Tucker Carlson: There Is Something Really Wrong With Our Society

Tucker Carlson tries to put his finger on the real issue.

According to liberals, it is guns or white supremacy that kills people. Vehicles also kill people like at the Christmas parade in Waukesha. Climate change causes wildfires. Incels also kill people. It is never sick, twisted, evil, nihilistic sociopaths who kill people because of their character.

If you focus on the character of mass shooters, it raises too many uncomfortable questions. They are almost always deeply alienated, lonely, nihilistic men who are suffering from a mental illness. They are often loners who were bullied in school. It is not deeply religious, married men with children who become mass shooters. It is people who are deeply unhappy with few social connections.

Note: I would love to see how mass shootings intersect with loneliness, mental illness and social atomization in advanced liberal societies.


  1. The problem is that we don’t have a society. We have dozens of fragmented societies that live under the same unaccountable oligarchical rule, held together only by force. Every state decision becomes an existential life-or-death struggle between incompatible groups of people. The USA needs to be broken apart.

    • “…Every state decision becomes an existential life-or-death struggle between incompatible groups of people. The USA needs to be broken apart….”

      It doesn’t have to be this way. We, the heritage nation, can rule the whole country to our liking with a handful of changes to the law. The key is “regional representation” in the Senates of the States legislatures. The Supreme court outlawed this illegally. Right now, ALL States are ruled by the largest cities in the States. If you pay attention, you will see States with the biggest cities are the worst. I covered this in a long comment here, and how to in a very short time totally overturn the whole Jew world we live in.


      We could take over and completely control the country with only a majority in the House and Senate in the Federal government and a willingness to do so by the members.

      “…NY 2020 General Election. 2,000,000 questionable registrations and votes…”

      This shows how weak their position is. That even in New York State they feel they have to steal several million votes to guarantee winning. But as long as no one is punished for it they will continue to do so.

      I have found even further levers that we can wield in the Constitution to make it vastly harder to steal elections. People keep saying the Constitution is old and not up to the task BUT read this,

      “…Article I, Section 5, which provides “Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members … Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behavior, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member.”…”

      They could demand photo ID. All ballots being controlled and accounted for. All ballots given to a voter accounted for. No mail-in voting unless done before the election with ID verification. All ballots scanned after being cast or during and a image of the ballot being uploaded to the internet tied to each voting place, with the number of ballots and the names of the voters attached. That way all votes could be independently counted by the public at large. No electronic voting. All hand count in a specified time. Maybe we couldn’t stop all cheating but cheating on the mass scale in the last election would be difficult to do.They could even demand the voters be “qualified” by whatever means they deem necessary. The above clause is not vague.

      With the voters, “qualified”, like having a high school diploma or paying a positive rate of taxes, we could totally crush all crime in a year. Since the people voting for the poz mostly do not meet these qualifications, the Black vote would evaporate and any politician who continued to do nothing about the Pol Pot level of crime in our cities would soon be finding other work.

      We could build vast gulags in the empty areas of the west to build canals or other public projects and pile people in them.

      I’m constantly blathering on and on about the Senates in the States being elected by regional basis instead of by population, giving too much power to the cities. Well it seems that the Constitution handily provides that if they have the majority they can do just that. They could also demand a voting system that guarantees honest, open and verified voting, OR, the people who refuse can just have no Representatives at all. Not only the above but since it doesn’t require the President at all then he can not block it without blatantly trying to overthrow the Constitution in a most public way.

      People are always saying that we need this, and that, change, civil war, mass bloodshed, etc, and I am telling you that the US Constitution is the finest document of governance in the history of planet earth that flawed humans can think up. That we don’t follow it is hardly the fault of the Founders. It’s all there.

      There is no reason at all given the above Constitutional clause that the Representatives and the Senate could demand regional voting, which would totally collapse the Democratic vote in one swift kick. If they had the balls they could totally change the whole country and roll up the Jews in a years time.

      As this relates to the present shooting I can’t say that I know what happened but there are a vast amount of reports that show that this may have been another set up, controlled situation. That it is not spontaneous. Maybe it’s like they said but the whole thing stinks. Why would they stop the parents from going in the school?

      In another school shooting just like this, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Broward sheriff deputies tried to stop local police from going in but they pushed them aside and ended it. They attempted to do the exact same thing that led to the present shooting.


