New York Times: Battle Over Abortion Threatens To Deepen America’s Divide

Yes, I know.

That’s one reason why I am so strongly for it.

In the long view of American history, the demise of Roe and returning the abortion issue to the states is a key milestone in the erosion of progressive liberal hegemony.

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — For years, the United States has been drifting further apart, less a single country than an uncomfortable marriage of vastly disparate cultural and political entities, a Red America and a Blue America with starkly different realities on masks and vaccines, gun rights and voting rights, Donald J. Trump and the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

Now the chasm may open even wider. If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, as it appears poised to do, all 50 states will suddenly be free to set their own rules, leading to one America where access to an abortion is guaranteed and another where it is outlawed — and, in some cases, helping someone cross state lines to obtain one could become a crime.

Society has only been torn further apart in the last 18 years, both by cultural shifts as well as by the political and financial incentives for exploiting divisions, he said. “The reversal of Roe would accelerate these divisions and widen that chasm in ways that seemed unthinkable in 2004,” Mr. Axelrod said. …

In 1960, 4 percent of Democrats and Republicans said they would be unhappy if their children married someone from the other party. Today, according to the Public Religion Research Institute, that number has grown to 35 percent among Republicans and to 45 percent among Democrats. Over the course of just four years, the Institute for Family Studies found, marriages in America between Republicans and Democrats fell by half. As it was, in 2016 only 9 percent of marriages involved couples from opposite parties; by 2020, that figure had slid to just 4 percent. …”

Where to start?

I’ve written at length about political realignments, the history of liberalism and how modernism infected liberalism in the early 20th century. Liberalism evolved from being a creed that was suspicious of the state into one that was eager to expand state power and empower “experts” and technocrats. It also shifted from an ideology that was about securing a few basic rights and crusading for free-market economics into one which was primarily focused on cultural liberation and cultural egalitarianism. The individual had to be liberated from his or her backward culture and tradition and transformed into a modern, autonomous, progressive, secular, deracinated, sovereign consumer. All cultural distinctions had to be leveled too. This bohemian version of liberalism picked up steam through the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s and was swept into power by the Great Depression and World War II and was institutionalized there in the wake of that crisis. In the postwar era, liberals began to shift their focus from economics to social issues.

Democrats dominated the United States in the mid-20th century when New Deal liberalism was the governing ideology of the party. Conservatives were largely shut out of power.

More importantly, Democrats also dominated the Supreme Court during the long period of progressive liberal hegemony which lasted from FDR through the Reagan years. In between FDR’s four terms, Truman’s two terms, JFK, LBJ and Jimmy Carter, Democrats also were likely to control the presidency.

Unquestionably, progressive liberals were politically and ideologically dominant in this era of American history, but what was even worse is that they were culturally dominant too. This was the highwater mark of film and network television and national news magazines. Turnout in elections was low in this era because there was such a strong consensus between the two major parties. Politics had long since become professionalized and boring and the masses had been silenced and shoved off the national stage during the Great Hushing around the turn of the 20th century. On top of this edifice of consolidated power and a centralized and homogenized national culture beamed out to flyover country from liberal elites in New York City, Los Angeles and DC, a vast bureaucracy was created in Washington.

Now, this all stands out to me because it is such a remarkable contrast to what came before it, particularly the tone of 19th century America. Liberals can’t even imagine an America in which progressive liberalism has waned and lost its hegemony. In their worldview, history itself is on their side.

New York Times:

“Imagine that every state were free to choose whether to allow Black people and white people to marry. Some states would permit such marriages; others probably wouldn’t. The laws would be a mishmash, and interracial couples would suffer, legally consigned to second-class status depending on where they lived.

The problem with this reasoning is that, as in Loving, leaving the matter to individual states and the political process means that millions of Americans will be denied their fundamental rights — in this case, the right of women to decide what happens inside their own bodies. …

In short, constitutional rights are meaningless unless they apply across the entire country. That is why the Supreme Court decided Loving v. Virginia and Roe v. Wade as it did. These rights are inherent in the Constitution, even if they are not explicit in it. …”

Wow, just wow.

Imagine a federal republic.

Imagine a system of government in which the states and local communities largely decide matters like abortion, interracial marriage and gay marriage themselves

This is not how progressive liberals see the world. Freedom isn’t self government by sovereign communities which is the republican idea of freedom. Freedom is rule by the “experts” and technocrats. Freedom is things like judges and bureaucrats in Washington protecting the fundamental constitutional rights of people such as the right of “trans” children to have sex change operations discovered through peering into the Constitution from the decisions of mobs and populist demagogues in the states. Freedom is liberals getting between the people and self government, husbands and their wives, mothers and their children, the individual and God, man and nature (biology), ethnic groups, racial groups but particularly White people due to antiracism and cosmopolitanism and driving a thousand wedges in the social fabric with the overall goal being to weaken every joint and brick in the foundation of civilization. The various -isms and -phobias which liberals conjured into existence through the mass media are all designed to pathologize and weaken the “authoritarian personality” and replace traditional morality.

