There is a new sheriff in town.


“Twitter on Monday agreed to be acquired for around $44 billion in cash by Elon Musk, just weeks after the tech mogul launched his unsolicited, take-it-or-leave-it offer.

Why it matters: This is an earthquake in global media and politics, where Twitter hosts the discourse. …”

When does the fun begin?

Hate speech is coming.

Antisemitism is coming.

Misgendering is coming.

Misinfo is coming.

Disinfo is coming.

Malinfo is coming.

Conspiracy theories are coming.

Trauma is coming.

The Siege of Twitter is coming.

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  1. Oy vey itz anutha shoah I tell you.

    It should be illegal for American publicly traded companies to outsource their investor relations to India.

  2. He has the capital and the programming talent in house (Tesla, Space X) to build a Western version of We Chat.

    We Chat, has it all, an anologue to Twitter Facebook, You Tube, Reddit, Amazon, and Instagram built into one app. But, of course, if you disagree with the party, you disappear permanently.

    So, I believe this is much bigger than just Twitter. He can use it as a wedge to challenge Zuckerberg and Goolag.

    If I had a web page, I wouldn’t be too fast to go on Twitter saying nigger this, faggot that, and so on. There are deeper layers in the stack, at the OS level and the internet backbone, that could simply block Twitter. I predict substantial censorship, as he tries to stay unblocked.

  3. Musk already stated he will comply with all local (i.e. national) laws about ‘hate speech’ etc — this means e.g. anything deemed to be ‘Holocaust denial’ or anti-Semitic by the Germans will be removed if it was posted by a German account, or blocked for German IP addresses if not — the same for anything deemed likely to ’cause offense’ in the UK; experience shows this includes misgendering someone — etc etc, for the myriad of laws in other countries (almost every country in Europe has laws limiting expression).

    Among alternative platforms, I know Bitchute already does this — I believe Odysee too — perhaps others as well — ?

    Gab has consistently resisted similar government pressure to censor/remove content and delete accounts.

    Perhaps speech otherwise (i.e. it was previously deemed to violate the Twitter ToS) protected by the First Amendment will again be possible on Twitter — you’ll have to wait and see; it’s hard to see how it could be worse — I doubt previously suspended accounts will be restored, but those to whom they belonged will probably be allowed to have a Twitter account again.

  4. The only way I will use Twitter again is if I can keep anyone of my suspended accounts. I will not make a new account ans start over.

  5. In his talk at the WEF, Elon Musk discussed how society needs to work together to create some kind of world government. He stated that this would be necessary to address the challenges currently posed by climate change and artificial intelligence. In response to the question” “Is there anything you believe will cause humanity to become post-human”? He replied, “I think we’ll have some pretty interesting conversation.”


    • Is Musk Pro White or Pro White Genocide? That’s the only issue that matters at this time. If the White race goes nothing else will matter.

      • I don’t think he is either. I believe he thinks he can, or would like to, improve things for humanity as a whole. I would like to know his position on White replacement, which is ongoing.

  6. Don’t pay the ferry man until he gets you to the other side. Restrain your praise for Musk until he’s proved himself. He may disappoint you. Remember, Trump had you excited as well.

    • My sentiments as well. Just beause the usual suspects hate someone it doesn’t mean that someone gives a damn about us.

  7. Seems like an awful waste of money to spend all that on a URL. It’s not even a real asset. Imagine how much real estate or tangible assets you could acquire with 44 billion dollars. You could probably build a lot of manufacturing plants in United States with 44 billion dollars which could provide hundreds of thousands of jobs but instead to piss all that money away on a trash site URL. What a waste.

  8. One salient point. The timing seems curious. Starlink has been invaluable to the Ukranian/Jewish side in the war. The Russians have been unable to crack it or jam it. They are stumped at this point. It is based on a new kind of Quantum Computing, obviously Darpa stuff.

    The Russian War Department said Starlink was used to target and sink the Moscow, and is being used very effectively as targeting for their artillery.

    It seems Starlink can precidely locate and target anyone in the battle zone that has a cell phone. And the Russians have not been able to craack it or jam it. And the 10,000 small satellites over the Ukraine are hard to shoot down.

    So……Was Musk given Twitter as a reward for all this?

    • That’s very astute of you to point out this connection. Of course it’s his reward for supporting the empire’s war in Country 404. The Russians need to concentrate on the tech (which they already have) to brick all phones in a given area. Those who think Musk is an independent oligarch are idiots. He’s one of Satan-Klaus’ trainees.

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