      • Hard to believe it’s 2022 and there are still people here talking about how they can “save America” by electing more Republicans. Even harder to believe anyone would actually want to save this trash heap.

        If this one court decision from 1964 is the root of every problem, like you claim, then why was the USA total garbage even before the 1960s?

        • “…If this one court decision from 1964 is the root of every problem, like you claim…”

          I didn’t claim that. I said that that was what precipitated a decline in power for all the people in the rural more red State areas.It is the lynch pin of the Democrat power. Without it they could be crushed. It’s also a fact that in order to do the ruthless things we need to do, headless of the cries of “fairness” we needed to see what sort of “fairness” would be dealt out to us. “If” we can get people who will do exactly as I have said, and through that politically regain power “and” crush them, then we will prevail. Will the present batch of Republicans do so? Maybe not, maybe so if enough people claim that they will not support anyone who does not ruthlessly act in our interest.

          Let’s take this further. People say we are ruined because of all the illegal aliens and all the 1964 on immigrants. I say let’s look at all these immigrants and any one that has taken so much as a penny of welfare of any sort, declare them a public charge. Take away their citizenship and deport them. I don’t know the law but I have no doubt there’s a law making it illegal for immigrants to become public charges. If there isn’t one, and I bet there is, then pass one. If we have the political power, there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

          I can’t remember who it was but there’s already at least one politician saying that the power of the cities is all out of proportion. I don’t know if he got this from me or not but it only takes a spark to start a fire. It only takes a majority vote to do all I have said. All their vote cheating can be brought to a halt. Relentless crushing force can be brought to bear on the Jews and their allies. If I had my way we would deport the whole lot of them and ban them from the country forever.

          “For want of a nail the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe the horse was lost. For want of a horse the rider was lost. For want of a rider the message was lost. For want of a message the battle was lost. For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.”

          You’d be surprised by how many times in history paths have been taken because of small events and little technical things happening. Maybe a certain leader gets in and refuses to break and intelligently arrays all of his inferior forces and power much stronger than his lose.

          I’ll even give you one example. Wellingtons battle against Napoleon. HUGE breaking point in history. He almost lost. There was a Prussian general called Blücher on Wellington’s side. At the battle of Waterloo, Blücher is injured and knocked unconscious. His men take him off to the east. Blücher wakes up and realizes what is going on turns his men around and attacks Napoleon right. Wellington wins.

          The Jews have done this their whole history. Incessant whittling away in every single deal until the addition of minutia winds up making them rich. They get control of banks, lend money to get control of the media, cover up their crimes by control of the media, slowly fund the people in power to do what they want, bribe, blackmail or kill the rest and all of a sudden from penniless cloth trading paupers they run the whole of the US and the west. Use our armies to fight their wars, ruin us. The way to fight them is to tear off a little chunk of that power and then ruthlessly force our way on them. Not let them run over us.

          The only alternative to what I’m pro[posing, that I can see, is civil war and I expect very strongly that we would lose. We being the central red States. They would own the coast and could bring in whatever power they needed to surround and crush us. Even if we won, civil wars are extremely horrible and always weaken those that pursue it. My way, we us our own laws to do things our own way.

          • War what? Are you delusional? You’d expect to muster up a bunch of people, no communication or system, and fight the government? You’d lose the first day.

  2. I have no doubt any longer. The FBI is most definitely involved in and dedicated to promoting mass shootings. Maybe it’s to push for gun control, increase societal chaos or some other purpose.

    All I know is what many are now waking up to:

    The FBI is a clear and present danger. It is a fully criminal organization teetering on domestic terrorism in service to the entrenched power elite.

    We still don’t know what happened in the greatest mass shooting in US history in Nevada. We still don’t know who sent the anthrax to leading members of the Senate in 2001 to scare them into the ‘Neocon’s War on Terror’. The FBI targeted two people who had nothing to do with it. One later committed suicide.

    The FBI went after Scott Ritter when he came out as a vocal opponent of the Iraq War.

    The FBI went after David Duke when he began exposing Jewish Supremacy to the educated public without the goofy white hoods and robes.

    The FBI knew full well that Sussman was a Clinton operative and pushed the phone Trump-Russia collusion narrative anyway.