The upshot of this is that progressive liberals used all the power they had in that long stretch of American history in which they were the dominant faction to leave their stamp on the country. There were also a lot of changes that they pushed through the federal courts which they couldn’t deliver through Congress. Among the most important of these rulings, there was Brown v. Board of Education (1954), Loving v. Virginia (1967), Griswold v. Connecticut (1965) and Roe v. Wade (1973) which restricted the power of the states to legislate on segregation, interracial marriage, contraception and abortion. Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) which legalized gay marriage over the will of the entire South can be seen as last gasp of progressive liberals using the Supreme Court as their battering ram for social revolution. They ran out of political gas.

As I have repeatedly pointed out, this was a breathtaking cultural transformation. In the span of 25 to 30 years, we got desegregation, interracial marriage, the loosening of divorce laws, contraception, abortion, gay rights, widespread drug abuse, forced busing, affirmative action, feminism, the onset of deracination, Third World immigration, cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism and “identity politics.” I’m sure there are some that I am forgetting. These social movements were also absolutely and unquestionably related and based on an underlying cultural shift. It was progressive liberals in Congress and the federal courts and at the state level who flexed their political power pushed them through. These people pushed for gay marriage. As soon as that was done by the Supreme Court, they shifted immediately to “trans.”

The fall of Roe us like watching a gigantic rift crack through an Antarctic ice sheet. We’ve been living under the weight of the ice sheet for so long that we have come to take the pressure of the thing for granted. It weighs down our culture. Progressive liberalism isn’t what it used to be though. The New Deal coalition collapsed decades ago. Joe Biden’s poll numbers are in the toilet. The media landscape has changed. The “mainstream” has retreated back toward the coasts where “1/6” was a major historical event. Democrats are losing the federal courts and ceasing to be competitive in the Senate. The negative consequences of all those destabilizing social revolutions pushed through the federal courts in an age of Democratic dominance has created a tremendous wave of discontent.

Hopefully, things are beginning to thaw now that progressive liberals have shed so much of their political power and legitimacy. They hold sway over bankrupt institutions. This is only conceivable because their weight and pressure isn’t what it used to be. It is a happy thought on a nice spring day.


  1. Nope.

    The blue state Liberals against Red state Conservatives divide is a very false divide – the real divides are racial, class.

    The elites at the top in both parties pretty much all went to Harvard or Yale or both – the exceptions were Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump – Reagan went to Eureka college in Southern Illinois.

    It’s not some really weird conspiracy theory of trilateralists, secret societies – most people, most White people want to be rich and not have to work regular jobs so they do what George W Bush and Mitt Romney did – go to Harvard and Yale, go with the flow.

    Conservative Inc always tries to pretend they aren’t like those “Gosh darn crazy Liberals” – but they behave the same – George Bush Sr. backed Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump – hey they both went to Yale.

    Populist politics like opposing CRT Critical Race Theory, opposing the worst forms of mass immigration, anti White , anti Asian affirmative action, opposing the worst forms of mass immigration these are always winning issues for us from David Duke, to Reagan to Donald Trump. The enemy J and Anglo elites will always try to change the topic to something will divide us and cause us to lose like:

    economic conservatism, ending Social Security payments to old and poor people

    It’s obvious that the word came down from the New York Times, Grey Lady WaPost that Lib Democrats, BLM Democrats were facing a landslide loss in November’s Congressional election same as the UK Labor party got whiped out because of Brexit and mass migration, BLM riots. So the word came down that no one should talk about the bad economy, bad Jimmy Carter style mass inflation, border anarchy – exploding Black crime, BLM riots, idiot Lib Leftist, BLM celebrities, Will Smith that crazy Somalian Congresswoman from MN, or that crazy New York City crazy POC Congresswoman.

    NO the word came down that the topic of the day is:


    Backward, ignorant Bible thumpers in the South want to force college educated women to go back to back alley abortions and institute a Middle Ages Christian Protestant Theology that hates Blacks, Jews, Gays and yes….


    The anti White media will drag out some Catholic in name only Irish guys like Biden or the Liberation theology pro Gay, pro Muslim Pope Francis to do propaganda campaigns that the Religious Right is about to take over America and take away everyone’s rights – Latter Day Saints/Latter Day Sissies multi $ millionaires like Romney will do massive PR campaigns with the ADL decrying religious bigotry like was done to the early Mormons and of course always to Jews.

