Tucker Carlson Responds To Buffalo Shooting

I thought it was a good monologue.

The idea that Tucker Carlson is responsible for the Buffalo shooting is absurd. Violent accelerationists have been lashing out like this for decades. We have covered James von Brunn, Todd Vanbiber, Wade Michael Page, Anders Breivik, Glenn Miller, Dylann Roof, Thomas Mair, Robert Bowers, Brenton Tarrant, Patrick Crusius and John Earnest over the past 14 years. There have been so many of these shootings, bombings and murder-suicides that I had forgotten about a lot of them. I have been writing about vantards on this website for well over a decade now. I have seen generations of them come and go.

“Journalists” have the memory of a flea. There is nothing new about violent accelerationists. The problem is not getting worse. These meltdowns usually happen once or twice a year. The only thing that has changed is that these incidents seem to have become less frequent since El Paso and the demise of Atomwaffen. This was going on long before Tucker Carlson became famous. The Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron explicitly said that he was radicalized by the internet. It had nothing to do with Tucker Carlson. Violent accelerationists don’t believe in persuasion or politics or reforming the system and explicitly reject conservatism. They believe in using violence as a tactic to “accelerate” the collapse of the system by stoking racial polarization. They are people who are in a hurry to start the race war.

I’ve actually interacted with some of these people over the years. The one who I knew the best was Frazier Glenn Miller aka Rounder. Glenn Miller’s history in the White Nationalist movement stretched back to The Order in the 1980s and the Fort Smith Trial in 1988. I’m nearly 42-years-old now, but I first came across Glenn Miller on the internet when I was in my early twenties. Glenn Miller came across to me as a blowhard, a buffoon, an alcoholic who was an inept throwback to the bygone age of the pre-internet movement. He wrote a Declaration of War on the federal government. In the Declaration, he vowed to go down in a blaze of glory and wanted to be buried with his arm giving the Nazi salute as he ascended to Valhalla. He was arrested and testified as a state witness in the Fort Smith Trial.

Glenn Miller tried his hand at politics and ran for U.S. Senate in Missouri:

It didn’t work out.

This proved it was impossible to reform the system.

In his later years, Glenn Miller became a pen pal of Joseph Paul Franklin who was serving six life sentences and two death sentences while sitting on death row in a Missouri state prison. Franklin attempted to assassinate the pornographer Larry Flynt in 1978. He was sent to prison for attacking synagogues and assassinating interracial couples in the late 1970s. William Pierce dedicated his book Hunter to Joseph Paul Franklin. Glenn Miller was inspired by Franklin when he killed a 14-year-old White Methodist Eagle Scout and his grandfather while trying to attack a synagogue in Overland Park, KS in 2014.

The White Nationalist movement is quite diverse.

On the one hand, there are people who are concerned about changing racial demographics, the weakening of White identity and the Jewish Question and a host of other related issues, but these people believe in persuasion and reject violence as a tactic. These are people like David Duke who have always been open to engaging in politics. On the other hand, there are other people who share the same concerns about the Great Replacement, but who take a different tack and believe it is impossible to reform the system and support using violence to stoke racial polarization in order to ignite the race war. Payton Gendron makes it quite clear in his manifesto that he is an accelerationist who is working against the mainstreamers. The pro-life movement was also divided between mainstreamers and vanguardists.

Years ago, I decided that I was a cultural vanguardist. We were frozen out of mainstream politics. Turning to violence or retreating to a rural area to await the collapse of civilization was a non-starter. The only path forward was to change the culture and thaw the obstacles in the way of our entrance into politics by trashing norms and through critique. I noted that cultural change happens when 10% of the population holds an unshakeable belief and that the polls showed we were close to that threshold. The solution wasn’t dumb mainstreaming which is trying to blend in with conservatism and sneak up on the GOP through displays of optics. It was a constant, relentless critique from an outside perspective. This is what we do when we are at our best because of the ways ideas and memes circulate. Stonetoss cartoons are much more valuable than mass shootings because people laugh and open up their minds. All kinds of creators were having a lot of success doing this on YouTube which is why it was shut down.

