Uvalde Elementary School Mass Shooting

UPDATE: I’m hearing this is a Hispanic-on-Hispanic mass shooting and the nut killed his own grandmother.

Yet another psycho has lashed out and committed a horrific mass shooting while I am at work.

BTW, it should be pointed out that loving your neighbor is a highly practical ethic. It encourages social trust and social solidarity. Would you rather live in a society where your neighbor is scheming against you? Would you rather live in a society where your neighbor opens fire on your church or targets your children at school or guns you down at a grocery store or while shopping at Wal-Mart? Would you rather live in a society where restaurant employees spit in your food? There are no limits to shitty, depraved human behavior.


  1. The shooters name is Salvador Ramos which means the jews can’t use the shooting as a propaganda piece to push more White hatred so it will soon be dropped.

    • They’ll use it for more gun control of course. TX is pretty reasonable when it comes to gun laws, unlike places like NY and CA where criminals are free to gun down folks for fun and profit – whether they’re the criminals wearing uniforms and badges or the ones in civilian clothes.

      • The fact that the shooter is Mexican is as irrelevant as when the shooter is “white”. From the one picture I’ve seen of the shooter he looks like a homosexual which is probably more indicative of his mental state. Apart from the fake narratives that gets spun around these events in order to take away more of our civil rights, people ignore the larger issue which is that civil society is collapsing and people are going insane. How can you expect people to value life in a society that enshrines the “right” to murder your unborn baby just because it’s inconvenient? Basically, our boomer parents didn’t want to be constrained by morality because they wanted sexual liberation. Now we’re living with the consequences. Broken families, single mothers, abortion, nihilism. All of that is leading to a hell on earth

    • The FBI will classify him as White. If not for his name, the media would attempt to do the same.

      • If you look at the FBI’s most wanted list, they have Pakistani’s, Mexicans and other non Europeans listed as White. That’s to inflate the White crime stats.

        • That’s been going on since the Nixon administration. When classifying victims of violent crime, the FBI treats the invented race “Hispanic” is a separate category. When counting up perpetrators of violent crime, the “Hispanic” (and others) are tossed into the “white” bucket. This is part of the Jew-run operation to cover-up the rate of black violence. As Mark Twain famously noted: There are lies, damned lies and statistics.

          • The government came up with classifying people as “Hispanic” or “Nonhispanic”. Like they are the only thing that matters. When I saw this years ago, I thought it was stupid. Now, I think this is forecasting the future. They want the Americas to be “Amerind” from the Arctic to the tip of Tierra del Fuego.

        • “they have Pakistani’s, Mexicans and other non Europeans listed as White. ”

          Same with IQ testing.

          • There are smart Pakis. They are Indo-euopean too. The average IQ is probably 75 but they have smart ones too. More than beaners I think.

          • Oh sure there are smart ones….they got nukes. I don’t think there is much “Indo-European remaining in them, though. They are more likely to groom your daughter than build rockets.

      • As will gaslight media. After all, the Peruvian octaroon George Zimmerman was labeled by them as a “white supremacist”. Retards who get their info from gaslight media bought it and many parrot the lie down to this day. As someone said: Sinners can repent but stupid is forever. The elevation of St. Trayvon was a black-on-black justified homicide. Zimmerman, a loyal party cadre who even voted for Housenigga Hussein, has been hounded ever since.

        • “many parrot the lie down to this day”

          That’s all most people are, parrots.
          Stand back and listen to people having conversations, just cliches and subjects they’ve heard on TV. Few people are independent thinkers, even fewer original.

          • This cannot be emphasized enough. I’d say that for most people, 100% of what they think and say is just regurgitated.

            For us free thinkers, 90% of what we think or say is either regurgitated, or somehow tainted by The World. We are lucky to have the capacity for independent thought at all. Most just can’t do it. They just don’t have the horsepower.

        • It was easier to do with Zimmerman thanks to his white-sounding name. They still might try it with this guy. Plenty of idiots think these South American types are a kind of “white” people.

        • It is Moshiach Joe works for, the WHO and the World Economic Forum are just front groups for the Moshiach. Old Joe has been putting out for the Moshiach since his first communion and he has got the anal fissures to prove it.

    • “shooters name is Salvador Ramos”

      Never know that by NYT.
      NYPOST had his name and pic top front page.

