Gun Control Is Now The Current Thing

I’ve been extremely busy lately with my son’s birthday party and preparing for our road trip out West in early June. I haven’t had as much time as I would like to comment on the news, but I see that gun control has become the new Current Thing in the wake of the Uvalde mass shooting.

In between the focus on gun control and abortion (two issues on which I have always agreed with the Republican base), unqualified support for the war in Ukraine, record levels of illegal immigration and violent crime, sky high gas prices and inflation and the attempt to push domestic terrorism legislation and create a police state, I am really looking forward to the demise of the Democratic majority in November. Even if the GOP doesn’t deserve to return to power, these people clearly deserve to lose power.

Just from my jaded perspective, the Democrats really are making a strong case in recent months that, yes, they are worse than the Republicans. Gas prices alone are enough to throw them out. I’m sick of going broke for Ukraine. It is like they are trying to tick every possible box to highlight why they need to go. They are going the extra mile on every culture war front.


  1. Don’t call it “Gun Control” that’s a deal killer with White Conservatives.

    Instead call it :

    Responsible gun policies, training, gun safety.

    We can’t let bullied, crazy Latino 18 year olds who want to kill their grandmothers purchase military rifles and lots of clips then go on shooting sprees.

    It’s like the Left forcing elections to be about “Should abortion be banned in instances of rape”.

    We have winning issues – anything guns military guns for the entire world moving here – that’s not a winning issue.

    It’s the economy stupid.
    It’s inflation stupid
    It’s border anarchy stupid
    It’s (Black) urban violent crime stupid


    it’s not called “The Stupid Party” for nothing. Lots of our people really are stupid – do things like waste 5 days a week worshipping Negro felons playing Football or dunking a basketball.


    • Please do tell us how a Wendy’s mop-boy reject obtained 5000 USD worth of high-end weaponry. He didn’t walk into the school with a 200-dollar Wal-Mart shotgun (though these can be quite deadly). To top it off there was a large contingent of badge-gang types assembled outside the school for 40-minutes or more while mop-boy was blasting away with his high-end toys. It ended only when a border-patrol agent in the neighborhood going after drug houses went in by himself and took out mop-boy. The whole thing reeks of FBI. Yes criminals do need to be disarmed – especially the ones who wear badges and operate under the color of law.

      • $5,000 isn’t a lot of money – can’t even get a beat up car for that now. In Soros funded DA places like here in Chicago, LA or San Francisco the DAs don’t prosecute POC shoplifters for stealing less than $1,000 a day. That’s just 6 days of stealing to get the $5,000 to purchase those mass killing military rifles and ammunition.

        Anything goes military gun sales to cray people, Black, Latrino, Somalians, Antifa, BLM – sorry 2nd Amendment gun purists that’s bat sh*t insane.

        • You’re grasping for straws. The gear used by the shooter in Uvalde was in the 5000-8000 range now that more details have emerged. It is not terribly likely mop-boy got 5 to 10 grand (which is still quite a lot of money for most folks) by shoplifting in Texas and selling it to (((certain pawn shops))) for pennies on the dollar. The EOTech holographic sight on one of the guns runs at 800 dollars alone – not including installation.

          As for third-world shithole you choose to live in (Chicago), a place in which one cannot even buy a BB-gun even though its retarded mayorette is surrounded by as many machine-gun toting guards (with real assault rifles – not the media kind) as many an African war-lord, here you can view a perfect example of how very effective the many laws passed by Shitcongo’s Board of Alderswine are in real life.

          It’s should be fairly obvious by now to all but those who choosed to still marinate themselves in lies that the mass-shooting in Uvalde is a brightly-glowing a goverment-run operation. The behavior of the badge-gang is likewise summed up nicely here.

        • Mr. Ryan,

          I agree with you. I invited you to my graduation. I wish you would have attended. I am only here to say hello. I think the same atrocity in Uvalde could have been committed by a man with a shotgun and a couple of revolvers. In that case the Left would be calling for the banning of those weapons leaving Americans with nada.

  2. I also hope that Democrats lost power and election, even in my country in the next 2023 election. Republicans are better, but on the issue of gun control i think that in USA there’s a big problem: How can people use gun at 18 or 21 years old? it is very easy to get a weapon in America, and I think this is wrong. I’m not a leftist but i think that USA need a gun control.

