Axios: House Passes $40 Billion Aid Bill For Ukraine

Well, that happened.

Supposedly, the two parties are bitterly divided, but not when it comes to the American Empire. When it comes to defending and expanding the American Empire, the two parties agree that we can’t spend enough money or do it fast enough with less debate.


“The House passed a nearly $40 billion military and humanitarian aid package for Ukraine late Tuesday.

The big picture: The vote passed 368-57, hours after Congressional leaders struck a deal on the aid — which Axios’ Alayna Treene notes is billions more than the $33 billion the White House initially requested. All 57 votes opposed to the package were cast by Republicans. …”

Do you remember the first two years of the Trump presidency?

Do you remember all the Republican senators and congressmen who insisted that we couldn’t afford Trump’s border wall? We couldn’t afford it. We were in too much debt.

The border that really matters in Washington is the imperial border in Ukraine where we are willing to toss another $40 billion in the flames to secure Donbas and Crimea and gamble that we can avoid getting sucked into a hot war with Russia while using Ukraine as our pawn. The actual borders of the “Homeland,” however, are just meaningless lines in the sand that are impediments to the free flow of labor and capital. It couldn’t be more obvious than under Joe Biden which border matters these days.

In between the two parties, the Democrats are more united on imperialism and Russia hysteria, which means foreign policy isn’t a reason to keep them in control of Congress. The Republicans are at least split on the issue. The only thing we can really do that will have an impact on the balance of power inside the GOP is to elect more people like Rand Paul to Congress and fewer people like Lindsey Graham.

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  1. Sending the Ukraine billions of dollars worth of weapons and ammunition is not “aid”. The intention is to prolong the violence and destruction for as long as possible. I have not heard of any attempts whatsoever on the part of the regime in Washington to find a diplomatic solution for ending the conflict. Neither the EU nor the UN seem interested in doing so either. And the Pope just waves his hands around, asking everyone to pray for peace. Useless slugs, the lot of them!

    • The shelling in Dumbass suggests Shlomo wants war with Russia. I think they want to ditch the $ and introduce a globocrypto$hekel but Russia needs to be brought to heel first.

    • >The intention is to prolong the violence and destruction for as long as possible.

      Apparently, yes — it is both callous and stupid — even evil, I would say.

      I saw a relevant piece today in German alternative media (the Bundestag recently voted to send heavy weapons to Ukraine, breaking a long-standing German taboo about that):

      “Unsere Freiheit”: Wer stirbt dafür? Und wie viele?

      A rough translation of the title: ‘Our Freedom’: Who’s dying for that? And how many?

      You could also substitute ‘Democracy’ (Demokratie) for ‘Freedom’, and it would be equivalent.

  2. Turns out the Israel firsters are Ukraine firsters too. The reason we have an open border is because that is exactly what they want, Dems and Reps alike. Traitors ought to be drawn and quartered.

    • When the Dissident Right went America First, which is code for throw every other white country on Earth to the wolves, I stopped caring about non-white immigration into America.

      I don’t see why you go on about borders anyway, when Southerners love non-white labor. Proof: They brought all the Africans to America, and soon, thanks to their support of anti-abortion law, the black population in America will multiply.

      So let white christian conservatives drown under the millions of blacks and mexicans that they are responsible for. They vote for this outcome every chance they get. I just want to ensure they are not allowed to leave the USA, after they have finished ruining it, so they can’t export their brand of conservatism to other white countries.

      Don’t build a wall to protect America from immigration. Build a wall to protect other countries from America. Brick it in, and cut the cables coming out of it, to stop the contagion from spreading.

      • LOL

        Congratulations, this is one of the most retarded comments ever posted on this website. The best thing we can do for other White countries is to stop forcing liberalism on them and meddling in their politics. After all, that is why every Western country has the same problems

        • The same Shlomo banking cartel controls all of us. Of course they brought the slaves here too. The poster is probably correct in that we whites really are all in this together. The “you voted for this goy” suggests insincere motives tho.

          • We support nationalists in other countries. That’s not the same thing as supporting NATO and the Globohomo liberal international order

      • >Build a wall to protect other countries from America.

        I think many would agree that ‘globohomo’ is toxic, and its effects have spread to other countries via the influence of American political and cultural hegemony (e.g. Hollywood).

