Occidental Dissent Endorses Rand Paul

Rand Paul doesn’t need our endorsement.

As with J.D. Vance and Mo Brooks though, we are endorsing Rand Paul for a simple reason: the Republican Senate desperately needs more voices who are nationalists or libertarians who support foreign policy restraint. We need fewer people like Lindsey Graham in the Senate and the choice is either whining about the situation on this blog or backing the least hawkish candidates in the midterms.

Besides, there are other reasons why we like Rand Paul. He is one of the strongest voices in the Senate on defending the Constitution and civil liberties. He has repeatedly voted against increases in the Pentagon budget. Rand Paul deserves to be reelected for grilling Fauci alone during the pandemic. Obviously, we don’t agree with Rand Paul on everything, but he is one of the better Republican senators.

Once again, the situation in the Senate is dire. There has been so much focus on the presidency. Clearly, there hasn’t been enough focus on the Senate where people like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Amy Klobuchar and Chris Murphy trot around the world and incite wars or threaten the president with impeachment unless they get their way on disastrous adventures like Syria and Ukraine.

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  1. Rand Paul, Thomas Massie – NOT JD Vance, who is a ringer, a wholly owned asset of the Paypal Mafia.

    I call them the New Appalachian Realist School of Foreign Policy. They aren’t “isolationists” they just don’t want the US going around constantly being involved in war.

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has no moral justification, but from a realist standpoint, it was inevitable because NATO all but forced them into it.

    Plus, Thomas Massie got called an “anti-semitic Jew hater” for not voting to give the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine more of our tax money. So if the Jews are attacking Thomas Massie, he must be doing something right.

    Appalachians will save America – as we are the only real Americans and there is no one to do it but us.

    We’ll allow low-land swamp dwellers like HW into the club on a provisional basis.

    • I live near a large Hebrew cemetery, even though there are very few living Hebrews in this area.

      • “I live near a large Hebrew cemetery”

        Watch out, when olam ha’ba occurs they will rise from their graves and come for you, goy.

    • “Appalachians will save America – as we are the only real Americans”

      You’ll be swamped by Mexicans.
      That’s the battle plan.

  2. Ayn Rand Paul is a Zionist. Just one of many examples: he co-sponsors a bill to condemn Palestinian resistance to genocide by the U.S.-supported invaders! https://www.paul.senate.gov/news/dr-rand-paul-joins-resolution-support-israel-condemn-hamas-terrorists?msclkid=6508d5a7d12911ec9d3aa929e09ba576

    Worst of all, Ayn Rand Paul is an extreme capitalist. He is the inveterate enemy of all socialism, in China, Cuba, Korea and all other socialist countries. He doesn’t generally favor hot war against socialism, because he thinks socialism can be defeated more easily “by trade.” He says, for example, “trade with China is the best way to overcome and defeat communism”

    He believes, delusionally, that a cold, psychological war against socialism by the use of “trade is better than (hot) war, because capitalism wins every time a people get a chance to see its products.” Maybe he is referring to the irresistable power of American advertising and Hollywood culture?

    Ayn Rand Paul says “I grew up in a family that despised not only communism, but collectivism, socialism and any ‘ism’ that deprived the individual” and that “I ran for office to fight for the individual and against statism.”

    He was brought up Ayn Randian. He said: “My family’s opposition to communism was so fierce that when Nixon said the U.S. would trade with Red China our response was heated and passionately opposed.”

    Ayn Rand Paul is also a very poor medical doctor, because he opposes a real, socialist, public health system because it would hinder the individual “right” to spread eradicable disease and the “right” of “health care” enterprise to make money on it.

    What’s to like about A.R. Paul? Nothing at all. Nothng is worse than “Liber”tarianism, that takes away the liberty of the vast majority, enslaves and destroys them by untrammelled usury. He is anti-democratic, in spite of his lip service to democracy. He is firmly set in his ways and will not change his spots, just as Elon Musk (the so-called “new champion of free speech”) will not change his spots.

    • Ayn Rand Paul says “I read all of Ayn Rand’s novels when I was 17,” and “I grew up in a family that despised not only communism, but collectivism, socialism and any ism that deprived the individual,” and “my family’s opposition to communism was so fierce….”

      Right-populism or any populism is mere reformism, NOT revolutionary. Populists, including A.R. Paul, work to conserve/preserve the system. It is obvious why they are allowed to run and are (s)elected to “represent” you.