Tucker Carlson makes a lot of great points in the monologue. Mentally ill violent accelerationists have been doing this for ages. The thing that sets them apart from normal people including those who share their concerns about the Great Replacement is their attitudes toward religion, morality and the law. It is immoral, antisocial and illegal to murder people. It is also absurdly excessive to treat people as nothing but members of their racial group. It is pathological to want to kill random people going about their business for that reason. Full stop. Besides that no one is impressed by these mass shootings but other sociopaths and it blackens the cause and creates fodder for our avowed enemies when these people lash out. Darrell Brooks and Payton Gendron were possessed by the exact same fanaticism.

The big shift is how much more marginal these people have become.

Nearly half of Republican voters and 30% of adults are concerned about the Great Replacement. This means an even larger percentage of White people are now aware of it and concerned about it. This influx of normal people will be a tremendous boost because their attitudes toward life and Christianity will leaven the worst aspects of secular and pagan White Nationalism. It will also open up mainstream politics which means that this grievance finally has an outlet for the first time in decades that doesn’t come out of the barrel of a gun with a sonnenrad and “NIGGER, HERE IS YOUR REPARATIONS” scrawled onto it.

A decade from now, we we will look back on 2020-2021 as the tipping point. It was the moment when White Nationalism began to mature and reached a new stage in its development. The cause grew out of being fringe and attracted a wider audience and less marginal adherents and began to filter into the conservative mainstream. This is true of both France and the United States. Politicians will start winning seats in state legislatures and Congress by running against the Great Replacement.

In the long arc of American history, we can trace the rise of modernism, antiracism and the liberal “mainstream” from the 1920s until the 2020s. We can see a clear peak that was reached in the 1960s and 1970s with MLK and LBJ. We can also see a crackup gaining speed through the 2000s and 2010s. White Nationalism was also very different in the 1920s. It attracted middle class White Protestants, not marginal people. White Nationalism is on a trajectory back to where it was in the 1920s when the Second Klan was at its height and it was part of the system and had achieved state power in a lot of places. This is one of the many symptoms of the death of the 20th century mainstream, but that is a story for another day.

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  1. Doesn’t seem good to me at all (second part). Working toward his “race blind utopia” would simply enable continued White displacement, replacement and loss of the realisable human right sustainable group self-determination (all crimes) at the hands of mass migration. It would provide (for a time), a more peaceful replacement, but we would not really be better for it.. as such a replacement would be more likely to succeed, or push Whites further, before finally building enough resentment to snap either way.

    Race is real, and racial interests are real, as are racial rights, and the impact of replacing a people with another on them. Rational discourse and horse trading based on these truths offers all sides (other than those motivated more by harming Whites than mutual benefit), the path toward greatest peace, benefit and respect for their own rights (racial and otherwise).

    Denying reality can only harm Whites. It is wrong. The best decisions will be made running toward truth, not away from it.

  2. Van de Graaf should be due to be released soon. I can’t think of any shooter, other than the Jew that killed Huey Long, that has done more damage to western civilization.

    • Volkert Van de Graaf the leftist, pro-migration Dutch lawyer (self-hating white) who assassinated Pim Fortuyn – a Dutch gay politician running on an anti-immigration platform. Fortuyn was uniting both left and right elements and was poised to win a major victory.

      I wouldn’t characterize his loss as being on the level of devastation as the murder of Huey Long. Dutch elections have little meaning as it’s another Empire of Lies satrapy where they outlaw political parties for opposing the ongoing invasion and lock people up for crimethink. There was later anti-invasion politician who the empire allowed to be ‘elected’ there who (in typical ‘conservative’ fashion) accomplished nothing of importance. The Netherlands gets darker every passing year.

