Alt-MSNBC Checks Out

It is 2022.

Charlie Kirk has returned to Twitter to discuss the War on White People in The West. Meanwhile, the NPI guys have moved on to become Alt-MSNBC shitlibs.

Evan McLaren:

“In 2018 I left my position at the National Policy Institute. A few months later I cut contact with Richard Spencer, and eventually with everyone with any connection to the far-right political milieu. 

I no longer have any sympathy for those causes, figures, and groups. While I do not traffic in regret, my involvement in right-wing activity was a desperate, foolish mistake, damaging to others, to myself, and to society. …

I am not and never will be connected to the far-right again. My revulsion for conservatism and the political right wing is total. I reject and disavow my past actions, views, and associations.

I apologize to everyone who was affected in any way by my past activities. The main purpose of this statement, however, is not to apologize. I do not realistically expect to repair my public reputation, to the extent that it meaningfully exists, or to heal rifts with people I have alienated. I don’t hope or expect to be forgiven. My only purpose here is that, on those occasions when someone happens to explore the Internet search results related to my name, they might also find this statement as an indication that, while I was a source of toxic energy and opinions in the past, I am at least not that anymore.”

It is an interesting role reversal.

I watched these guys crash and burn.

Anyway, I think it is for the best. This isn’t a setback. The cause has outgrown these types of people. There are too many people who have developed a racial consciousness since the George Floyd riots.

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        • He was probably a lib all along. When someone is just trying to get in the spotlight as a grifter, it’s easy for them to go wherever the money is. It’s not really about their world-views or ideologies.

  1. strawman——-

    an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent’s real argument.

    I am telling you white nationalism is a strawman. The Jews hate and want to destroy Christ. White nationalism is a Jew created strawman. The Jews can not beat Christ so they create this retarded white nationalist movement.

    ……..and all who are pushing this white nationalist crap are playing on team Jew. Let that sink in. WTF was Richard Spencer doing at the Gays for Trump? And WTF was that cheesy kyke Pam Geller doing there? And now you got the Christ killer Charlie Kirk popping off about white persecution, are you getting the picture?

      • Hey, as long as those Hindoos become Christians they can all marry into Brownie’s family. (LOL x 6 gorillion)

        • @Spahnranch1970—-The Jews are grooming the Indians to be their henchmen to be their “New Irish” henchmen. Only thing is the Indians are not all whoring Irish and their is going to a problem with this strategy for the Jews. You wait and see kyke.

        • I’m more and more of the opinion that Brownie is a troll. Not sure if Krafty is legit or his alter ego.

      • @Patrick—- What does that have to do with the price of tea in China Mick? Look at yourself, look at your own kind and tell me you can stomach the sight of the filth that is your very own kind. Go ahead Mick take a peek.

        I get it Mick you already know the Indians are pushing out the Irish and most favored henchers for the Jews. I get it Mick. That is why the Irish are showing animosity towards the Indians, right Mick?

    • I’m no fan of Charlie Kirk, but is he really of the Christ-killing persuasion? There is nothing about that in his “Early life”.

      • @Ray Caruso—- If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it is a duck……

        Diversity and inclusion is a competing religion to Christianity. It is the religion of the anti-Christ, the Moshiach. And Charlie is all about diversity and inclusion. Charlie is down with the anti-Christ. You can not serve two masters. Either you serve Christ or you serve Moshiach. It is one or the other. Charlie loves Moshiach. Charlie is a Jew. That kyke has got enough yarmulkes to block out the sun.

      • @Ray I think Kirk is a fundie Christian who worships the Holy Land and the Chosen folks. He’s one of those people who thinks they can’t do anything wrong.
        It’s all cult. The more you learn about cults, the more you can see the cult mentality of these people that follow it.

    • @ Robert Browning – “The Jews can not beat Christ so they create this retarded white nationalist movement.”

