1. When you have nonWhites being imported to a nation of once majority Whites, there’s no other word to call it but a replacement. They’re not going out of their way to bring in Europeans from Europeans countries. The jew Mark Potok from the SPLC has a a list when Whites will be a minority.

  2. Ron Johnson wants to know why.

    Ron it is all being done by the Jews out of a hatred of Christ.

    Lets denounce the Jew hatred of Christ, shall we Ron?

    Lets tell truth.

    • Robert Browning one of the few here who gets it.It is all about the Satanic Jews doing their fathers bidding.He hates Christ,they hate Christ,and they hate those of us who love and follow Christ.The Bible clearly explained this to us.Why do you suppose so few understand this?But then again Satan is the master of lies and so are the Jews.May God bless and keep you R.B.

      • @Rebel,
        Obviously you’re not on this sight often. The Jew question is touched on and reiterated about by just about everyone who posts here. They’re not our only issue, but a major one, yes. We constantly state that.

      • No, we are not the same person. That’s disingenuous of you, and somewhat condescending.

        Just because you don’t agree with us, doesn’t mean that I don’t consistently get up votes on other social media fora.

        I suppose you’d like me to be all sweetness and light. Sorry, too severe an apostasy on the part of all America for me to ever give up my jeremiad.

        • Fr. John +
          Strive to separate yourself from the slavery of sin, my soft hearted son! Endeavour to compose yourself in a more gooder manner 😉

    • “Ron Johnson wants to know why.”

      Maybe he already knows the answer? Sometimes questions are asked rhetorically to help guide other people to the answer you may already know. Most likely he is looking for a way to explain it in some other way that doesn’t name you know who for ethnic motivations due to their own psychological insecurities despite this country treating them better than anywhere else they’ve been for the last 1900 years.

  3. The NYT and CNN can’t go a week without celebrating the minoritization of Whites. It only becomes a dangerous conspiracy theory when people are opposed to it.

  4. Tucker and his pal Tulsi and all the conservative Republicans including Cheney who he still praises as smart, for what?, for when she approved torture and kidnapping and imprisoning Muslims w/o trial indefinitely, and bombing them, and demonized them all, now is outraged at being tarnished b/c of the actions and mentality of a few. Tucker and the rest of them are getting a taste of their own medicine.

  5. “Things have changed and we are no longer frozen out of the political system like we used to be”:

    Things haven’t changed fundamentally. and The Great Replacement theory is not even anti-establishment. It is just another form of Identity Politics that is useful as a distraction and diversion to prevent the masses from seeing and thinking about the real, basic fundamental problem that is the root of all the other, lesser problems and side issues such as the replacement. .

    • Trust me, it will be a VERY large problem for all of us when Whites become minorities in their own homelands.

  6. Only a couple of Payton’s victims look like nasty vermin. The rest seem like “decent citizen” types (as much as blacks can be, anyway). I thought I was immune to feeling sympathy for blacks, but seeing those pics a tinge of sorrow has come over me.

    • These retards always choose the most sympathetic victims. Glenn Miller murdered a White Methodist Eagle Scout and his grandfather

      • Glenn Miller murdered a White Methodist Eagle Scout and his grandfather

        Yeah, that one took the cake for WN ineptitude. A lifetime devoted to his cause, and as his last act as a free man he mistakes his own people for yids. You couldn’t script a more ignominious end.

    • Note how MSNBC only showed the black victims? Two of the 13 shot were white, including the first one – a white woman walking back to her car after putting a shopping cart back in place (a very white thing to do, by the way. Blacks rarely do this). MSNBC is despicable.

    • I think only one of them was under 50. A completely harmless bunch of people. If this kid was in fact for real, he is extremely stupid.

  7. The normies are starting to notice and the usual suspects are freaking out. You can’t keep pissing down someone’s back and calling it rain forever.

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