1. “insofar as there was any resistance at all”:

    There ISN’T any real resistance. Ayn Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders (NOT a communist) are the same as the rest of the capitalist politicians. “Sorry, we’re capitalist” and “capitalist to the bone,” is how Nancy Pelosi put it.

    As for the $40 billion “aid” package, it is mostly earmarked to subsidize the too-big-to-fail U.S. MIC (military industrial complex) and only 15% is actually supposed to go the Khazarkrainian-Nudelmanist regime (where it will be promptly sucked up by the Jewish oligarchs) but the working population of Khazarkraine is being obligated, required, to pay back the ENTIRE amount as soon as possible (because Khazarkraine “has become a bad risk”) beginning with requisitioning of its reserves of oil seed, wheat and other grains in what is bound to be a bad harvest year.

    • I don’t feel sorry for the Khazarkrainians, as you call them. By all appearances, they actually elected the sickening little Jew clown to be their leader, presumably because they thought he would get them into the political bathhouses (the EU and NATO) where they longed to get reamed.

      With Jews, you lose.

  2. It’s more than just the empire — the following video has been making the rounds: linkWelcome to NYC. A woman can get assaulted on the subway and everyone will stand around and watch.

    The ‘everyone’ includes men.

    Also, per numerous reports law enforcement stood around outside the school in TX while kids were being shot inside (obviously, this is odd behavior in a society that esteems and rewards courage):


    Can’t tell you how depressing it is that cops in Texas of all places were cowering outside while a maniac executed 19 children. We are witnessing the death of courage and masculinity in this culture.

    It was also reported they prevented parents from going inside to rescue their children — I’ve seen a foto of an officer holding a taser, apparently ready to use it against parents.

    (Note: The motive for most crime is pecuniary — the vast majority of homicides are intraracial, and in a sizable majority of those cases the victim and perpetrator were family or knew each other, i.e. stranger homicide is relatively uncommon — putting all of this together, apparently motiveless violence is rare, especially extreme violence — who benefits from incidents like Buffalo and the TX school shooting? — only the surveillance state — ‘strategy of tension’.)

    • You speak of “videos” and “photos” you’ve seen. You don’t think videos and photos presented by the media are representative of the true white man do you?

  3. If you found yourself in the New York subway, would you risk death, injury, or, if you won the fight, prosecution for assault and a “hate crime”, all for the sake of some random woman who is very statistically likely to have voted Democrat and therefore in favor of being assaulted?

    Modern women denounce “the patriarchy”, meaning sane relations between the sexes, but faced with an aggressive negropithecus, they revert to being damsels in distress.

    • “Modern women denounce “the patriarchy”, meaning sane relations between the sexes, but faced with an aggressive negropithecus, they revert to being damsels in distress.” -Ray Caruso

      Nature will not be denied. So—? This is not all women’s fault, no matter how good it makes you guys feel to think so.
      -from, A Random Woman who never denounced “the patriarchy”, knows that White men are the only reason we have a civilization (or did have), and NEVER voted for ANY of this.

    • Agreed. Chris Hedges and Jimmy Dore are operating from faulty premises when they reason their way to standard, Left Wing Establishment descriptions as to what ails the GloboHomo Shopping Mall. Their descriptions of some of the problems plaguing the Empire are correct but so what? Even a blind pig finds an acorn every once in a while.

      Their first faulty premise is “All Men are Created Equal”. If this were true then the liberal prescriptions that have been applied over the past 80 years to the failures of colored people would have fixed their propensities towards violence, criminality, poor academic performance, bastardy etc. Instead, all those problems have gotten worse the more the “Liberals” have fixed things. All Men are not created equal in worldly things i.e. intelligence, creativity, cooperativeness, future time orientation etc.

      The diversity grifters are correct so far as proclaiming that people are fundamentally different, they aren’t just White people with tans or different paint jobs. The diversity grifters are more in touch with reality then the “Liberals” and their “Conservative” allies. The diversity grifters just want a White society without White people, only colored people, a contradiction therefore an impossibility.

      Chris Hedges and Jimmy Dore correctly deplore the MIC’s pernicious influence but don’t mention The Usual Suspects and their constant advocacy of war as well as their corrosive effect on the common culture. One type of corruption (cultural) begets other types of (financial, political) corruption. It’s illogical to deplore bribes in politics (MIC) while remaining silent while scumbag politicians support wars for Our Greatest Ally.

      The current system is unsustainable. It will crash and no amount of tinkering can save it especially when the critics, Liberals and Conservatives don’t understand or refuse to admit the inherent contradictions causing the problems. The 20% inflation plaguing us now is the system’s Achille’s Heel and the geniuses in charge are just making everything worse.

  4. Just watch this review of the investigation of the underwater collision of the nuclear submarine USS Connecticut.The commenters are blaming the overdeployment of US military assets but I think affirmative action is also a contributing cause.

    • The ex-Captain of the USS Connecticut is a wog. No surprise he hit the pier in San Diego then an underwater mountain wrecking the boat. Must have been racism that caused this. The dock in San Diego and the underwater mountain are guilty of White Supremacy.

  5. The extreme delusional arrogance of the American empire now is amazing to witness.

    Current US strategy:
    -start war against Russia and China simultaneously
    -do everything imaginable to push Russia and China together, rather than trying to divide and conquer them
    -declare half of their own population to be “domestic terrorists” because they aren’t 100% on board with the tranny and open borders agenda
    -alienate most nations on earth by demanding that they kill their own economies, while also demanding that they dismantle their traditional cultures and replace them with woke Washington lgbt culture
    -insult all of their potential allies constantly
    -force their EU puppets to commit economic suicide
    -destroy their own credibility with international investors by seizing assets from random people without any form of warning or due process
    -undermine dollar dominance, which is the lynchpin of their entire empire

    You even have non-retarded American imperialists from the previous generation, like Kissinger, coming out asking these people WTF they are thinking and cautioning them that what they’re doing is clearly insane. Their response is to cancel these people.

    Has there ever been a bigger case of “high on their own supply” in American history?

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