The Atlantic: A Culture That Kills Its Children Has No Future

Obviously, I agree.

I’ve made the same point myself.

Did Elizabeth Bruenig just hear about the 63 million abortions?

The Atlantic:

“The grieving people of Uvalde, Texas, a town in the Hill Country about 80 miles west of San Antonio, now confront the irreplaceability of life in one of its most ghastly and unnatural incarnations: the murder of at least 19 children and two adults, with several more injured. In their mourning they will join dozens of other communities scattered throughout the country where school shootings this year alone have injured or killed people, and in their special torture—these children were elementary schoolers; they still had the faintly round faces of babies—they will join the families of the children murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School in another episode of stochastic annihilation only 10 years ago.

Yet somehow that brief report of conditions on the ground understates both the scope and the nature of the problem. The nature of the problem, as best I can tell, is that American life isn’t about what is good but is rather about nothing at all (which is, at least, broadly inoffensive and inclusive of most tastes and creeds) or about violence itself. The scope of the problem includes every facet of life that culture touches, which means most every element of daily life. .. “

If you think what happened in Uvalde is nihilistic, how does that compare to a mother killing her own child and disposing of its body?

Note: Of these these two trends, only one is a genuine threat to the future of our civilization.


  1. Looking up some of the classic definitions of ‘genocide’, they included ‘measures that led people to have fewer or no children’

    Which is most of the social structure of the Western world, and also of places like Japan and South Korea

    If young males do not have income and status (with feminism constrained!), they don’t start families, and societies die, period

    And regarding guns, the key statistic that is too-little mentioned, is that the USA has had (this was late 2010s), the 4th LOWEST murder rate in the Americas, only Canada (also with a lot of guns), Chile and Cuba were lower

    Hardly anyone counts the numbers of lives SAVED by guns, in part because those numbers are invisible, given that criminals don’t even get started against victims likely armed, like Hunter’s neighbours in ‘bama

    Even Latin American countries people think are ‘safe’ like Costa Rica was having 2.5x the USA murder rate

    Once a society has a large violence-inclined minority, restricting honest citizens from guns – like in most of Latin America – leaves people without defence … Crime gangs easily kill and intimidate with knives and clubs, guns not even needed for a high murder rate

    Bolsonaro made it easier to have guns in Brasil and crime went DOWN

    Latin America being the most criminal Continent, seems to be tied to how so many of its multi-racial peoples feel rootless … even most of Africa has fewer murders than in Latin America, tho that is said to be influenced by superstitions Africans have of being haunted by any person they kill

  2. A terraformed earth can hold a trillion people; the solar system a quadrillion with ease.

    As security both economic and military depends on relative population; we need to be having many more children.

  3. I don’t care about dead brown kids honestly. They won’t get my guns by waving the bloody shirt.

    • I must admit I was relieved to see it wasn’t our people who had been killed. Also, I believe Elon knows he is talking about the White birthrate. He just isn’t willing to openly say that.

  4. Just another example of the Price of Diversity.

    And of a “culture” where Everything Goes and Nothing Matters.

  5. Re: “confront the irreplaceability of life in one of its most ghastly and unnatural incarnations: the murder of at least 19 children”:

    This so-called “concern for children” in Texas is the rankest, ridiculous hypocrisy. There is NO concern for the MILLIONS of children in foreign countries who have been starved, crippled, orphaned and killed by the Anglo-Zionist Empire in recent years.

    This “concern” about human life is as dishonest as the $40 billion Ukrainian aid package, and it has the same big-business, money-making motivation: “35% of the $40 billion Ukrainian aid package is going to finance the US Armed Forces (…) 45.2% is set to be spent on other countries, not Ukraine, while another 4.8% is earmarked to support refugees, and restore the US diplomatic mission in Ukraine. Ukraine will receive only 15% of the allotted sum, the Speaker revealed (…) But Ukrainians will have to pay off the WHOLE sum, he said. The US is aware that Kiev will not be able to service the debt in the future. That is why they are seizing Ukraine’s last reserves, including grain, which is what we are seeing right now (…) A list of those that want a piece of the pie is shaping up”:

  6. “If you think what happened in Uvalde is nihilistic, how does that compare to a mother killing her own child and disposing of its body?

    Note: Of these these two trends, only one is a genuine threat to the future of our civilization.”

    The anti-abortion and anti-gun movements are quite similar. One believes banning abortion will turn thots into tradwives, while the other thinks banning guns will turn thugs into honest citizens. Both finds phenomena that are caused by a mix of genetics and culture and then looks for inanimate objects, the gun and the abortionist’s scalpel, to blame them on.

  7. When kids are being killed by guns politicians pretend they care about the kids and those evil guns have to go but when it comes to killing them through abortion, it’s always a different story. These hypocrites don’t care about the “kids”, they use their deaths to advance their political agenda.

  8. How did the world get a billion Chinese? Chairman Mao’s glorious mother campaign encourage high birth rates for Chinese families. Mao wanted a big enough population and a big enough army to retaliate against a nuclear attack.

    • Re: “Chairman Mao’s glorious mother campaign”:

      Mao was brilliant and correct, but he was followed by the revisionist traitor Deng, who took orders from the U.S. to REDUCE the Chinese population (by a “One Child” policy) in exchange for trade with the U.S.

      Fortunately, Deng’s gang is gone now and China is getting back on the ethno-national socialist track, and the U.S.-required limit on child-bearing has been removed.

      • Fortunately? The world will NOT be a better place with even more Chinese in it.

        • Yes fortunately. It is good for China, and not only for China but also for the world if China gets back on track and rejects globalism.