    The FBI created the Michigan Whitmer kidnapping hoax and the FBI was most definitely involved in staging the 1/6 insurrection hoax.

    The only bright side is how many normies on the Right are now recognizing what the FBI truly is.

    • On another site I read an interesting piece about the shooting and the author asked this question:

      Where did this Ramos character who did the shooting get the money for the two rifles, the ammunition, magazines and the holographic sight he was using? The whole kit would have set him back about $5,000 but he didn’t have a job or reliable work history. His mother was a drug addict, his grandmother whom he was living with had no money either. His father was also broke and he apparently had no friends.

      Did he have a bank account or credit cards? If so, when were they opened and where did the money come from to open the accounts? Credit card companies don’t give unemployed 18 YOs a line of credit like that if he even had one. If he paid cash for his weapons where did he get the money? Was it from drug dealing, thievery or something else?

      It would be nice if the press had an ounce, even a grain of curiosity about these things but the Lügenpresse just wants to push their narrative, not discover uncomfortable facts that might blow up the narrative, that’s not their job.

      • You really have to wonder what they actually teach in journalism schools these days.

  3. That is exactly why it makes so much sense to institute background checks and a waiting period for the purchase of weapons. We want to make an effort to prevent these troubled people from getting their hands on such dangerous weapons.

  4. Yes mass shooters are sociopaths and sick, but the real issue is that it’s easy in USA to find and buy a weapon.

    • The real issue is that you stand up and bark like a trained seal at whatever the media shoves in front of your face.

      I’m assuming you’re a European – they seldom miss an opportunity to arrogantly opine about America, a country which most know very little about – but I thank you for your concern about my country, and your well-thought-out opinions that just so happen to mirror the interests of our own robber barons and political elites.

      • You’re moron, stop. Yes i’m proudly european and write i this website because i’m near to my fellow white people in USA. I critizice something of USA, i don’t blame USA for all. I’m near them because wokism has reached worrisome levels in America and is coming to Europe as well. Instead of being happy that people like me from Europe are sympathetic to you, you get angry for no reason. I have only said that in my opinion there is too much easy access to guns, this does not make me a communist, nor a member of the elites, I have only expressed my free opinion as one can do on this website.

        • I’m definitely not “happy“ an outsider takes an interest in our politics if he ends up advocating the same things our homegrown leftists do.

          One thing I don’t think Euros get is Americans- especially right wingers- fundamental suspicion of and hostility to the State. We don’t see it as a manifestation of our collective will or as a guardian of our people, we see it as an inherently oppressive force that must be tightly controlled and kept honest. The only real way to do that is to make them fear the people, and the only way to do that is to have an armed populace.

          We already have laws preventing criminals and known crazies from (legally) acquiring firearms. Anything beyond that would quickly turn from “keep the bad guys from getting guns” to “keep the people we don’t like (ie right wingers) from getting guns.” Leftists know gun control isn’t popular in America, so their strategy is to gradually chip away at our rights. That’s what all the “baby steps” like red flag laws are designed to accomplish.

          We don’t want to be gelded Euros, whose leaders don’t have to worry about anything more than strongly worded complaints from their subjects. I’m sure you think that’s the proper state of affairs. Most of us don’t. If your intent is to make common cause with American right wingers, you should probably avoid harping on one of the few subjects guaranteed to piss off all of them, from hardcore WNs to normie Republicans.

          • With this attitude of yours you are not going anywhere, if the world right-wingers are not united against the advancing woke left, we will never achieve anything. The left has an interest in dividing because it eliminates us better that way. You are not the owner of this website so fortunately I can write whether you like it or not. I have to laugh when you say I support the causes of those on the left: I am anti-left, anti-gay (especially the transgender issue), anti-immigration, anti antifa and BLM, anti cancel culture destroying monuments and monopolizing universities, led in the U.S. as in Europe by those culturally leftist, ultimately I have never been leftist. It is not true that in Europe we passively accept what the government tells us and that we do not want limited government. We are simply hostages of the European Union and its parliament that does everything to prevent member states from leaving it, but trust me if we could we would leave the European Union tomorrow that does not represent the history of European cultural roots but is just an economic and materialistic body. Anyway yes I am glad to live on a continent and in a state where there is not every year 1 or 2 crazies doing mass shootings in supermarkets, schools or other places.

