Axios: Elon Musk Is At Twitter’s Gates

Well, this is a pleasant surprise.

I wasn’t that optimistic that Elon Musk would succeed in his hostile takeover of Twitter. I don’t really care either way. Twitter is an elite echo chamber, not real life.


“Twitter is said to be in advanced talks to accept Elon Musk’s $43 billion takeover bid as early as Monday, following a weekend of negotiations. …”

This is 2022, not 2016.

The polls show that the country is far more radicalized now than it was when Trump won the 2016 election. The censorship of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube that has been in place since 2017 has created an illusion of calm on the surface of social media. The last few years have been terrible for social media influencers who rode the populist wave, but politically we only continued to gain ground.

I’ve spent years wondering what Twitter would sound like … if, say, it was unmuted and unrigged in 2020, 2021 or 2022. Comment sections and dislikes have been removed from lots of websites and social media platforms due to the feedback. Democracy has actually died in the darkness.

Note: The champions of “liberal democracy” want to get rid of free speech and restrict access to social media platforms. They want to quash debate and impose their dogma. The idea that any Tom, Dick or Harry can be “amplified” on social media sends our liberal elites into a sputtering rage about the “authoritarianism” of allowing ordinary people to speak and air their grievances.


  1. “Democracy has actually died in the darkness” good, I volunteer as a pallbearer if needed, with that distraction out of the way, let’s direct the conversation, where it needs too go and that is, ” Restoration of the Republic ” full and complete, anything else is unacceptable, either you are an american or your not, Please consider this, a friendly reminder, from the founding stock, a “Republic” is what we require………


  2. I don’t trust Musk and if he does take over Twitter he said he wants to get rid of anonymous accounts.

  3. Mark my words: if Musk really makes Twitter a free-speech platform, Apple and Google are going to ban Twitter and the regime will kill, imprison, or otherwise bring ruin to Musk himself.

  4. from Mailvox at VD’s site

    “His entire portfolio of companies is dual use for military purposes. Twitter is the public infowar arena for the Deep State.

    Now Musk and by extension this faction own it.

    Difficult to tell if this faction is friendly, neutral or hostile. They appear to me to be at the least not obviously friendly. This will be a public, reasonably sensitive test as to whether they are useful, depending on how they handle banned anti-prog accounts and ongoing anti-prog (note the distinction from rightist) speech.”

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