      Divershity is our strength.
      Divershity culturally enriches us.

      Big brother loves you.

  2. And everyone immediately believes it and starts talking about “the shooter.” Very few have any wisdom at all. After scores of hoaxes, they still believe. What actually happened? You don’t know and don’t care. You just want to believe the narrative.

  3. Yet another terrible school shooting. Seems it’s becoming more and more common. It’s symbolic of how lost this country and people really are. God has been removed from everything and The Evil has increased. I look at this from a perspective of survival. It’s very obvious that Principles, Teachers, and Staff should 2nd Amendment Up at schools. I’d say even Students. They need armed security in schools as well. The civil libertarian idiots will get mad about it but it’s reality. We need far more security. This tragedy would have never happened if a Principle, Teacher, or Staff member would have been truly armed and took out the trash. Praying for Texas! Deo Vindice !

    • “. They need armed security in schools as well. ”

      Ever been to a black school ?
      They often have entire teams of security.

    • Armed students, Pace?. Yeah, I’m sure that would work out real well in modern diverse America.

  4. The United States has become a Satanic nation, “the focus of evil in the modern world.” From interracial pornography to miscegenation to sodomy to transsexual perversion to endless war to the abortion-murder of millions to unlimited brown immigration to Jewish financial schemes including inflationary money printing, usury, debt and a Ponzi-scheme stock “market,” we are doomed.

    One cannot expect that in such an ungodly nation that people who have access to arms will not simply slaughter each other randomly, particularly the nonwhites.

    The problem as I see it is that these shootings make it almost inevitable that (((Schumer))) and (((Blumenthal))) and (((Raskin))) and (((Nadler))) will disarm God-fearing whites before the economic collapse and the racial situation degenerates into all-out war, leaving them defenseless against the depredations of the muds, the beaners and the nutjobs…

    • Unlimited brown immigration will be used to disarm Texas. Not sure if Beto can pull it off.

      • ” brown immigration will be used to disarm Texas”

        Eventually, to remove all the Bill of Rights.

        • There’s millions coming in again. We probably have upwards of 50 million here, and about another 5-7 million have come in. The population of Greater Los Angeles is 18 million.

          I wonder if any of the clueless in the US woke up about the breeding thing, when they heard about the baby formula. Someone on YouTube said when they get bussed in or flown in, they get a backpack and some spending money.

          This is why the price of everything is going up. Free housing, free food, free medical care, free utilities, and free spending money.

  5. Janine Pirro calls him “an animal” on Tuckers show. So Tucker then calls him “a man” over and over. He might get fired if la Raza hears him calling a Latino, even one who murders kids, an animal. Had he had a Muslim name he would not be called a suspect as Ramos is still being referred as, but a “terrorist who murdered Americans.”.

    • Well, I’d suspect he’s just another mildly autistic nerd like Sheldon put on some sort of head medicine and thrown into an unproductive adulthood who probably was inspired by this Buffalo shooting to take himself out with a bang. Just because he was Mexican doesn’t mean the exact same forces of modernism that have alienated so many young men without a future aren’t in play here as well.

  6. ” loving your neighbor is a highly practical ethic.

    Loving my a**.
    If people would just be civil and a tiny bit considerate, that’d be enough. Save the “love thy neighbor” for the hypocrite pulpit monkeys.

  7. This might be fake too. Honestly I don’t know anymore. Everything our occupational government and the media says is a lie.

  8. Let’s have….

    Sensible gun control – like Japan (less than 10 gun deaths each year)
    Sensible immigration control – like Japan (Nothing like 3,000 plus 3rd world illegals invading Japan every day)
    Sensible birth control …..
    Hard core Black gang bangers, MS13/La Raza, rappers black and wiggers also ugly feminist Je*s.

    Does anyone want any more Bela Abzugs? Gloria Steinems? Rosa Luxumbergs? Elena Kagans? Dr Ruth? Nope not me.

    • I agree. Problem is, Japan can control who comes in much more easily than we can. We actually need to start using violent measures to control our border, but nobody has the will to do it.

    • “Sensible gun control – like Japan (less than 10 gun deaths each year)”:

      China and the DPRK (independent Korea) do even better than Japan with guns and shootings. They also have very low rates of suicide compared to rugged, brutally capitalist Japan. Note that U.S.-occupied South Korea is much worse for guns, homicides and suicides than independent, unoccupied Korea. I wonder why?

