Poll Watch: 48% of Republicans Don’t Think It Is Important To Condemn White Nationalism

Look at me.

I’m the mainstream now.

CBS News:

BTW, there are three reasons why this happened.

1. First, this is the result of the George Floyd riots, the rise of Wokeism, Dump’s loss in the 2020 election and the anti-White policies and rhetoric of the Biden administration.

2. Second, it is because Tucker Carlson and other conservative influencers have become so much more radicalized and emboldened over the past few years. Compare the hysterical cucked reactions to El Paso with the muted reaction to Buffalo.

3. Third, this is the result of 50% of White evangelicals getting quasi red pilled and becoming aware of the Great Replacement. It is largely White people in rural areas and small towns in the South and Midwest who are evangelicals whose racial attitudes have hardened.

That’s also how you get numbers like this.

Note: Isn’t it strange how there is so much noise online from the Orthodoxy or Death camp, the Trad Caths and especially the atheists, agnostics and pagans about how White evangelicals are hopelessly cucked Christian Zionists?


  1. Bro, ethnostate here we come! Unfortunately the breeding trends of White Nationalists will render it obsolete within a few decades.

    • How many inhabitants do you need ?

      Hungary has population of 10 million and they fighting off almighty Soros and his cronies. Russia conquering Ukraine with army less than 70 000 men Taliban fought off entire Nato with 20 000 men.

      Survival is a war and in the war human quality matters, not numbers.

      Offtopic but might be interesting. Orban version of Alibsky rules

      Viktor Orbán’s 12 rules to win back the West

      • The keyword is “trend”. That trend would completely reverse if whites were to legitimately form an ethno-state. It only exists as it is because women seem to legit believe that they are meant to be men, when in reality they have the intellect of children. Women, on the whole, are smart/cunning, not intelligent. Genius’ are 20:1 male

    • @Hunter Wallace, a “White” ethnostates already exist in New England, Pacific Northwest, and parts of Europe. But when you get what you want it’s not gonna be “Pro-White” because when you get homogeneous you lose the concept of “Whiteness”. So the worst society to have is one that would be 100% “White”. Whiteness is a social construct anyway so when you have a state of all light skin people and then the people will cease identifying as “White”. So it is a retarded ideology to adhere to honestly.

  2. Without White Nationalism there isn’t anything worthwhile. You have the Republican old guard starting pointless wars, feeding the defense industries, (death merchants), cutting taxes for rich parasites. You have the liberal wackos running their endless guilt trip on western civilization, meaning white Europeans, they want European society to commit suicide. They are that fucked up, it’s hard to believe, but it’s pretty obvious.

      • Recucklicans are only there to make the White guys think someone is on their side and to buy time.

        • Yes, it’s all a show. But watch the morons on Fox News, lol. They act like it’s some football game they’re winning.

  3. Do you see. Trump was useless, C’ville was pointless, 6 jan was meaningless.

    And here we are. Soviet Union came down almost same way. Every last dissident group trashed others that they were KGB controlled. Probably lot of them actually were too.

    But economy went worse and worse, economic borders went up everywhere, independent payment systems and trade was launched and snowball rolled until our liberals lost their last nerve and blew Union up.

    “””..That’s also how you get numbers like this….”””

    This number goes up with shortages coming in. More and more people will understand that it is necessary to defend small local supplies agains outsiders. Especially food , fuel and other critical supplies. And when they run out, independent trade and payment will be needed. Also some mechanisms to defent this from outsiders.

  4. White evangelicals are hopelessly cucked Christian Zionists, though. Being upset about blatant anti-White discrimination and violent crime sprees doesn’t really imply that they’re White loyalists. Even most Democrats would have said they opposed those things up until a few years ago, and nobody was saying democrats were all a bunch of budding White nationalists.

    • It is more like that was a fad for a generation that was driven first by radio and later by televangelists. Qanon shows how malleable evangelical Christianity has always been. The same is true of the cucks who adopt African babies to signal their social status. It is a fad or a phase

      • “White Evangelicals are dumb. Smart Whites will lead the movement and save the White Race. Sinclair Lewis was secretly based.”-Alt MSNBC


      • QAnon was just reheated John Bircher theories that were already popular with evangelicals since the 60s. Same with the “plandemic” stuff that’s taken hold with them recently. I remember seeing those same exact Bill Gates memes 15 years ago. It goes back earlier than that to their end times stories. None of that is really new.

