Domestic Terrorism Bill Passes House of Representatives

The GOP isn’t completely useless.


“WASHINGTON (AP) — The House passed legislation late Wednesday night that would bolster federal resources to prevent domestic terrorism in response to the racist mass shooting in Buffalo, New York.

The 222-203, nearly party-line vote was an answer to the growing pressure Congress faces to address gun violence and white supremacist attacks — a crisis that escalated following two mass shootings over the weekend. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., a member of the congressional committee investigating the attack on the U.S. Capitol, was the lone Republican to vote in favor of the measure. …”

57 House Republicans voted against the Ukraine bill.

203 House Republicans voted against the domestic terrorism bill.

The faction that voted against both of these bills needs to grow.


  1. At one time it was called a crime if you killed someone regardless of race but now it will be weaponized to go after Whites. You know that oxymoron bill when passed and signed by Biden won’t be used to label black mass shooters.

    • They’re going to use the BS bill the same way they used RICO to go after the mob. The new mob is Whites and the govt has declared war on the Whites who have opposing opinions.

    • >… but now it will be weaponized to go after Whites.

      That’s not gonna be possible John; after all, you just told us that there is no such thing as ‘white identity’ (link) — so could you please ring them up and inform them? — we’d all appreciate it.

      Just curious: are you trying to make sure you’re in the running for the dumbest person commenting here, or does that come naturally to you?

      • I didn’t right that one moron, That was another John. I guess you passed me as the dumbest person commenting here. When you assume you make a fool out of yourself.

        • Who’s the moron here? — if you didn’t write it, why did you reply? — and how am I supposed to tell one ‘John’ from another? — I replied to ‘John’, I have no idea which one, and I had no idea there was more than one.

          Why not choose another, unique moniker?

          Comments by more than one person using the same moniker should not be allowed — it’s absurd.

          • I replied because you posted the link so i wanted to see what you said I wrote.

            “Comments by more than one person using the same moniker should not be allowed — it’s absurd.”

            When you own the website you can make that decision but you don’t own it so shut the fuck up you and take your beating like a man. You assumed and you made a ass of yourself and you;re not man even to admit it.

          • btw I haven’t had a proper poo in weeks. Please excuse me if I seem unusually full of shite today.

  2. Domestic terrorists? I can point you to some. Check out CharlieBo313 on jootube. He will show you the darker side of America. These domestic terrorist gangbangers control the streets of the inner cities, not the police.

  3. Biden has got to do something to hang on to the black vote.

    Blacks are not happy with Joe’s high gas prices and his genderqueering of their youngins.

    Without James Clyburn delivering the black vote in SC Biden and Jew minnions would not be in the White House and it does look like the black vote is starting to slip away.

    Grafton Thomas did not inspire any such legislation.

    • “’, Anthea Butler is a Jew”

      They endlessly pollute the stream of rational discourse. What starts pure and clear ends in a toxic opaque sludge. Such is the contribution of the satanic tribe.

  4. Tens of thousands of white Americans are raped, robbed and murdered every year by vicious, dead-eyed black beasts and ZOG couldn’t care less. But I guess they hold us White folks to higher standards, because if one of our people commits interracial mayhem we never hear the end of it.

    • ” ZOG couldn’t care less. ”

      Oh contraire, this is their design, it feeds their soulless being.
      To see the gentile suffer is their delight, read THE JEW OF MALTA.

  5. Speaking of ‘domestic terrorism’ and ‘hate speech’:

    Twitter/MSNBCIt may seem harmless, but the insidious racism of the American religious right’s obsession with homeschooling speaks volumes, writes @AntheaButler

    Perhaps to the surprise of all except internet ‘anti-Semites’, Anthea Butler is a Jew — link

    (One disadvantage of Gab is that there is nothing like the advanced search feature of Twitter.)

    • “(One disadvantage of Gab is that there is nothing like the advanced search feature of Twitter.)”

      Maybe you’re too stupid to figure it out. Did you ever think of that?

  6. Notice how these White “domestic terrorists” always end up serving the interests of our enemies. I suspect Anti-Whites love these kind of shooting sprees.

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