1. Wouldn’t surprise me if the missile was a US harpoon or equivalent, launched by US financed mercenaries.
    If not for US instigation and financing, this conflict would be over.

    • The impact hole is strange tho. I’m no expert on ho’s but it wasn’t blown out apparently like you would expect for a missile impact. More lies is a safe assumption.

  2. Looks like they really need major war. Interesting why are they so hurry. Is there anything we do not know ?

    • Coach red pill suggested that they know an economic disaster is coming and they need a war as distraction and justification for ‘sacrifice’.

      • @Arrian – I’ll second that. The entire economic house of cards is reaching the end of its life. Kicking the can down the road will no longer work.

        I read an article but don’t remember all the details; perhaps someone can help here. It was written by a newbie member of the House of Reps, I believe from a state in the southeast. The gist of it was this – she related a conversation she had with one of her state’s other Reps (or maybe Senator) who was an old timer. She told him – the money printing and exponential growth of debt is not sustainable. Why don’t we do something? He replied, we all know. We’ve got 10 to 15 years left.

        I believe I read that article in 2009 or 2010. And that’s where we are at now. The recent escalation of insanity in the last 2 years makes even more sense. When the shekels, debt, derivatives, etc. crash, the manufacturing facilities – machines, production lines, etc. – will still all be in place, allowing for a recovery. Unfortunately, they are not in place in the USA but in Asia.

  3. Re: “yes, liberals are irresponsible both at home and abroad”:

    You sound like Tucker Carlson. No, conservatives are just as irresponsible as liberals. Whether the President and his administration and the majority in congress are Democrat or Republican makes no difference at all. The system is imperialism/capitalism/plutocracy and there will be endless imperialist war regardless of which of the twin parties is nominally in charge.

    The last Republican President murdered Soleimani and bombed Syria on behalf of Israel, and never withdrew from Afghanistan. Trump-Pence murdering Soleimani on a peace-seeking diplomatic mission was just as irresponsible as Biden-Kamala sinking the Moskva, and the U.S. has to look forward to the Iranian revenge, that will come at the time and place of Iran’s choosing: “Americans have been sending messages to Iran, asking it to abandon its vow to avenge the assassination of the celebrated anti-terror commander. In return, they have offered to lift cruel sanctions on Iran (…) he said, calling it wishful thinking”: https://en.abna24.com/news/irgc-reaffirms-irans-resolve-to-avenge-gen-soleimani%e2%80%99s-assassination_1250692.html

    • If you were around back then, I am sure you recall my take on Soleimani. Tucker opposed it and publicly criticized Trump for it. Trump himself did it for Senate Republicans whose support he needed for his impeachment trial. The one over Ukraine. Obviously, we need fewer people like Lindsey Graham in the Senate

      • “Tucker opposed it”:

        Yes I remember. The Soleimani murder is just a drop in the bucket, or ocean, of imperialist crimes, and Carlson should oppose the system itself, not just some of the things it does. But Carlson is a conservative himself, or a populist (right-populist type) and so is the Faux News target audience, so he will never do that.

        Iran is still calling for the punishment of Trump and Pence and others responsible for the murder, or else it will take its own revenge against the U.S. at the time of its choosing. And a lot of other war-ravaged nations with long memories are waiting like that.

  4. Telegram/ASB Military News<b<Ukraine plans to strike the Crimean Bridge on May 9, Latvian National Armed Forces representatives Janis Slaidins said, according to Latvian media. He pointed out that Ukraine has a capability to strike this strategically important bridge after Western arms shipment. According to the military official, damage to the Crimean Bridge would become a serious blow on Russia. Secretary of Ukrainian National Defense and Security Council Alexey Danilov said it earlier that Ukrainian forces will strike the bridge as soon as they gain such capability.

    See Wikipedia/Crimean Bridge

    • I saw.

      It is getting so bad and so dangerous that I would prefer enduring Trump to this

  5. The U.S. (medication nation) is also responsible for the combat drugs being “supplied by volunteers” (combat drug pushers) to front-line Ukrainian forces. The drugs suppress fear and lower the pain threshold for pain, so the U.S.’s proxies appear to be brave and fearless and will follow orders to their death. U.S.-puppet president Zelensky is rumored to be maintained on a different set of drugs.