      Bad example, KT. Van de Graaf was not a Dutch nationalist but a servant of the empire. Perhaps they will install Van de Graaf as their next viceroy after release just to rub the Dutch natives’ nose in it – and as a “thank you for your service”. It does somewhat prove my earlier point though. Violence works quite well for the empire and its supporters. Even the targets of the violence tacitly (or openly) support it.

      • Speaking of the Netherlands, what is Geert Wilders up to lately? He was more of an anti-Islam politician, and not openly pro-White, if I recall.

        • Geert Wilders is the one I was referring to above. He was remarkably ineffective despite all the bluster. Yet another conservative who did nothing to stem the tide. Not that he could have even if he wanted to, since the voting in the Dutch okrug of the EUSSR is just as rigged as it is elsewhere. Van de Graaf’s bullet-vote was far more effective in flooding the place with invaders than all of Wilders’ supporters combined.

  3. “I will be the next Caesar,” said the boy who didn’t join the military because that’s for pro-Zion golems.
    “I will be the next Caesar,” said the boy who didn’t join politics because it’s too woke.
    “I will be the next Caesar,” said the boy who was never part of the economic elite.

    “I will be the next Caesar,” said the boy acting like the barbarians at the gate.

    • Yes there are folks who fancy themselves as the next Caesar. They’re arguably as delusional than those who:

      *Join the empire’s military to kill anyone targeted by the Empire of Lies.
      *Voat moar harder in an utterly rigged system which has been unidirectional for decades running only lends a facade of legitimacy to a lawless system.

      As for the last two bullet points.

      *The “free-market” bullshit system in the Empire of Lies is at least as rigged as the “democracy” is, probably even more rigged than the election system is. One does not become a billionaire without the approval of the “outfit”. If you think Bezos or Musk or any of them became wealthy by hard work and enterprise, there is a fine bridge in Brooklyn available at a bargain price just for you. Someone who hasn’t taken the ticket can only get so far. That’s not far enough to have any influence over political matters.

      *The barbarians (foreign invaders, dindu kangz, badge-gang thugs, et al) are supported by the Empire of Lies and its legions of employees in barbarism worse than any of the pathetic nutcases (at least some of whom were encouraged by various badge-gang criminals) with total impunity.

      I do agree that folks like Mr. Gendron are so-counterproductive that they’re toxic. He and those before him accomplished zero. Maybe whites are the ultimate Darwin Award winners, just too damned stupid and drunk on Jew malt-liquor to survive.

      The striking thing is how many whites will virtue-signal over dead dindus in Buffalo while not giving a rat’s ass over the dead whites in Waukesha, a mass-murder already shoved down the memory hole by the lying gaslight media the retards still watch. Such folks deserve to go the way of the Dodo.

      Violence works fine for Antifa, the badge-gang, negroes, Mexican cartels, Muslim jihadists, etc. Multicultural or empire-employed killers are OK. White killers are bad. BLM even kills folks who dare to say or write that “all lives matter” and the typical retarded normie is fine with it. Quite the one-sided war, no?

    • There isn’t going to be a Caesar. All trends point to imperial decay and breakup. More feudalism than caesarism. The dumbasses joining the zog military and the “economic elite” will be eating from the garbage or lining ditches.

      We wouldn’t want a White Caesar anyway, since any White person qualified for leadership is invariably a shitlib.

  4. There’s never going to be a correct way to have our views or push our message. It’s all waysist and wrong and must be shut down. I have no answers as to what would work, and be an accepted form of promoting white issues. Just saying ‘white lives matter’ is apparently extremely racist, even if you didn’t mention the other races at all.
    Having the left infect all the major institutions is an issue that needs reversing. Leftists are taught, not born.
    I don’t personally hate all individual non whites, but as a collective, they’ve been a leech on the body of the West for decades. We didn’t get a say as to who we should let in, and they don’t want us having a say now. We have a right to be a little peeved.

