Axios: Senate Republicans Block Domestic Terrorism Bill

The GOP isn’t entirely useless.

They are incapable of advancing a positive agenda. They are occasionally useful when it comes to blocking the worst aspects of the Democratic agenda. There are times like this when that isn’t nothing.


“Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked a bill that would have created new federal offices focused on domestic terrorism, stopping debate on a measure that the House passed after a mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, in which 1o Black people died. …

Driving the news: The bill failed in a 47-47 vote, which falls short of the 60 votes needed to overcome a Republican filibuster. …”

Bernie Sanders voted for this and the $40 billion war chest for Ukraine. To his credit, Tommy Tuberville voted against both.


    • Uh, we already have DHS, why do we need more, why didn’t DHS do something.

      What we really really need , more bureaucrats.

  1. I guess I am relieved. This is a really tough dilemna for me, and it should be for all of us. My thinking is this:

    We put so much effort into forming a voting block(or lack of by sitting out) to punish republican betrayal on a variety of issues. There is no denying this.

    However, we are in a war for survival, and when one is losing ground, one may have to make a decision for an orderly retreat. I think that’s what we have done here by going back to supporting key republicans. I had really ginned myself up for a fight, so I resisted this, but no more. I don’t like it, but it is probably the right decision, and I will support it.

  2. Is the GOP finally showing some fight after all these years? I guess time will tell as more idiotic bills are proposed.

  3. Major Sergey Yevdokimov was not heroic dissident but member of communist patry and loyal servant of the system entire life.

    Yet in the morning of 19th august 1991 he decided that he will not kill people and this was enough.

    Sometimes avoiding worst is all we need. Calm and systematic uncuckung is another thing what is needed.

  4. It will get passed, Once there is a 911 type false flag event with a bunch of good old boys as the patsies. I always had my suspicions about that Turner Diary guy, now you know why. Anyone who leads you away from your natural inclinations is not your friend. It is that simple.

  5. Bernie Sander is a jew, whether secular or observing, he remains a jew, and that should never be overlooked.

  6. “WHITE people don’t know what’s it like to be poor”….Bernie Sanders

    “Food lines are good, it shows people are getting food”……Bernie Sanders

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