Counter-Currents: An Extra 20 Million George Floyds

The old eugenicist dream never dies.


“The traditionalist and metaphysical-minded Right — at least the strain that exists online — greeted the news that Roe v. Wade might be overturned almost as if it were the fulfillment of a biblical prophecy. They savored the idea that, one by one, every one of Demon Modernity’s false idols — the degeneracy, the promiscuity, the intoxicants, the broken families, the miscegenation, the genital lice, all of it — would fall in a reverse domino effect and we’d return to 1952 or 1303 or whatever year it was right before things started going wrong. Many of them insist that abortion is but one tentacle in the giant Pervert Octopus that’s currently strangling our culture to death.

Those of us who are more concerned about things such as numbers and DNA tests wonder how Alito’s opinion might affect demographics. …

It’s no secret that blacks absolutely excel at getting abortions. Every year in New York City, more black fetuses are aborted than are born. As of 2014, an estimated 20 million itty-bitty black embryos had been legally snuffed in the womb as a result of Roe v. Wade. That’s 20 million George Floyds. And again, that was eight years ago — it’s probably 30 million George Floyds by now. According to national stats from 2019, black women accounted for 38% of all abortions — an overrepresentation of roughly 300%. According to 2018 Center for Disease Control statistics, white women had the lowest per-capita abortion rate of all racial groups. …”

There have been 63 million abortions since 1973 – a population about the size of the United Kingdom.

If 20 million of those aborted babies were George Floyds, then it is safe to assume that the other 43 million aborted babies were White or Hispanic. Far more of those 43 million aborted babies had to be non-Hispanic White because until recently there weren’t that many Hispanics in the United States. The explosion in the Hispanic population has been driven by legal and illegal immigration.

A few years ago, I got curious about this and simply factored the aborted back into their respective racial category in the U.S. Census. I believe this is when the abortion death toll was around 55 million. It really wasn’t that long ago and only about 6 to 8 million more babies have been aborted since.

This was the United States in 2010:

Non-Hispanic Whites – 196,817,552 (63.7%)
Blacks – 37,685,848 (12.2%)
Hispanics – 50,477,594 (16.5%)
Others – 23,282,968 (7.5%)
Total: 308,745,538 (100%)

This was the United States in 2010 plus the 55 million who were aborted. Presumably, they all survived, which is unlikely due to the racial difference in the infant mortality rate.

Non-Hispanic Whites – 224,717,552 (+27.9 million) (61.6%)
Blacks – 54,885,848 (+17.2 million) (15.06%)
Hispanics – 58,277,594 (+7.8 million) (15.99%)
Others – 26,082,969 (+2.8 million) (7.15%)
Total: 364,445,528

So, we are talking about the deaths of only about 28 million White babies for the sake of a 2% to 3% reduction in the black population.

The numbers have changed in recent years. In 2008, abortions were still 36.1% Non-Hispanic White, 29.6% Black, 9.4 % Other and 24.9% Hispanic. It was a 1-to-1 black to White trade off in 2014.

According to the CDC, 24% of all US abortions were performed on black women in the 1970s. That percentage rose to 30% in the 1980s, 34% in the 1990s, 36% in the 2000s and 38% by 2018. Generally speaking, the further back you go in time the whiter the abortion death toll becomes. There were far more abortions occurring in the 1970s and 1980s too.

Today, 38% of abortions are black, 33% are non-Hispanic White, 7% are Other and 21% are Hispanic. For almost every black child that is aborted, a White child is aborted with it. You might be surprised to learn that 91% of abortion patients are high school graduates. In fact, 66% of abortion patients in 2014 either had some college or a college degree. 31% of abortion patients had a college degree in 2008.

A glance at America’s racial demographics in 2022 should be sufficient to confirm that the eugenicists are getting nowhere in their effort to cull the black population through legal abortion. They are mostly spinning their wheels in a sea of blood. The black underclass is rewarded with ample government benefits for having children and has little incentive to go along with the dreams of the eugenicists. The black population has increased from 11.1% in 1970 when abortion was largely illegal to 12.4% in 2022.

