Joe Biden: Inflation Is My Top Domestic Priority

Americans don’t agree on much.

Inflation and gas prices are an exception though.

  • Highest gas prices
  • Highest inflation
  • Highest level of violent crime
  • Highest level of illegal immigration
  • Most dangerous foreign policy crisis since the Cuban Missile Crisis

The Biden presidency is a buffet of disasters. COVID also never went away so much as it mutated and waned.


  1. Previously I’ve posted, none of the ((media)) investigates the phoney inflation stats from zog. That alone shows zog and media collusion.

    Now, it is worse.
    NYT is running articles about how your ‘personal’ inflation may not be the same as zog stats. It’s ‘you’ who is the problem, not the zog stats.

    Talk about being gaslit.

  2. Fighting foreign wars is more important than domestic issue such as high gas and food prices. He will ramble on incoherently about nothing.

    • Re: “Fighting foreign wars is more important than domestic issue”:

      Yes, imperialism (endless imperialist war) is always the top priority of capitalism. Capitalism couldn’t care less about people suffering the ravages of inflation and all the other crimes it commits domestically and globally.

      Here is my Che Guevara quote of the day: “It is the nature of imperialism that makes men into beasts, that turns them bloodthirsty animals, that are willing to slit throats, to kill, to destroy the last image of the revolutionary, of the supporter of a government that has fallen under his boot or that fights for his freedom.”

    • It’s obvious the bankers will profit from this war. Especially with the 40 billion Biden is sending over there.

  3. I don’t exactly feel comforted by Shitpants Joe’s assurances that he’s going to do something about the inflation crisis. He’s not even speaking from the Oval Office or anywhere else inside the Dark House, they’ve got him locked up inside of some rest home in Delaware.

  4. We ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. The country will be a shambles by election day, worse than now. The tidal wave of problems is going to swamp the incumbent Democrats. They won’t be able to cheat their way out of this either, things will be so bad for them. Of course, they will give it that old college try by bringing back the ghost of Covid requiring mail in voting again.

    Right now financial markets are shaky, there have been big declines and the stock market must always go up to avoid a financial crisis. No doubt the Fed and Treasury are using Blackrock, JPM, Goldman and the rest of Wall Street to try to elevate markets but they have gone to the well too many times now, all things must end.

    Every time there is a major stock market decline it precipitates a major financial crisis. In 2008 the NYSE collapse revealed the Madoff scandal, GNMA, FNMA, Countrywide Financial and other companies were bankrupt. The country came very close to financial collapse until the U.S. Treasury guaranteed all bank debts would be paid including to Iranian banks on the terror watch list! Regular people who lost their 401Ks were SOL of course, bailouts are for the big guys only.

    Another stock market collapse will result in another financial market collapse freezing bank accounts, credit cards, money market funds, 401Ks etc. The country missed this by a fraction of an inch in 2008 at the cost of flooding the world with new USD backed by nothing. The Government is a one trick pony and will flood the world with more dollars to re-capitalize financial institutions after the next crisis resulting in even more inflation. If the Government doesn’t recapitalize bankrupt financial institutions, money market funds, banks, ETFs, mutual funds etc. will go bankrupt wiping out the wealth of millions of people.

    That is the box these scumbags have put themselves in in Washington. When the market crashes next time the choice will be to flood the world with new dollars driving inflation much higher or let the system implode impoverishing the vast majority of people then starting over with a new financial system. The politicians will always choose inflation, they will blame it on Trump and Putin too.

    • People always say they “lost money” in the stock market and mutual funds, but we all know how they move digital amounts around. It’s stolen.
      Stock up on canned food when it’s on sale.

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