    This is the Hollywood, CBS, NY York Times, Jew York Times script.

    We don’t want to be living our lives reading from a bad anti White Je* script.

    This should be obvious but…

    It’s not called “The Stupid Party” for nothing.

    The Je*s don’t call us dumb goyim for nothing – most of our people really are dumb goyim, cattle.

    Instead our side should be playing to win:

    F*(#$&# foolish church denomination divisions – that’s so 1959.

    It’s the economy stupid
    It’s mass inflation stupid.
    It’s worst ever violent (Black) crime, car jackings, organized BLM riots, looting stupid
    It’s border anarchy BUILD THE GD Wall Stupid.

    This election this country isn’t about abortion – the GOP elites like the Bushes and Libby Doles are for abortion anyway.

    Play to win, or at least be competitive. Bad doesn’t mean good, worse isn’t better.

    This should be obvious.

    • The Chosen aren’t too bright either. How smart can you be when you need to live off societies you hate? Talk about an albatross around your neck.

      It should be obvious that the SC is following a script here to create artificial divisions so it can be used to cover another steal. Will it work? 70 years of staring at Lenin posters didn’t make people in St. Petersburg want to keep the name. They are running out of tricks in their bag.

    • “The Je*s don’t call us dumb goyim for nothing…”

      They are not bright bulbs either. HG Wells mocked them for it–“everywhere the reaction is the same and they express their astonishment.” They need a host, the host doesn’t need them.

    • “The Je*s don’t call us dumb goyim for nothing”

      HG Wells and HP Lovecraft mocked their own lack of intelligence. The latter called them “poor myopic.” They need societies to live off but cannot stop their leaders from messing it up. That is why they have to wander. Not that bright.

    • Jack,

      Your entire analysis reads like something out of 2015, before Trump, Covid lockdowns, the two elections that rival 1824, cancellations, deplatforming, and all other sorts of attempts to humiliate and subordinate those dreaded hicks in flyover country that watch Tucker Carlson.

      George H.W. Bush is dead. Mitch McConnell and the GOP geriatrics will be soon enough. Its not the same game anymore. You want to ignore the Red State vs. Blue state divide and pretend like the old consensus still stands, when in reality, it is collapsing.

      There is never going to be a scenario where the White Nationalist movement attracts significant numbers of College Educated White Professionals. Those “backwards, ignorant Bible thumpers in the South” are the base of political resistance against the anti-white agenda, whether you like it or not.

      Suffice to say, the Red State vs. Blue State divide has certain defacto elements of race and class, but its asinine to pretend like urban dwelling white professionals with college degrees will somehow turn against BLM or the transgender agenda. They *support* all those things, whereas they hate Jared Taylor and anything that smells of “White Supremacy.”

      It doesn’t negatively effect the Pro-White Movement to take away the ability for College Educated White Women to get an abortion. The Karen demographic is now homogeneously Democrat. And no, the “incels” didn’t drive them there. They are attracted to the Democrat Party agenda as pushed by the likes of AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Joe Biden. They support BLM, mass immigration, bringing in refugees, vax mandates, puberty blockers…the whole deal.

      Its fantasy to think that Karens will ever be Pro-White, or that any class of educated Whites will be Pro-White. Educated Whites naturally align with Democrats and the anti-white agenda. We’ll take our college graduates such as Hunter Wallace of Auburn University when we get them, but its useless to recruit them or freak out over alienating them. By virtue of being Pro-White, we alienate educated Whites. Thats the way it is, and the way its been for a long time now.

      Blue America must be crushed and humiliated before they crush and humiliate us. Which they are so very clearly trying to do.

      White Unity is an undesirable pipe dream.

  2. This Roe v. Wade overturn thing is a storm in a teacup, but a tidy distraction from thinking about capitalism’s Third World War.

  3. Battle Over Abortion Threatens To Deepen America’s Divide, and the solution is to have a new cold war against Russia and China.
    A new cold war is the solution to so many of the problems in the USA, like how it will bring industry home to America.
    The Globo in Globohomo is dead though.

  4. My compliments too the host of this site, you really shine a light on these scurrying rats……..

  5. Oh, if only everything was determined at the state level so people would vote with their feet and all the left-wing people would move to be around the people who are like them and the right-wing people would do the same and then have the federal government and courts shrivel up and all but disappear. The tyrant Lincoln was assassinated — God gave him no protection, remember. Death to all tyrants! Death to this warmongering Yankee Empire! Death by nukes! drought! famine! disease! their survivors taken captive and made slaves to serve those who despise them!

    The South was Right! SLAVERY is sanctioned/regulated in the Bible! SECESSION is allowed in the Bible — God allowed ancient Israel to divide into two kingdoms — the House of Israel and the House of Judah!

