Tucker Carlson: The New DHS Disinformation Governing Board

We hear a lot about “authoritarianism” and “fascism” these days from the people who can always be found cheering on the Deep State as it subverts the president, the “intelligence community” as it uses the “journalists” to recycle state propaganda, who want to crush free speech, who support increased government surveillance, who are warmongers who support a trillion dollar imperial defense budget, who are over defending civil liberties, who want to disarm the public, etc.

The world has been turned upside down and inside out by left-libertarian woke progressives. Things which used to be a normal and accepted part of Liberalism 1.0 as recently as two decades ago like controlled immigration, national borders and law enforcement are now rejected as “fascism.” The gender binary, patriarchy and nationalism, which were strongly associated with Victorian era liberalism, have been identified as sources of “authoritarian” repression. Meanwhile, Liberalism 3.0 cheers on the construction of a totalitarian surveillance state to identify and crush “disinformation” because free speech is the handmaiden of “authoritarianism.” We’re not free to air our political grievances in the online public square, but we are free to consume hardcore pornography or the worst drugs in lots of places.


    • I’m so sick of people shitting on Tucker Carlson. You people look like lunatics too normal people. This is why the dissident right spins its wheels and never gets anywhere. Tucker Carlson has done infinitely more to speak to the interests of normal, working class while people than anyone who criticizes him.

      • “Carlson has done infinitely more to speak to the interests of normal, working class while people”:

        He tells them what they think they want to hear, a message tailored to that target audience. The crucial facts and ideas are left out. In his time Glenn Beck also pleased the same audience.

      • They are after Tucker.

        Front page NYT , top , hit piece on Tucker.
        He’s an .”ebbbil racissssssst”

        Can’t have any free, independent thoughts coming from a gentile.
        He doesn’t truckle to the kosher narrative.

      • “I’m so sick of people shitting on Tucker Carlson. You people look like lunatics too normal people.”

        That’s not all of us.
        Keep in mind, there are trolls and infiltrators posting to disrupt.

  1. >the Nazi’s

    There’s hardly anything I despise more today than civnat internet fags who want to pin everything they don’t like on “Nazi’s” (sic; people who don’t know when or how to use an apostrophe fucking annoy me as well).

    >The government

    No, it’s not ‘the government’, it’s people in ‘the government’, and in this case, as in many others, a particular person, and that person is a Jew.

    linkThe greatest trick Shlomo ever pulled was convincing the American Boomer that the jew bleeding his children dry is a “nazi”

    • I agree but the whole bizarro twist in Ukraine has opened up some serious questions about Nazis and Jews among some folks with IQs above room temperature (this excludes boomertards naturally). Pope Nosferatu himself has pronounced that some Nazis are more equal than others, and even Church of Woke faithful are confused.

      Those Nazis whose primary objective and pleasure comes from killing snow-niggers have the Kosher seal of approval. Khazarian oligarchs shovel shitloads of shekels their way and the entire Jew-network is screaming for more weapons, cannon-fodder, etc. be sent to destroy the snow-niggers. Those Nazis who are more interested in getting Jews out of control are of course things of evil to be destroyed.

      Gaslight media has been trying to explain to the idiocracy that the 404 Nazis aren’t really Nazis – but Ukrainian patriot gamers fond of swastikas, skulls, Hugo Boss uniforms and other WW II dress-up paraphernalia. It’s all a bit over the heads of the tards who tune into Talmudvision, but the basic narrative-tweak is useful idiot Nazis = OK; Nazis that understand who their real enemy is = EVIL.

      The real danger here is that some who previously accepted the standard single-Nazi narrative are starting to question those who push it news is trickling out that there are actual Nazis in Country 404 doing some really ugly things. I expect Carlson will not be exploring this tale of the very strange bedfellows in any of his nightly reports.

      • Good comment, spot on about the distinctions of “Nazi” such as “useful idiot Nazis” versus those that understand who their real enemy is.

  2. Nazis, Nazis, Nazis….thats all they ever say. I guess when jews and their Bolsheviks are actually running the show, it becomes necessary to misdirect people’s attention.

  3. @eah

    Yeah, that Crowder clown is typical of the jew-safe type. The only thing he’s good for is that voice of Stelter he does.

  4. It appears that that (jewess?) Nina Jankowitcz is married to a jew named Michael Stein, and possesses the perfect academic background as a CIA clandestine officer or analyst.

    Eric Striker believes that European type speech laws will negate what is left of the First Amendment in a matter of a few years. Providence knows that the GOP will not do a damned thing to protect and defend The Bill of Rights.

    • While their does seem to be a bizarrely-growing trend of Zionists using their Slavic whores to front for them, I see no evidence that Jankowitcz herself is a Jew, and she’s previously denied it on twitter. People said the same of Jen Psaki, and I never found evidence of that either.

      C’mon now, not everyone with non-WASP name is bezrodnyi kosmopolit. 😀

  5. The television show “Person of Interest ” was most likely inspired by the Orwellian named Patriot Act, as its debut was prior to Snowden’s revelations concerning illegal domestic spying on citizens.

    Each episode begins with what could be considered predictive programming. With Sephardic jew Alejandro Mayorkas’ DHS “Disinformation Governing Board,” we have leapfroggedlayed the groundwork for Airstrip One.

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