Secular Talk: 61% of GOP Believes In Great Replacement Theory

Kyle Kulinski misses the point.

1. First, the idea that the White working class is being demographically replaced by non-White immigrants and that is a good thing because changing racial demographics will lead to a “permanent progressive majority” when Red States like Georgia and Texas become Blue States has been the conventional wisdom among White and Jewish liberals for the past 20 years. It has been repeated a thousand times in triumph in the media. White voters are simply taking “journalists” at their word.

2. Second, this belief that demographics is destiny and that shifting racial demographics will benefit Democrats has guided their immigration policy for over 20 years. White liberals are a permanent minority in this country and can only win presidential elections and govern the White majority by winning a lopsided share of non-White voters. Hence, the exaggeration of “systemic racism” and reducing everything that happens in this country to “racism.” It is nothing more than a political calculation.

3. Third, Trump voters have warm feelings toward non-Whites and immigrants. They don’t hate non-Whites so much as they see them being used as political pawns by White liberals.

4. Fourth, the widespread impression that White liberals are hostile toward their own race and explicitly favor non-Whites over Whites is simply a reflection of reality.

Most people aren’t dumb. They grasp that White liberals, especially PMCs, want to reduce the relative size of the White population for political reasons. They hold this against White liberals, not non-Whites.


  1. “Third, Trump voters have warm feelings toward non-Whites and immigrants.”

    Exactly. Republicans like Tucker Carlson have successfully redefined “great replacement” to be about electoral viability, rather than about racial demographics per se. The narrative within the Republican MSM is “demoncrats are importing socialists who will vote to raise taxes on job creators like Jeff Bezos.” It isn’t a big change or indicative of some racial awakening. They would have no problem importing infinity non-Whites if all of them voted R.

    • I think that is too cynical.

      I think it is more like … yes, the Great Replacement is happening, but immigrants and non-Whites are just being used as pawns in a political game. The pawns aren’t really bad people. Elites are bad people

      • That’s just the standard “democrat plantation” meme that Republicans have been pushing for years. The people of colors are tricked into voting D by the dastardly democrats, who are the real racists. There isn’t really a huge change here in actual racial attitudes. It’s all about electoral politics, R vs D.

        • I disagree.

          This is basically my view. The reason why mass legal and illegal immigration is tolerated and encouraged is because Democrats expect to benefit politically from it. White liberals are a permanent minority and can only win elections through winning lopsided majorities of the non-White vote. This is true of the United States and all Western countries where all leftwing parties support mass immigration.

          Most people are also correct to blame it on elites. I personally don’t blame poor Third World immigrants for coming here. I blame the people who are responsible for the policy. They are the ones who throw out the welcome mat for them and refuse to enforce the law.

          • “The reason why mass legal and illegal immigration is tolerated and encouraged is because Democrats expect to benefit politically from it”:

            If that really is the reason why millions of proles are pouring in from all of the hundreds of neo-colonized and invaded and under-attack (being terrorized, sanctioned, etc.) countries around the world, then it would appear that the simple solution would be to ban the Democratic Party once and for all and create a one-party (Republican led) state, so that (s)elections no longer need to be contested between parties. But that is the wrong solution, applied to the wrong explanation of the real problem. Instituting full-on, one-party fascism might stop immigration but will only make life worse for the vast majority.

          • The question was whether this indicates a change in White Republican racial views or not (that is the implication of these “61% believe great replacement” headlines). Nothing you wrote here shows that there has been a change.

            These polls are not about “blame.” They are about “warm feelings.” I don’t blame immigrants for America’s immigration policies, either. I blame the Republican petit bourgeois business cons who lobby for them and who employ them in their small businesses. But I also don’t have any warm feelings for immigrants at all. Their mere existence here is harmful, and they have had an entirely negative effect on the country. The fact that White Republicans have warm feelings for immigrants (and for non-Whites overall) shows that their views have not fundamentally changed at all. They want more Latinx patriots in MAGA hats. They want more based Black guys rapping about Brandon. They want Nimrata “Nikki” Haley.

            It’s important to make this distinction in what is motivating them because it gives us an idea of whether the Republican base is changing in such a way that it might alter the direction of the Republican party as a whole, however unlikely it may be for changes in voter sentiment to change policy, or whether they are just queueing up for another go-around on the contard carousel. I believe it is the contard carousel.

      • No offense, but except for tone I don’t see a difference between your view and Dart’s. Your statement is the politician’s. Dart’s statement is speaking to me directly, across the fence or in a bar.

        • I basically agree with Tucker that this is happening for cynical political reasons. I also think most people are right to blame it on the White libtards who are responsible for it, not on immigrants.

          Both things can be true. Immigrants can be basically good people who are taking advantage of an opportunity to improve their lives. They come here because our elites allow it to happen and encourage it to happen.

