Rolling Stone: The Buffalo Shooter Isn’t a ‘Lone Wolf’. He’s a Mainstream Republican

In a sense, I agree with Talia Lavin.

If you are worried about the Great Replacement, you can hear your concerns echoed on FOX News. There are U.S. Senate candidates who are running for office on opposing the Great Replacement. There are congressmen and state legislators who are championing the issue. The cause has hit a critical mass in the populist wing of the GOP and we are no longer frozen out of mainstream politics.

Rolling Stone:

“Such was the case on Saturday, when a teenaged white supremacist named Payton Gendron opened fire in a supermarket in a Black neighborhood in Buffalo, New York, killing 10 people, while livestreaming the carnage on the live-video site Twitch. Prior to the shooting, he had posted a 180-page manifesto in which he laid out his rationale clearly: He was an adherent of what is called Great Replacement Theory, the idea that white people, in the United States and white-majority countries around the world, are being systematically, deliberately outbred and “replaced” by immigrants and ethnic minorities, in a deliberate attempt to rid the world of whiteness. It’s a conspiracy theory that has inspired terror attacks in New Zealand and Pittsburgh, San Diego, and El Paso – an ideology that marries demographic panic with the idea of a cunning, nefarious plot. Reading through the document, what struck me hardest, however, was how very close the killer’s ideas were to the American mainstream – the white-hot core of American politics. …”

Once upon a time, the pro-life movement also had a problem with a violent fringe of vanguardists who bombed abortion clinics and who assassinated abortionists, but the cause went on to hit a critical mass and was simply absorbed into mainstream politics. Dr. David Gunn, for example, used to be based in my hometown before he was assassinated in Pensacola, FL in 1993. The vast majority of people who were involved in the pro-life movement are also non-violent, but some people who were passionate and shared the same grievance and had a greater sense of urgency about ending abortion turned to violence.

There was a timely AP poll about the Great Replacement which came out shortly before the mass shooting in Buffalo which showed that around 45% of Republican voters agree that it is happening.

Washington Post:

“Last December, the Associated Press and NORC conducted a large national poll examining conspiratorial ideas including this one. They found that nearly half of Republicans agree to at least some extent with the idea that there’s a deliberate intent to “replace” native-born Americans with immigrants.

About 3 in 10 Americans overall agreed with the idea that intentional replacement was occurring or that native-born Americans were losing influence. About 1 in 5 agreed that the election system discriminated against Whites. In each case, though, Republicans were more likely than Democrats to express agreement or concern. …”

We don’t need mass shooters like Payton Gendron or Alt-Right eceleb rodeo clowns like Baked Alaska anymore. Calm persuasion is working and millions of people are coming around. We are currently in a transition phase between being a fringe movement for decades and mainstream acceptance.

It goes without saying that mass shootings are immoral, antisocial and criminal and should be condemned on those grounds alone. We should also distance ourselves from these people though for political reasons. The pro-life movement also distanced itself from its violent fringe.

BTW, it is worth noting who supports nationalism and populism in the Republican Party. It is White people who live in rural areas and small towns. The polls show there is a great degree of overlap between people who are pro-life and anti-cultural degeneration and who oppose open borders and who are concerned about the Great Replacement and the spread of Wokeism.

Ronald Brownstein made this clear in a recent article in The Atlantic. These issues are all linked and that is true on both sides.

In each of those coalitions, attitudes about abortion are highly correlated with views about the other fundamental changes remaking 21st-century American life. “We think that abortion views are about life and when life begins and about the treatment of the unborn and all of that,” Undem told me. “What is less talked about is that beliefs about abortion are very linked to your beliefs about women and gender and power.”

In Undem’s polling, Americans who want to make abortion illegal in all or most cases consistently express much more skepticism than abortion-rights supporters about changing gender roles. She has found, for instance, that more than three-fourths of abortion-rights opponents say most women interpret “innocent remarks or acts as being sexist.” (Only about two-fifths of abortion-rights supporters agree.) Those who want to ban abortion are far less likely than those who support its legal status to believe that the United States would be “better off” if more women held political office; to express positive views toward the #MeToo movement; or to agree that “systems in society were set up to give men more opportunities than women.” Most anti-abortion women agree with those propositions as well.

This abortion-linked divide extends through other dimensions. In Undem’s polling, more than four-fifths of abortion-rights opponents believe discrimination against white Americans is now as big a problem as bias against minorities. Likewise, 2021 PRRI polling found that abortion-rights opponents are far more likely than supporters to say that the growing number of immigrants in this country threatens American society. And though nearly three-fifths of abortion-rights opponents agreed that “things have changed so much that I often feel like a stranger in my own country,” more than two-thirds of abortion-rights supporters disagreed. …”

I don’t have any problem being pro-life and pro-White.

