Joe Biden Asks Congress For $33 Billion To Support Ukraine Through September

This is the sweet spot for liberal imperialists:

  • Starting yet another bloody, completely unnecessary proxy war in a far flung part of Eurasia to “weaken Russia”
  • Using the proxy war with Russia as an excuse to suck wealth out of the American taxpayer and redistribute it in the Beltway
  • Creating another humanitarian catastrophe which results in another predictable refugee crisis
  • Using the crisis to justify vast increases in military spending, surveillance and censorship of “disinformation”
  • Blaming all of our preexisting problems like inflation and high energy prices on Putin
  • Unleashing a whole train of unanticipated consequences which will ricochet like a stone thrown into a pond for decades
  • Making life for the American working class and middle class more expensive and dangerous
  • Neglecting all of our massive domestic problems like illegal immigration and violent crime
  • A government which can’t do anything for Americans nevertheless shovels billions of dollars in weapons out the door to Ukraine
  • Leaving Americans on the hook for World War III if this plan to “weaken Russia” through the proxy war in Ukraine blows up in our face

They are “in the zone” when they are doing things which are completely and utterly detached from the interests of the vast majority of people who live in this country.


“WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden has asked Congress for $33 billion to fund both humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine through September of this year, he said Thursday.

The massive aid package is accompanied by a proposal to Congress that it amend several longstanding criminal laws to make it easier for the U.S. to sell off the seized assets of sanctioned Russian oligarchs.

The $33 billion includes a request for $20.4 billion in additional security and military assistance for Ukraine, as well as additional money to fund U.S. efforts to bolster European security in cooperation with NATO allies.

“It’s not cheap. But caving to aggression is going to be more costly if we allow it to happen,” Biden said Thursday. …”

We are always told things like we can “walk and chew bubble gun at the same time” to rationalize these decisions. We don’t have to choose between an imperialist foreign policy and domestic priorities. It is a “false dichotomy.” We can defend our own border and Ukraine’s border.

Note: In reality, we end up defending only Ukraine’s borders, which is the real border which is the border of the American Empire. In contrast, our own official border becomes less and less meaningful.

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  1. “$33 Billion To Support Ukraine ”

    But we don’t have 3 billion for a southern fence.

    Yeah, just keep pushing Russia till they are forced to escalate to ‘unconventional’ weapons.

    This is typically jewsh, sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong and creating problems far beyond any normal friction.

  2. “Unleashing a whole train of unanticipated consequences”

    That can not be said loudly enough or with enough emphasis.

  3. It amazes that these corrupt crooks can get away with sending billions of dollars overseas to fund a proxy war while Americans are going broke paying food and gas prices above and beyond what we should. There’s no accountability and the crooks know it so they continue to spend the tax payers money.

    I just finished watching the patriot with Mel Gibson and he couldn’t have been more right when he said…” Why should I trade in 1 tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants 1 mile away”? An elected legislator can trample a mans right just as easily as a king can. King George was a petty tyrant compared to the US govt today and all it’s bureaucratic corruption.

    • Americans will do nothing to actually oppose them. Normies are still living in a fantasy world. Normalcy bias is a powerful narcotic, blinding many to reality. They cannot even consider basic steps such as:

      a) turning off all enemy media (e.g. Talmudvision)

      b) removing kids from public schul grooming factories (all of them are, no exceptions)

      c) stop funding their enemies (Disney, et al)

      d) not borrowing from the usury machine

      e) not joining or supporting the Globopedo empire’s legion in any way

      Instead, they fall for the same scam over and over expecting the outcome to be different this time. They’ll vote moar harder for the R-jerseys this fall while waving their Ukro flags. That’ll show ’em!

      The only way for this to change involves a collapse of the entire rotten-to-the-core system. It is far beyond any possibility of reform. The faster it crashes and burns, the more of our own people will survive – learning by necessity. Even a few shitlibs might come to their senses when they comprehend how totally fake and gay the whole house of cards is. Most will no doubt die from their own blindness. It’s sad but it was their own choice to play stupid games – so they will end up with stupid prizes as a result.

      • Agree. Most Americans are too consumed with living in paradise. Drinking, sports bars, resorts, gambling, movies, entertainment, drugs, new homes, new cars, anything shiny, bright flashy lights at Las Vegas. TV with hundreds of channels.
        Most of them don’t know where Ukraine is. They don’t know World or European History.
        Most of them could care less. They think it’s fine for all of Central America to move here and live off of us, because they make great tacos.
        Somehow, idiocy has become The Norm.

  4. Coach Red Pill made an insightful observation,
    That the gov knows massive economic problems are coming and the Ukrainian conflict is a cover and diversion of those problems.

  5. No, no, no! A thousand fucking times “No!” We’re spending money we don’t have!

    The dollar falls in value. We’re being invaded from across our southern border. The cost of housing rises. The cost of living goes up all around.

    I hate our “leaders.” I utterly hate our “leaders.”

      • Well, i hate to be the bearer of bad news fellas but they are not “leaders”, nor are they “traitors”…
        They know exactly what they are doing to us.
        They are our overlords and we are a conquered people..and we better start at least thinking like conquered people , or soon we will be extinct people.

        • They are traitors. They betray what our nation was founded on, and they care more about third worlders who come here, than the citizens who go to work every day and pay taxes into the system.
          Imagine, if you lived in Mexico, and you’re older, and you find out if you get yourself bussed or flown into the US, you can get on Social Security and Medicare. Never had to pay into it, like the American citizen had to. Don’t have to work either, because you’d qualify for so many benefits. These people, as well as our “leaders” know EXACTLY what they are doing. You and I would not go to another country and rip off the citizens. But these arrogant people do. Americans are stupid for feeling sorry for them and handing over benefits that should be saved for our own offspring.