      I understand, Robert Browning, that you are a mentally deranged, unbalanced anti-White individual on whom any response is lost, but I will not allow your statement above to go unchallenged in light of any subsequent views by others reading this comment section.

      White Nationalism is the ANSWER to Jewish power and tyranny. They fear it more than any other force of human ideology on earth. For that reason, your persistent disparagement of it makes clear that if anyone worships this “Moshiach” you slavishly mention it is YOU.

      • @Old Enough To Be Your Mother—– The Jews which to rule by Gods designs. The Gods chosen people line of crap. Christianity establishes moral supremacy, a moral supremacy that which is beyond the reach of the Jews. How can a morally inferior peoples lead and rule by Gods dictates becomes the unavoidable and unanswerable question.

        How does being white establish moral supremacy and set moral standards? Can you answer me schmuck? I would love to hear from you.

        • “How does being white establish moral supremacy and set moral standards ? “If you have blood in the face, you are of the white race, the seed of ADAM, the word was written specifically to us , too dispense with at our lord’s direction, we are too tend too his garden, we are too feed his sheep and at times ,thru out history, we done a pretty fair job of it, the proof is in the pudding……….Pudding anyone ?

          • @Terry Smith—–The moral standard created by Christianity is no harm comes to the innocent. The Jews as a predator is unable to meet this standard by his very nature. The Jew needs prey to survive.

            You are being baited by all the blacks, browns, yellows, and tans let in by the Jews to act in away against Christ and Christianity. Get it?

  2. I have already written in this forum about the problem of this kind of people: “the formers”. I love american political activism but there’s this problem, especially in America, because here in Europe is rare that a person leave its personal beliefs. I think that the formers phenomenon (i mean people who leave right-wing political spectrum) will be the one that will lead to the disappearance of the right wing. In Europe we are safe from this, ironically there are more people who flip from the centre-left to conservative, but in USA is the contrary. I have heard of not many but several people who have left far-right and right-wing to move to the left-wing or far-left and join the woke. Often these types of people are part of the generation of those born between the 70s and 90s. A lot of these are buffonish spineless or weak kneed, compare to those who came before them, the generation of Michael Hill, Jared Taylor, David Duke, Mike Tubbs, Dominique Venner, Alain De Benoist and others. That generation has never apologized for what they believe in. Instead the generation of born between 70’s and 90’s, to not be excluded from society and to be accepted by others, following fashions and homologating themselves, fell they must apologize and adhere to the lefty global woke cause. When in the U.S.A you will overcome this problem of people leaving the right-wing in search of acceptance by society and to adhere to a supposedly superior morality of the left (woke left), you will have solved your problems and a serious right-wing cause can be advanced. We are more coherent here in Europe, there is no doubt that we go from right to left, or at least the vast majority of us. PAY ATTENTION MY AMERICAN BROTHERS because the evil woke left is waiting for nothing more than your conversion and you must not give them this satisfaction.

    • This is because most Americans hate politics and prefer to follow the herd, and to support the “Current Thing”.

    • @Marcel:

      The reason why there are so many White Nationalists who recant right wing beliefs and convert to leftism is that the Anglo elite, incentivized by vistas of endless cheap labor, bought into the Proposition Nation and Melting Pot theories advanced to them by the Usual Suspects.

      During the estrangement period from Great Britain, no real attempt was made to establish what a true, concise idea of what the country and an American was supposed to be when they were trying to convert Europeans to Americans.

      If they had, the most logical nationalization program would have been to turn the immigration tap down to a trickle and not naturalize any resident not born there, but permit them to work there and own property.

      Also encourage the newcomers to spread out rather than cloister in their own ethic enclaves. The migrants would have been more easily assimilated into the founding population because they also would not have represented such an economic threat to the more settled population.

      Last, a greater, gradual, but concentrated move should have been made to repatriate Blacks to Africa and replace them with European peasants. What was later called the share cropping system was very similar to the tenant farmers of Europe.

