Jimmy Dore: Texas Shooting Exposes Rot At Core of U.S. Society

Mass shootings are a symptom of social disintegration.

The reason this keeps happening is because the number of mentally ill, lonely, depressed, alienated, nihilistic and suicidal men keeps growing and that is because we live in a sick, degenerate post-Christian culture. We live in a culture that leads to sociopathy and liberals blame guns for mass shootings.

If I had a rocket launcher or a machine gun, it would never cross my mind to open fire on random people in an elementary school or a grocery store. I’m not a sociopath. When the number of sociopaths begins to explode in any culture due to mischief by cultural elites, you will have more serial killers and mass shootings and “vehicle attacks” and arsonists starting devastating wildfires in California and people getting pushed in front of trains in New York City or preying on hurricane victims and little things like employees spitting on food, etc. More people will litter because of their attitude toward society.

Note: Salvador Ramos has the look.


  1. The USA also has hundreds of feds who are paid to sit in discord servers and other group chats all day trying to convince mentally ill kids to go out and kill random people. This shooter was in a fed discord.

  2. Instead of blaming their woke, degenerate policies, they blame the guns instead. The debased culture is the problem but no one on the left will admit it because they are the ones pushing it.

  3. Things like this make the already bloated egos of the self proclaimed rulers of America, in the Northern States, swell to even bigger proportions. It also makes them feel even more superior to the rest of the United States, than they already do. Even now, SJWs from Maine to Minnesota are planning out how they’re going to bring the fundiments of civilisation to the savages in Dixie and in Nebraska and Wyoming.

    We get rid of those states that went to war against us in the middle 19th Century, and which are still, fundimentally, at war with us today, and 90% of our socio-political problems will virtually disappear overnight. The folks in the Interior West will be able to deal with the Left Coast, as well. They may even haf to dispatch ships from Boston and New York, to rescue those people with bulk supplies of food and fuels.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

    • So predictable. I knew before I read that you would somehow tie a mentally warped Hispanic mass shooter, from your very own state, to simple regionalism and the Civil fucking War. You’ll still be shaking your fists at damnyankees when Texas gets conquered by Mexicans.

  4. I think part of the problem is small families. Most kids grow up as the only child or perhaps with one sibling who is not the same sex or significantly older or younger. Young children especially need other children with whom to play. It’s particularly beneficial when those children are family.

    • R.Speer, agreed, growing up with brother’s, having your back, is a good thing, mess with one of them and you, got all of them, too answer to…….we need bigger families, we need too take better care of our senior.elders, our children, our womenfolk, zero tolerance of mistreatment of our people, we lack in proper care of our people, our young are not taught proper manners, if we do not respect each other and ourselves, nobody else, will either, let’s stick together, mess with one of us, you are messing with all of us……

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