            P.s I have noticed that not only the two of us but so many others are arguing with each other on this website, it would be time to stop arguing with each other and simply accept the fact that we have different opinions on some issues, but if we are all here it is because in principle we know what the opponent and the enemy of the West is and we try to fight it.

          • @Marcel

            With this attitude of yours you are not going anywhere, if the world right-wingers are not united against the advancing woke left, we will never achieve anything.

            You are naive about this issue, and there is an important principle at stake here.

            At the moment, all throughout the West governments are de facto aligned with the Left politically, regardless of which party nominally holds power — e.g. in Germany, the government lavishly funds leftwing groups sympathetic to antifa under the guise of combating rightwing extremism, and constantly scaremongers about the threat of violence from the Right, even though year after year the vast majority of violence deemed politically motivated is committed by the Left (link) — even the AfD, a party that is more Deutschland First than far right, i.e. its policies are similar to those of the CDU 15 years ago, is constantly demonized in the media.

            So it is a really bad idea to allow governments openly hostile to the political Right to have a monopoly on weapons — no government that acts fairly, honestly, and in the interest of the people need fear armed citizens.

            Not to mention the tyrannical government measures that would be needed to confiscate weapons from law-abiding people — in the US, black males between, say, 18 – 45, comprise less than 4% of the population, but commit 55% of all homicides — violent criminals like that would never obey gun laws — police cannot protect you; they only show up after the crime has been committed.

          • @Blip Blop mentally ill cospirationist detected, how is sad when you try to reason and find kind of people like you.

  5. Hunter, you forgot to mention how much negroids kill people..
    They should be the first example of who’s killing who in our dying society , since they pretty much commit more murders than every other group of people combined.

    • Leftists say that they do this because they’re poor and try to justify all their fault. When a white person commit a crime is evil, when a black person do the same thing is because is poor. Beautiful hypocrisy.

      • >Beautiful hypocrisy.

        This is applicable equally to both the media and government — so why do you want the malevolent hypocrites in government to have a monopoly on weapons?

        • @eah No i think it’s clear that i don’t want the power of the government, my reasonment is quite different: I’m just frightened by the idea that a madman might kill me, or my sister, my parents, my children while I’m at the supermarket or they’re school, or maybe in a movie theater as happened to Aurora with James Holmes. I think it’s a legitimate concern.

          • >I think it’s a legitimate concern.

            No one is saying such a ‘concern’ is not ‘legitimate’.

            Your thinking on this is muddled, to say the least — I answered you in another comment here in this thread; since it has not been published yet, I will repeat part of it here:

            … if you grant that people ought to have the ‘right’ to ‘have guns’, then you must also be willing to concede that this ‘right’ does not and must not depend on the remote possibility that your ‘loved ones’ may be harmed by a ‘madman’ with a gun.

  6. “I would love to see how mass shootings intersect with loneliness, mental illness and social atomization in advanced liberal societies.”

    Not to mention Fed glowies encouraging them to shoot…

    • Speaking of Fed glowies, where did this Ramos character in Texas get the money for his weapons, magazines, kit and .223 ammo? Saving his pennies from working at Burger King occasionally?

      The Lügenpresse doesn’t want to touch that angle of the story with a ten foot pole. They have been told to leave it alone by the same people who told the Lügenpresse to give up on the Epstein story.

      There isn’t an ounce of curiosity in the scumbags from the Lügenpresse. Their job is to be the Deep State’s stenographer, and they know it. We know it too.

  7. The fatal confluence of East Anglian-type Anglo-American individualism and Jewish war on Goyish social cohesion as exemplified in Frankfurt School´s The Authoritarian Personality. At least that´s a big part of it.

  8. One question always remains unanswered:- where is the filtering process? Why are people devoid of sound mind in possession of such weaponry? Ok that’s two questions. And not just any guns, but semi automatics more appropriate in war scenarios.
    We can all be pro gun……..but in the correct hands.
    You can’t drive, vote, drink, work or go to war until a certain age, but apparently, you can use a weapon.
    Some tips if you’re bullied at school or in the workplace:- depending on the scenario or person in question, you can alternate between just not giving the reactions they want, be a comedian and crack jokes, or try to actually form a rapport with them. Some of these things won’t work for every bully or every victim so then you try plan B:- learn self defence, get big at the gym and stand up for yourself. Once you begin shooting people, there’s no coming back from it.
    Society often doesn’t care if you’re a little odd. We’re all different. But when you’re rude, aloof and never make an effort, that generates bullying. Bullies are only as bad as you let them become.
    If you’re a teenager who lives on the coast, visit the beach regularly:- saltwater clears acne and will help reduce bullying based on your looks. I was a teenager once………I know what it was like!

