Abortion In The United States: 2013

Greg Johnson writes:

“I think your numbers are off.

Back in 2015, the CDC reported 13 million abortions conducted for African American women since Roe v. Wade. More black fetuses were aborted than are born. This does not include abortions procured by white women of part black babies. That does not include black abortions procured in the last seven years. If none of those children would have been aborted, many of them today would be parents and even grandparents. So in addition to 13+ million blacks (based on 2015 stats), add their children and grandchildren. Let’s assume that 6 million of the aborted 13 million would have had children by now at typical ghetto reproduction rates. That would be about 18 million more blacks. So, we are at 41 million additional blacks without abortion. In 2015, the black population was 42 million. That means that the black population would have almost doubled without abortion.

That’s a lot of Trayvons.”

Here are the 2013 numbers on total births in the United States:

3.93 million total births

583,834 total black births

664,435 total abortions

35.6% are black abortions = 236,538 aborted black babies

37.3% are non-Hispanic White abortions = 247,834 aborted non-Hispanic White babies.

In this demographic rat race, a little over 11,000 more White babies were aborted than black babies in 2013. The numbers only flipped around 2014. Previously, there were far more abortions going on and the racial breakdown of those abortions becomes more and more White the further back in time you go to the 1970s. It has only been in the last several years that the number of aborted black babies began to slightly outstrip aborted White babies. In 2018, abortions were 38% black and 33% non-Hispanic White.

Assuming that 20 million of the 63 million abortions since 1973 were George Floyds and Trayvons, we are looking at least 30 million aborted White babies. Those babies also never had children or grandchildren. Is sacrificing 30 million White babies and deregulating female sexuality worth it to kill off 20 million black babies? Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer think so. I disagree. I don’t think it is worth it. I think it is immoral and thoroughly undermines nationalism by cutting biological bonds.

I’m more interested in the logic of the “pro-choice” movement and the values that underpin it than abortion. Abortion is only one consequence of a far more permissive culture and the deregulation of female sexuality. Just as you can choose to abort your child, you can also choose to use birth control, which is having a far more significant demographic impact. You can choose to divorce your spouse. You can choose to be a cad or a slut. You can choose to be a homosexual. You can choose a degenerate lifestyle of fornication over a productive one of marriage and family. You can choose to limit the size of your family. You can choose interracial marriage or choose to spawn biracial offspring. You can choose to be a childless DINK, a career woman or a dog mom. You can choose to identify as one of the 60,000 new customized genders. You can choose to be “trans.” There are lots of choices under a free market in sexuality.

Along with the impact of immigration which is by far the largest driver of demographic change, it is all of these other bad choices which is really driving White demographic decline. Once upon a time, the Self and its desires wasn’t put up on a pedestal. Unfettered self expression wasn’t the cultural ideal. Identity wasn’t based on self absorption which had previously been limited to bohemian artists and eccentric philosophers like Nietzsche, but on blood and religious ties to other people in your community, so the choices that were available were necessarily more limited and constrained by society. Sexuality was tightly regulated as it had been for thousands of years. Women had the option of becoming wives and mothers, old maids or going into prostitution. Being a whore was disreputable. Whores weren’t treated the same way as mothers and had lower social status. Most people went into marriage at a young age with a partner of the same race and religion and had lots of children and grandchildren who took care of them in old age.

There are no cultures which are soaked in liberalism animated by modernism which are a White demographic success story. Instead, there are degenerate, hedonistic, self-centered liberal societies – all of which are in racial and cultural decline – which are all blighted with abortion and mass immigration and deracination and low birth rates and miscegenation along with a host of other multiplying social problems like rising racial tensions. Social liberals like to dwell on the point of black women having more abortions than White women to sidestep the real issue which is the far more massive downstream social consequences which also flow from having such a permissive culture and unregulated female sexuality. Fecund blacks aren’t exploding in population. Fertility has been dropping to record lows in the United States and other liberal societies are wrestling even more with aging and depopulation.