          • And why in the hell do you give a damn about China? Because hey are nominal communists? LOL….they are more like National Socialists now, but the planet does need more of them.

  9. Modern, urbanized and materialistic societies are not conducive to having large families. In fact having lots of kids almost anywhere these days is a liability. And it’s not just white populations that are dwindling below replacement rates, it’s every racial/ethnic group that enjoys a First World standard of living.

  10. Once again, failure to account for race.

    She’s correct in her suspicions that America is dying, though. It’s dying because of retards like Elizabeth Breunig, who want a country with the demographics of Brazil but with the violent crime rate of Iceland. Retards like Elizabeth Breunig who want a deracinated multicultural populace, but also want a unified high social trust mass culture. Not how it works, Lizzie.

  11. It’s worth noting that the death of America does not mean that we “have no future.” On the contrary, we would have no future if America continued existing. The death of the global cancer known as America should give people a sense of optimism. A weight is being lifted off of our necks.

  12. People like you and the “Groypers” openly want poor White kids to starve to death if they are born to single mothers. So you are only “pro-life” for clumps of cells who don’t take any effort to advocate for.

      • The number one cause of abortion is poverty. And by extension, neoliberal economic policies. But you don’t want to talk about that.

          • Poor countries with traditional cultures do, but not those that have been globalized/neo-liberalized.

        • pink o, the number one cause of abortion, is “poverty”, poor moral’s, poor lifestyle decisions, unaccountability, pre-maritial sex, one sin leads too another, from “Fornication” too “Murder”, enough of the blame game, pink o………

    • Is “Woke” a joke? You can’t be all those things at once Or if you are a Stalinist, maybe you could be two of them.

      Re: “poor White kids to starve to death if they are born to single mothers”:

      Poor children suffer malnutrition in whole families as well as with single mothers, and not only White (Caucasian) children but all children and adults can suffer malnutrition with this system’s food supply consisting mostly of expensive commercial ersatz food.

  13. Yes, it’s much better for them to grow up immersed in nonstop hyper credentialist propaganda, inculcating in them the idea that they cannot get anywhere in the world without going to college, and then indebt them up to their eyeballs getting a degree — what kind of society treats its young people like that?

    • Here’s a better question for you: Why are young people – and the parents who usually foot at least part of the bill – buying into this gargantuan lie? Colleges and Universities are merely indoctrination centers: Seminaries for the Church of Woke – the only “church” that exists to any meaningful extent in Clown-World. Just another set of lies broadcast 24 x 7 x 365.

      Koba the Dread had a fine quote on the value of education:

      Education is a weapon whose results depend upon who is holding it and at whom it is aimed.

      Here’s a simple question for any white parent in light of the above statement, which is quite true. Who holds the weapon of education in Murika and at whom is this weapon aimed?

      • >Here’s a better question for you: …

        For the hard sciences and engineering, it is, practically speaking, necessary, especially for the lab work — these fields also require studying math and physics, and no subjects teach you how to think rigorously and analytically better than math and physics.

        With so many more women going to college (they now outnumber men by a sizable margin), there has been a large increase in the number of soft degrees being awarded: psychology, political science, communications, journalism, etc — even worse, the number of soft majors has also grown, e.g. gender studies — no one really needs to go to college to study that crap.

        I make an exception for the quantitative social sciences — here I am thinking about men like Arthur Jensen, Charles Murray, et al.

  14. That graph correlates perfectly with the introduction of the Jewish-invented birth control pill and with legalized abortion only 14 years later (because women were still too stupid to use the pill and had to hack their babies to death when they got pregnant after having the casual sex that became mainstream after the introduction of The Pill).

    The cratering of female fertility is unprecedented in human history. It is clearly going to result in the self-extinction of the White Race. Black women, despite their higher abortion rate, are even dumber than white women and not only do no use The Pill but copulate like jungle animals whereas white women tend to get frigid and sexually Puritanical — or morbidly obese and thus undesirable to any man but the lowest Negro — after their wild, orgiastic college years.

    Consequently the black race will continue to reproduce while the White Race eliminates itself. White men have become totally marginalized — they are completely discriminated against in law and in employment, and largely unable to raise families as women have flooded the workplace while male jobs have been shipped offshore and taken by Chinese coolies. The number of unmarried, childless and underemployed white men I personally know is stunning — probably 90% of my own acquaintances. Hypergamy is real, maybe 10-20% of the white men out there get more pussy than than they can handle while 80-90% get little to none. Only a fraction of the sex is procreative in any event.

    Frankly the only solution to this problem is to actually implement the fantasy of the Handmaid’s Tale, which isn’t going to happen.

    Quite possibly there is no solution to this problem.

  15. The mass shootings are not the cause of civilizational collapse in the US; they are a symptom. The cause is liberal ideology, which is to say, the crap that Jews push onto the rest of society.

  16. My brother said he is taking some community college class on addiction counseling and he was talking to the teacher who is also a cop. This cop was wondering how may of these mass shooters are heavy pot users. The cop said he is very experienced with dealing with marijuana addicts and “oh man are they addicted” once they become chronic daily users they get really irritable and violent and will lash out in angry outbursts once the effects of that joint starts to fade in an hour or two. Heavy use really alters the brain and people become dependent on the drug itself to calm down and regulate their negative emotions that explode once the drug wears off. These weed shops are bad, there are two early twentysomething girls living in the two apartments on the second floor and you can smell it coming from them ALL THE TIME, even 8 in the morning. I can hear all this coughing through the ceiling coming from the apartment above. Back in the early 90s at college it was still pretty rare for girls to use it, mostly guys were potheads and were generally shunned by the females. Now this Generation Bastard is really messed up, and making really bad choices.

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