  9. @ Hunter, here are 2 articles for you since you claimed that Russia is more secular than “we” are.
    Russia is clearly the global leader of the Christian Right. Sadly the South is too closely linked to Americanism and Evangelical Protestantism, and won’t likely ever be a separate nation. Everybody I’ve been talking to believes the US will eventually bust up, but not one person believes the “South” will be a nation. There will be new nations entirely. So Southern Nationalism is a dead end imo.



      • Yeah you are clearly a mentally ill idiot that’s why your parents had you put in a mental institution.

        • LOL.

          No, my Boomer parents didn’t understand why I was celebrating the collapse of Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers back in 2008.

      • “Russians are nowhere near as religious as evangelical Protestants”:

        I know what you mean but consider that thousands of new churches have been built in Russia in recent years, and that they are being filled, whereas most denominational churches in the U.S. – including many evangelical Protestant churches – are emptying and closing. Also compare “less religious” Russians, who stand instead of sit in long services with children quiet and men and women separated, and go on miles-long marches, and endure baptismal immersions outdoors in frozen water in January, to U..S. churchgoers who sit in comfortable cushioned pews and chairs expecting to be entertained. Also, the agrarian “Russian Amish” (Old Believers) are comparable to the Swiss German Anabaptists in the U.S. What both the U.S. and Russia need is Quaker revival – which I predict is coming! No religious movement since the primitive first-century church has been a greater force for good in the world, and evidence of the truth of Christianity,, than the Friends movement beginning with George Fox. “We are not for Names, nor Men, nor Titles of Government, nor are we for this Party, nor against the other because of its Name and Pretence; but we are for Justice and Mercy, and Truth and Peace, and true Freedom, that these may be exalted in our Nation” ;”Those people who will not be governed by God will be governed by tyrants”; and “Let us now see what love can do” – William Penn

    • Ortho, you are clearly out of touch with reality, have a happy american memorial day…………… It’s a great holiday, I am sure, we will retain it, in out new southern republic………

      • “It’s a great holiday”:

        Notice how this “great holy-day” developed from an original “Armistice Day” celebrating the cessation of war and beginning of peace, into a celebration of the so-called “heroes” (direct perpetrators) of the warmongering U.S.’s endless imperialist wars – hence, a direct celebration of war!

        “we will retain it, in our new southern republic”:

        So that’s what kind of “republic” you want?

        • “So what kind of Republic do you want,” one that is remarkably similar too the one that our Noble founding stock forbears fought and won for us, that lived happily from 1776 – 1861, but alas, Mr.Lincoln and his perfidious band of pimp’s, reprobates, cutthroats and Republican party voters, gave into their Demonic temptations and brought war and spilled blood on their brothers in the beautiful southlands, Eerily Caine like in application, Is n our new southern republic, no monarchy needed, for we have no king but JESUS, no state church needed or wanted, it attracts the wrong people, like Ortho Doodle Dandy, alot of ground to cover, with our new southern republic, stay tuned merthy, further details will be forthcoming, thanks for your reply merthy, always nice too hear from you………

  10. ” loners who were bullied in school.”

    That can be said of Napoleon, Wellington, Napier and a myriad of others.

  11. On occasion, not always, loners are a rank above their peers and don’t want to be dragged down by their mundane conversations.

    • @Arrian,
      Have you researched high functioning Autism? This article describes them to a tee. Julian Assange, Elon Musk and countless inventors are on the spectrum. I’m sure some who visit this sight are in this group. They’re awkward and a bit of a loner(at least at school) but without them, we’d still be in the stone Age.

  12. With the libs pushing gun control, we must remember two years ago when their paramilitary forces, BLM and Antifa, were rampaging across the country, and police were running away or kneeling before them. When the next upheaval comes (and it will) armed citizens may be the only force standing against anarchy and tyranny.