      • White Liberals, especially the educated ones with college degrees, have built a consensus around the following issues:

        -Mass immigration of brown people
        -Open Borders
        -Abolishing ICE
        -Never building the wall
        -Crushing all states that take immigration matters into their own hands, like Arizona in 2010
        -Birth Control
        -Gay Marriage
        -Puberty Blockers for children
        -Teaching children about anal sex
        -Abolishing the death penalty
        -Reducing prison sentences for violent criminals
        -Giving criminals rights
        -Wars with nuclear states over gay anal rimjobs in Ukraine and Taiwan

        Need I go on??

        White Liberals are a cancer and a disease. The weakness of White Christian Conservatives is that they didn’t throw you all in concentration camps. They didn’t sufficiently oppose you.

        There is no place for Alt-MSNBC in the Pro-White Movement.

        • Yes, White liberals are not only a threat to us (normal White people), but they have become a threat to all people on earth.

          They are hell bent on world domination and will stop at nothing to achieve it, as their war against Russia shows. Nuclear war? Global depression? Mass famines? All 100% worth it for White liberal fanatics to achieve their envisioned utopia. They will need to be wiped out.

        • Absolutely correct. It’s easy to bitch about the blacks the the Jews. Certainly they deserve it. But collectively they comprise 15% of the U.S. population. If whites were united that 15% would never have any influence.

          Liberal whites have created a cult-like movement in every developed nation, from the U.S. to Canada to France to the UK to Belgium and Germany and on and on. They advocate for the same things everywhere: anal, abortion, immigration.

          Nobody is addressing this fundamental problem.

          • >Nobody is addressing this fundamental problem.

            That’s not really true — the problem as such was recognized years ago; here it is explicitly stated:

            linkOur task is to defeat hordes of white people. Our enemy is other white people: After they’re out of the way, we have no other obstacles.

            (Matthew Parrott used to have an interesting Twitter account — but he’s been banned so often that at the moment I’m not sure where to find him — I know he used to stream on DLive.)

            You can see the numerous Alt- and now Dissident Right social media accounts as an effort to win over some of these liberal Whites — and now the NJP — it is still difficult for a mainstream politician to be explicitly pro-white.

          • And to think I once believed that White Liberals could be placated if we compromised on social issues. That was never possible.

            These abortion protests with the HandMaid’s Tale costumes and the illegal picketing of SCOTUS homes, all while the United States and Europe ratchet up WW3 with Russia and give money and weapons to satanic anal neo nazis – Hitler would throw the entire Azov Battalion in the back of an oven – is about as close to “Mask Off” as it gets.

            The Brother War to end all Brother Wars must be the war to wipe out Keith Olbermann and Jared Holt types from existence. I will support whichever politician, political party, and policy advances this endgame. Don’t relieve their student loans. Make sure any tax increases includes their class. Take way their healthcare, force them to go back to work in the office, flood their job fields with street shitters, etc.

            I will gladly vooooot harder if it makes their lives miserable.

      • @Dr. WN: I don’t see why you go on about borders anyway, when Southerners love non-white labor. Proof: They brought all the Africans to America…

        You don’t know history. It was the Yankees (worse than any Jews) who shipped African slaves into this country for huge profit. You are a victim of Yankee Empire “fake news”, “fake history”.

        “…after this Union was formed, those States which now insist upon restricting slavery, now most vociferous for abolition, were the same that extended the period to which slaves were introduced into the United States…This property, after it had ceased to be connected with the slave trade, and no longer served to employ shipping and gratify the avarice of those who had sustained the policy of that trade, became the subject of popular declamation; and those who grew rich in the traffic have been ever since making public demonstration of their horror of the crime… But, whatever be the curse or the blessings of the African slave trade, it is a thing which was never introduced or engaged in by the South, and one for which Southern men never were, and their descendants are not responsible…”–Jefferson Davis.
        — Abbeville Institute: Article “Jefferson Davis on Slavery in the Territories”, 08-26-2021.

        • The English and jews brought the slaves here. I thought you loved slavery anyway? Why you trying to blame someone else for such a wonderful thing? You constantly defend it and want it…so take credit for it.

    • The last thing humanity needs is a second kike homeland. One giant leech(Israel) parasitizing humanity is enough.

  3. Bipartisan = both stupid AND evil. And the U.S. electorate, that supports the system and gives tacit consent to all it does by voting in the so-called elections (selections) and supporting some of its stupid and evil candidates, is also stupid and evil! The morally-corrupt population of the U.S. secretly loves imperialist war, because they know it “gets them things.” They know that some of the multi-trillion-dollar booty of the unipolar global empire’s endless imperialist wars and neocolonialism trickles down to them.

