Mark Levin: I Believe In “America First”

What is America First?

America First is also known as “fascism.”

America First means being a normal country with normal aspirations in the world. It means returning to our traditional foreign policy of non-intervention and peaceful commerce with Eurasia. This was the foreign policy the United States pursued until the Spanish-American War. President Andrew Jackson, for example, established good foreign relations with the Russian Empire in his time.

The opposite of America First is liberal hegemony. It means pursuing a foreign policy based on liberal ideology in which the United States attempts to dominate Eurasia and impose a liberal world order on the rest of the world. It means using force to remake foreign countries in the image of the United States. It means subverting foreign governments and launching regime change wars to slay evil doers abroad. It means abandoning our own traditions and interests and becoming the British Empire.

Liberal hegemony necessarily requires nurturing the following evils which throughout history have been known to consume and ultimately destroy republics:

  • Imperialism
  • Militarism
  • Globalism
  • Jingoism
  • Regime change wars
  • Subverting foreign governments

It is a recipe for losing our national identity, endless wars abroad, blowback in the form of terrorism, sacrificing the interests of American workers to our foreign policy needs and creating an all powerful surveillance state and military capable of putting down any peer competitor.

As we saw during the Trump presidency, it was foolish to believe that we could create such a behemoth that is in the business of toppling governments all over the world and believe that the people who do that sort of thing eventually wouldn’t subvert our own constitutional order. Anti-imperialists have spent decades warning that it was only a matter of time before the Deep State turned on its ostensible masters.

As for the American Founding and the Constitution, it was the Founders themselves who established the America First foreign policy tradition. We’re not trying to get rid of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights or the Electoral College or the Senate and so on. Instead, we want to get rid of the American Empire and its globalist institutions and demilitarize our country and gut the Deep State and abolish the “intelligence community.” Basically, we want to get rid of the legacy of the 20th century, which is liberal imperialism. This whole era from the Spanish-American War to the war in Ukraine was a giant mistake.

I also don’t really have any objection to the Founding. The Founders established a country which was White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant and liberal republican. They created a federal republic, not a liberal democracy. They rejected the model of the British Empire. There wasn’t any need for nationalism and populism in their time because 1.) the United States had yet to become the seat of a liberal global empire, 2.) the country’s identity was settled and 3.) vast realms of public policy like monetary policy, trade policy and foreign policy had yet to be professionalized and removed from democratic accountability.

Mark Levin is a neocon, an imperialist, a militarist, a globalist, a jingo, a warmonger and a liberal interventionist. I am none of those things and that is the substantial difference between us. He claims to be a “constitutionalist” and invokes the Constitution like a totem pole even though it is the alphabet soup of “intelligence” agencies, the military-industrial complex, the foreign policy establishment, the vast administrative bureaucracy and the incestuous relationship between the media, multinational corporations, academia, Big Tech and Wall Street which has corrupted the constitutional order.

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  1. America First was a bad slogan for this reason. It’s too easy to argue that American global hegemony and full spectrum dominance is “America first” because the focus of the slogan is on ephemeral “America” rather than on specific people (e.g. White working class Americans).

    American globalism is technically good for “America,” i.e. American institutions, American corporations, American military, etc. However, it is not good for White American working class (or Black American or anyone else who isn’t a ruling class oligarch or one of their PMC servants).

    • “Does Levin mean America First. or Israel First? ”

      That has to be a rhetorical question.
      We all know who comes first, foremost and only, in his mind.

  2. Levin opens his show with the Star Spangled Banner, and manages to make it sound crassly loud, and obnoxious, in a way that only a Jew can.

    But nothing he says has anything to do with real Jeffersonian republicanism, despite playing the national anthem.

  3. Levin believes in America 1st as long as jews make the rules in America and Israel gets billions in aid.

    • To use our kick-ass military to advance the interests of Israel, no matter how much it costs the American people, no matter how unjust, no matter how many non-Jews die and are harmed.

  4. Sooner or later the Jewish psyche always manifests itself. And you can take that to the bank! As one Jewish Tik Toker admitted Jews are “conditionally White” when it benefits them personally or their ethnicity but when it does not they slip into their default anti-white mode and make common cause with non-whites and Communist movements.

  5. To hell with this Zionist. He only ‘loves’ America insofar as at benefits his beloved homeland, Israel.

  6. Like any Talmudic Satanist, Levin spews lies. He is not for ‘America First’ in a way any normal resident of the place would understand it. Levin’s ‘America’ is basically a Jewish-run golem whose purpose is to destroy Christianity and whites everywhere on the planet on behalf of Jews like himself. It’s a view of ‘America’ shared by his fellow Talmudic devil-worshipper Jared Kushner, his bride “Queen Esther” and his father-in-law, either a secret convert to Chabad or a practitioner of the Masonic school of Satanism.

  7. I suppose it depends on one’s definition of America.

    Since (((Levin))) isn’t a Christian, it’s safe to say his definition does not encompass the Christ bearing race.

    So really, he’s Pro JWO, which isn’t really America.

  8. Also, it’s never a good idea to use political slogans from failed movements “Back in the Day”. This is a form of nostalgia, living in the past, it’s also dog whistling that like the American First movement, we know about the secret power and different agenda of the Jewish lobby.

    Even worst ever WASP globalist George Bush Sr. and his WASP friend adviser Jim Baker made a couple of jokes that the Israeli lobby was descending on them. They did make this joke for very long.

    We need new slogans, new flags, The League of the South flag is a good example – it references the Confederate flag but it’s new.

  9. When people realize that what a politician says on the campaign trail is the complete opposite of how they govern….people will figure it out. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and others….all are the enemy of White Nationalists because none of them believe that we even have the right to embrace White Identity. Our future is us…not them. Embrace racial nationalism and secure a future for the White Race. Deo Vindice !

  10. Such a sophist. If natural law is ancient and universal, why did it take until 1776 and 1789 to be articulated in this particular form? Oh yeah, the constitution doesnt use the word nationalism any more than the torah uses the word judaism. Doesnt have to.

  11. He believes in the very thing that the title of his latest book professes to disdain: American Marxism. Many Jews project the very things they do onto others, and their true stances are often the opposite of what they purport to reject. Can’t stand this guy’s screechy voice. I kill the car radio when his show comes on the talk station I sometimes listen to.

  12. America is owned by Jews, so when Levin says “America First” what he really means is “the continued Jewish ownership of America first, along with the continued Jewish ownership of other countries, such as the Ukraine and Palestine”. So, yes, he and other “conservative” Christ-killers want what they think of as America first. They care nothing, however, for Americans. Levin is in full agreement with Jonathan Greenblatt and with the teachings of the Judeo-Satanic religion that Americans are merely cattle.

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