  5. >Democrats have stoked racial tribalism

    linkAnyone who advocates for or defends any element of the present order’s agenda of White genocide is as every bit as morally complicit in the very rare and often state-instigated episodes of backlash against it as they are in all of the other consequences. They are complicit in all of it, and we have never been and never will be complicit in any of it. The blood of the Buffalo victims is on their hands and those of the Regime, and those hands alone. We never wanted any of this. They did…. It could be Buffalo, it could be Rotherham … They are complicit in all of it, and we have never been and never will be complicit in any of it. The blood is on their hands and those of the Regime, and on those hands alone. We never wanted any of this. They did.

    Remember: they tried to put a 17 y/o white kid in jail for the rest of his life because he defended himself.

    Also, not long ago but already forgotten (and conveniently blamed on mental illness thanks to ‘experts’):

    2021 Boulder CO shooting

    • Tucker makes a good case for continuing to vote straight Democrat.

      Democrats increase racial tribalism and promote cultural divisiveness, both good for Whites.

      Republicans tell Whites to be race blind, that “we are all Americans,” and that “America is an idea,” then look the other way while Whites are clubbed over the head by BLM rioters (or they hide out in a bunker like Trump).

      I will take Tucker’s advice and continue to vote for the party of racial tribalism, the real racists, the lesser evil, the Democrats.

      • That’s kind of an interesting argument – see my post below about white PMCs being the weak link. To refine your strategy a little, one should cast the vote for the worst possible candidate. The most rabid, insane and stupid warmongering POS running. War – or multiple wars – will push the rotten system into collapse the fastest of all. So to take South Carolina for example, you would go all in and support Lady G because he’s the worst you can get. It’s kind of like a bumper-sticker I saw once:

        Why settle for the lesser evil? Cthulhu for President – 100% pure, guaranteed evil!!

        That’s a bit off though because you need the combination of utterly stupid plus evil. Stupid is even better than plain evil. Pedal to the metal and over the cliff at 120 mph. Like Maj. Kong (Slim Pickins) riding the H-bomb down whooping and waving his 10-gallon hat. Shitpants Joe is far better than Hillary the Lizard Queen, and much more entertaining to boot. That’s how you totally burn the bitch down. I doubt one even needs to bother voting to achieve this objective as the general idiocracy is both stupid and evil itself and will vote accordingly – as programmed. Lenin put it thusly: Worse is better. Those of us who see are better off under Joey Shitpants than we ever were under Zion Don. More whites are awakening than ever before. One could even start a Krusty the Klown Party to support the stupidest candidate running.

  6. There are more and more people coming to the realization that we are the moderate White nationalists. We are the only ones who can deradicalize the extremist (ie violent) WN. But we are prevented from doing so by the j-left because they want violence from the extremist WN. They want this so they can crack down on not only us, but on everyone who is right of center.

  7. >Tucker Carlson Responds To Buffalo Shooting

    Why? — I guess he felt he had to say something.

    >Democrats have stoked racial tribalism

    While I consider Carlson trenchant and his presence on Fox valuable, in the end he is constrained by the fact he is very well paid and has too much at stake.

    The truth is that racial tribalism is natural; it is multiracial nation states that are unnatural — the media and political establishments promote ‘racial tribalism’ for non-whites, while denigrating and scapegoating Whites — ‘racial tribalism’ among Whites is vilified.

    link“They’re trying to divide us by race!” — No they aren’t. They are actually uniting all racial groups in solidarity against Whites, while at the same time telling Whites they can’t unite and that race doesn’t matter.

    Perhaps this would be a good time for all Whites to review Kenn Gividen’s monthly compendiums of black-on-white homicides, a hugely disproportionate kind of crime the media ignores: link

    • >it is multiracial nation states that are unnatural

      Here’s a reasonable general critique of Carlson, albeit it’s specifically about his monologue last nite:

      linkTucker’s segment last night was the most pathetic and pretentious piece I’ve ever seen him do. By far. His passionate plea to preserve our “colorblind meritocracy” was moving, but was nothing short of judeo-American bs that you would typically hear from Levin or Shapiro.