  13. Increasingly I’m willing to consider the Uvalde shooting as a government operation.

    It’s been reported that FEDERAL MARSHALLS (!) were there within minutes and were giving orders and demanding people do nothing. This was on Tucker’s report. I’ve never heard of Federal Marshalls showing up at a crime scene. Federal Marshalls are a small group assigned to protecting Federal property and tracking down federal fugitives. Then, after an hour, a Border Patrol unit showed up, entered the building and killed the shooter. Neither the Federal Marshals nor the Border Patrol have any jurisdiction over a purely state law incident such as this. I’ve never heard of the Border Patrol being involved in domestic law enforcement like this. Except for workplace raids for illegal aliens, etc., Border Patrol has no jurisdiction over regular crimes.

    Another question: This dysfunctional, mentally ill 18 year old walked into a gun store and walked out with two new AR-15’s and 400 rounds of ammo. That’s about $2,000. Where did this guy get 2 grand? Why is no one asking these questions?

    This is an election year and things are looking dark for the Democrats, who always benefit politically from mass shootings. They higher the body count, the more political benefit for the Democrats. My tentative opinion is that this was a false flag operation designed to influence the outcome of the 2022 mid term elections.

  14. Why is Tucker the only one addressing this in detail on FOX? What about the other so called “conservatives”

  15. Another key factor with many of these shooters is fatherless homes. Teenage boys need strong fathers to draw a line in the sand and kick some ads when that line is crossed.

  16. Regarding the European perspective on access to guns in a society, the 2nd amendment was designed perfectly for what is coming in the US’s future, that is, a massive power grab by the federal authorities and a treasonous surrender to the supranational organisation called the WHO.
    I dont think Europeans can grasp this. For those who think guns in the hands of the people is a bad thing, look at recent (covid era) events in Australia.
    Following the Port Arthur false flag, the Aussies gave up their guns and paid bitterly for this as the police rampaged all over them, the state of Victoria being the extreme example.

    Kulaks indeed.
    Do not give up your guns. Your future depends on it.

    And yes, 40 to 90 minutes waiting outside while a maniac is slaughtering kids, there’s nothing glowie about any of it. No sir, none at all.

    • 100% Zustimmung — especially this part:

      … a massive power grab by the federal authorities and a treasonous surrender to the supranational organisation called the WHO.

      I was shocked by the COVID goings-on in Australia — it completely altered by perception of that country.

  17. If this Domestic Terrorism Bill was honestly about protecting American citizens rather than corrupt politicians terrified at the prospect of valid voting ballots prying their fat, happy behinds from the public trough, every Washington bureaucrat and legislator would be buried for life in a super maximum security prison.

    For there is no doubt in my mind that those poor little Uvalde schoolchildren were assassinated by our government to get that bill and a draconian gun control bill passed as a hysterical “do something, anything” reaction to slaughtered innocents.

    Thank God they hit a Mexican community and not for racist reasons but for the fact that Mexicans are quite the contrarians at least in or around San Antonio. For, if a burn ban coincides with New Year’s Eve or July 4th fireworks the sky is filled with independent fireworks set off in practically every neighborhood and forget about following the directional arrows in any shopping area. Drive bass ackward or end up in a collision with every one else.

    I was listening to the news in real time and several attempts were made to direct the victim’s families to an auditorium far out of the way to get news of or be reunited with their children, but they all converged on the school at once with their camera phones and exposed the antics of the “first responders” or more children would have died that day.

    Aside from how this eighteen year old got his hands on very expensive guns, ammo, and bullet proof ammo and so easily accessed the building … Was that a regular or substitute teacher that left the door propped open after seeing a fully armed shooter get out of the truck?! Why the hell did the Uvalde police force and even the federal border guard swat team defer to the judgement of the Chief of the independent school district police when he downgraded an active shooter to a barricaded gun man and stand down even if they did not continue to hear shots firing and screaming victims inside?

    This totally contravenes the historical police hierarchy. The LAST person’s orders who would be followed would be HIS. He’d usually be considered nothing more than a glorified security officer. How does what happened at Uvalde inspire the average citizen to give up his weapons, trusting in a quick, effective police response?!

  18. To show how far our society has fallen I saw someone point out that 35 years ago Homer Simpson was considered a loser when he had a stable job, a stay at home wife, an intact family, owned his own house, car, and took family vacations regularly. If only most young men could await such a “loser” lifestyle.

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