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  1. These are losing issues for us :

    “States Rights”

    That s so 1963 Dixiecrats trying to resist forced racial integration .

    Run on

    “ it s the economy stupid”

    “ it s Jimmy Carter style mass inflation stupid”

    We being mass invaded by hordes of diseased Haitian and Central American illegal alien Orcs stupid”

    Black criminals are rioting and looting murder and mayhem in Chicago, Philly and New York stupid – look at censored videos of Blacks using military guns to murder people on the West side of Chicago stupid

    And old and out of it Conservatives are wasting everyone s time trying to reverse the 1960sCivil Rights movement and put all women in to back alley abortions and make American a fundamentalist Protestant Christian theology that worships all things Israel


    And we wonder why we always lose

    • Once again I find myself agreeing with you, JR. The NSDAP didn’t win by constantly complaining about the jews and the Treaty of Versailles, they won by promising to rebuild the German economy and putting everyone back to work.

      • Fortunately for them, they had people that were leaders, not keyboard warriors and “intellectuals”.

        We’ve yet to develop a caste of leaders here. Just a bunch of grifters and autistic scholars for the most part.

        • Yeah, they actually went out into the streets and kicked their enemies’ asses.

    • Devolution makes the things we want possible. State level? You can actually have an impact, we can pass red meat laws that drive the enemy to their bastions, etc.

      DC is in enemy hands and has pushed “progress” since before our time. Federal overreach never leans rightward or whiteward, or to the cross.

      • Devolution weakens the empire. At the end of the day, that’s the only important point. Anything that weakens the empire is to our benefit in the long run. Death to the empire!

  2. This decision is the biggest victory for the American Right in the last century, hopefully it is the first of many. Even though I have problems with Trump, he deserves the credit on this one. Decentralization of power from DC is our best path to victory.

  3. Few people truly understand why abortion was was promoted by Jews. It’s because it encourages promiscuity by removing the powerful deterrent of an unwanted pregnancy. Jews think a sexually liberal society is good for them, and they’re right. Promiscuity breaks down family ties, destroys pair bonding and weakens society. No wonder Jews love it.

  4. This decision is the biggest victory for the American Right in the last century, hopefully it is the first of many.

    I see many here are paying zero attention to the details. This was a leaked opinion from one justice (Alito). It was leaked by a Paper-Murikan Pajeet who clerks for the wise-Latrina Kritarchette (Sotomayor) appointed by Housenigga Hussein, who is even gayer than Grindr Greg is. Roberts has already expressed outrage at the leak and stated it does not represent the final decision. With the leak and the uproar all the usual suspects, the Supreme Council of Blackrobes may well elect to punt on the issue. People here are counting chickens that haven’t even started cracking the eggshells.

    Moreover, even if we are fortunate enough that Alito’s opinion becomes the deciding one and the Federal legislation via court-decree is overturned, it would only result in the evil practice being outlawed in about 12 states. The Chiquitastani rate for abortions might decline a little more (it’s actually been declining for some time now). It has zero bearing on the numerous other judicial legislation and we’re already in the opening stages of a world war. It’s not a victory until they announce the decision on the case. The real question here is Why was Alito’s opinion leaked now, and cui bono?

  5. Getting rid of abortion, just one of many steps, that need to be taken, their are voices that seem to enjoy insulting.protestants, maybe they should try attending a Protestant church service sometime, it shouldn’t hurt too bad, who know’s, you might learn something…..

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