Politico: Inside McConnell’s Bid To Quash GOP Isolationists

As McConnell allies like Roy Blunt, Rob Portman and Pat Toomey exit the Senate, the worst thing we can do to him is to send people like J.D. Vance, Blake Masters and Mo Brooks to the Senate who will join Rand Paul in creating problems for him.


“After their two-hour meeting in Kyiv on Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy handed Mitch McConnell a profanity-laden gift.

It was a camo-green hat, emblazoned in bright yellow letters with the iconic phrase that has come to define Ukraine’s response to Russia’s invasion.

“Russian warship, go fuck yourself,” it reads in Russian.

It was an encouraging symbol for the reserved Senate GOP leader, who returned to Washington this week determined to stamp out what he dubbed the “isolationist” wing of his party that was preparing to oppose a $40 billion aid package for the war-torn nation that passed overwhelmingly on Thursday. …”

The war on Ukraine isn’t going to grow more popular as this drags on and the cost of the war soars and gas prices and inflation become unsustainable. We should have never stoked this conflict in the first place.


  1. I would love to know what the jews have on him and his fellow travelers? I must be something bad if they constantly sell out the country they’re supposed to represent.

    • Whom are you referring to, Sen. Mitch McChinkfucker? His slope wife works as a spy for Peking.

  2. I must respectfully disagree with you with regards to the Alabama senate race.

    Our choices are: 1. Katy Britt who is the establishment darling. 2. Mike Durant who made his fortune from the DoD and wants to disarm us. 3. Mo Brooks.

  3. Yertle the Turtle meets the Cokehead of Kiev.

    Yertle should have brought along Lady G. She and Volo could have dropped trou and played “Chopsticks” together on the piano for him.

    Our “leaders” sink to new depths of absurdity. Have they any clue how much regular Americans are starting to hate them?

    • “Have they any clue how much regular Americans are starting to hate them?” They just don’t care. These scumbags believe they don’t have to care either because they are the ruling class, chosen by Fate and destined to remain in power no matter what.

      They actually remain in power at the whim of The Usual Suspects who ultimately derive their power from their control of money which controls the political discourse through control of the Lügenpresse, universities, business etc.

      Control of the media is fading because of the internet, (this blog being exhibit ‘A’). Universities are perceived as a waste of time and money now by many who realize that a useless degree for a six figure debt only earns graduates a job at Starbucks. Woke business is widely despised with some pushback now such as Disney in Florida.

      When the money goes bad (like it is now through inflation) the power of The Usual Suspects will evaporate like the morning dew. The ruling class will get the blame for the troubles they caused starting with Dementia Joe. That’s how it works, starting this November.

      As the worthless Republicans take power and also have no solutions it will be all incumbents at risk. Things will get bad before they get worse and if they get bad enough the Rootless Cosmopolitans will move somewhere else leaving their “allies” like Mitch to take the heat. They have done it before, they will do it again.

      • Don’t get too excited yet over the prospect of the jews losing control of everything. They are like that slimy, ugly thing which attached itself to the face of that guy in the movie Alien.

        • Yes but it did fall off the guy’s face later in the movie although it wasn’t done with them. The guy who was really a robot looking for bioweapons was a bigger threat. They didn’t know he was a robot until it was almost too late and he was there to betray them.

          There must be a lesson in there somewhere.

      • Our own traitors have given the Rootless Cosmopolitans their power, starting with the Federal Reserve in 1913. Those in power don’t get kicked out of countries 109 times.

  4. “But campaign discussions are one thing. Governing is another. And I would plead with you to focus on the people who are voting HERE [in the Senate] and what is actually happening, not sometimes-loose campaign talk out in primaries across America.”

    Translation: “WE’RE the ones who matter: fuck the Flyova White Trash. They’ll get empty words and like it, just like always.”

    Filthy old (((Establishment))) race traitor whore.

  5. Funny, I desire the GOP kosher fake right wing gatekeepers to be crushed.The traitor is worse than the open enemy.

    • I agree. That’s why I hate the GOP and “conservatives” more than I hate Dems and leftists.

      • Ditto. That’s why I always say “If the all-night firing squads ever come to this country
        I hope they take Republican honchos first.”

  6. Getting rid of McConnell and Graham should be the highest of priorities for Republican voters.

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