    • It’s not as easy as you think to obtain a gun in the USA. You have to fill out paperwork and pass a background check with government database. In many states you have to wait at least 24 hours – 72 in some, especially for handguns. You don’t just walk into a Wal-Mart, hand over your money, and walk out with a gun. The USA already has gun control. It is illegal for convicted felons to own a firearm, for example. Yet felons like Hunter Biden have no difficulty obtaining firearms. They can pass all the damned laws they like, but criminals are not very renowned for their high regard of laws. The sole purpose of gun control is to ensure that only criminals will be armed.

      In 1920, you could walk into a hardware store and purchase a Thompson submachine gun for around 30 dollars. In many states you cannot own one at all, and in those that allow you to own the identical weapon you have to undergo a procto-exam by the BATFE (a government agency filled with criminals) and pay a tax provided the weapon existed before 1986 then fork over about 10K for the privilege – to own a weapon which was current in WW I.

      • But there have always been a lot of shootings in the U.S., so the problem exist. I get your point, probably is not too easy buy a gun, but we have to admit that if in the USA there have always been a lot of mass shootings (Columbine is only the most famous), so it means that something is not working as it should.

        • >But there have always been a lot of shootings in the U.S., so the problem exist.

          The vast majority of those are black males killing other black males, but you never hear about those killings — doing a quick reckoning, there have already been over 400 gun homicides in just Chicago and Philadelphia so far in 2022 — how many of those have you heard about? — and some of those incidents qualify as ‘mass shootings’, given the number of total victims who were shot (not necessarily killed).

          People in Europe only hear about the shootings in the US that your, and largely our, media decide to hype — and there is always an ulterior, political motive behind the crimes the media chooses to cover — everyday criminality is ignored, but this is exactly what Americans hear about (in their local news) and experience every day.

          You ignore the principle that people ought to have the right to own a weapon if they choose, and per the US Constitution this right should not be ‘abridged’ — such a principle, such a right, is not contingent on extant circumstances — it is a right.

          Also, it is foolish to allow increasingly arbitrary and authoritarian government to have a monopoly on weapons.

          We will not give up the right to own weapons, no matter how many ‘school shootings’ there are.

    • You sound like a leftist to me.

      To the extent there is a problem, it isn’t guns. We’ve had lots of guns in this country for as long as it’s existed. The problem is a broken and sick society that produces people like this. If we fix anything, it should be the root cause, not the symptom.

      Elites favor gun control for entirely self-serving reasons. They don’t like the idea that the proles are able to strike back at them if they get too far out of line.

      • Man i forgive you to call me a leftist, the point is this: you have reason when you talk about the sick and ill society, i get it, but at the same time it’s too easy to find a weapon in USA and is accessible to virtually all people, even mentally ill people. It’s hard to predict if the one you sell a weapon to goes crazy one day and makes a killing.

    • Marcel,

      Your observation is very accurate. And European nationalists tend to have sensible observations about the failings of American Conservatives, identitarians.

      American Conservatives, reactionaries have been stuck in serious ruts, confined to what George Lincoln Rockwell described as “The Conservative Sandbox”.

      Most of this is caused by the false “Liberals vs Conservatives” divide that really kicked in from the 1960s when Conservative Christian, pro military, pro guns lost their/collective minds from the long hair, pot smoking, sexual liberation anti war new Leftists. This is presented in (horrible jew) Norman Lear’s All in the Family in the arguments between Archie Bunker and his (jew) son Michael “The Meathead”.

      The lying, hateful Jew producer Norman Lear made some deceptions, make Archie Bunker a Protestant Christian working class regular guy from Queens, when these were pretty much all Irish and Italian Catholics. Lear was trying to explain why the American White working class went for GOP Conservatives like Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan instead of the marxist program that supposed promoted the rights of “Workers”. And Lear made the work avoiding Liberal eternal student Michael S – the Meathead in to a Polish Gentile, non practicing Catholic instead of an ethnic Jew atheist, Liberal which he was/is in real life the actor Rob Reiner son of the actor (Dick Van Dyke show) Carl Reiner.