    • If they are on board with zio-nism, they aren’t going to represent us or be on our side, because they can’t.

  3. Manchin, Brooks, Vance and Paul aren’t bad but of course they aren’t going to stop the Republic from turning into an Empire. If that Empire was ruled by Emperors like Augustus, Vespasian, Trajan or Marcus Aurelius I wouldn’t complain. But its leaders are weak, corrupt puppets of a shadowy global cabal comprised of hostile alien elites accountable to no one.

    • Usury Bankers chose Emperors. Kings, on the other hand, take power only after they are recognized firstborn of the nation (classically deifned, not the “Ben Shapiro” “propositional” civ-nat nation destroying definition. Jews after David hate Kings, they only believe in bankers and emperors chosen by bankers.

      An ethno’s King, not a usurping “King of king’s, Lord of lord’s” so called “man-god” Emperor!!

    • Manchin, Brooks, Vance and Paul aren’t bad but of course they aren’t going to stop the Republic from turning into an Empire.

      You’re too late, Mr. Van Winkle. The empire is all there is now. It’s not a republic and hasn’t been in a long time. It’s a fake and gay tranny empire dressed up as a ‘democracy’.

  4. While I cannot understand how a man can be ambushed and beaten up on his own lawn, this senator from my home state has my tacit approval.

    I’ll be voting for him.

  5. Not all of the Occidental Dissent Community endorses KY Senator, Libertarian cult member Rand Paul or Ron Paul.

    Jaye Ryan has consistently exposed the insane, open borders immigration, anything goes Capitalism, screw White Southern, Midwestern workers and suck up to the likes of Tyson Foods flooding Middle TN with lowest wage, COVID, Ebola infected Black African Bantu Somalian food workers.

    I – Jaye Ryan was the man who convinced American Renaissance to restart Instauration Magazine’s annual year end White Traitor of the year award and make Rand Paul the first winner/loser:

    Here’s the great Amren article Rand Paul – traitor of the year:


    And Rand Paul hasn’t stop the personal butt showing to keep up his treason to our people.

    Rand Paul joined THE worst Antifa, ADL, SPLC, BLM cult marxist to endorse, understand the horrible BLM riots, mass looting in the 2020 Presidential election year. Rand Paul sponsored a “Justice For Breonna Taylor” act which championed the cause of a hard core drug trafficker slut who had a dead body found in a rent a car in her name, she was killed when police tried to execute a search warrant and her Drug Trafficking Back boy fire started a gun fight – somehow this is all understandable as Rand Paul, Ron Pau and all true believer Libertarian lunatics want to legalize all hard drugs like meth and heroin.

    Other insane racial treason to our people was when a violent Antifa, BLM tried to personally beat Rand Paul and his beautiful White wife to death in a Washington DC Antifa, BLM riot. Police saved Rand Paul and his wife from probably being raped and murdered.

    Instead of fighting back like a Old Hickory stick Andy Jackson would have done or watched video tape to identify and then arrest, prosecute some of the Antifa BLM mob attackers, instead of putting out rewards for their capture and convictions – Rand Paul tried to appeal to the ANtifa BLM mobs that he was really on their side and this was a misunderstanding because – yes he had sponsored the “Justice for Breonna Taylor anti racism, police misconduct act”.

    This was one of the worst cases of cowardice and pandering I’ve ever seen since Rand Paul’s idiot father Ron Paul took the 10th anniversary of the 9/11/01 slaughter of our people by Islamic terrorists in our country to explain that we deserved these Al Qaeda Islamic attacks, mass murder for our sins of putting US Military forces too close to Islamic holy sights in Saudi Arabia and of course for our unfairness to the Palestinians.

    GOP White crowd at the GOP Presidential Debate wanted to beat Rand Paul to a bloody pulp and boy do I wish they did, I wish I was there.

    What a terrible traitor.

    Here’s Rand Paul – terrible race traitor pandering to the BLM Antifa mob that had just tried to beat him and his lovely White wife to near death. Pathetic.


    Yes, Rand Paul has sensible views opposing endless Neo Conservative wars, Zionist interventions, the Military industrial Complex.

    He still wants to privatize our free Interhighways road system give them over to J oligarchs like drunk Boris Yeltsin gave Soviet Public enterprises over to Jewish Oligarchs like that Yukos Oil oligarch that Putin put in to a cage.