      • @Hunter for there to be a “replacement “ there has to be a biological group being “replaced” which there is not. Humans are the most homogenous species on the planet. There are not genetic markers that separate supposed “races” because “race” has no biological basis.

        • It simply means that the demographic makeup of the electorate is shifting due to a conscious policy choice by elites.

        • “Humans are the most homogenous species on the planet”

          Not even close to being true. If we used the same phylogenetic methods used to classify other organisms with the “human race,” it would actually be classified as multiple species.

        • @Orthodox Slumlord

          At this point you’ve pretty much ousted yourself as a liberal which raises the question of what is the actual purpose of you being here and throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks.

        • Orthodox Slumlord: “There are not genetic markers that separate supposed “races” because “race” has no biological basis.”

          Except when it comes to blaming Whites for all the racial problems in the world. You will then say that Whites are the villains and nonwhites are the victims. Then you will agree that race exists.

        • I disagree that race, and ethnicity, tribe and family are mere “constructs” with “no biological basis.” All of these are natural realities as well as ideas (constructs). Some tiny genetic variations (yes they are very small) between these “constructs” have very large, obviously differentiating practical effects.

          However I do agree that Christianity is not “racial”; it:pertains to individuals – of all races, ethnicities, tribes and families. Christ died for the sins of the whole world,, and He is “the Light that liighteth every man that cometh into the world.”

    • The voting argument makes no sense. They’ve proved that for years, the voting system is a joke. They put in people who do what they want. So the only reason they’re bringing in “immigrants” is for replacement.
      But they won’t replace scientists, engineers, etc. Nope, they think the US will look like what Columbus originally found.

    • I agree with Dart. The GOP and Tucker Carlson “Great Replacement” theory or narrative is not natural ethnocentric criticism of the system, but a manifestation of bourgeois conservatism that aims to conserve the unnatural system.

      Re: “Trump voters have warm feelings toward non-Whites and immigrants. They don’t hate non-Whites so much as they see them being used as political pawns by White liberals”:

      Yes, you see, the Great Replacement narrators – Tucker Carlson et al – are bourgeois conservatives; they are money- and class-centric NOT ethnocentric!

      Re: “being used as political pawns by White liberals”:

      Neoliberalism is just a different flavoring of the same dish (system) and the elites and bourgeois (allies) really enjoy both flavors, while the disinformed proles think there is a division and a difference between the right and so-called left, the Repubs and Dems, and think they can make things better for themselves by voting one party or the other in or out.

  2. It is just a theory, this “replacement theory” like a “conspiracy theory”, but what about Moshiach? Is the Moshiach just a theory too? And if the Moshiach is not a theory then why do the Jews hate Christ?

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  3. 3. Third, Trump voters have warm feelings toward non-Whites and immigrants. They don’t hate non-Whites so much as they see them being used as political pawns by White liberals.

    Anyone reading ‘Trump voters’ in the passage above should mentally replace that phrase with ‘anti-racist boomer MAGA-tards’ — also, nowadays ‘non-Whites’ and ‘immigrants’ are practically synonymous.

    It isn’t rational to ‘hate’ people whom you do not know — I don’t ‘hate’ non-whites, neither do I have ‘warm feelings’ towards them — my reaction to them is completely rational in that I try to treat them fairly, as individuals, while at the same time I resent their mass presence more and more because they are making me a minority in my own country, which, if our roles were reversed, is something they would never accept in their own home countries — in addition, due to irremediable genetic difference between ethnic groups, I am absolutely convinced that a multiracial society can never work without increasingly unpleasant and oppressive anarcho-tyranny.

    Concern about the demographic replacement of Whites in historically white countries is not a matter of ‘hate’, and it should never be framed that way, nor should this framing by others be accepted — period.

  4. It’s funny how becoming majority non white will somehow ‘help’ Western countries when it didn’t exactly help Africa or the Caribbean to be non white.
    We don’t need to guess what it will be like……..we already know. Cast your eyes over to these places. The evidence is damn obvious.

  5. “The Great Replacement” is one of many narratives that keep people distracted from thinking about the reality of The Great Rip Off (the system itself). All countries around the planet are corrupted and being destroyed by the same system. It is time for the Kingdom of God to come on earth, where nation does not lift up sword against nation anymore and the profit motive is replaced by love and sharing.

    • Merthyr Rising, 1831 The only way we are going to have “love” in a country is through homogeneity. Diversity within a country will always cause unnecessary conflict and animosity.

      Also, there will never be 100% peace on earth. People will always have disagreements with one another. We will come the closest to peace on earth when each country minds its own business and doesn’t interfere in the affairs of other countries.

      • “peace on earth when each country minds its own business”:

        Homogeneity (ethno- and tribal-centrism) happens naturally; the unnatural “diversity” is being created by greed (as the Scripture says “the love of money is the root of all this evil”); and even in the most homogeneous country, peace will come only when the current, usury system is overthrown and replaced (not merely reformed) in a national repentance and revival.