As I never tire of pointing out, this is what America looked like in 1970 on the cusp of legal abortion. The country had never been whiter and a huge swath of the country was a de facto White ethnostate:

Alabama – 74 percent White
Georgia – 74 percent White
South Carolina – 69 percent White
Mississippi – 63 percent White
Florida – 77 percent White
Louisiana – 66 percent White
Texas – 66 percent White
Oklahoma – 89 percent White
North Carolina – 77 percent White
Tennessee – 84 percent White
Arkansas – 81 percent White
Missouri – 89 percent White
Kentucky – 93 percent White
Virginia – 81 percent White
West Virginia – 95 percent White
California – 76 percent White
Hawaii – 37 percent White
Alaska – 77 percent White
Washington – 94 percent White
Oregon – 96 percent White
Idaho – 96 percent White
Nevada – 87 percent White
Arizona – 74 percent White
Utah – 94 percent White
New Mexico – 54 percent White
Colorado – 85 percent White
Wyoming – 92 percent White
Montana – 95 percent White
Illinois – 83 percent White
Indiana – 92 percent White
Ohio – 90 percent White
Michigan – 87 percent White
Wisconsin – 96 percent White
Minnesota – 98 percent White
Iowa – 98 percent White
Kansas – 93 percent White
Nebraska – 95 percent White
South Dakota – 95 percent White
North Dakota – 97 percent White
New York – 80 percent White
New Jersey – 85 percent White
Pennsylvania – 90 percent White
Maryland – 80 percent White
Delaware – 84 percent White
Connecticut – 91 percent White
Rhode Island – 96 percent White
Massachusetts – 95 percent White
Maine – 99 percent White
New Hampshire – 99 percent White
Vermont – 99 percent White

Some White Nationalists would do almost anything except convert to Christianity and have kids to return to those demographics. Human sacrifice sure isn’t moving the ball.

America’s changing racial demographics were preceded by a shift in elite values. The culture changed. Then everything rapidly changed to bring the law into sync with the dominant culture. In the span of 25 years, we got forced desegregation, the onset of deracination, open borders, race riots, no fault divorce, the rise of multiculturalism, the widespread availability of contraception, legal abortion, feminism, gay rights, drug abuse, interracial marriage. The scourge of what is lamented as “identity politics” dates back to this time period. It was also the same people in Congress and in the federal courts who did all of this. We got the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Immigration Act of 1965 in the same session of Congress.

The whole culture became much more self-centered and permissive as the Baby Boomer generation came of age: more individualistic, more willing to experiment with drugs, marriages weakened, families weakened, the border weakened, previously taboo behaviors like interracial marriage and dating and homosexuality became more socially acceptable. The country literally let itself go.

Everything changed because our values changed. People began to dress differently, speak differently and act differently. They had more sexual partners. Deregulation occurred in both culture and economics in this time period. Women were getting abortions and using birth control as they flooded into the workforce. The pornography industry has exploded and branched out into all sorts of niches.

“Pervert Octopus” is a good term for it. The same twisted ideas about the Self lurk beneath the surface of a whole host of social ills and bracket off this period of history from everything that preceded it. It slashes through our race in the form of interracial dating and marriage. It slashes through the family in the form of divorce. It slashes through mothers and their offspring in the form of abortion. Homosexuality and the rise of gender confusion are symptoms of it. Self absorption and self expression can be taken to the extreme of forcing society to go along with the delusion that a man can wish his way into being a woman. There are undoubtedly new frontiers of this slippery slope waiting to be explored. Evils which are so horrible that the narcissists, hedonists and novelty seekers haven’t dreamed them into existence yet.

Overall, abortion is more of a ghastly wash. Immigration is a far more important driver of demographic change. The demographic toll taken by feminism, miscegenation, birth control, childlessness, wealth redistribution and so on are larger drivers of our decline. Add up all the DINKs, dog moms, career women, the sluts, the mudsharks, the homosexuals, the blue hairs suffering from gender dysphoria on TikTok and the suffering, enraged incels who are the byproducts of the deregulation of female sexuality.

I live in one of the blackest parts of the United States. I also don’t feel swamped by blacks. The black population feels static to me, but there has been an explosion of blue hair gender nutjobs and mudsharks. That’s what I see in my small Southern town along with the trend of depopulation.