      Our problems are serious racial, the Great Replacement the criminal permanent Black welfare underclass. We can’t win much of anything without the support of White working class “the workers” – it was the same in Germany 100 years ago – Conservatives, reactionaries were getting no where during the Weimar Republic, mass inflation and mass unemployment. So it was the genius of presenting socialist nationalism that won the day.

      Since German National Socialism, NAZIs is so discredited in the USA, UK we have to present something else – various forms of populism, Buchanan and Trump etc These populist programs are popular and can be done with the right leaders, right propaganda. We need much better propaganda.

      And yes you are right – letting obviously crazy Latrino 18 year olds with screwed up sexuality who want to murder their grandmothers, letting them buy military rifles and large amounts of ammunition on an open marked – that’s crazy – that’s nothing like Switzerland’s voluntary military gun ownership.

      • @jaye ryan Thank God someone understood my reasoning without accusing me of being pro-leftist government. I agree with all you wrote, the great replacement is not only racially but also culturally, is the white culture and white history that you cannot be proud anymore (according to the leftists). Leftists are destroying our culture materially and intellectually because they control a lot of universities. My only concern, as i wrote in another comment, is that i’m afraid if someone kill my parents, my sibillings, my sons or other in a supermarket, cinema, school or everywhere. People have the right to have guns but madmen have not the right playing target practice with my loved ones.

        • People have the right to have guns but madmen have not the right playing target practice with my loved ones.

          This is the kind of illogical, emotion-driven nonsense you’d expect from a nutty woman wearing a vagina hat while protesting the patriarchy — no one is saying ‘madmen’ have the ‘right to play target practice with your loved ones’ — but if you grant that people ought to have the ‘right’ to ‘have guns’, then you must also be willing to concede that this ‘right’ does not and must not depend on the remote possibility that your ‘loved ones’ may be harmed by a ‘madman’ with a gun.

          The fact is, your ‘loved ones’ have a far greater chance of being killed by someone driving a vehicle while intoxicated than by ‘madmen’ with guns.

          The chances may also be greater that your ‘loved ones’ will be killed by ‘madmen’ with guns who are wearing uniforms and serving the state, which you seem to believe should have a monopoly on weapons.

          • @eah I respect your thing, but i don’t find illogical that i care about my loved ones and i want them safe from Police, mass shooters, negroes and all kind of people who can shot them.

  3. ANYTHING to look at, other than COVID, LOCKDOWNS, FAUCI’s playing ‘god,’ PFIZER, BILLIONS IN PROFITS, using the COVID Pandemic as a means to DESTROY the Middle Class…. the deaths, the miscarriages, the heart enlargements, the CONCEPT OF A FORCED POPULATION REDUCTION…..

    ALL of this should be being TRIED IN EVERY COURT IN THE WORLD, and instead, we get some crap about a bunch of mestizo spawn killed by a MESTIZO TRANNY, in a hellhole in Tex-ASS?

    Dear Lord, how stupid Americans are. THEY FORGOT THE TWO YEARS OF SCHWAB-ian Hell, the masks, the jabs, the ostracism, the loss of businesses, the destruction of the family….. etc.


    Jews and Blacks (the untermenschen) do it 24/7/365. What is wrong with this nation!?

  4. In the context of over 60% of GOP voters now understanding that they are being targetted by the policies of the great replacement, I see no way in which people will submit to gun control and I welcome them trying to implement it against our will.

    White middle America is aware they are the kulaks of this failing empire, and history makes it plain that we either protect ourselves or get eradicated, if not directly then over time.

    The more damage that can be done to.the establishment, the more chaos that can be introduced to their comfortable world in Washington, the easier it will be for States to assert themselves.

    This is an unalloyed good.

    Statism should not be our goal while an occupation government assails even our basic liberties.

    Save that debate for when an and if an ethnostate ever emerges. Right now it’s irrelevant. Further, I unequivocally reject the legitimacy of that State, as does pretty much the entirety of the White population.

    The Fascists, Natsocs and the rest of the Statist Larpers among the dissident right can all go fuck themselves. Their worldview is at odds with reality and the facts on the ground.

