1. Compare the ‘big tumble’ to the level at the beginning of the ‘pandemic’ in early 2020 — this decline is nothing compared to the Fed-fueled gains since then, all during a time when the economy was supposedly collapsing due to COVID.

  2. “Is the Fed going to the save the day again?”

    I doubt it.
    If they do, it will mean surging inflation.

    Otherwise, there will be inflation.

      • No, production , goods in absolute terms, in tons.

        Productivity is a joke, subject to too much mathematical manipulation.
        They will mix in things like CPI ( which is a gross lie ) and ‘hedonic’ adjustments, along with ‘seasonal’ variables.

  3. Black Rock has ridiculous assets now. They can do whatever with the market. Black Rock pisses and the serfs think it’s rain.

  4. The Fed can’t fix it. Those bastards made this bubble in the first place.

  5. CNN
    Sri lanka, The nation of 22 million is grappling with a devastating economic crisis, with prices of everyday goods soaring.(mass rioting and burning politicians homes, with firebomb attacks on government buildings)

    America’s inflation is overflowing to the rest of the world, which will cause massive turmoil. India will be next.

  6. Stocks aren’t the feds biggest worry.
    House prices are their greatest concern. If America’s see their homes drop in value they’ll curtail spending , which will send the entire economy into a downward spiral, pullng stocks into the vortex.

    This will affect housing in all Anglophone nations, oz, nz, uk, the red hot market in canuckistan.

  7. “Stocks aren’t the feds biggest worry. House prices are their greatest concern”:

    The elites want to buy ordinary people’s houses on the cheap and make them pay rent. It is the logic not the worry of the system.

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