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  1. I would just point out that as accesability to pornography has increased more and more men have become socially withdrawn and isolated from contact with potential female partners. Maybe it’s because of the porn but it probably has more to do with shifts in socio-economic trends.

    • Absolutely on the porn. The lockdown also killed any remaining real life social environment. Befire the lockdown I would see couples walking their dogs (I’ll pick it up honey?). Now it’s just single women. This is going to have long term consequences but I think our Satanic overlords knew this.

    • I wonder if the wickedness of the youngest generation. They’re out and out hostile, violent, anti social ethic and hatred of traditional America is in part due to the traumatization from exposure at a young age to hard core internet pornography? Sure the commie educational system and breakdown of the family are always sited and probably the main driver. But could some of the pathological excesses also be due to exposure to porn at a very young age? Not just seeing a playboy with an airbrushed woman with a bush like we found when we were ten or eleven, but sick shit with straights doing violent fetish sex that normally existed only in the realm of homos a couple decades back? Has the whole culture been warped by porn? All these guys asking their girlfriends for anal sex? What’s that all about? Who wants to do something so nasty with their girlfriend? Was this ever really a normal part of the heterosexual world in the past? Did most humans make all these loud sex noises through most of human history or is this crap also life mimicking porn? All this moaning? Do people in traditional societies wake the neighbors with sex sounds? Were couples making all this noise in the post war era? I think this stuff is pretty bad for social behavior now that I think about it, I was at a hotel this weekend and some people were just always going at in in the floor above, sound coming through the ventilation system and I realized they got the idea they could behave like that in public from porn and popular culture. I doubt this would have gone in in 1962 at a nice hotel.

  2. We have such a shortage of white nationalists that sodomites are pretending to be white nationalists.

    Yeah, think a couple more Floyds might be a reasonable trade for some white boys.

    • Sodomites can be quite racist, not just in theory but in practice. Sodomite-led White gentrification of Black urban areas is one example.

      Hunter is correct. Abortion on demand cannot be good. It is immoral and part of a wide pattern of immorality in this sick, alienated population.

      Those who say “Let us do evil that good may come (…) their damnation is just”: Romans 3:8

  3. I know abortion will never be totally outlawed but late term abortion should be. Killing a baby that can survive outside of the womb should be murder and all parties involved should be charged accordingly.

  4. You may know the race of the mother in these cases, but you don;t know the father. How many of those aborted “white” babies were actually white? Im not gonna get too worked up about it either way. There are too many people on this planet as it is.

  5. That’s why I focus on the Whites who are killed by abortion. Little Jared Holts and Heidi Beirichs. We would have millions more of these libtards if they hadn’t been terminated in the womb by their libtard mothers, which would be a greater problem than millions of George Floyds.

    The Black population isn’t really the problem. We shouldn’t even be sharing a polity with George Floyd, and certainly shouldn’t be in charge of policing him or kneeling on his neck while he overdoses. Why are we? Because the Holts and Beirichs of the world believe that physical separation of different incompatible groups of people is the greatest evil imaginable. Without the Holts/Beirichs, we could separate. No need to even think about harming a hair on little fetus Floyd’s nappy head because they wouldn’t be our problem. Black cops in New Wakanda would be kneeling on their necks while they OD instead of White cops doing it. Whites would be minding our own business because all the White libtards would have been aborted before they could grow into antifa cat ladies, so nobody would be calling for Whites to intervene and save the poor Negro criminal in New Wakanda from his own state’s police brutality. We would trade them automobiles we manufactred. They would trade us new varieties of peanut butter they invented. Everyone would be happy with the situation.

    What would really be the best possible outcome, is if abortion were greatly restricted or banned in some states, while remaining widely available in others. Libtards can go to the libtard states and kill their kids, get sex change operations, and stick objects in their rectums, while we don’t have to tolerate any of that in our states. Deepen the geographic cultural divide.

    • “They would trade us new varieties of peanut butter they invented. Everyone would be happy with the situation.”

