Poll Watch: Support For Black Lives Matter Fades

I like to share good news.


“The poll of 1,000 people, conducted by YouGov between May 5 and 9, found support for the movement’s goals had decreased from 48 percent to 31 percent.

Meanwhile, support for the movement’s strategies and tactics dropped from 40 percent to 31 percent.

Some of the steepest declines in support for the movement were found among African American respondents. Their support for the movement’s goals dropped from 67 percent to 56 percent since last April, while support for the movement’s strategies and tactics want from 65 percent to 49 percent. …”

In the long run, the backlash to the George Floyd riots will prove to be much more significant than Black Lives Matter.

Note: We have George Floyd to thank for waking up White evangelicals.


    • BLM was just a media production.
      Without the ((controlled media )) constantly inflating it, it becomes the empty sack it always was.

  1. Look at that foto — paging Matt Parrott.

    How many of those who said they didn’t support/no longer supported BLM had heard of the real estate scandals?

    In the end, it doesn’t matter if not even a single black pleb responds to a poll question by saying they support BLM — it has (or had) enough institutional support that the narrative it advanced is now firmly established, even embedded in society/many institutions — the more extreme/idiotic rhetoric like ‘defund the police’ will disappear, but the gist of the BLM narrative, that Blacks are victimized by racist Whites and an institutionally racist system, will persist — fundamentally, this is driven by the difference in average SES between Whites and Blacks, which in turn is due to genetic differences between Whites and Blacks, and these are irremediable.

        • Are you the dumb ‘John’, or the maybe not so dumb ‘John’? — it’s difficult, impossible really, to keep track of and distinguish the people commenting as ‘John’ here.

          And actually, BLM is not a ‘grift’, as I understand the term — I will explain this another comment.

          • Are you sure you have the right John this time or you going to make an ass out of yourself again?

            With all those John’s (only 2) on this site and two completely different writing styles I can see how it would confuse a genius such as yourself.

          • @ John MAY 21, 2022 AT 4:22 PM

            >Are you sure you have the right John this time

            Yeah, I’m pretty sure — see, the problem last time (it seems) was that in a reply to ‘John’, I linked to/referenced the comment of (apparently) another ‘John’ in a different comment thread — but that’s not the situation here, right?

            And no, I hadn’t noticed any difference in writing style because I haven’t read enough comments for that — not that I necessarily would recognize a difference if I had, since the vast majority of the comments are so short that it seems somewhat odd to speak of a ‘style’ being associated with them.

            You know, you can insult my intelligence, or try to, if you want; it’s OK, I occasionally make such remarks about others myself — but you ought to try to be sure such attempts at least make sense, which they never have in the cases where ‘John’ has attempted that with me — which shows that I was more or less correct in my assessment of the people commenting here as ‘John’, whoever they are.

      • >BLM was a grift

        Not really; not as I understand the term, anyway — at least not re the narrative, or the donations — maybe you are right in that re how the money is being spent/used it has turned into a grift — but I think the people who took the donations believe the narrative.

        I think I first heard ‘grift’ in the movie The Sting — there a grift is a con, or a scam, where one party knowingly and deliberately cheats another party.

        In this sense, I honestly do not see BLM as a grift — the reason is that these people actually believe the BLM narrative — over the last few years, I’ve seen too much, way too much really, e.g. on social media, to doubt that their belief is sincere and deep — they believe this shit.

        You can cite data showing the narrative is false, as Heather MacDonald did (link, … a police officer is 18½ times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer), but it makes no difference, they pay no attention — the belief has been literally cemented into their minds by decades of media propaganda — it is now akin to religious dogma.

        The people who donate to BLM are willing dupes in the sense the BLM narrative is statistically false — yet they largely believe it.

        Again, the overriding factor in all of this is the huge difference in average SES between Whites and Blacks.

        If you are looking for a grift, then it’s that there are people, perhaps a good many people, in the political, media, and academic establishments who know that ascribing this SES difference entirely to ‘white privilege’, ‘institutional racism’, etc is false, yet they do it anyway — these cowardly people definitely are running a grift, since they go along with a narrative they know to be false.

        • Correct. The donors, for the most part, were the “special kind of smart” White people and some Jews and their brains were already pre-soaked in the brine so to speak, so by definition they couldn’t have been duped. Most of the niggras haven’t got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of to start with and those that might have a little money aren’t exactly the donating type anyway. Hollywood niggras are just another kind of special smart or at least have enough business sense to know that they better not piss of Patrisse.