    States’ Rights!

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  6. The problem is that all of this national liberal authoritarianism began with the Civil War. The country was founded as “these United States,” a compact of sovereign states that created a Federal government of limited and enumerated powers. By 1861 that same limited Federal government became a monster that ate the very states that created it.

    After the Civil War, the country became “the United States,” a singular unit in which the states were relegated to second-class administrative status if the Federal government felt like allowing them to have it. And if the states objected, they could be reminded that the Federals had army that had been willing to burn Atlanta and Savannah.

    The South of course resented that, so FDR and his ilk came up with a “gentler” solution: print money and bribe the states into compliance with the fake printed money, and pack the Supreme Court to declare that whatever the Federals wanted was always “constitutional.”

    That’s how we got to this point. Today the administrative technocrats are basically imperial Mandarins and they know it. The Constitution is meaningless and they know it. Any fool who thinks he is “free” and that the Constitution grants him “rights” is liable to end up like Randy Weaver’s — the Federals shot his wife’s head off because Randy was accused of having a shotgun that was 17 3/4 inches instead of 18 inches. And after the Federals shot her head off, Randy was acquitted.

    So, yeah, the Constitution does not require states to allow abortion. That is the black-letter law for sure. The Mandarins DGAF. The murderous baby-hacking cunts are going to hack their babies come hell or high water, no matter what any law says or any court says.

    • Good historical observation. 1865 marked the birth of the empire, though the strangulation death of the former republic was delayed by the election and subsequent compromise of 1876, after which the whites in the south regained control of their own states. The republic’s murder was carried out in 1913-20 with the passage the “Federal Reserve” act (1913), and ratification of constitutional amendments XVI (income tax, 1913), XVII (popular election of senators, 1913), XIX (women’s suffrage, 1920). After these, the die was cast. It’s been a long slide down the banana for the Empire of Lies and its inhabitants ever since.

  7. The pro-life arguments on this site are intellectual hostage taking. Wallace can’t make the argument that America would benefit from a baby boom among sluts and Democrats, so he takes hostage the things we actually want and tells us we CAN’T have them unless we ban abortion. I’m sure once Roe is repealed and we still don’t have them, we’ll get told it’s because abortion is still legal in California. And then if we ban it nationwide we’ll have to wage a new cold war against China, because abortion being legal in China is the reason your niece is a slut!

    • I don’t recall making that argument.

      I certainly don’t buy into the notion though that all of this is hereditary. The 60,000 new genders, for example, were invented on Tumblr and internet forums in the 2000s and 2010s. The problem is elite trend setters and social contagion.

      • Do you believe if you had been reared in a more libtarded environment you could have become a gender warrior? I don’t believe I could have under any circumstances. When my teachers tried to teach any nonsense, I told them to eat shit. If I were in school today, I would most likely spend almost all of my time in suspension and none in class (aside from the five minutes it would take to berate the teacher, enjoy watching her/him/it break down in tears, and then get suspended again).

        Obviously, specifics of ideology such as belief in infinite genders are not heritable, but specific personality/behavioral/cognitive traits that lead one to accept these ideologies, or even to be open to accepting these ideologies, are heritable. If one has traits that would cause him to be open to accepting gender ideology, then he is just as worthless as if he had inherited the specifics of the ideology directly IMO.

        The future White race needs to be better. We need people with critical thinking abilities, not slave-caste trash that can be brainwashed into believing anything if it’s presented to them by washed up college party sluts who happen to have government teaching certifications.

      • The problem is elite trend setters and social contagion backed by the force of the Federal army, the U.S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve, and by armed, white, ruthless, highly-paid mercenaries for GloboHomo/ZOG/Leviathan in the FBI, the DHS, the DOJ, the U.S. Marshals, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

    • You still don’t get it. Repealing Roe will not ban abortion. It will allow the practice to be banned or regulated by the individual states, that’s all. Abortion will cease to be a “constitutional right”, since it never was a constitutional right, except in the utterly lawless minds of blackrobed Kritarchs who think of themselves as philospher-kangz. Marcus Aurelius (a real philosopher-king) most be laughing uproariously in the afterlife at these hapless clowns appointed as embarrassments for life.

  8. Interracial couples consigned to second class status?- What alternative universe does this nincompoop live in?. If you want to be a member of the PMC elite class in today’s America ,being in a black/white marriage is the gateway to membership in the exclusive country club of power and prestige- if you are a white gentile unfortunately saddled with a partner of the same race, you can only claim higher status by claiming to be transgendered like Admiral Rachel Levine. – if you’re a white gentile with a white gentile marital partner , you’re an “untouchable ” in the caste system of present day America.

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