Whites are declining because secularization, miscegenation, homosexuality, family planning and childlessness have all soared in recent decades. Fertility fell off a cliff due to birth control. The erosion of identity and the subsequent loss of loyalty to the group due to the glorification of the Self is even more devastating in the long run due to the attrition it inevitably leads to.


  1. Abortion on demand without apologies….. for Je*s.

    Does anyone want more:

    Elena Kagans?
    Tamar Jacobys?
    Dr. Ruth Westheimers?
    Emma Goldmans?
    Rosa Luxumbergs?
    Gloria Steinems?
    Susan Sontags?
    Not mention all those ugly, perfert, hateful J men like Tim Wise, Trotsky, Levanti Beria, that dwarf Clinton Sectary of Education Robert Reich, CNN’s Jeff Zucker, Michael Eisner.

    Anything we can do to prevent more of these ugly, hateful J monsters – sure abortion is rough but so was carpet bombing German civilian neighborhoods in Hamburg and Dresden. Our grandparents supported or even did that.

    • Jews get even fewer abortions per capita than white gentiles do. They make many billions of shekels off the body-part selling though. Larry King famously remarked that abortion was the absolutely most important issue of all for Jews in Chiquitastan. If not literally true, it’s pretty close to the mark just based on their hysterical reaction to a potential overturn of Roe v. Wade. Sorry Jane, you will not see any reduction in the Synagogue of Satan if abortion mills were to be made as commonplace as gas stations. Grindr Greg’s argument about increasing the number of George Floyds is pretty dubious as well.

  2. I suspect ZOG is deliberately keeping the Negro population steady at 13%. If their numbers decreased they would be of no use or value to The System. If their numbers increased they would be too difficult to control/too costly to maintain.

  3. I think the main difference between the two is that Greg just really hates blacks whereas Spencer blames incels for ruining his life and so imagines all those 30 million white babies as being incels. Each feel better about themselves by imagining they are murdering by proxy their tormentors and then they turn around and blame us for resentment and “slave morality.”

    • It is pretty funny that he blames Fuentes and the incels for Charlottesville. He only attracted a larger audience in the years after the event. Fuentes has a bit of charisma and a work ethic and isn’t burdened by all the shit that Richard believes which repulses people who lean to the Right. Everyone can see this but Richard.

      • I think it all goes back to the insatiable urge among WN Social Liberals to get as many of “Their Kind” in the movement as possible: College Educated Whites, SWPL’s, academic types, etc.

        At some level, I get where they are coming from. An online, ideological, philosophical movement would benefit more from a higher level of discourse and creative ideas, as opposed to crude vulgarity and the same old, washed up failed ideas of the past – the kind of stuff Conservatism Inc cant or wont escape from.

        I thought Spencer was a visionary when I first heard him speak in 2013, but he ended up displaying the same fatal flaw that seems inherent to academia: They can’t get over trying to appear “smart” and “sophisticated.”

        The cardinal sin among intellectuals is “thou shall not be dumb or stupid.” I agree being dumb and stupid is bad. I completely disagree that its somehow worse then being immoral, or worse yet, evil. Social conservatism has more or less been totally vindicated as time has gone on. Elon captured the spirit of the nation with those tweets about where he stood in 2008 vs today.

        Spencer, by contrast, eventually followed his internal logic to its own inevitable conclusion, hence the descent into Alt-MSNBC. Turns out he was less a visionary and more a sophist. Keith Olbermann but Racist is still all of the Olbermann and none of the racism. Its a bad package.

        • Looking back on it, I never went to any of the NPI conferences and spent the 2010-2015 period on the League and Southern Nationalism. When the Alt-Right started to take off in 2015, I backed it out of the sense that it wasn’t exactly my thing, but it would be good for it to gain as much ground as possible. Then I supported Spencer & Co. out a sense of solidarity as it fell apart. Obviously, I never had any interest in joining a personality cult.