          The BLM and Silence is Violence yard signs in my town that were rather ubiquitous in all the ‘trendy” White neighborhoods and in front of all the “trendy” New Age Diversity White Churches have, by and large, just quietly disappeared over the course of the last five weeks or so. They’ll never confess to their gullibility and stupidity as they are now busy keeping their Ukraine flags tidy

          • >… they are now busy keeping their Ukraine flags tidy

            Yes, ‘the current thing’, ‘mass formation psychosis’, perhaps also willful ignorance in the face of ‘cancel culture’ — one can laugh at these people, but it’s also very unsettling how many of them are so easily influenced by media propaganda — this is also troubling in the context of ‘one man, one vote’ democracy.

    • The problem with copy and paste links and plagiarize assholes such as yourself is you can admit you made a mistake because your ego is so big it doesn’t let your insecurities come through.

      • I’m apologize Brad for for keep going after this insecure asshole but he had it coming when he accused me of posting something I didn’t because his insecure ego won’t let him mind his own business and let others post their opinions, right, wrong or indifferent.

      • I have no idea what you are trying to say here; but the sad thing is, I don’t think you do either.

        >The problem with copy and paste links …

        One posts a link, one does not ‘copy and paste’ a link — I do occasionally ‘copy and paste’ text from other sources.

        >… and plagiarize assholes

        But when I do ‘copy and paste’ text, I always 1) include a link in order to give credit for the text, and 2) highlight the text (like this) to emphasize that it is from the link — hence the posting of such text is not plagiarism, since I give credit via the link.

        As I said, you can insult me or question my intelligence; it’s OK, I don’t mind — but honestly ‘John’ (whichever ‘John’ you are), you seem both intellectually deficient and mentally unstable.

  2. The official BLM was obviously a fed controlled organization spun up by media and money to be used as the conduit for black and liberal anger against whites. Isn’t it funny after the 2020 election it all started to wind down, and now, in 2022, all of the “misconduct” of BLM organizers is coming out? The nepotism, the excesses, the million dollar homes, it was all used to stamp it out. I’m sure they’ll keep something like it around with different leaders more amenable to the Democrat party. Vote! Don’t riot! Something like that.

    Blacks get played by the feds, too.

  3. Where was Wake Up White America in the 1960’s? Pretty much confined to those KKK and American Nazis that no decent, respectable white folks would truck with. A little late now, whitey.

    • The mainstream media was at its peak in the 1960s. In our times, it has retreated to the coasts

    • There is a cycle with this stuff. Whites “wake up” every time Blacks riot all over the place. MLK riots had the same effect. First round of BLM, too. They go back to sleep just as quickly every time, though. They get a Republican elected president, assume that everything is fixed, stop paying attention, and then the Republican president makes everything worse. They are blindsided when they realize that things have only gotten worse (there was no plan, patriots were not in control), which starts off the next round. As long as the Republican party can grift off of this cycle and then divert the energy into their normal plutocratic anti-labor agenda, it never ends.

  4. The way these scam artists have just bilked companies and self hating whites out of hundreds of millions of dollars to put directly in their pockets, their families pockets, fancy cars and mansions is just hilarious. Imagine being a liberal woman who gives a portion of her paycheck to these people and then see them all living in huge mansions in White neighborhoods.

    • White liberals are completely lacking in self awareness. Unlike the black grifters living in their new mansions in Whitopia paid for by the White liberals, the White liberal never learns. They just get fleeced over and over again.

      BLM is no longer the prize cause. It was Stop Asian Hate then it was Ukraine maybe now it’s something new. White liberals have moved on and learned nothing, they never do.

      Can’t blame the black grifters. They saw the money just lying there, waiting to be taken so they took it. It’s the scumbag businessmen who tried to pay them protection money and the hopelessly gullible Whites who deserve blame. There weren’t any Asians or hispanics supporting BLM, they hate and fear blacks who rob them all the time.

  5. I would like to open up the gold Tutankhamun sarcophagus that Fentanyl Floyd is entombed in and dangle his mummified carcass someplace where all the coloreds could see it but wouldn’t be able to pull it down. Let the buzzards feast on it if they have stomach to do so.

  6. The same thing happened after BLM rioted the first time around over Mike Brown. It probably helped Trump get elected. But then Trump put the right wing back to sleep and most of them bought into the George Floyd BS, as if they forgot all about BLM and Mike Brown. For some reason, everyone forgets all of the previous race hoaxes whenever the media decides to push a new race hoax.

  7. BLM is a marxist organization, i heard it openly stated by one of its leaders in a television interview. When asked what political alignments you represent, he said openly “Far-Left”. They do not hide their being far left or if they try to do so they do it very badly. Their retarded rhetoric comes from this fact. Do they really think that people really consider it a neutral, apolitical movement?

  8. If BLM goes our enemies will have no problem creating another violent, black, Anti-White hate group.

  9. That it ever had support among blacks to begin with is rather alarming. Having this outfit of degenerates speaking on their behalf should have been embarrassing. It’s like, are they really painting them in a positive light, and uniting society? No…….and no.

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