      But the main problem is that there is no Blood and Soil sense by the mixed European Diaspora of being indigenous Americans, only a Constitution that is loosely interpreted to Enlightenment philosophy and ideals like indigenous White French, White Germans, etc would feel.

      Ironically, the USA never fully got away from England and was fully entangled with that country since WWI even to the point where the USA liberated Kuwait from Iraq to serve British interests rather than our own.

    • Nicely written. Americans go along to get along. Unfortunately, the majority of them do. But then again, even in the days of the American Revolution in 1776, only a small fraction, maybe ten persccent, were active in the fight against Great Britain. Majorities seldom make great decisions!

  3. Who cares what those spoiled immature pricks regret or disavow? I’ve forgotten most of them anyway.

    • Confession and recantation have a religious ring to them. I’m sorry for my sins of the past because now I’ve seen the light!

  4. NPI was just “intellectuals” trying to make a name for themselves by typing stuff that sounded big brain, but avoiding all meaningful efforts at accomplishing any of their policy prescriptions (see basically every intellectual ever).

    Not surprisingly when the bottom fell out over here, they just changed what they write about and are now shitlibs.

    This is more evidence of the worthlessness of “intellectuals” generally, who history shows really have less than no integrity and will turn coat or defend the establishment at the first sign they might actually be expected to put their money where their big mouths are.

    Even their statement is just self agrandizment and hypocrisy, which ironically is all they’ve ever done, like the rest of the Dissident Right bigbrains, so in the end they are the same worthless pieces of shit they always were, just now they don’t try to hide it.

    In meatspace, you could ask a million random strangers what NPI is and nobody would know.

    Your average White shitposter who works for a living (me) never wanted to be associated with a class of effete yankee SWPL’s larping as avant-garde anyway.

    • These guys were dilettantes, not intellectuals. I never recall them producing anything that rose above “read Nietzsche.” Do you?

      • Spencer is a good raconteur – Texas A&M demonstrated that. But he wanted to lead and own (via a corporation) a scene which was more akin to punk.

        You noted that the AR was best when focused on critique and comedy. It’s the solutions & way forward that there is real disagreement – and people should be free to debate w/in the scene.

        • Much of what was edgy in the 2005 to 2016 era has gone mainstream on the Right. There has been a big change on race since the Groyper War in 2019. Ordinary conservatives have gotten a lot better. Especially younger ones.

          Spencer and McLaren have gone in the opposite direction. As the mainstream Right has gotten better on a wide range of issues, they have aged into MSNBC suburban wine moms. Ben Shapiro has better takes these days than those two

      • Can’t remember anything they wrote period.

        I put intellectuals in quotes because they really only ever Larped sophistication anyway, an affectation that’s says volumes in itself.

        • Apparently, Spencer is going to be teaching an online course on Nietzsche now that he has nothing else to do

          • I question how deeply Spencer read Nietzsche, or anyone for that matter. I’m not trying to defend Nietzsche but to me it seems that Spencer plucked those takes of Nietzsche that flattered Spencer’s bourgeois vanity and discarded the rest. As you say Spencer and those few who stuck with him for a short while are dilettantes. He has nothing to say about Nietzsche’s Dionysian aspect, or why Nietzsche by his own admission chose to write in German and to Germans as an audience. He has nothing to say about Nietzsche’s contempt for Darwin and English born scientific and biological determinism, which immediately brings into question Spencer’s post-Charlottesville platitudinous “eugenics” talk. He never questions Nietzsche’s critique of Christianity despite Hegel having accomplished at least as profound an understanding before Nietzsche. Spencer’s understanding of Will to Power amounts to oppression for the sake of oppression regardless of circumstance, and Nietzsche was never that shallow.