        I will grant that Evangelicals are malleable in the sense that they fall for all of these various psyops from republican party media very easily.

      • It is more like that was a fad for a generation that was driven first by radio and later by televangelists.

        It’s not even that harmful either, except to the extent it causes them to completely ignore their own interests in favor of Jewish/Israeli interests. But merely being pro-Israel/anti-Muslim is not of itself harmful. It’s more like a proxy nationalism for whites than some kind of cucking. Obviously muslims are deeply dislikeable so it’s easy for nationalistic whites to cheer on a country that, rather than cuck out to muslims, fights back, hits hard and drives them out. In fact, this attitude could even be beneficial if it causes whites to eventually ask themselves why they’re not allowed to have for themselves in America what Jews have for themselves in Israel.

        • It IS harmful. Their holy books call for the annihilation of us. Amadeus. Stop being passively nice about your own destruction.

  5. This country ran on all cylinders when it was almost all Whites. The pings and backfires started when you put cheap gas in over the higher octane.

  6. Note that Orban who used to be a nominal Protestant (Reformed) tells CPAC to recognize that Roman Catholicism is one of their most important allies, a force for good, “guardian of Christian values in the world,” etc.. Ha!

    • Orban sees the Pope as less of a problem than Islam or communism-socialism. Let’s hope so. LOL. That’s the Hungarian attitude.

  7. White working class, middle class men, are not cucked because of christian faith, it,’s economics, culture that’s CUCKED them up…………..religious leadership, is cucked, the rank and file……..some are, some are not…

    • I think men have considered “hard work” their everything for FAR too long. Most men have no idea WHY the state allows women to no fault divorce, despite the fact it stares them right in the face. Meanwhile all the kids are being “raised” by women that intentionally strip the men they took a vow with of their dignity and authority over their own children…even though we KNOW what happens when you take away “The Father”

  8. Their are some, who by their comments, seem too think, they have some insight into the christian heart and mind, I find that interesting, being they are not of the fold themselves, I think a little clarification about a few things are in order, speaking as a Baptist, our allegiance is to JESUS, those of our own house, which is more complex than you think, our blood our friends and for me personally, Our coming Southern Republic……………

  9. We know what white nationalist means and we know what white supremacist means and now lo and behold it is the Irish leading the crusade against innocent white on behalf of their Jew masters. We know Rich. We know what kind of diseased whoring filth you and your kind are,…… Rich.

  10. Why people are calling evangelicals (did you mean Protestants?) weak:

    This was your country and you let it go.

    It’s easy to want something like a nation, but the doing of the deed is another matter.

    Christianity is showing some sparks of life though, will it be enough?

    If it is: great! We win!

    If it isn’t: then what?

    Only the new can fight the new.

  11. “This was your country and you let it go.” Exactly.
    Our leaders in this Christian nation of ours were disarmed and outsmarted over the past hundred years and now here we are, threatened with racial extinction.
    Please tell me, my fellow Christians, what is to be found anywhere in the New Testament that we might use to argue for our survival as a race? Sincere question.

    • 1st Timothy chapter 5 verse 8 king james version……..read it raleigh……..too not love and.care about your race, too not protect and defend your race is a sin, how bad a sin? Our father who art in heaven, thinks a man who won’t stand up for his own kind, is worse than an infidel, an infidel is a unbeliever, too not do your duty, concerning our people, put’s our men into the camp of heathen’s, too fail your people is too sin…….

      • Sorry Terry, but that’s not what it says:

        1 Timothy 5:8, KJV: But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

        It’s a reference to immediate family and relatives, not about race. (In particular, Widows, if you read the preceding and following verses.)

        Your interpretation is too broad.

        I, along with Raleigh, would love to see some Scripture regarding race, but it has to be clearly about race for me to buy it, and not an interpretation.

      • That’s talking about immediate family and is not talking about “race” or ethnicity. The Bible says to love everybody, and not to mistreat or oppress foreigners.