  6. Biden is going to visit a Lockheed Martin missile plant in Troy, AL next week. I’d bet them good ole boys are proud to do their bit to kill Ruskies. Southerners never meet a war they don’t like in support of the Yankee ZOG empire. I live here. I know. Sickening.

    • I was travelling through the Northeast recently, supposedly a very liberal area. No one liked Dementia Joe, people were worried about the war expanding in Ukraine and it possibly going nuclear and gasoline was about $4.00/gallon, much cheaper than the West Coast but people thought it was too high. Inflation was also front and center in people’s concerns. There weren’t nearly as many colored folk as in other parts of the country so there is that.

      If Dementia Joe is disliked in traditionally “liberal” areas the Democrats are is serious trouble everywhere. Unfortunately that leaves the Republicans to profit from these disasters and we all know how much they are worth; nothing.

    • >Sickening.


      I bet if you looked, you’d find a disproportionate number of American cannon fodder killed in the ‘War on Terror’ have been Southerners.

      • Without the South there wouldn’t be a U.S. military at all. Anyone who has been in can tell you this is true at least as far as ground combat forces go. Don’t know about the Navy and AF but it’s unlikely they are much different.

        Next time the U.S. Government comes knocking don’t answer the door. Let them fight their war with their diversity, tranny, LGBTQ+ brigades. According to the U.S. Government the wogs and freaks are superior to normal, White, Christian, males north/south/east and west so everything should turn out OK for the Government. If it doesn’t, well then fuck ’em.

        I would say they will learn a lesson from failure but it’s obvious these bastards never learn a damn thing. At least catastrophic failure will have a way of cleaning out the Augean Stables of Washington.

        • So when are stupid white Southerners going to stop signing up to fight those who are not their enemy on behalf of those who want them exterminated? Better yet, are they going to resist the draft notices once the regime in Sodom-on-Potomac reinstates the draft this fall after they’ve fought the Russians down to the last Ukrainian retard?

    • ” it’s obvious these bastards never learn a damn thing”

      They don’t have to learn anything.
      So long as there are hordes of gullible gentiles to exploit, they can continue to make bank.

      • @Arrian Yes, and there’s no excuse with all of the modalities of media these days. How can they NOT know what’s really going on? Or do they think the Holy Land is incapable of doing anything wrong?

    • Remember the chants of “Fuck Joe Biden” heard at football games last year? Come football season this year, expect the chants to resume and with greater enthusiasm.

      • They need to stop going to football games and keeping this crap going. Football is one thing that should go. The people who want to go on pretending it’s all fine, let’s just pay the Negroes millions of dollars for running around with a ball. But then the same people complain about people making money off of the space program.

  7. In breaking news, a British “volunteer” has been killed in Ukraine. His condition is said to be satisfactory.

    • What an understatement about “one mercenary” being there, when regular British military – SAS – have been there all through the war. So are US Delta forces there, fighting Russia directly.

      Russia is fighting a US-led global alliance of foreign invaders including hundreds of US- and Israeli-trained Arab jihadis:

    • Nypost
      “A former US Marine who was hired to fight alongside Ukrainian soldiers against Russian invaders was killed this week.
      Willy Joseph Cancel, 22, was being paid by a private military contracting company to fight in Ukraine when he died on Monday,”

      That’s where much of the 33 billion will go, hiring mercenaries, young dumb westerners, to fight for Ukrainian mobsters, at our expense.

      • They are indeed promised 25K per month, but the Ukro crime-syndicate seems to keep the funds for themselves. The professional mercs working for Academia (= Blackwater) get less but Eric Prince really does pay them.

    • LOL. I wonder if he ever thought about giving some payback to Paki rapists and groomers in his own country?

  8. While the Empire is spending a trillion a year on so-called “defense” (imperialist war) and letting an eradicable disease run free to kill off more than one million of its homeland population (elderly and infirm “excess eaters”) and disable or weaken millions more including thousands of children, China is fighting an entirely different war: a GOOD war, against disease, the same disease, and China is winning its war. The new variant that invaded China in March is being fully contained now, and it is obvious and perfectly logical that China’s Zero Covid Policy will succeed once again, just as it did with the original strain (that may have been released by the US in conjunction with the October 2019 world military games in Wuhan) in 2020 and with the invading Delta variant in 2021. See:

  9. “Joe Biden Asks Congress For $33 Billion To Support Ukraine Through September.”

    The war won’t last that long. Neither will Zelensky, or the Ukraine.

    Zelensky will either be dead, on trial for war crimes, or in exile in Florida or Israel. At any rate, he’s finished in Europe.

    The Ukraine will be mostly absorbed back into Russia.

    • To see a “Mussolini” done on Voldemort would be a dream come true. Grant him one last snort of nose candy, and then send him off to meet his maker.

  10. The Chiquitastani rubber-stamp legislature have just passed what amounts to a declaration of war on Russia via their lend-lease program. The fake-opposition Repuke party jumped on board, as did the so-called ‘oppostion left’ squad members. Russia is now legally entitled to attack Chiquitastani assets anywhere on the planet, including the homeland itself.

    Vote moar harder, zeks!

    • I agree they would be legally entitled to attack ZOG assets anywhere. However, can you imagine the moral outrage that would be displayed by the Rainbow Empire and its idiot denizens?

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