            Spencer’s Apollonian version of Trump University should make for a good laugh a year from now, assuming it lasts that long. I imagine he will be appropriating the radfem complaint of all of human history as incel oppression, despite Spencer being disowned by the feminists as a creepy scrote, mix in some more barely informed takes on Christianity, throw in some contempt for the working and middle classes, bash whites with low hanging fruit, and then circle back to how Spencer is the true Ubermensch and so you have to “bend the knee.” You should bend the knee because Spencer shaves with a real razor. He doesn’t buy his razor blades from the Dollar Store or Walmart. If you do that, you are “weak” and need to die off. Spencer shops at TJ Maxx.

          • Did you hear the university SJW are now agitating to throw out mathematics discovered by white people? LMAO

            I think you would make a great professor of Southern history.

    • That was a big problem with these two from the start. Mumba Jumba metaphysical speculations over at Radix. Did either of them ever do a sustained laser beam focus on the hated H-1B…L-1 B Visa program?…Hindu Power in America?

      Two upper class WASP kids with Napoleonic fantasies…..Spencer is a Chickenhawk Warhawk who wants Macron to kill Slavic Russians in Donbass….500 children so far…..

      Spencer projected his Napoleonic Fantasies onto Trump and got burnt.

      Spencer defended Trump’s disgusting behavior towards Women….Spencer argued in Radix that secretaries in the workplace should enjoy being groped by the boss…..What a piece of shit he is….

      Whose next? Answer:Kieth Woods…

      Enjoy the ski slopes and bubble baths in Montanna Richard with little Evan McLaren…..

  5. McLaren,——— the Irish and the queers, the Irish and the queers. why is it always the Irish and the queers? Why aren’t those Latinos and blacks trying to lead whites away from Christ? It is the same reason Elie Mystal is NOT trying to get you to side with Ukraine. Whites are not going to follow a black or a Latino into doing something which is wrong, they won’t be trick. So someone else some other kind of person must be found to deceive you to trick you…..the Irish and the queers. Have you been Hannotized?? 16 gun safes and he doesn’t hunt. Are you getting the picture yet?

  6. I have a soft spot for hippie and libertarian types that find their way to White Nationalism. If we confess our sins, the Lord is faithful and just to forgive us. White Nationalism is not reserved for Right Wingers alone.

    Nonetheless, its perfectly predictable that conservatives such as Charlie Kirk would find his way towards the Dissident Right, whereas shitlibs like Evan MacLaren would drift away. White Nationalism is, fundamentally, a Right Wing movement. Always has been. You don’t need to start as one, but you do need to end as one.

    Alt-MSNBC is bad enough. There’s also a small, “Pro-White” clique on twitter that unironically defends Bolshevism, anti-racism, and transgenderism. Matt Parrott snapped at one the other day when he called on urban city dwellers to unite with antifa and the left against the “aggression” of the Far Right.

    Our resident Anonymous/MerthylRising1831 is the only Pro-White Socialist whose opinions I take seriously (except for Covid. He’s completely wrong about that). Every other socialist must invariably choose between a multiracial alliance, and the Pro-White camp.

    There is no place in the Pro-White movement for those who unironically defend Bolshevism, anti-white fanatics, groomers, and pedophiles. There is also no place in the Pro-White movement for those who attach themselves too strongly to urban cities. If you live in a city, then you’re in enemy territory. Your children *will* become trannies. Flee. Get out.

    • “Matt Parrott snapped at one the other day when he called on urban city dwellers to unite with antifa and the left against the “aggression” of the Far Right.”

      Where can one read this?

        • “Political Profile” is a long time and rather naive Spencer nuthugger who had an identity crisis when Spencer went full NATO as only then did he realize that Spencer secretly despises him and all like him. He has a humanities degree and depends on government handouts for survival. I’ve been on Medicaid before myself so I’m not blaming anybody but his larp as the conscious urban lower class radical as a psychological rationalization for taking the government’s money is tedious and tiresome.

    • “except for Covid. He’s completely wrong about that”:

      You must agree with half of my position: that U.S./Western fake, so-called “public health” policy – designed for the elites to profit from the pandemic – has actually been worse than doing nothing at all. Capitalism is coming to a stage when eradicable diseases run rampant among the masses and the average life expectancy is declining.