      Now that’s Chris Rock style based

    • What would really be the best possible outcome, is if abortion were greatly restricted or banned in some states, while remaining widely available in others. Libtards can go to the libtard states and kill their kids, get sex change operations, and stick objects in their rectums, while we don’t have to tolerate any of that in our states. Deepen the geographic cultural divide.

      This would be the exact result of overturning Roe v. Wade. It will not end abortion, but will permit states whose populations want to outlaw or severely restrict the evil practice to do so without having to spend hundreds of millions per year in legal costs fighting the ACLU, $PLC, et al. Balkanization is the best possible result now.

      • The major flaw in your Libertarian theories of letting everyone do what they want is…

        Colonization, mass migration, invasions of POC from 3rd world countries to White red states or just clearing out urban Black Ghettos and giving them section 8 housing vouchers to move to places like Ferguson MO.

        The conservative White rancher politics of Montana will soon be replaced by California Lib migrants who like mountain towns like Whitefish Mountain. Mountain Montana towns with any kind of college and university will be targeted to become the same as Bolder Colorado or Charlottesville VA.

        When I was applying to college I picked the University of Virginia in Charlottesville because it was then perceived to be a Southern Conservative place – founded by Thomas Jefferson.

        Hey EC – seems like you fell hook, line and sinker for the “Magic Conservative Dirt” theory that Conservative places now or in the recent past will always be that way. It’s the same naive, nature denying mindset that thinks Ebola and AIDS infected Black Africans that migrate to Sweden and Norway will because of magic dirt behave the same as healthy, beautiful Nordic White Scandinavians.

        And then sh*$& like Sweden having the highest rape rates of any place outside of sub Sahara Black Africa or Afghanistan.

        Racial realities and brutal Nature will eventually destroy your unshakeable faith in Conservative Red State magic dirt, the Constitution, the Bible and free market live and let live Libertarian fantasies.

        • Not a libertardian, nor do I believe in magic dirt. The crucial point you’re missing is that an overturn of Roe v. Wade removes the abortion issue from being enshrined as a “constitutional right” – one invented by Jews and other disciples of hell out thin air just like their fake money – to where it belongs: an issue to be decided upon by the individual states.

          If Roe were overturned in this way it could potentially establish an important precedent under which some other imaginary rights could be similarly tossed back to the states. The Jew-owned abortion/body-part mills would continue run around the clock in shitholes like California – where Grindr Greg resides. Schlomo might not make so much money in places like Alabama, but he’s got a vast pile of ill-gotten gain so he won’t suffer much. An overturn would not effect things demographically much either way apart from possibly facilitating the much needed national divorce.

  6. The interesting number above is the 13.5 abortions per 1000 women by 2017 – 5 years ago. It was already well below the 1973 level half a decade ago. I fully support the overturn of Roe v. Wade, which enshrined the evil practice as a sacred constitutional right which cannot be limited or restrained in any way. Even so, the supposedly upcoming decision to overturn would only have a minimal effect on the rate of abortions – already in significant decline. The real damage was done to the white population between 1973 and 2000, after which the ultimate demographic replacement is a fait accompli absent some sort of great repentance and a serious increase in white birth rates along with closing borders and enforcing laws upon those who hire foreigners so many self-deport. White birth-rates – closely related to affordable family formation – might be improved if the decision is overturned and the states which outlaw or seriously restrict the practice ( and who are likewise forced to subsidize it under Roe) can be free to refund the tax monies going to fund Jew-owned body-part factories.

  7. Agreed. In the South blacks do feel static, it’s all of the danger hairs and Latinos flooding in that feels like it’s a moving, living thing.

  8. Abortion is good because it kills innocent black babies. This is a sick bastard. Greg needs to take a good look in the mirror at the moral imbecile staring him in the face.

    When you get right down to it religion is a moral code and the morality conveyed by Christianity is no harm comes to the innocent. You are innocent until proven guilty here in Murica and George Floyd was innocent at the time of his death. No different from a baby in the womb and no different from the lamb of God.

    Why is Greg trying to lead you away from Christ? Why is Greg trying to steer you away from your natural inclinations of what is right and wrong?. What is his motivation, if it is was the health and well being of whites then why is he leading you away from God and Gods laws?