    • Raleigh, thank you for your response and your good wishes, if I may, good sir, please allow me further comment, I truly believe a man’s first obligation, is too his own kind, that being done, of coarse help others when proper and right, did not jesus say, ” if a man ask you for your coat, give him your cloak also……..that being said, too me, this is more than just scriptural postulation, it defines how we should live, you ask someone of any other race, christians of any other race also,nwho their first obligation is too, their own kind/house, what have you, or too humanity in general? If they answer honestly, you know they will say their own kind, I say this seriously, those of my own house, are first priority, then others, your a believer, you know we are charged with, feeding all his sheep, but we have too start somewhere, if I have erred on this, lord forgive me and Raleigh, than you for your correction………..

      • Hello Mr. Smith;

        The Tower of Babel, although OT, not NT is instructive. God scattered the proud who were trying to equal God by building a tower to Heaven. This is the same temptation the Devil offered Adam and Eve in the Garden resulting in The Fall of Man. From the Devil in Genesis: ” . . . in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”

        The ruling class of the West is pursuing a modern Tower of Babel when they try to mix different peoples and races just like the OT. The One World nightmare has been an evil plan of the ruling class for a long time. Being atheists they naturally put no stock in the Bible or the doctrine of The Fall of Man but their plans will come to ruin also. Their primary sin is Pride which goeth before a fall.

        The scattering of Man, confounding his plans through confounding language in Genesis speaks to the modern obsession with Globalism. The horrible UN, World Bank, Climate Change fraud, “Democracy” and Globo Homo Shopping Mall values spread with dollars and M-16s are examples of “One World” thinking. This is the modern Tower of Babel. The destruction of the White race by denying our existence and flooding White countries with wogs fits this plan perfectly.

        • 12AX7, thank you for your response, I agree with you completely and they are almost there, we, White American Christian’s, are the only resistance left……….

          • The Bible is a book, not a religion. Christianity is a religion with different branches i.e. Catholic, Orthodox, C of E, Baptists, Lutherans etc. that considers the Bible a sacred book.

            Just because non-Whites claim (some of them) that they are Christian doesn’t make it so. Those who practice Santeria are engaging in devil worship as a religion negating any pretense of Christianity as but one example.

            Even if there are non-White Christians it doesn’t mean they are entitled to live in our country.

        • Gee, you missed the boat on that one.

          You worship the god of those who enslave you. That keeps you enslaved.

          It’s not about your religion. It’s about RACE and it always has been.

          Talking about religion is just walking around the real issue.

  12. Most people even pro-White folks were never taught the Bible in context and word meanings which is why the anti-Whites have been able to deceive the world.

    In Mark 12:30-31 Christ said to him, “And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. There is none other
    commandment greater than these.”

    In Matthew 19:19 Christ said: Honor your father and mother; also, You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

    The word neighbor even in mainstream dictionary’s like Merriam Webster has listed in definition #2
    biblical context Matthew 19:19 (Fellow Man)”thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” Click on
    Fellow Man and it says “a kindred human being” Now lookup kindred and it says in definition #2 “of
    the same ancestry”(kindred tribes / stock / race

    The Christian Bible commands you to “Love Your God and Love Your Race”

      • What if I am a selfless servant and love my family or my tribe or my nation more than I love myself? In that case, in loving my neighbor as I love myself, I would not be required to love my “neighbor” – ie any old stranger I encounter – as much as I love my family or my tribe or nation. If my resources are limited – and they always are – I would be justified in reserving them for those I love most. My “neighbor” might have to make to do with a smile and polite indifference.

        • Read the parable of the Good Samaritan. Also Jesus said to love your enemies and pray for them as well. There is no justification for prejudice in anything Jesus taught.

          • I have read it many times over. There is no justification for inferring “prejudice” in the comment I wrote. Are you unable to answer my question?

            It is very common for a father to love his child more than he loves himself. Therefore if he loves his “neighbors” (ie perfect strangers) as much as he loves himself, he can still love his own child more than he loves the “neighbor” (perfect stranger). Same thing for a patriot who loves his nation more than himself. Such people often give up their lives for their nation. They too would be justified in loving the “neighbor” (stranger) less than they love their nation.