      “our resident Anonymous/MerthyrRising1831 is the only Pro-White Socialist….”

      I think it is the most natural system, and it is the only way forward. Otherwise the color of money will erase all other colors in a dark gray future.

      “Now we must fight the Bankers, and their greasy Hands” said Séamas Ó Conghaile.

  7. Ethno-nationalism is natural, biological and historical. Ethnocentrism is a force of nature. It already exists, does not need to be created. Other kinds of nationalism are contrived, new and artificial.

  8. I agree wih you guys but there is a difference between Spencer/Heimbach and McLaren: Spencer and Heimbach are still white pride anti woke people who hide their beliefs for save themselves from liberal criticism. They’re not leftists, even if Heimbach has his Bolscevik radio but if you heard with he says it’s clear that is not a lefty woke. Instead the problem with the people like McLaren is that they apologize for their “sins” (like in a religion) and flip over the left, the most stupid left. In USA there is this sense of having to be accepted by society, so we have all to join the left wokism for save ourselves. I believe that in twenty years if we continue like this there won’t even be elections anymore, because all americans will be woke. I hope no because all of you americans friends have to kick wokism out of USA. The solution is don’t give a fuck about society, especially this illness society which is not able to distinguish a man from a woman and stand for what you believe.

      • He lives in a NATO-member country with no First Amendment and with a history of helping System Pigs drag those who’ve annoyed them off to CIA black sites. Not everyone has it in them to be a martyr, so he has good reason to say what he’s saying. Anyway,

        Does Norway have an equivalent to Janteloven?

        I chose Romania for myself. They sure as hell don’t. No one cared what I had done before I came there and they don’t care was I do when I leave. I’m in _______ now, far away from Uncle Slime and his Eurobitches, and maybe I’ll stay here or maybe I won’t.

        Y’know, I’m pretty much a Heinlein-esque Bolshevik (if not an outright Maoist) at this point myself; I did what he should have done. There was a time when I was so spicy that American Justice Department apparently had the cops out looking for me.

        Granted, I did do and say some rather stupid things in a period where a woman I loved lost her mind and ultimately killed herself. I’m better now though. Hmm,

        Maybe I should do a McLaren-esque public recantation? Tell the world that I’ve “seen the light” and I’m actually completely A-OK with liberal democratic capitalism these days and that I definitely, absolutely don’t want to see all the Servants of the Beast to die a fiery death for their crimes against the proletariat?

        I’m not a gutless, brainless coward so… no, I’m not going to do that. I don’t regret a single damned I’ve ever said, though sometimes I do regret my urge to say so much of it in public.

        • “I chose Romania for myself”:

          Wouldn’t Transnistria be better? – my favourite country in Europe, after Cymru (Wales) of course.

          The Carpathians are beautiful though, still some wilderness and unspoiled rural agrarian.

          • I liked Transnistria. I was tempted to stay there, but it wasn’t feasible for me at the time.

            I don’t want to say where exactly I am right now. The general rule is that I’ll be fine here so long as I keep my head down and try my best not to piss where I eat, or at least have the good graces to use Tor and VPN when I do.

    • Nah, Spencer hates whites. He of course hates blacks and Wokes but he hates whites even more. He would say that blacks and Wokes at least oppress others. That seems to be Spencer’s only standard of a person’s worth, if they are currently right now oppressing someone regardless of circumstance. If you’re tactically trying to maneuver yourself into a situation where you can then oppress someone else later on, like with what the Right is now trying to do to the Left and has been since 2015, that’s not good enough. You have to immediately come out and oppress. If you try to play an optics game to subvert the current oppressor so you can then take over his position then you’ll just inevitably degenerate into slave morality because you’re originating from weakness, and that’s why the lower classes and middle classes need to die off because they have no other option than to play this weakness game and so they will always be working from within “Christianity.” So they all have to die off. The only ones who deserve life are those who can immediately oppress someone in some kind of way and Spencer will finally make this work with whites by teaching Apollonianism to maybe 5 naive, oblivious young kids who will no doubt be of lower class extraction, stealing money from them, wasting their time and setting them up for social and professional failure by inculcating the dumbest bile possible in their minds under the guise of an actual college semester. That’s how you build institutions. That’s how you build the future.