    He is not going to tell you. And if he is not doing to be candid and forthright in his pronouncements then how do you trust him?

  9. In a society where everyone is the same race and everyone would make excellent parents, I would totally oppose all abortion 100%………..but that just isn’t today’s reality. Without abortion beginning when it did, America would have become minority white decades earlier than the predicted date of 2042. The alternative to abortion is children everywhere who don’t look like your own, and white children born to single parents, or deadbeats who won’t raise their kids to be of any value to society.
    I’m just putting it out there what it means. You judge it from there. Be careful what you wish for.

    • Agreed. I would oppose abortion if we lived in a real NATION bonded by blood. But we don’t have that, so….

  10. I think your numbers are off.

    Back in 2015, the CDC reported 13 million abortions conducted for African American women since Roe v. Wade. More black fetuses were aborted than are born. This does not include abortions procured by white women of part black babies. That does not include black abortions procured in the last seven years. If none of those children would have been aborted, many of them today would be parents and even grandparents. So in addition to 13+ million blacks (based on 2015 stats), add their children and grandchildren. Let’s assume that 6 million of the aborted 13 million would have had children by now at typical ghetto reproduction rates. That would be about 18 million more blacks. So, we are at 41 million additional blacks without abortion. In 2015, the black population was 42 million. That means that the black population would have almost doubled without abortion.

    That’s a lot of Trayvons.

    • Agreed and well said.

      But it’s a PR issue a sales job.

      We can’t sell abortion is good because it keeps down the Black criminal/welfare population. We can’t sell this to nice, Conservative pro Life White Christians.

      Instead present in some nice ways – healthier babies, safe practical family planning, birth control – why shouldn’t poor Black women have the same opportunities as rich White women?

      Again, it’s a sales, PR issue. Go with what works.

  11. Wrong. (Above summary of the effect of abortion on White demographics.) The 1965 Hart-Celler Act had not had time to come to the full fruition at the time of the above-listed 1970 White majority statistics.
    Its effect was slow to start, and then accelerated — noticeably — in the 1990’s, and has been picking up speed ever since. That, and the U.S. becoming a signatory to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) treaty that guarantees a never-ending and constantly increasing flow of Third-World refugees.

    I’m an old person. I have witnessed this, in real-time, with my own two eyes. Decreased fertility in women (and decreased testosterone levels in men) are definitely a factor, too. White displacement and replacement has been baked into the cake since at least a decade before the passage of Roe v. Wade.

    • I agree immigration is driving demographic change. Abortion, not so much

      As I see it, the sort of mindset that is indifferent to interracial marriage and abortion and to homosexuality and divorce and feminism is the same mindset with the same values which is disinterested in racial identity and neglects the border as well. It is the culture and worldview that drives all of the above that matters

    • ” The 1965 Hart-Celler Act had not had time to come to the full fruition at the time of the above-listed 1970 White majority statistics.?

      Very correct.
      As with most destructive laws, first passed, then slowly implemented.

  12. Abortion isn’t the issue.

    In a healthy society, it wouldn’t be necessary in the first place. In the case of rape, drugs can prevent pregnancy.

    I don’t care how many blacks killed their unborn. Clearly it wasn’t enough.

    What I do care about is White women who’ve been so deracinated and isolated by this toxic individualism pervading our society that it feels like a safety net to be able to kill your children.

    In the absence of family and close community, it’s easy to see why it’s an existential issue in their minds.

    The issue with abortion isn’t whether or not the blacks made the high score or not. It’s that it ever became necessary for Whites in the first place.

    Its an indicator, not a cause of racial collapse, though it certainly hasn’t helped demographics either.

    Fix the people, and abortion in OUR race becomes a moot point.

    Quit arguing about whether some robed sons of bitches in Washington can dictate any of this to us out here in the hinterland. They cannot be allowed to do so, further making this argument moot.

    Roe vs. Wade was invalid to begin with, as it pre-empted the States and local authority over an issue by definition that hits close to home.