          I later realized that the 2014-2015 Alt-Right was less due to Spencer than TRS and Daily Stormer. Spencer had abandoned the Alt-Right years before it took off to start Radix and only later tried to reassert control over the brand and identify himself with it. I still like the TRS crew who I got to know on those years.

  4. I am not emotionally invested in the abortion debate, if people want to kill their own offspring,
    they probably shouldn’t be parents. But what you are saying makes sense.

    In this War of the Spirit, a victory is a victory.

  5. Not agreeing with homo Greg Johnson,just giving my own opinion.I say abortion is murder.Jews first brought it to Russia in 1921.Jews=children of Satan.I also know Blacks and Beaners get many more,a good thing.And like the previous commenter stated,what kind of parent would any White woman be who has been so brainwashed and degraded that she murders her own babies.She’s a lost cause thanks to the Jews.At this point I believe the Lord is coming soon.The Satanic Jewish evil and power has reached peak levels and they aren’t hiding it now.This is the point when the Father wipes them out and fills Hell with their souls.I might also add a personal observation:White women are truly useless.Just in a few generations they have been tricked by the Jewish serpent(Steinam,Abzug,Freidan,et al)just like Eve was.White women operating without male control and guidance have brought down the White race.This is as true as the sky is blue and the grass green.Christ is Lord!The victory is already won! And though the victory is won by Christ’s blood I believe that we must fight to defend ourselves on this Earth and not allow ourselves to be abused.The Bible does not direct us to be abused or to take such abuse.

    • Don’t paint all white women as worthless, although many are. Hell, I know of one who has been with a convicted pedophile for four years.

  6. Finally the right wing conservatives win a battle ,and which one did they win, 50 years of anti-White discrimination (affirmative action) or some measure to restrict immigration, nope, one that will ensure large numbers of non-Whites being added to the population every year, sad. Well at least the con-servatives ended the black holocaust, just like they whipped black unemployment. In Mississippi blacks are 44% of the population but get 81% of abortions, much the same across the other Southern states, which are the states most likely to end abortion, goodbye White Dixie.
    I once saw a picture of a pro-choice crowd that was full of the usual scum next to a picture of a pro-life crowd who looked normal and healthy, many pushing baby carriages, and I thought I’m happy those idiot lefties are aborting theirs while decent people are having families, do we need a law that prevents that from happening.
    If this were 1973 or even a couple of decades after that I’d be with you on this but with the stats flipped and now the vast majority of abortions being non-White I have changed my opinion.

    • Even if your argument about the net effect of Mississippi’a potential demographic shift as a result of banning abortion there were true (which I doubt as that state has worked to restrict the practice more than many others) it would end up with the whites in that state living with fewer blacks at the end of the day.

      1. The nogs will just get in the Lexuses and drive north to some shitlib stronghold like Illinois where the Jews run their body-part mills 24 x 7. In this case there would be little if any net gain. If nogs are so fond of the practice (they seem to be), they might even move to the whiter shitlib states so Shaniqua wouldn’t have to get her fat ass in the Lexus to drive so far. Mississippi might even turn whiter.

      2. Since negroes always vote to make abortion available, especially of they can force YT to pay, those in MS would simply legalize it in that state once their numbers reached critical mass and their dream of Wokeunduh would be realized – the city of Jackson expanded to the entire state – so the resident whites would flee to fairer places. Mississippi would soon be a Haiti-style farce, ultimately starving and killing each other off left to their own base nature. After this the territory could be resettled.

      You miss the essential fact of a possible overturn. Roe v. Wade was a Judicially imposed endorsement of abortion as a “sacred constitutional right” nationwide – one so sacred that it trumps the actual rights listed in the bill of rights. Its overturn would merely relegate it to control of the different states.

      • It’s just a simple math issue to me, How many abortions are preformed and who’s having them, since we have access to those stats we can draw conclusions from them. That is what lead me to alter my opinion over the years.
        As to blacks getting into their luxury cars and going to a state that allows it I’d say that is more likely gonna be a White thing.

