Occidental Dissent Endorses Mo Brooks

We’re far more familiar with Mo Brooks who is the best congressman in Alabama in the mold of Jeff Sessions. Sessions carried the banner of populist nationalism alone in the Senate for years before Trump arrived on the scene. Trump has repeatedly screwed up our politics in Alabama.

1. Trump took Jeff Sessions out of the U.S. Senate where he had been a positive influence for years only to swiftly have a falling out with him over Russiagate.

2. After endorsing Luther Strange who lost the Republican primary, Trump endorsed Roy Moore who lost the Senate race that Jeff Sessions vacated to become Attorney General. Doug Jones ended up winning that race which saddled us with a Democrat who killed Trump’s legislative agenda. Then he turned on Steve Bannon over the defeat and elevated Jared Kushner who led his own campaign to defeat in the 2020 election. Alternatively, Trump could have endorsed Mo Brooks when he ran for the seat in 2017.

3. When Jeff Sessions left the Trump administration and attempted to make amends and recapture his old Senate seat, Trump endorsed Tommy Tuberville out of spite. Instead of an easy win going to a proven reliable nationalist candidate, we lost a key Senate seat to a generic Republican.

4. Even after Mo Brooks backed Trump through the 1/6 fiasco, Trump turned on him for “going woke” (whatever that means, he was the one who signing off on criminal justice reform and the Platinum Plan and pardoned all those black rappers for Jared) and unendorsed his campaign in March.

Hopefully, Alabama voters will ignore Trump and vote for Mo Brooks who is the best choice in the Republican primary, as voters in Georgia are poised to do by choosing Brian Kemp over David Perdue.

Note: Mo Brooks recently created a big stir by explaining how Washington works. The Republican Senate can’t but be improved by electing more people like Mo Brooks and J.D. Vance.


  1. I Disavow. Mo Brooks is a hawkish American imperialist who believes Biden isn’t sufficiently aggressive in his foreign policy. He also wants to cut taxes on the wealthy, who are 99% anti-White shitlibs. I don’t believe shitlibs need to be given even more money to spend on causes designed to harm normal White people.

    End the American empire, death to the rich, etc.

  2. The only candidates I will support are pro White candidates that puts the interests of the White majority over the privileged minority. We can’t keep putting a band aid on a festering wound.

  3. “Save America” should this not read “Save Alabama”

    Just another Unionist nothing to see here

  4. I don’t care for Sessions or Brooks. There is an authoritarian fundy streak in both of them I dislike. I would compare to voting for mormons of which we have a large infestation here.

  5. As regards President I will not vote for Trump a third time! I hope Desantis gets the Republican nomination. At least he can get things done without all the Jr high name calling and drama.

  6. Trump elicits in me feelings of great appreciation and great frustration, in about a 50/50 mix. I really wish he would retire to a life of golfing and allow someone more in the vein of DeSantis become the 2024 candidate.

  7. Trump’s terrible decisions cost Alabama plenty but White Nationalists on the hardcore Trump train are now against Mo Brooks which I don’t understand. Why does Trump endorse woke Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott but deny Mo Brooks?

    • Some grievance over the election. Britt is ahead in the polls. I know nothing about her

      • She is just a standard typical GOP Republican. Not very nationalist sounding other than saying Alabama first on her website. That is something but other than that she sounds very standard and down the line Republican. She was a staffer for Richard Shelby and may very well be just his successor.

    • It’s pure butthurt form Zion Don (Kang Cyrus) – the “alpha” with the most fragile of inflated egos to be found. Brooks agrees the 2020 election was stolen. His offence was in not thinking it should be the absolute centerpiece of his entire campaign. Yet (as you note) Cheetohead had no problem endorsing the abomination Lady G or her house nigra Mr. Tim. Brooks is better than most Repukes, which is not exactly a high bar give the above examples.

  8. The election was stolen from Roy Moore. All the ballots were destroyed at the behest of the supreme court of Alabama, even though the law said they had to be saved. If they destroyed the ballots, and they did, then you know they had something to hide. They have never, ever done this before, and it violates the law. Therefore, the court is corrupt, the Governor is corrupt because she allowed it to happen and the voting officials are corrupt, at the very least.

    Whatever you think about Roy Moore there is no way possible that Roy Moore would have gone along with the deep State. He would have caused all sorts of grief from the very second he entered the Senate. They would have had to kill him because he would have refused to go along and since I bet they have not one bit of blackmail on him, he could not be controlled. How much you want to bet Tommy Tuberville is not being blackmailed in some way. Probably coeds from his college days coaching. It’s not like they don’t have people all over doing their best to wrangle anyone who is anyone into a compromising position. We know that for a 100% fact from Epstein. He tried to get something on anyone he could find that would in any way be an influence. I’ve read that there are at least one Epstein for each State, and it would not surprise me if it were true.

    This is how they got apartheid ended in South Africa. This came from a former Defense official who said he was going to write a book about how all the leadership was blackmailed but…of course he was killed. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the whole one Man one vote they passed in South Africa was fake and in fact the South Africans never voted that way at all. All the officials being corrupt could just steal the vote.

    It’s obvious Shelby has been caught doing something he has flubbed and wiggled many times. Now. They have something on him. Young girls..boys, something of that effect I’m sure.

    • Bannon’s speech for Moore was when the GOP signed on to the Steal.

      Stealing it from Moore was the dry run.

      Basically the Establishment decided that only force could take away their power. Ever since we have been governed from “the radical center” with catastrophic consequences.

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