      Carlson may be a committed civic nationalist, I don’t know (but he’s probably a WN when choosing where to live) — or he feels he must pretend to be one on TV (he’s right, he must) — either way, I understand, and won’t hold it against him — as I said, right now he’s doing more good than harm.

  8. The Great Replacement is real. Jews have a large role in it and have for decades. They are beyond ecstatic. They love it and celebrate even more as it escalates.

    Whites also allowed themselves to be defeated. Much writing has been done on this and much more can be done to illuminate this fact. Individualism, globalist imperialism, capitalism, and liberal progressivism and a myriad of other factors played a role. We were all born into this long after the ball began rolling. In a sense, most Whites are this to the core of themselves. It’s part of the endless battle we have to fight against daily. National socialism for a homogenous people is one of the best solutions but this is impossible in America. It’s time to move on. Civic nationalism is the best option available and that in itself is highly unlikely due to open borders and our criminal elite/government and corrupt political system.

    Yes, the FBI possibly was involved in triggering this young troubled guy, helping him carry out his plan, or blocking attempts to arrest him beforehand. Very likely this was a possibility.

    But, as others have noted: it’s surprising we don’t have a Buffalo every week given the genocide against Americans which has and is occurring.

    I just saw a picture of piles of baby formula at the open Southern border. It’s a deliberate genocide.

    We are under occupation.

    What do you do?

    • >Civic nationalism is the best option available

      No, it isn’t — any White should have realized this, latest by 2020 — it’s becoming clear that the primary binding tenet of civic nationalism in the US today is ‘whiteness’ is bad, and that is not going to change — no White should ever accept this as a viable option, especially in our own country.

      >What do you do?

      For the moment, never concede anything rhetorically — there is absolutely nothing wrong, politically or morally, with wanting to preserve the demographic heritage of the the US as a majority white nation — become familiar with ways to argue this position, in particular with how to refute made up nonsense terms like ‘white supremacy’.

    • Civic nationalism is a culturally homogenizing and politically centralizing force. It is not good for minorities, which Whites will be soon (already are in the youngest generation, which is all that matters). Whites should want to promote decentralization and cultural fragmentation. That is what is good for minorities (Whites).

    • Civic nationalism is how we got here. The best it would ever is to serve as a temporary position from which we might be able to advance if conditions were right. The Reagan and Trump eras are proof of the opposite effect of CN – one of lulling most whites into complacency while the replacement continues. I think Brad/HW has raised a very important element or fact we need to examine in far greater depth: The white PMC. While it’s very easy to focus on the Jews at the top of the Satanic empire setting the Great Replacement policies, it’s also far too easy to forget that it is white PMCs – literally our own people – who are implementing it. It goes beyond PMCs as well and extends down to the police and military rank-and-file. They will gladly betray their own people for financial advancement (or a promise of a nice pension for the badge-gang and military types).

      The PMCs and their working-class enforcers are likely the weakest link in the empire’s chain of command. The oligarchs and their high-level lackeys like politicians are well-protected (hard targets). PMCs not so much. They are the ones who must either repent or be destroyed at the end of the day. Damage them enough and the rotten system falls. It’s already been established that both the political and financial systems are rigged from top to bottom. Not much can be done about these presently. Voat moar harder has likewise been proved a total failure. So, the big question before us is: How to disrupt and ultimately destroy the oligarch-PMC-goon chain of command? Can this be done in non-violent, legal ways? How can the empire’s collapse be accelerated? Can we apply the Cloward-Piven principle to PMCs? If so, how? I seriously doubt folks as brainwashed as PMCs could have their minds changed in any significant number, but to borrow from Sun-Tsu one should leave a path of escape for an enemy who no longer wants to fight.