    Anybody here want Mark Zuckerberg, CNN’s Jeff Zucker to post private guards on their private roads to deplatform us like they do to us on twitter, facebook, google?

    • @Jaye Ryan,

      I agree. I argued with you a few years back over Ron Paul. Brad may have joined in and called me a lolbertarian. I was somewhat new to this board at the time, so I decided not to argue and rather figure out how you arrived at such a scathing point of view. I used the search feature for both Ron and Rand Paul right here on the OD site. I read every article I could plus the comments. The Pauls did a great job of waking people up to a lot of issues, but when it came time to fight, the Pauls turned tail and cucked. Brad wrote a lot of great articles highlighting Ron Paul espousing esoteric principles when he could have nailed down basic points. And Rand sold out and became a traitor when it suited him. The covid bullshit is right down the Paul alley, so Rand really isn’t sticking his neck out. I guess you can endorse Rand based on this, but it puts OD on the side of choosing the lesser of two evils, hardly revolutionary or secessionist.

      Here are a few older OD articles on Rand:


      • I endorsed Rand Paul because Lindsey Graham & Co. are pushing us into World War III with Russia. It is really that simple. There is going to be a vote on the $40 billion for Ukraine in the Senate tomorrow.

        I disagree with Rand Paul on all kinds of things, but those things are less important right now than pushing back as hard as possible against the neocons. Rand Paul’s silly ideas on criminal justice reform are bad, but not nearly as bad as the real possibility of where Graham & Co. could take us

        I would love to hear what those who disagree intend to do about the problem of all the warmongers in the Republican Senate who are playing with fire. Explain how we deal with that problem by focusing on Rand Paul

        • I agree that it’s the choice of lesser evils. Maybe I should support your view until I or someone writes the best third party platform in the history of mankind.

          I supported accelerationism so I feel a duty to endure it. It has been tortuous and I have had some problems that made me regret it, but no pain, no gain as they say. The pain has pushed me into some major points of emphasis to my political platform. I really do want to fight for major changes.

        • I think you should accurately redefine who you are to avoid these squabbles. You are a civic nationalist republican think tank. Actions speak louder than words. You label yourself a secessionist, which is just a silly adjective. An endorsement is a call to take action and vote. Your logic is fine and dandy as a civic nationalist republican. You should just label yourself as such.

          The National Justice Party(and I am not endorsing them) wants to see the republican party destroyed. I do also. But I want to form a broad base, left leaning, civnat party that accepts white working class advocacy on the morally righteous basis it deserves from what you call the PMC.

          • Ayn Rand Paul is no good. Follow the example of the French Yellow Vests who refused to support any “lesser evil” among the approved candidates in the so-called election (selection), and a large percentage of French voters, including Yellow Vests, either abstained from voting at all or demonstrated their disgust by deliberately spoiling their ballots.

  6. Amren on traitor Rand Paul:

    “No matter how many outreach centers he opens, how many aides he fires, how many embarrassing, groveling speeches he makes, Rand Paul will always need race-conscious whites.

    But that doesn’t mean we need him.”

  7. Rand Paul voted for the Lend Lease 2. He is far from “nationalist” or “restrained.” Mo Brooks voted for it, too, btw. Only a handful of Republicans in the house voted against it (Gaetz, MTG, Gosar).

  8. When politicians start looking out for Whites and our concerns I will start voting again, not until than. What many are saying out Paul in the comments are true, he would sell us out in a heartbeat.

  9. Rand Paul is not without problems, but he is probably the best Senator we have. It was sweet how he dogged Fauci. For that alone, he earned this endorsement.

  10. Why does anyone think that voting matters and is honest? One country approves and vets our candidates. No other country has that power, so it should prove how we are controlled by another.

    Until people see how corrupt the system is, and that no politician swimming in the swamp can represent us, nothing will change.

    Vet: verb (used with object), vet·ted, vet·ting. to appraise, verify, or check for accuracy, authenticity, suitability, etc.: An expert vetted the manuscript before publication.