      • Yep, that’s exactly what I thought. If this was an all white nation, we wouldn’t even be talking about this.

  9. 10 in NY state, 21 in TX.
    does this mean hispanics are twice as much a national threat as WHITE supremacissssst ?

    • Chances are a fair number of those killed are also hispanics. Another MK-Ultra/FBI wind-up toy? Who knows? How can we know for certain if there are even dead bodies?? It’s not as if there are many genuine reporters with the resources to really dig into the shooter’s background. The gaslight media is going to lie all the way to back up Joey Shitpants, whose Cash-Laundromat over in Country 404 is going to be shut down by Russia in time for our next chance to “Voat moar harder” for his allies pretending to be opponents. Shitpants got on Talmudvision of course to politicize the event. Never let an opportunity go to waste.

      @ Ryan: There is no such thing as “sensible gun control” in a country like Murika, unless you plan on deporting 40 million negroids plus a similar large number of invaders from Latin America – who are not as violent but more prone to it than whites. Japan (who you cite) is not so well off as you might think in terms of immigration or birth control – the usual suspects are agitating there for more diversity to be imported. Note the media-promotion of the half-Haitian tennis star last year? Schlomo owns Japan along with Murika and the rest of Clown-World.

  10. BTW, it should be pointed out that loving your neighbor is a highly practical ethic. It encourages social trust and social solidarity. Would you rather live in a society where your neighbor is scheming against you?

    It should also be noted that it’s easier to love your neighbor when you and your neighbor have more in common. When you have virtually nothing meaningful in common, it becomes perhaps not impossible, but the next closest thing to impossible. Mass diversity, mass multiracialism, these are clearly failed social arrangements. They should be undone so that people can have real neighbors again. The world’s big enough for all of us, and we can still love the stranger from afar (usually much easier than loving him when he is up close).

    • I wish we could go back to 16th to 19th century Lutheranism before liberalism when everyone shared the same race, religion, culture and ethnicity. Northern Europe is a joke today

    • Yes, we are most comfortable with people who are like ourselves. The “opposites attract” is a lie. Even when you date or find friends, you connect by common interests and values. Your world views are how you live your life.

  11. In Australia, a criminal guns down countless people in Tasmania in the 90’s, so ordinary guns owners were forced to hand their guns in, but actual criminals didn’t hand theirs in. Gun crime in Australia didn’t reduce, but is rare as a whole, normally carried out between gangs of warring Mohameds.
    Ordinary people often suffer because laws which should only apply to villains who can’t behave, are imposed on everyone as if we’re all the same.

    • It leaves the average citizens without ways to protect themselves. Remember the riots in England years ago? People were buying baseball bats. Who would want a rioter to get that close to take aim?

  12. Mexican killing Mexicans in a Mexican school that happens to be in Texas. Another one of those cases of “why should Americans care?” Just because they happened to be killed within the porous, non-functional borders of the USA? When Mexican kids are killed in Mexico, which happens all the time, are Americans expected to care? No.

    This will fade out of the news cycle quickly because the USA no longer has a national consciousness. Brown randos being killed within the borders of the USA is not perceived as being any different than brown randos killed anywhere else. These stories can’t hold people’s attention like they did years ago with Columbine or whatever. When Columbine happened, it was a big deal because the kids were “us” and “our kids.” These are just rootless individuals who happen to exist withing the “homeland” of the global American empire, so they aren’t perceived as “us.”

  13. Our overlords don’t care about mass murder unless they can fit it into an Anti-White narrative. The funniest thing about the Ukraine war is all the usual suspects pretending to care about Whites.

    • Watch all of the “caring” to just fade out. They got the 40 billion to divide among the tribe.

  14. Guns did not cause this. Switzerland has more guns per capita than the United States. What is causing this is a lack of social communitarianism. As a Harvad scholar (Robert Putman?) pointed out a sense of social belonging is essential for any nation if it hopes to maintain stability and sustainability It it what we call the “Racial Community.”

  15. US Congress can find 40 billion for Ukraine but cannot find the money to pay for security in American schools.

  16. How about all the children and innocent adults being murdered by Israel and by U.S. forces and proxies every day? All the mass shooting victims of imperialist war abroad and social dysfunction at “home” bleed the same red blood, suffer and die the same.

