Emmanuel Macron Wins Second Term

Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the French presidential election was disappointing, but predictable and expected. It didn’t come as a surprise. I spent the afternoon watching a movie.

I never thought that Marine Le Pen was going to win this election. I assumed she would do better than last time and lose more narrowly which is exactly what played out yesterday afternoon. I have been watching French politics since the early 2000s and this has been the story of my entire adult lifetime. The status quo is still hanging on, but barely. We continue to inch forward.

In France, Macron’s base are neoliberal PMCs who live in the big metros. Unlike the United States though, Macron’s base are center-right and center-left Boomers. He won 71% of voters over the age of 71. He struggled with all other demographics including the 61% of the youth vote that he carried. 41% of voters in that demographic chose not to vote at all. Abstentions were the highest in 50 years.

If Vladimir Putin hadn’t invaded Ukraine, I still think Macron would have won. This is what I thought would happen before the war in Ukraine. Insofar as the war in Ukraine has spurred inflation and higher energy costs and gave Le Pen an opening outside of her base, it probably hurt Macron. I don’t think Zemmour ever really had a chance. I think he would have also lost to Macron by a wider margin. In the end, I think Zemmour’s campaign helped Le Pen by making her look more moderate.

Once again, there were no surprises in the French presidential election, which is why we didn’t spend much time on it. Aging neoliberals turned out to vote. The Left voted for neoliberalism again. Change will eventually come to France, but it will be due to generational turnover when it happens.

Note: In the U.S., the major obstacle to change on the Right is Mitch McConnell and the Senate gerontocracy.


  1. Change will come to France. The Arabs and Africans will take over and the white French will be swamped with diversity.

    I don’t want to hear the French complain anymore. By voting for Macron, they are saying that they want France to continue in the same direction that it has been heading for decades. They deserve what they get.

    • Yep. they’re giving it away, just as all other Western countries are doing. I guess French who aren’t ashamed to be White will have to find somewhere to hide or flee to, eventually.

  2. Generally, things are not bad

    Horrific financial crash and hyperinflation already started. It is good, that communist ship goes down with communist captains on bridge. No need that all problems will be blamed on nationalists. So somehow it is perfect that Trump Le Pen Salvini and others are out of office in the moment of disaster.

    Le Pen had 40 %. This means that she has large many million strong core group . So communist wet dream that last angry white males will die out is nowhere near to fulfillment.

    Time works for us. Communists have no ideas how to secure their power. Winning time works only when you have ideas how to use this time. Communist leaders are old. Soros is 91, Kissinger 97 and below them there are nobody who could replace them. Hysterical wammins and soyboy men . Their main power source, financial system is going down in flames, Great Reset turned failed .And Russia is winning big.

    So this French clown show was pretty much irrelevant.

  3. Time for me to talk everyone off the ledge:

    For what I have been concerned with, why I’ve been in Paris all month, (finally go home tomorrow), and what all of us should be concerned with, the first Sunday was always the critical day, not the second Sunday.

    One more time for Auld Lang Syne, I’ll link to my long and thorough analysis of the first Sunday, and the lessons it portends for our movement.


  4. The youngest generations in France are very brown, yet voted more for MLP than the whiter French boomers did. This is a class issue more than anything, just like in the USA. The boomers are middle class strivers, so they vote for neoliberal pervert Macron in hopes of securing scraps from the ruling class table.

  5. French TV viewers saw weird things happen on election night as results were rolling out

    For a while Le Pen was leading the count, ahead of Macron 51-49, with tens of millions already tabulated … and this after Le Pen won most French overseas territories, usually a sign of the final election winner

    But then suddenly, Macron’s total was reduced by 20,000 … and 2.8 million votes for Le Pen disappeared

    The official explanation was that ‘many small town vote totals had been double-counted’

    Dominion Voting Systems was running the show in France like they did in the USA … just sayin’

    The Dominion corporate logo involves a red ballot going into the box … and a blue ballot coming out of the box

    Screenshots, links to official French TV video with timestamps etc on this 4chan thread

  6. French ‘elections’ are at least as fake and gay as those of Kwa-Bananaland. As some of the more astute Frogs might agree: Quelle surprise!

    As Koba the Dread noted: Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything. VOTE MOAR HARDER FROGS!

    • In the US i believe that anyone who votes at all besides elections in their strictly local AO is complicit in tyranny and is the real enemy Real change can only begin by removing all consent for the ZOG one-party system… A million well armed men marching on DC with lots of rope after that… Pull up a chair robespierre let us show you how its done…

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