      • Economic collapse, of which we are in the early stages now is what will ultimately cause the PMCs and everyone else to lose faith in this rotten system. When the money goes bad through inflation this time, unlike deflation after 1929, GloboHomo Shopping Mall comes to a screeching fucking halt. Shortages are also part of the rotten system beginning to fail.

        Inflation is already out of the box running at least 16% with gasoline over $4/gallon nationwide in all 50 states for the first time and $5 – $6/gallon in some states. No single thing is more inflationary than increasing fuel prices. Diesel is over $6/gallon with shortages of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) necessary to run trucks on some places.

        Ever increasing Government spending from money printed out of thin air as well as destructive policies such “green new deal” scams add to inflation. The Fed’s 3% 10 year Treasury rates do nothing to contain inflation. The Fed would have to raise interest rates ca. 20% to have a chance of containing inflation, an unlikely prospect to say the least.

        The end result will be another financial crash like 2008, massive impoverishment of most of the country, oligarchs getting wealthier as they buy up distressed assets at rock bottom prices and Government bailouts of the Blackrock/Goldman Sachs types who just don’t take losses. This is unstoppable now.

        This will have the salutary effect of destroying misplaced faith in this rotten, ant-White system sustained ultimately by the Whites it is displacing. When the PMCs find that Shaniqua and Shitavious and their mixed brood of monsters are their new neighbors courtesy of Section 8 and DHS is investigating them for “racism”, pointing to their Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate signs won’t act as talismans to keep the trouble away.

        • “The Fed would have to raise interest rates ca. 20% to have a chance of containing inflation”

          NO, I don’t think so.

          You don’t realize how fragile this country’s economy is, with the massive debt overburden, worse than anytime in US history.

          The economy is so brittle, in may just shatter, under some slight rate increase.

          • I agree. On the way to 20% interest rates the economy would simply implode. It looks like ca. 5 – 6% rates might be sufficient. The U.S. Government doesn’t have the room to spike interest rates the way Volcker did in 1979 – 1980, the debt overhang won’t allow it. Nevertheless 20% would probably be required to stop inflation, something that is no longer possible leaving raging inflation to run its course.

            And there is more debt on the way.

  9. Great replacement: Flooding the country with nonWhites over White Europeans that founded the country. Biden admitted it and so have others.

  10. “Politicians will start winning seats in state legislatures and Congress by running against the Great Replacement.”

    Well, they better hurry, because after 50+ years of the Great Replacement, it’s almost done. We only have about 20 years left before Whites are a minority in the USA. After that, the only thing that could be done about it would be to make sure Whites aren’t an openly oppressed minority.

  11. The united states of babylon will not last another twenty years, the republic will be restored, these satanist ruler’s of our’s, I laugh at their hysteric’s…

  12. Twitter/Chuck Schumer@TuckerCarlson invited me on his show tonight to debate the letter I sent to @FoxNews. I’m declining. Tucker Carlson needs to stop promoting the racist, dangerous ‘Replacement Theory’.

    (Schumer is apparently trying to get Carlson fired.)

    An archetypical Jew — exemplary really — a perfect illustration of why so many people who observe/study the behavior of Jews closely come to despise them — ad hominem über alles.

  13. “Payton Gendron makes it quite clear in his manifesto that he is an accelerationist who is working against the mainstreamers.”

    Not really, he was a nutcase shooter looking for an ideology to match. A “what came first the chicken or the egg” case.

    • That’s assuming he even bothered to copy-paste the manifesto. Odds are 50-50 it was agent Lemaricus or a similar shining intellect in the FBI ranks.

  14. I have little doubt that from day 1 in the Whitehouse Biden and his jewish handlers had “Plan A” sitting there just waiting for the next vantard type shooting to go out and push for censorship and gun control. They were probably upset they had to wait this long as these things were unusually quiet and I had hoped they might have gone away. They were forced to make a clumsy attempt to play up black thugs beating up Asians until this idiot came along and served them up their shit sandwich made to order.

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