will kick off because the imported migrants will (correctly) see it as a slap in the face.

    But whether she wins or loses, her numbers are creeping up and it seems only a matter of time before she does have the majority. A Macron victory is simply kicking the can down the road. (FWIW I think it will be rigged – I think the last French election was rigged.)

    • I called it. France is finished. Too little, too late. They will be a jumble of brown people 100 years from now, but hey, at least they will still be speaking French….maybe!

      • Nah. Emmanuel Macron has a vision for European Civilization. He will reignite the flame of Europe and lead the White Race into the future. Macron wants to close Europe’s borders, build a continental alliance with Germany, and his aesthetics are just so…Aryan and professional. He looks like a real White leader. Like Sanna Marin and Justin Tredeau He dresses like a man that commands respect. Europe A Nation.

        /massive sarcasm

      • No, it’s unsustainable. FN is getting stronger and eventually they will be the majority. Wither they win and it kicks off, or it kicks off beforehand, And yes, the elections in France were very likely rigged, like USA 2020.

  6. Melanchon was the best candidate to beat Macron, rather than the hideous woman or the rat faced ((( Algerian))).

    The failure of the Yellow Vests is the failure of France. Unfortunately, they were not prepared for extreme terrorist violence from Zog-France, and collapsed.

    Well, she got bitch stomped, no surprise. France will have to be rescued by the Armed Forces. And they will be.

    • Camp Of The Saints. The French military will turn their guns on the French people. As will all other Western militaries…

    • Yellow Vests were suppressed thanks to COVID – just like the Hong Kong protests and Trump. “Turned out nice again!”

    • “France will have to be rescued by the Armed Forces”:

      What???!!! The armed forces are well-paid career professionals and they join the regime’s very well-paid career-professional regular police forces in suppressing Yellow Vest demonstrations, arresting thousands and crippling, blinding and killing some. Military coups and juntas will never change the system.

      French people have to rescue themselves. But do they have the courage to storm the Bastille again?

  7. That was fast. Le Pen conceded 10 minutes after the poll closed. Now French people can gloat again that they never voted for mass immigration… 😀

  8. Macron won. Putin fucked the global dissident right when he invaded Ukraine. Prior to his invasion, Eric Zemmour was winning. Then his past support of Putin came back to bite him and be sunk like a rock. Then the same thing happened to Le Penn, and now even she (who was much more moderate than Mr. Zemmour) is considered too right-wing for France.

    Same thing is happening to J. D. Vance here in America, who is currently polling in 3rd place despite millions of Thielbux and Trump’s endorsement.

  9. Macron’s victory another case of the general 40% or so ceiling the populist right slams against, versus a majority of
    – women voters going along with media
    – minorities seeking advancement
    – men who don’t want to be ‘racist’

    Eastern Europe and Balkans have enough deeply-rooted trad culture to hold a different line, but that 40% rule generally applies

    ‘we’re not gonna vote our way out of this’

    some lucky exceptions like Trump 2016 but not often enough

    • Rick Wilson was one of the first targets of the Alt Right trolling campaigns back in the summer of 2015. He’s never moved on or learned to let go. Like a Jew, he carries around a permanent grudge, a “How Dare You!?!?” attitude towards those he perceives as his natural inferiors. Many such cases.

      There are a handful of ostensibly Pro-White twitter accounts who were ganged up on by others in the movement for one reason or another, and they carry around the same grudge. The same “How Dare You?” attitude.

      There’s a certain type of person – usually Jewish, but unfortunately many Goys as well – who literally thinks the world exists to serve them, and that any insult or negative reaction from others is unacceptable. The worst of the Aristocrats used to display this attitude, and now, its largely displayed by haughty Upper Class Whites and brainwashed Lower Class Whites drunk on the kool aid of “The Poor.” Massive levels of resentment *and* ressentiment.

        • The responses are even better. These people think Rod Dreher is a death squad leader or something.

          If Rod Dreher meekly criticizing you is enough to put you out of commission for weeks, then I don’t think anyone could help you. The only honorable option is seppuku at that point.

  10. Gnillik, all the people you mentioned, especially (((Zemmour))) and this CIA guy J.D. Vance, they are Trojan Horses. Not at all what they say they are.

    Of course, Trump was the same, a Trojan Horse (and a lifelong liberal Democrat until he got the assignment to run for President).

    Now we have Youngkin, pretending to be one of us, and angling for the White House. Earth to America, one does not become CEO of Carlisle Group under any circumstances if he is one of us.

    Putin, BTW, is destroying the petro dollar, which means soon ZOG-US will have to stay witihin a budget for the first time since 1950. Putin is a hero.

  11. At this point, elections will not save the West, at least in Democracies.
    Western people need a new cultural rallying point.
    Christendom is Long dead, so that won’t do.
    We best find it, or we’ll be as extinct as the dinosaurs in another generation

  12. Macron wins again, not because he is more popular but because the system is rigged. You will never win playing the jews game of voting in a corrupt system. There’s a winning formula but most aren’t ready for the next step.

  13. It’s apparent that Macron has made it over the line. If France was white only, Le Pen would have pummeled him. Democracy doesn’t work for us anymore because unfortunately, the soon to be brown majorities can vote too. The system is used against us. Throw in the leftist whites, and the Right just can’t compete on numbers.
    Aside from Hungary and Poland, which are mainly white, I can’t see right wing parties being in power again anywhere in the West for the reasons I’ve touched on. As soon as diversity is in your country, that’s your vote gone. It’s a waste of your time.

  14. France is officially dead. So is the rest of the “West” probably. The combined votes of unmarried bitches, muds, fags & shitlib male scum prevent the ballot-box political change necessary to save the White race as long as the god damned kikes have total control of media, entertainment, money & edjewcation.

    Russia & Eastern Europe will survive, even though the likes of Putin are not anti-jew, nor concerned with the White race as a whole, just their narrow patriotism. But that does nothing for those of us stuck in these filthy kiked shitholes. The only glimmer of hope we have is continued societal collapse and the military coups & lone wolf actions that are often the consequences of such collapse.

    I’d love a dynamic new Huey Long type to come along and prove me wrong, bur such almost certainly would be Kennedyed.

  15. “The only glimmer of hope we have is continued societal collapse and the military coups”:

    A military coup by the capitalist system’s professional military would only install another capitalist, right-wing regime.

    “I’d love a dynamic new Huey Long type”:

    Populism is mere reformism that preserves and leads back to the same system.

  16. Yeah, only (((communism))) can save us. And you know far more about it than the people like Solzhenitsyn who were in itz gulags.

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