  6. “liberals are irresponsible”:

    U.S. liberals AND conservatives are irresponsible, but they are also responsible – for everything: for the war itself and every detail of it, including this revolting (disturbing) spectacle of a not-really-medically-treated (no amputations yet) but thoroughly brainwashed (by U.S. propaganda) and combat drugged Nudelmanista (Khazarkrainian proxy fighter) who will never be allowed to surrender until he is dead: https://www.bitchute.com/video/v2V80DeesNMa/

  7. Rick Rozoff’s “Anti-bellum” is a favorite source to keep up with events in the U.S.’s escalating Third World War to destroy Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Serbia, Yemen, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Solomon Islands, and a few other disobedient nations: https://antibellum679354512.wordpress.com/

    Here is a sample of news headlines on Anti-bellum over the last two days (my comments are in parentheses):

    China warns Asia against NATO repeating “barbaric atrocity” of 1999 (note that China is officially commemorating the anniversary of the beginning of the NATO war on Serbia)

    Expansion into Asia-Pacific: NATO military bloc is poison (Japan and many other U.S. satellites outside Europe are preparing to join NATO)

    China slams Japanese PM’s five-nation ASEAN/NATO trip as provoking confrontation (the Japanese puppet regime is being used to shepherd other states to join the war on China and Russia)

    U.S. boosts supply of equipment to Tajik military (U.S. is trying to use Tajikstan to attack both Russia and China that it shares borders with)

    West steering Kosovo, Bosnia into NATO, EU (while the target, Serbia, vows to fight if NATO expands to its western border)

    Tri-continental energy war: world’s longest offshore gas pipeline from Nigeria to supply Europe (teh U.S.’s European satellites would rather spend billions more piping gas thousands of miles from Nigeria across eleven volatile African countries, than buy the cheaper and relatively local Russian gas from an existing pipeline)

    Karabakh delenda est: brutishness in the 21st century…AD (U.S. and Israel continue stirring up violence in the Caucasus, attacking Armenia to disturb and draw in Russia)

    Pentagon deploys airborne, special operations troops for exercises “from Arctic to Balkans”

    U.S. deploys A-10s for war games in Eastern Europe

    Germany readies long-range artillery for Ukraine

    Georgian president/opposition leader wants expedited NATO, EU accession

    Ukraine reveals split in ASEAN

    Tokyo: EU, Japan forge common front against Russia, China

    Ukraine invites seven major NATO nations to be “security guarantors”

    NATO Military Committee meeting to include Ukrainian, Finnish, Swedish commanders-in-chief

    NATO pulls South Korea into bloc to confront Russia, China in Northeast Asia

    Asia-Pacific Four: Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand may attend NATO summit

    South Korea: first Asian state to join NATO’s cyber warfare center in Estonia

    Ukraine and Georgia: war, information war and hybrid war

    State Department threatens Russia over Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transnistria

    New NATO point man briefs Georgian ruling, opposition parties

    Georgia: U.S. viceroy (semi-) covertly pushes war, coup agenda

    Ukraine parallel: China concerned over U.S., Britain internationalizing Taiwan issue

    “Ukraine may be tomorrow’s East Asia”: island bookends Britain, Japan to forge defense pact

    Shift East: Turkey expands NATO-standard arms sales to South, Southeast Asia

    Eisenhower to present: U.S. names 20th top commander to oversee “global military operations for NATO”

    Access to Caspian: Japanese companies invited to conquered Karabakh

    Georgia: French General Staff rep discusses Ukraine, EU military cooperation

    Top Ukrainian commander in regular consultation with U.S. CJCS Milley

    • The Zombie West is controlled by very evil, and very insane people.

  8. Rejoice!!.. because the end of Merica and the union is nearing

    “It came like the breath of the wind!”
    Union description of the Rebel yell at Chancelorsville when the Virginians broke the tree line and routed Siegels corps

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