• Yup. Antichrist is the one term you forgot.

      (((THEY))) always vote for Satan. He’s their Sky daddy, after all, in contrast to the REAL Israel of God.

  1. LOL.

    That looked like a big cup of rum and coke.

    Who is this guy again?

    Seen him on Tucker but nothing ideological pops up……

  2. I can’t watch these wogs trying to lecture me about anything. This ‘Breaking Points’ guy needs to go back to his Third World shithole.

    Abortion is the sacrament of The Usual Suspects, Dave Portnoy is just keeping faith with his own here. He has zero respect for White women, that is obvious. He treats them like whores when he gets the chance so he needs abortion to avoid paying child support for years. He is a scumbag.

  3. The sheenies had better be careful, because not all of us gentiles are docile, cud-chewing cattle.

  4. When I refer to Jews as the proud murderers of Christ I get confused looks from the cud chewers mostly ..
    Such a lost and proud to be ignorant society we live in..
    It’d be sad if it wasn’t so sickening

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