            In the real world, the interests of strangers and one’s nation or family often conflict. By the moral logic of the parable of the good Samaritan, a family man or a patriot, who loves his family or his nation more than he loves himself, would be justified in favoring his family’s or his nation’s side in such a conflict of interests.

          • Problem is the Gospels aren’t “what Jesus taught” but fiction written by Greeks nearly a century later spinning a torah observant zealot who was probably part of the continuing messianic tension to overthrow the Roman imposed gentile Greek Herrodian dynasty hated universilly in Judea and Galilee with a “Davidic” descended Macabean restoration. After the revolt in 66AD and Roman suppression all Hellenistic interest in monotheism had to spin their take to avoid any hint at insurrection against Rome so they invented the whole Platonic Socratic pacifistic outlook and put those words into a fictional Jesus in the Gospels. Nobody actually had the authentic biography of Jesus, Paul’s letters are the closest historical documents we have and he had no idea about any biography. Just someone was crucified and he was seeing “visions.”

  13. @Silver so your takeaway from the Good Samaritan parable is to love ones “race”, and hate or avoid people that are not your family/ race/ ethnicity? You clearly are misrepresenting the text. The Jew in the parable was trying to trap Jesus to justify his prejudice for his fellow Jews. Jesus set him straight as he would do the same to you as well. The Bible teaches to love people period never to hate or suppress or separate. PERIOD

    • You have give no indication that you understand my argument nor made any attempt to refute it, merely reasserted your own position. If this is how you are going to carry on, I will terminate any further engagement with you.

      You are reading too much into the good Samaritan parable. It is a useful rule of thumb. But by its own logic it fails to establish that never, under any circumstances may one be permitted to prefer his race or nation over strangers or outsiders.

      If Jesus wanted to set me straight, as you put it, he would have to do better than the good Samaritan. Because I could just say to him as I say to you: but I love my nation more than I love myself, therefore I guess it’s okay to love my nation more than I love the stranger. He is God, so he’s no idiot, he knew this “move” was available to me, and therefore he must have thought it was okay. He simply left it for us to “discover,” while at the same time encouraging to show kindness to outsiders (which I have no problem doing).

      If you are going to persuade me that loving my race is wrong, you are going to have to look elsewhere in scripture.

      • The purpose of Christianity has nothing to do with preserving so called “races”. The purpose of Christianity is spreading the gospel of the kingdom to the whole world, and becoming more like God via Theosis.

        “Christ is the only exit from this world; all other exits-sexual rapture, political utopia, economic independence-are but blind alleys in which rot the corpses of the many who have tried them”.
        Fr. Seraphim Rose

        • The purpose of Christianity has nothing to do with preserving so called “races”.

          WHAT! Are you kidding? Now that is the ultimate heresy.

          1 Peter 2:9 and ye are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people acquired, that the excellences ye may shew forth of Him who out of darkness did call you to His wondrous light

      • Preserving one’s own nationality and culture is not hatred of others. It is in fact a prerequisite of true charity, empathy and compassion. Jesus does not hate one for being white, even if he himself probably looked like a person from Galilee when he was present on the planet. He certainly did not hate his own mother or his earthly father Joseph and the rest of the family, village, etc. Slumlord’s characterization above sounds more like “New Soviet Man” than anything resembling traditional Christianity.

        See the inversion going on here? If you dare to express even the slightest desire to preserve that which was created by God in his own image (all the different races and peoples, including your own), you’re suddenly a Naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews!! If we allow the Talmudists and their fellow-travelers (the so-called “anti-racists”) to brainwash our people to hate and despise themselves, this hatred will end up growing into the very thing they profess to be against. Just look at the behavior of the Azov battalion. They are quite filled with hatred and rage – for their neighbors. At the same time they snap-to for the Satanic foreigners who rule over them.

  14. Pilot, funny isn’t, without that funny faith and the funny book, that goes with it, I would have never known, that “ADAM” was the first WHITE MAN,.I am of his BLOOD, their is forgiveness of sin and eternal life……………

  15. That 2018 Google shooting, I heard scuttlebut that the “Persian Woman” from LA who shot it up was actually a transvestite and the media played along and kept this key fact about the crime from the public? Is this true? I never saw it confirmed, but such violence is very atypical for a female.

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