      Spencer would say “white pride” is already “Christianity.” White pride has too much equality for Spencer. He wants as many whites to die off as possible because this will magically create the Ubermensch. In a system that selects for the most dysgenic, degenerate, recessive, retarded characteristics possible, it will one day accidentally select the Ubermensch…because reasons..oh wait, no, because of “dialectics.” Spencer’s never read Hegel, he only got around to Marx in 2020, but, yeah, Dialectic will make it happen.

      No, Spencer, it’s not Dialectic. It’s just you.

      • Decades ago, a Spencer would be a professor at Backwater State instead of doing these social media shenanigans.

  9. “I would understand, for example, if people in my local community who learned about me might worry about what I am up to, whether I hold and promote extremist views, or whether I’ll resume disruptive political activity in the future.”

    Lol get a load of this shit!

    Dickless little dilettante wouldn’t know what “disruptive political activity” was if it raped him with a bayonet before sticking him in a guillotine. The biggest problem with alts with at we WEREN’T disruptive, at least not in any way that really mattered. If we had been, then maybe I would have never jumped ship.

    Sad thing is, I used to be sympathetic to these types. I thought that having a bunch of “intellectuals”, even if largely self-professed, would be useful in taking power and rolling back the effects of what I’ve now come to identify as Late Capitalism in as peaceful and orderly a manner as possible.

    That’s where I went wrong, thinking capitalism could ever be dismantled in the absence of fire, blood, and metal.


  10. >I apologize to everyone who was affected in any way by my past activities.


    He apologizes, then says his main objective is not to apologize — instead it’s an attempt to make sure anyone searching the internet (why would they? someone in HR maybe?) sees that he’s a good boy now.

    Like a few others here, I’d never heard of him, so re his ‘public reputation’, I don’t think he has too much to worry about, and in any case this non-apologetic apology probably did more to damage it than anything he did before.

    I imagine there’s a lot of competition for milquetoast civnat faggots on substack, and not much demand — but good luck with that project.

  11. I knew McLaren, slightly, back in the day. I even had hopes for him developing into a real leader of our side, like I did for Spencer. Embarrassing, but true. McLaren is considerably more intelligent than some of the other apostates, like the pitiful Derek Black, or Epsilon Semi-moron Jeff Schoep. He had graduated from the Penn State law school & passed the state bar in the year after Charlottesville, but the Left (including some of his fellow students) tried to have him blocked from actual admission to the bar because of Charlottesville, where McLaren was arrested for refusing to leave the park, & his role at NPI, where he was something like a chief of staff, although that’s too grandiose a term for whatever was going on there besides coke parties. I don’t know how that turned out. And, like Hunter, the last I heard was that he’d gotten married and moved to Norway.

    That said, his statement sounds like he’s fulfilling a requirement – imposed by someone else (his wife? the Norwegian gov’t?). Perhaps he wants to stay married, or be able to see his children, or work at his chosen profession. The most interesting part is his criticism of the Charlottesville organizers, for deliberately provoking the violence they themselves condemned, after it took place. (This was brought out pretty clearly in the Sines vs Kessler trial.) Which is rich, since McLaren actively conspired with Spencer before Unite the Right, to seize control of the rally from Kessler & use it for their own purposes.

    Whatever. Despite my embarrassment for once having been a fan, it’s a good thing that weak, fake people like McLaren remove themselves from the movement. It’s better off without him or his kind.

    • When someone just turns around politically and ideology-wise, it means they never truly believed what they originally professed. That’s why these people who don’t have to work are not “leaders” or anything to us.

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