I’m pro-White because I care about my community and posterity. I don’t think society is composed of sovereign autonomous individuals who have no obligations to each other. I value my ancestors. I think blood ties are meaningful. I derive my sense of identity, not from self-absorption, but on how I am related to other people. I want a society that is built on organic bonds, not on liberal abstractions.

The nation is an extension of the family. The mother-child bond which is at the heart of the family is the strongest of all organic bonds. Being pro-White means giving a damn about future generations in a liberal social order in which most people don’t because they only care about themselves. As a nationalist, the thought that a mother would butcher her own child and dispose of its body in a garbage bag and celebrate such a barbarous act as a “choice” is deeply repulsive to me. It reflects the sort of values and mindset that I am naturally opposed to on dozens of other issues. Blood either matters or it doesn’t.

If you think blood matters and life matters and that parents have a duty to care for their offspring, you have healthy instincts. You are already probably suspicious of liberalism. Nationalism also runs against the grain of liberalism because it is an extension of a worldview that centers the family, not the individual. Conservatives are correct to support the family. Nationalists only insist that families are related to each other through blood, cultural ties and a shared history and future.

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  1. Yes, I don’t believe these stories really hurt us anymore. Just another tragic news item that will soon be forgotten.

  2. This sort of response is what accelerationist shooters want. The rationale of these shooters is that their actions will provoke wide sweeping government overreach that targets normies. Overreach like labelling normal republicans or anyone who is opposed to open borders as terrorists.

  3. Strange,
    If a person kills blacks in NY, they are an evil, racist , terrorist
    If a person travels to the other side of the earth to kill Russians, they are fighting for democracy.
    The narrative seems very twisted.

    Who’s the greater threat, blacks who drive crime sky high or some Russian you’ll never meet ?

    • The Rolling Stone magazine of UVA rape infamy, the same magazine that lied (according to even the NYT, yes, that NYT!) and paid out $1.65 million in libel damages to a UVA fraternity? The NYT, chief house organ of the Deep State lied that the settlement was the end of the story although in the same NYT article the author wrote about further lawsuits against Rolling Stone magazine as of June, 2017.

      For the Lügenpresse lying is like breathing, it just comes naturally. Pay no attention to the bastards, they hate us anyway.

      • >The Rolling Stone magazine of UVA rape infamy, …

        Yes — bizarrely enough, the Jewish author of the story, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, hasn’t tweeted since after the story was published in but before it was discredited (2014), however her account is still there (link) — as you might expect, her last tweet has been heavily ratioed.

        People, namely other Whites, who are willing to abandon and condemn bereft Whites who abuse drugs and die of drug overdoses (link), may want to note this about Erdely (link):

        As of 2021, Erdely writes for the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia and co-hosts the Jewish Philly podcast.

        Jews generally take care of their own — for another somewhat more extreme example of this, look into the history of the ADL and Leo Frank.

  4. Gendron was an avid supporter of the Zelensky Judeo-Nazi regime in Ukraine, just like Rolling Stone. Over at Anonymous Conservative you can watch the video. It seems like the vast majority of his victims are female and at least 2 or 3 are white. One of the striking aspects of the video is how fast it all happened. In about one minute’s time 10 were dead or mortally wounded. Hitting the floor and staying there was not a good way to survive this shooter. As with so many government wind-up toys, Gendron also had some psychological ‘counseling’ in the period leading up to the event.

    • Mass shootings among Whites only stated to happen about 20 years ago. Before that they were they were very rare. It;’s not the guns , it;s the sick and deranged society we now live in and fear of being called racist or ostracized if have a different opinion than what this controlled society allows. The drs putting these kids on SSRIs should also bear some responsibility for numbing these kids minds.

  5. “Gendron was an avid supporter of the Zelensky Judeo-Nazi regime in Ukraine, just like Rolling Stone”:

    Was he given any combat drugs, like the Nudelmanistas are, to make him feel right, fearless and painless?

    • As there is a better than 50% chance he was an FBI/Deep State wind-up toy (ditto for the recent black subway shooter in NYC who was also on badge-gang radar), he might well have been prescribed such drugs by the shrink he was sent to after he expressed a desire to do a school shooting and suicide.

  6. So which version of the great replacement theory says it’s the brothers who are the ones doing it? Don’t all of them focus on the border and mass immigration from Latin America and Asia? Not one version of the great replacement I’m familiar with says it’s the brothers in the hood who are replacing us? What this kid did makes no sense in that context? He must have just had it out for the brothers for some reason?

    • That’s an interesting point. Most of those shot by Gendron were Murikan blacks and older ones at that. A shooter in the 1970s might have come into a store with the same demographics. There were no Mexicans, no Pajeets, no Asians. Not even imported negroids like Somalis or Nigerians. The black percentile of the total population of Murika hasn’t changed a lot – it’s even declined a little. Expecting a deranged person to act and think logically like expecting a warthog to eat with a knife and fork though.

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