        • I’m not impressed with the demographic argument for a number of reasons:

          1. After 63 million abortions, there is basically no difference in racial demographics. The country is about 2 percent less black than it otherwise would be and even that is questionable because it doesn’t take into account differences in the infant mortality rate.

          2. At least 30 million of the aborted were White babies. So there is that. I just don’t think it is worth it.

          3. As I have pointed out, the right to have an abortion is one consequence of enshrining autonomy and selfishness as an inviolable constitutional principle. The right to “choose” inexorably leads to the Pandora’s Box of gay rights, feminism, divorce, contraception, miscegenation, family planning, gay marriage, “trans” and so on. The demographic impact of abortion is dwarfed by miscegenation, childlessness, low birth rates and now the LGBTQ craze with Gen Z.

          4. Abortion has a numbing effect. A culture which is numb to killing its own offspring will be so deracinated and individualistic that racial preservation will prove impossible. It is impossible anyway with deregulated sexuality.

          5. We’re not and never have been at risk of being swamped by prolific blacks. Historically, the White birth rate and black birth rate have tracked the larger culture. Fertility is now at all time low for all races. The whitest point in American history was reached on the cusp of legal abortion. The country was becoming whiter when it was banned and now the reverse is true.

          6. The White college educated, professional class women who support abortion vote at much higher rates than blacks.

          Anyway, people will disagree on this. As I said last night on The Political Cesspool, the impact of this is exaggerated. Half the states will make abortion easier. Total abortions have long been in decline anyway. People who want to have an abortion will simply go to a Blue State. Finally, most abortions are due to taking a pill anyway and it will just be too difficult to regulate that

          • Yes if one looks at the numbers issue from 1973, it’s beginning, your correct on those figures, I’m keeping it within the last five years, it’s present numbers and near future numbers, the trend if you will. Also I’m viewing it from which states will eliminate or greatly restrict it, with the power this ruling will give them. It also should be viewed from, just what kind of White person does this as well, versus the kind of White person who would not even consider it. But we’ll get to look back on this in a few years and see to what extent this was a good, bad or somewhere in between thing for our side.

          • As I said, I tend to doubt there will be much of an impact:

            1. Abortion was in decline anyway

            2. Blue states will make it easier to get abortions

            3. Most people will just travel to Blue States to get abortions. They already do this to buy weed like going from St. Louis to Illinois

            4. I doubt abortion will be completely banned even in Red States

            5. Most abortions these days involve a pill and it will prove too difficult to regulate

            The number of abortions will decline somewhat like alcohol consumption during Prohibition, but I don’t see it having much of an impact either way. We will see though

            I was surprised by this. I didn’t think it was going to happen. I could be wrong about it.

          • “4. Abortion has a numbing effect. A culture which is numb to killing its own offspring will be so deracinated and individualistic that racial preservation will prove impossible. It is impossible anyway with deregulated sexuality.”

            I think so too, but we are not a white nation. Nonwhites are surpassing us in numbers and power, and if they continue to reproduce at these rates, we are gone. They don’t have to have any financial stability to have kids. We house, feed, educate, and give healthcare to every nonwhite born, no matter what’s wrong with them.
            It’s too bad most whites don’t care.

          • True.

            We’re not a White nation. We used to be one when abortion was illegal when most states were de facto ethnostates. We weren’t being overwhelmed by a tidal wave of feral blacks in the 1960s. The country became more White until the late 20th century.

            I have no idea why people are so focused on abortion when deracination, miscegenation, contraception, feminism and especially immigration are what is really driving demographic change. All of these things stem from the core of Roe which is the ideal of personal autonomy and the policy of deregulation of sexuality.

            You’re not going to have anything a resembling a White nation with deregulated sexuality and especially with deracination. How you can preserve anything when 1.) autonomous individuals have no loyalty to the group and 2.) there are no boundaries over reproduction and 3.) people don’t even value their own offspring?

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