  11. I’ve dealt with this Libertarian cult my whole life and make no mistake it is a cult a very, very Je*ish cult designed to hide, protect Je*ish wealth, power and intrigue. All of the major Libertarian gurus were Je*ish Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand, Murray Rothboard – lots of the worst, most hateful Leftist, cult marxists like Tamar Jacoby have some type of BS St. Paul/Pharisee Saul of Tarsus Epiphany were they supposedly “see the light” on the road to Damascus (Syria) and convert to Je*ish Libertarianism, free market BS where they continue to push the same anti White great replacement only from some more “Conservative” disguise.

    There are many reasons this J Libertarian cult hangs on. One is that it’s probably the only even someone “Conservative” intellectual way of thinking that’s still allowed at elite colleges and universities like U Chicago, Harvard and Yale where all our political and judicial leaders have to go. But this Libertarianism, free market always has to be presented as trying to help POC, minorities – things like giving vouchers so POC, Black underclass hood rats can go to White private schools and terrorize our children same as they do to all public schools.

    Like all effective cults, Libertarians have top guy cult leaders like Ron and Rand Paul and lots of lower level cult members that have to support, be slaves to the cult leaders. These cult members like Jamie K and fanatical cult followers and will brutally turn on anyone who tries to leave the cult same as Scientology cult members. Doesn’t matter when all facts show that some Libertarian loon like Rand Paul has become the worst White traitor in America as Rand Paul was when he was awarded Amren traitor of the year.

    But it’s not hopeless with Libertarian leaders same as it’s not hopeless with Military Industrialist leaders like Dick Cheney, or Christian Zionists like Mike Pence.

    These people all like to be in highly paid, great jobs where they have lots of servants, beautiful young people of favored sexual orientations to fawn over them.

    The key to Libertarians and other traitors is to make it really clear that they can lose all those great perks like Jack Kemp did, like John McInsane almost did when we primaries him over his open borders treason. John McCain did break away from Ted Kennedy a bit and shouted in anger:

    “OK, I’ll build that GD Wall”. Watch John McCaine’s primary TV ad where he claimed he was back on our side.

    Also, force works against all White traitors including Libertarian BLM traitors like Rand Paul. When that neighbor of Rand Paul broke his ribs, Rand Pauls stopped mouthing off about open borders mass immigration a lot.

    Look how Rand Paul took the knee to BLM/Antifa street rioters – he took the knee to BLM drug terrorist Breonna Taylor “Justice for Breona Taylor”. We simply must find ways to start using force to punish traitors, fence sitters like Rand Paul and Mittens Romney. Guns are rarely if ever practical – get to know some Iron fitter union workers, have them carry pipes.

  12. And OD readers, there is a reason that “Libertarianism” sounds so much like “Liberalism”.

    Some observers made the comment that:

    “A liberal is someone who won’t take his own people’s side”.

    Also “A Liberal is someone who allows Black criminals to get away with the worst crimes including especially rape of our women, girls” that’s also the definition of a “Cuckservative” – some nominally Conservative, pro American military GOP guy like Mitt Romney and his Cuck father George Romney – who makes excuses for Black criminals burning down Detroit MI In 1967, or the BLM riots mass looting in Minneapolis or my Chicago but especially a Cuckservative is some Conservative who would sit by and allow Black gang members to rape his wife or daughters – that’s a cuck.

    Here is a White man Teddy Atlas that stood up to a vicious, evil Black young man Mike Tyson who had threatened to rape Teddy Atlas’ 11 year daughter. Teddy Atlas took action, put a gun to Mike Tyson’s head, shot a round by his ear and told him flat out:

    “If you ever sexually harass my 11 year old sister, threaten to rape her I’ll kill you”.

    Here’s Teddy Atlas’ account – and he is a real White man:


    Rand Paul and Ron Paul in so, so many instances they are just not stand up men – not only will they not stand up to would be Black rapists like Mike Tyson, they can’t even stand up to be calling a simple name “You’re RACIST”. Remember when Ron Paul was running for President of the United States and the homosexual, Lib Democrat Je*ish Zionist publisher of the New Republic Marty Peretz said “you’re RACIST”. Your newsletter once criticized massive USA $ aid to Israel and said negative things about Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks”.

    Ron Paul folded like tin foil car in a highway accident and Ron Paul did a St. Peter and denied he ever wrote such hateful Racist things in his newsletter, he denied he even read these hateful racist things in his own newsletter.

    What a pathetic, poor excuse for a White man!

    We need leaders like Teddy Atlas not cuck Liberals, Libertarians, Cuckservatives like Rand Paul and Mitt Romney.

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