    • LOL…your “god” commanded genocide against any people who inconvienced his “chosen ones” in any way.

  6. The creed of the Left is based on numerical minorities being oppressed by the majority whether it be based on race, religion, language etc. They have been telling non-whites for decades that they have been victims of whites. So why would white Leftist not expect the minorities to become vindictive toward whites when these minorities become the majority? Do these leftist whites think the their new overlords have carefully tracked who was “down with the struggle” and exempt them from retaliation? How did that work out in the George Floyd riots?

  7. They are not good people though. Illegal immigrants broke our laws the day they entered the country. No guilt or remorse. In fact they believe this country was stolen from their ancestors and want it back. If you tell them to go back to Mexico they tell you to go back to Europe. 90% of blacks are not “good people” by any objective measure of morality, they lie constantly, they engage in rampant promiscuity, they steal money from whites via taxes, and commit the majority of all crime. The other 10% I truly feel sorry for. That 10% is what white liberals and conservatives alike hope to make the rest of them into. Don’t know when they ever will admit that it’s an exercise in futility, worse, an exercise in civilizational destruction. The jews perpetuate this and rub their hands with glee.

    • Illegal aliens are just opportunists who are taking advantage of the situation.

      The problem is the elites who 1.) have no loyalty to their own people, 2.) who have nothing but contempt for their own people and 3.) who celebrate the replacement of their own people because it promotes diversity. Both legal and illegal immigration are just symptoms of treachery by elites and otherwise wouldn’t be happening.

      • >Illegal aliens are just opportunists who are taking advantage of the situation.

        That’s one way to look at it — but they aren’t blameless — and while I am by no means a law & order absolutist, and not all laws are equally important, if they do not respect the laws of another country, they probably don’t respect the laws in their own countries — they aren’t desperate; I don’t buy that excuse — the vast majority are economic migrants.


        • They are here to drain the prosperity of White nations. Not intelligent enough to know it ends when Whites are bred out of existence.

  8. Notice this creep is non-white. Non-whites are painfully aware of the superiority of white people, white standards of beauty and white mastery of science and technology. White greatness and success are painful reminders to these people of how lesser they are and how much they envy us. They’d rather see white civilization destroyed than to elevate themselves to our level. They rely on nonsense like “diversity” and the “melting pot”, Jewish contrived fantasies, to paper over their nagging sense of inferiority.

    Cheap labor, a devastating weapon against civilization and working child producing people, has been an effective demographic and political weapon since the times of Ancient Greek city states and the Roman Empire. In those days it wasn’t called “immigrant laboer,” it was called slavery. Rome imported 500,000 slaves a year. Roman oligarchs bought up all the farm land, kicked native Roman families off and replaced them with slaves, i.e. cheap labor. Wages crashed and so did the Roman birthrate. Roman rank and file people, pushed of their land and replaced by slaves imported from the four corners of the Empire, drifted to the cities, stopped having children and signed up for welfare.

    The Great Replacement is not a theory but a well known form of warfare against native working people by globalist thinking oligarchs, whether in ancient Greece and Rome or today.

  9. When people from a different group whether it is racial or ethnic comes and settles in the territory of znother human racial or ethnic group won’t that group expand and grow their social influence within their adopted land? Of course they will because it is human nature a d the reason it is human nature is explained in these documents.

  10. @Hunter, There are no genetic characteristics possessed by all Blacks but not by non-Blacks; similarly, there is no gene or cluster of genes common to all Whites but not to non-Whites. One’s “race” is not determined by a single gene or gene cluster, as is, for example sickle cell anemia. Nor are “races” marked by important differences in gene frequencies, the rates of appearance of certain gene types. The data compiled by various scientists demonstrate, contrary to popular opinion, that intra-group differences far exceed inter-group differences. That is, greater genetic variation exists within the populations typically labeled “Black” and “White” than between these populations. This finding refutes the supposition that “racial” divisions reflect fundamental genetic differences. There is no biological/ scientific basis for “race”.

    • You’re an idiot — why post the same garbage again and again?

      That is, greater genetic variation exists within the populations typically labeled “Black” and “White” than between these populations.

      As was already explained to you in another comment, these claims are known as Lewontin’s Fallacy, and were convincingly debunked decades ago.

      It is trivial to differentiate ethnicities by analyzing their DNA — in fact, you don’t need DNA: this can be done by looking at x-rays.

      Via analyzing genomes, modern computational and evolutionary genetics is separating humans into increasingly smaller yet easily and reliably identifiable sub-racial and sub-ethnic groups — these usually correspond to recognizable ethno-linguistic peoples (e.g. Kurds vs Iraqis and Turks).

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