    • Agree 100% MR1831. Cut the defense budget to 50 Billion per year, close all U. S. bases abroad, sell no weapons to any other country. Only defend against an attack on the continental US. No more proxy wars to enrich the war machine.

      Also, practice being a good neighbor to the world by not meddling in the affairs of others,except for humanitarian aid specifically requested by the affected country.

      Peace sells but who’s buying-the title of a MegaDeath 1980s metal madness album (remember those? probably not). Fitting question for the Empire of Evil.

  17. Any nation under Jewish control is bound to become an evil nation. During the 70 years of the soviet union Russia was an evil nation because the soviet union was run by Jewish bolsheviks. Now it is apparently America’s time to be an evil nation- for the same reason.

  18. All true. Still Texas gun sale laws, policies are insane, irresponsible. No way this crazy, totally fits the profile of bullied, loser, flirting with weird sexual things should have been sold military grade assault rifles with lots of clips for mass killings.

    There is no legitimate hunting or self defense use for these weapons. He obviously wasn’t part of any responsible state militia.

    NRA gun nuts might as well be reading from a bad J Hollywood script to allow this sh*#

    Same as Anti abortion extremists “In case of incest or rape”.

    Never underestimate White Right wing conservatives to miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    Who, where was the specific gun store that sold these military rifles and many clips of amp to this obviously mentally ill Latino guy?

    They should be doxed and severely punished. I’m up for that job.

    • “Who, where was the specific gun store that sold these military rifles and many clips of amp to this obviously mentally ill Latino guy?

      They should be doxed and severely punished. I’m up for that job.”

      Dude, I don’t see why you would cuck so badly. That is complete weakness and cowardice. Seeing people like you squirm when the chips are down is what emboldens the left to keep pushing their sick narrative. The average joe honest citizen carries zero burden for the outbursts of our elite engineered sick society.

      Again, all of the blame lies with the left’s sick philosophy.

    • We don’t have an AR-15 problem. We have a “too many pieces of human garbage” problem, plus a society that is terminally ill.

  19. We are in a war with them, so it makes no sense to look at the current gun laws and give a critique. EVIL and hateful democrats occuply key positions of power, and these mass shootings reflect the hate that our political leaders have imposed on our society.

    Politcally speaking, the only move to be made at this stage of the game is to blame those in power for everything.

  20. The question isn’t to ask how do we end gun violence but how do we stop these illegal aliens from crossing our border and committing crime? This criminal shouldn’t have been allowed to come here in the first place.

    • Exactly. There must be at least 100 million undesirables in the country now, almost 1/3 of the population. The U.S. Government has failed to enforce border controls and encouraged wogs to enter the country since 1965. The U.S. Government has claimed there are 11 million illegal aliens in the country for the last thirty years while Ann Coulter showed in 2016 the number had to be at least 30 million and probably closer to 50 million.

      Look at old TV shows that used street scenes of LA, NYC, SF, Chicago, Miami, Boston etc. and in the background the population is overwhelmingly White. This was true, more or less, until about 1990. Cities like LA, SF and NYC in particular are now Third World shitholes.

      The U.S. Government wants to collapse the country so they can start over with a clean slate without pesky White people, Bill of Rights, private property, civilian firearms etc. These geniuses believe this time their Tower of Babel will be successful, not like the last time. When the money goes bad through inflation it’s lights out for GloboHomo Shopping Mall and the new Tower of Babel however.

      Don’t be near the diversity when this happens to avoid their cultural enrichment.

  21. Ann Barnhardt axes an important question which I note few if any are asking:

    How did a totally impoverished drop-out of ambiguous sexuality who couldn’t hold a job as mop boy at Wendy’s buy $5000 worth of rifles and holographic sights?

    This isn’t even getting into the very curious behavior of the badge-gang while all this mayhem was under way. Betcha mop-boy had some “counseling”, too. Shocking, I know. Better stay away from Wendy’s. Maybe the junk-food is a front for a Hunter Biden gun-running operation for Dickey Piano-Man’s Discount Cash-Laundry (10% for the big guy!).

  22. We have don’t have a gun problem, we have a kike & nigger problem. An armed-to-the-teeth America without that bipedal scum would be a Big Switzerland;

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