    BTW. Hunter, Jim Goad, Spencer (who is gay), Grindr Greg, and most especially the entire “conservative” media have missed the critical point that the reason for the vociferous astroturf outrage about the potential overturn of Roe is due to the financial interests of Planned Parenthood and the Pharmaceutical Industry that has created a profitable industry around the use of dead fetal tissue. This is the critical fulcrum that turns people’s opinion, opens their eyes to what’s really going on here. They are farming babies like its the matrix.

    That its been totally overlooked tells me that you all are still too autistic in your determination to grind culture war issues and own libs, or pointlessly infight, as has been happening more on this site more than I’d like to see lately.

    White interests guys. What benefits Whitey. That is what should dictate our worldview. Not traditional values for their own sake because of nostalgia. Not petty ambitions or resentment about being utterly rejected as a figurehead (talking to you Spencer, you craven turncoat faggot). Not predetermined circular arguments designed to keep us fighting over stuff thats not our business.

    White Interests. Here at home. What benefits us.

  13. Clearly it isn’t about babies.

    It’s about sex. Fair enough.

    But how in the world did anyone get it into their head that “back then” women were Good Girls and now they are all Sluts?

    Did you think prostitution didn’t exist in New Orleans before “modernism?”

    The reality:

    Conservatives believed the 1950s black and white TV shows and when they grew up and discovered the real world – with all of its sex and violence – they get nostalgia for the days before they learned about … sex and violence.

    Back in the “old days” – the good old days, before all this modernism – you couldn’t walk down the street without being accosted by “ladies of the night.”

    It is really a CLASS thing. If “white boys” were more honest about their outrage at being **priced out of patriarchy** it would be easier for people to take them seriously.

    But these impotents can’t be honest with themselves so we have to suffer through them whining about women being slutty with OTHER guys, not me!

    Feminist whiners have nothing on right-wing whiners.

    • Sure, it did.

      By the world back then, you are talking about the Victorian era. It had separate spheres for men and women and rigid gender roles. Women could also had the option of going the respectable route and getting married and having a husband and a family, OR, alternatively becoming a disreputable prostitute. The difference a culture soaked in modernism and what preceded it is that all of these key distinctions, limits and barriers have been eroded, abolished or inverted in the name of cultural liberation and cultural egalitarianism. Being a slut is mainstream in our times. That’s the norm

      • > It had separate spheres for men and women and rigid gender roles.

        The upper middle classes did, sure. Most people – the vast majority of Americans – were not anywhere close to “upper middle class.”

        And at the elite level? At the elite level, women are prostitutes, literally bought and sold by families as sex toys and heir producers.

        > Women could also had the option of going the respectable route and getting married and having a husband and a family, OR, alternatively becoming a disreputable prostitute.

        Yes, fifteen year old girls sit down and rationally think, “should I be a respectable wife, or so I go to New Orleans and become disreputable?

        Because that is about the age of the average girl getting into prostitution – that is the “traditional” old fashioned, conservative way it was done. I’ve linked to the history on my blog – sex trafficking was rampant in the 19th century in America, in Dixie, the Mid West, and in California? Forget about it.

        Some twelve year old orphan girl is basically bought and pimped out – that was a daily occurrence throughout all of American history – Jeffrey Epstein is the rule, not the exception.

        The real thing that changed is the mass media, and now people consume media that they otherwise wouldn’t.

        If one didn’t consume mass media, one would have no idea about how “being a slut in mainstream.”

        People’s behaviors didn’t change.

        In 1800 – and in 1700 – every one knew how babies were made, and if you don’t think people engaged in “everything but intercourse” outside of marriage, all the time – or that the bastardry rate was super-high, that maybe ten percent of children had a different father than they thought they did …

        … all those things were just as commonplace as they are now.

        Who do you want to enforce all of these conservative social values? You know you can’t enforce them.

        So what you really want is the “culture” – meaning, the mass media – to go back to ignoring all of this, and go back to presenting a bowlderized version of reality.

        Surely, it would be better, in my opinion, if the mass media did not glamorize and promote every form of degeneracy. But the mass electronic media didn’t invent degeneracy.

        The material factors explain everything quite well:

        1. There is little economic incentive for a woman to be a wife because she can make as much, if not more, money than her potential husband.