    The U.S. intends to destroy Russia. Russia’s only fault and Putin’s only fault are that they have been corrupted by capitalism. But they are less corrupted than the U.S. population. There is hope for Russia, but the U.S. is not even a people.

    • The could build their own airplanes in 1990, now they can’t. This is a BIG lesson on globalism and outsourcing. I have to admit I was a little nervous boarding a Tupolev the first time. The cockpit shell was clearly composite with lots of irregularities but I survived. Russia can do it again.

    • The USA will never destroy Russia. 100 years from now, Russia will still exist. It’s very doubtful that we can say the same about the USA.

  4. War is a Racket…

    Native Born White American Working Class is the cannon fodder

    The Homosexual Surgically Mutilated Pederast American Empire

    Straight from Hell

    Vladimir Putin


    Patriarch Kirill

    are standing up….to this FILTH!!!!!

  5. Zelensky in 2022:- ‘fight for your country, keep dose Wushans out!’
    Zelensky into the future:- ‘we must let in Africans, Pakistanis, Jews, etc and be all inclusive. He who opposes it is waysist and must be silenced’.

    Whites are never encouraged to deal with the unarmed invasions that really will destroy them.

  6. Maybe America can send it’s woke, rainbow army to deal with the Russians. As we watch, they can be putin their place by Vladimir.

  7. Apartheid Israel is failing. It will soon be gone. They are trying for a new Jewish State. Russia thwarted them in 2014. That is when the war began. They really want Crimea.

    And since they control Congress they get whatever they want, 40 billion or 4 trillion, they will get it. In the end it will be the 4 trillion. This is not a border skirmish. These Khazarian Jews are determined to have their ancient homeland back. And they have started World War 3 in ordrr to get it.

    • @Robert Rangewolf regarding The Crimea Project and “Khazarian Jews are determined to have their ancient homeland back”: “Jews have been living in the peninsula since ancient times, largely divided into two communities: the Krymchaks, who followed rabbinical Judaism, and the Karaites, who rejected the Oral Torah. Soon after Catherine the Great conquered the region from the Ottoman Empire in 1783, she opened it up to Jewish settlement, hoping that the Jews would serve as a bulwark against the Turks. Although Jews were later barred from living in the major cities, the peninsula promised open spaces and freedom to adventurous Jews seeking new frontiers and willing to take up a spade. Tens of thousands of mostly young Jews settled in this part of “New Russia” over the next century. The Crimea became so identified with Russia’s Jewish history, in fact, that Jewish activists in St. Petersburg pointed to the long legacy of Crimean Jews as an argument for Jewish emancipation in the empire—after all, they claimed, Jews had been living there longer than Russians. (The 19th-century Karaite historian Avraam Firkovich even tried to argue that Karaites were living in the Crimea before the time of Jesus Christ, and he fabricated tombstone inscriptions to prove it.) Jewish residents of the Crimea were also deeply engaged in the critical Jewish question of the time—Zionism—and by the late 19th century the area had become a training ground for future Zionist pioneers, who practiced agricultural techniques there before relocating to Palestine. Joseph Trumpeldor—who famously gave his life defending the northern Galilee settlement of Tel Hai with the motto “It is good to die for our country”—once trained potential migrants in the Crimea. (One Crimean settlement was named Tel Hai in his honor.) In the early 1920s, the new Soviet government once again turned its attention to the peninsula. Concerned that the Crimean Tatars, Ukrainians, and Germans who mostly populated the region were anti-Communist, officials in Moscow were eager to buy the loyalty of new recruits with land grants and promises of autonomy in the agriculturally rich peninsula. When the American agronomist and communal activist Joseph A. Rosen suggested providing financial support through the Joint Distribution Committee to resettle Jewish victims of the pogroms in the region, the Kremlin jumped at the opportunity. In 1923, the Politburo accepted a proposal for establishing a Jewish Autonomous Region in the Crimea, before reversing itself a few months later. Nevertheless, from 1924 until 1938, the Joint Distribution Committee, through its subsidiary American Jewish Joint Agricultural Corporation and with the financial support of American Jewish philanthropists like Julius Rosenwald, supported Jewish agricultural settlements in Soviet Crimea. Numerous Jewish collective farms and even whole Jewish districts sprouted over the next few years. The dream of building a Jewish republic in the Crimea remained alive until the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941. Most of the Jewish colonists in the Crimea fled east to seek safety far from the front (…) traveling in convoys eastward, just ahead of the German troops….”: (Note: Despite the artcle’s header, Stalin had nothing to do with it.)