  5. Gun control doesn’t stop anything, just look at Chicago which has the most stringent gun laws in the nation and has the highest gun crimes. Gun control just punishes law abiding citizens. Criminals don’t follow gun laws.

    • Nope – take it from a born raised, returned many times Chicagoan – Obamas were my neighbors.

      Our problems are not “gun laws” – our problems are racial, cultural, sexual, political realities.

      If Whites and others have THE WILL all kinds of things conservatives say “can’t be done” can be done.

      When White savior Rudy Giuliani was elected mayor of New York City – he, the excellent Bratton, Kelly led NYPD did the impossible – reduced (Black, Latrino) violent crime by about 85%. The NYPD did yes, profiling, broken windows policing, flooding high crime areas with cops, stop and frisk.

      The usual suspects (Sharpton, ACL-Jew, Lib church, Jews media) bitched and whined and shouted “That’s racist” but New Yorkers including most Jewish New Yorkers had had enough of late Koch, Dinkins era criminal anarchy – sh** like the Central Park wilding gang rape of the Central Park Jogger, tourists from Utah getting murdered on the subway defending his mother from a Black crew, and then the event that changed everything

      The Sharpton led anti Jewish Pogrom in Crown Heights Brookiyn. When Black mobs start shouting “Kill the Jews” and yeah, a few Jews get killed, that changes everything – basic civilization, anti Black crime that we want to do – but “The Liberal (Jew) media and cuckservatives always say:

      “We can’t do that”.

      Oh yes we can do that.

      Cuckservatives, Constitutionalist, Libertarians stuck in the Conservative sandbox (Read George Lincoln Rockwell White Power on 50 years of failure) can not break old, bad habits. They are not playing to win or playing to be competitive.

      Hell yes we can reduce Black crime, Black anarchy, lower the Black welfare underclass birth rate. That’s something liberals have managed to do, lowered the Black underclass birthrate – pro Life true believers are pretty much out of it on that one.

      There are still some tough and practical White guys, and near White guys (that’s even better) like Sheriff Joe A in Arizona. Find them, promote them – don’t look for them in some church where everybody is in a suite and no one has ever been in a fist fight. Get to know some bikers, strippers, South Americans who handle all this sh** in slums in rio and San Paulo Brazil.

      And stop with the negativity “We can’t do that”.

      Yes We Can!

  6. I made my last gun purchase at an Academy sporting goods store last year. I had to do my background check with some digital gadget. There were three gender categories: male, female, and non-binary. Also, the dummy models for the clothing they sold were all black. This was in Alabama. Just FYI.

  7. Just remember that these same people who want to use this event to disarm white people and give them a political win in November couldn’t care less about one of their own mass killing/injuring people about 6 months ago.

    On November 21, 2021, around 4:39 p.m. CST, a red 2010 Ford Escape SUV, driven at about 40 miles per hour (60 km/h), broke through barricades and drove through the annual Christmas parade in Waukesha. One police officer banged on the hood of the SUV in an attempt to get the driver to stop. Another officer then fired his gun in an attempt to stop the vehicle.

    The parade was being live-streamed, and other attendees captured the incident on videos that were later posted to social media. Two eyewitnesses told reporters that the driver did not stop initially and all they could hear was people screaming and crying. One witness described the driver as “calm and composed”. Police reported that the driver deliberately targeted the crowd, driving in a “zig-zag pattern” to hit as many people as possible.

    During the immediate aftermath of the ramming, five people were confirmed killed and forty-eight others were injured. The five dead were identified as four women and one man. Four of the dead were members of the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies, a dance group composed solely of grandmothers.

    Hospitals admitted 28 people, and nine were in critical condition. Seventeen children were among the wounded, three of whom remained hospitalized at Children’s Wisconsin and listed in fair condition as of December 7. By November 23, the number of people reported injured had increased to 62 and the number of fatalities had increased to six after an eight-year-old child died at a hospital. The ages of the dead ranged from 8 to 81…
    — Wikipedia: “Waukesha Christmas parade attack”

  8. Biden’s handlers had gun control all bundled up and ready to go when they usurped the presidency, they were disappointed they just had to wait this long for some cuckoos to go off.

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