        2. The risk of getting married to the average white man and having a baby at 21, a normal, “traditional” age, is super-ultra risky for economic and cultural reasons. Most average men have been priced out of Patriarchy. Hence, we have boyfriends and girlfriends and child support.

        3. Men spend all their time watching whores – not just in pornography, but in mass media generally, even the weather girls are tarted up – and since they spend so much time watching this soft and hard core pornography, they get it in their heads that women are “Slutty” these days.

        Really – ask yourself. Of all the women you deal with on a regular basis, how many of them are actually the Hard Core Sluts you see on the media?

        I’ve never met a single woman, in my entire life, that painted “Slut” on her boobies and “protested” some bullshit in DC.

        Those women do exist – it’s a tiny little fringe of mentally ill freaks – but everyone thinks that is what “women are like these days” because they see them on TV.

        I continue to be shocked at how the weakest and least powerful members of society – young white girls – are blamed and even scapegoated for the bad things of today.

        The society is pimping them out, then we call them “sluts” for doing what they were told?

        It’s the most goddamn idiotic thing I’ve ever come across. It is, in fact, a kind of feminism.

        The people you should be angry at are the class that is pricing your men out of Patriarchy. They are the same people driving up the price of real estate.

        Women barely have the agency to choose to be a Wife or a Whore, it is how they are treated by men that decides their fate.

    • We have real evidence on all of this, you know, so your retarded BS arguments don’t really fly. At the turn of the 20th century, somewhere between 90-95% of women were virgins at marriage. Today ~2-3%. Females actually are “slutty” today. It isn’t a meme or a false perception driven by media, but a fact. To say that “all those things were just as commonplace as they are now” is just false.

      Pointing out that prostitutes have always existed misses the point. Yes, they have always existed. The difference is that they were a small percentage of the population within a wider healthier culture. Today, every female is essentially a prostitute and there is no wider healthy culture. Worse than prostitutes, in fact. Legitimate prostitutes are more deserving of respect than the average millennial or gen z female is.

        • Yes I can remember my grandma having a meltdown when one of my female cousins moved in with her boyfriend in ~2005 or so. Cohabitation before marriage! The harlot was living in sin!! And it’s not like my grandma came from some rich upper crust family. Those were the norms for her poor family too.

  14. I’m with Spencer in that the white minority is baked into the cake. Overturning Roe v Wade is good if: a) you want our racial fertility level to be above replacement level, merely to propagate our people. A decline in proportion is bad, sure, but numeric decline is even worse, it is the path to suicide and
    B) it posits a return to a better power balance between the states and fed govt, which can have compounding effects downstream

  15. Silly effeminate mainline Prod wasps. George Floyd isn’t the problem, can’t be the problem, by himself. Floyd is only a problem because your whore daughters are a problem. Your whore daughters made self-flagellation for Floyd go viral, because a nigger like Floyd represents their sexual ethics, taught to them by their degenerate, disgusting, racially suicidal parents. Or perhaps taught by some rainbow flag sympathizer, you know, the kind you find writing with Thiel money.

  16. Hunter’s spot on re: the fake and (literally) gay eugenics argument.

    Beyond the abortion of some downies and rape-babies, abortion has always been about women choosing their own present over our childrens’ future and the future of the White race.

    Gene spergs are taking the kernel of truth re: eugenics from some guys like Ed Dutton and turning it to self-defeating absudity. The fact that our society is bottom-heavy with spiteful mutants is an argument for fighting and stigmatizing degeneracy, not for allowing women to abort kids.

    It’s like cutting off your own nads to spite another guy’s race.

    If Greg was truly concerned about White genes and demographics, he wouldn’t be homosexual.

    There is nothing less authentic than a homo concern-trolling about family issues. Any arguments he makes are born in bad faith and deserve no consideration.

    If the malignant narcissist faction of the Alt-Right wants to argue for abortion based on eugenics and demographics, let Spencer carry that flag. Greg may as well be lisping at me in Swahili.

    • That’s what is so hilarious about it. Greg is so deeply concerned about demographic change that he is willing to do anything except convert to Christianity, get married and have children.

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