    • That is entirely plausible, unfortunately. They will order that the empire fight down to the last white boy. Don’t be surprised if they re-institute the draft. Meat-puppets are running low in Country 404. Pure evil from the Synagogue of Satan, as usual.

  8. What are Khazarkrainian/Nudelmanista army officers doing in their meetings at headquarters? See:

    “The special forces of the DPR army tracked down the headquarters of one of the artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donetsk direction. After waiting for their commanders to gather at headquarters, an ATGM was struck. After the surviving Ukrainians running out of the headquarters turned out to be naked, it became clear what their gunners were doing at meetings. Now the world community will accuse our side of mass killing of LGBT people”:

    A similar discovery was made near Odessa. It is reported that sodomy is rampant among the very macho nationalists.

  9. “remember all the Republican senators and congressmen who insisted that we couldn’t afford Trump’s border wall?”

    That’s been their excuse, decade, after decade, after decade…………

  10. As a multi-generational Southerner on all sides of my family, I am saddened that so many Southerners support Empire wars.

  11. The U.S. spends untold billions (not just 40 billion) on Khazarkrainians to use them as proxies to attack Russia, but it gets tighter control of the Philippines (more than 110 million people who can be used as proxies against China) on the cheap. Bongbong Marcos was successfully (s)elected to consolidate the cruel fascist dictatorship begun by Rodrigo Duterte. His running mate is Duterte’s daughter. Modelled after the Hitler Youth just like the Banderite youth movement, Right Sector and Azov, the Marcos-Duterte Youth wear black uniforms, red armbands, gives the fascist salute, and is committed to the destruction of all communists wherever they appear.

    • I’m fine with whatever the Filipinos want to do in regards to their muslin insurgency, and anti-communist missions.

      Good on the government of the P..I. for modeling their vanguard on the greatest fascist regime in history.

  12. Funny how they have all this money for all these foreign countries but can’t find a few billion to secure our border because it’s too “expensive” but 40 billion to big Israel is not.

  13. Maybe Biden can raise a transgender brigade to go fight for his income stream. Hunter can lead them since he is a genius.

  14. Begin listening after 11 minutes, where Gonzalo Lira explains why the Russians may end up HELPING instead of fighting the Banderites:

  15. Lindsey Graham and the warmongering companies of death and destruction he represents must be celebrating…more lethal “toys” for Ukraine.

    Death to the West for civilization’s sake…

    No more Lindsey Grahams, homosexuals, trannies, other sexual deviants being thrust into positions of authority to undermine what’s left of the West’s civilization? Maybe Russia, China, etc can just nuke the West out of existence. The world would be a better place.

    The Queen’s Church Wants Trannies to Be Priests, Russian Church Suggests They Visit a Psychiatrist
    Leading Anglican bishops are inviting transgender applicants to the priesthood. Meanwhile, leading Russian Orthodox bishops call transgenderism a mental disorder. Queen Elizabeth, Supreme Governor of the Church of England, has not yet released a public statement.

    One man’s mental health diagnosis may be another man’s ticket to the priesthood, according to recent developments in one of the world’s largest Protestant denominations. The Anglican Communion has 85 million members worldwide, all of whom have ties with the Church of England.

    To support a new Diversity Drive, and to help fill vacant spots in English churches, leading Anglican bishops have invited transgender persons to serve as priests. The Daily Telegraph reports:

    The guidance, titled “welcoming and honouring LGBT+ people”, warns that the church’s reputation as being unwelcoming towards gay and transgender people is stopping young people attending.

    “We very much hope that they, like everyone else, feel encouraged to serve on PCCs, or as churchwardens and worship leaders, for instance, and are supported in exploring vocations to licensed lay and ordained ministries,” the guidance says.

    “Nobody should be told that their sexual or gender identity in itself makes them an unsuitable candidate for leadership in the Church.”…
    –Russian Insider: “The Queen’s Church Wants Trannies to Be Priests, Russian Church Suggests They Visit a Psychiatrist” (This article from our archives was first published on RI in May 2018), 2022-05-12.

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