1. Even the toughest American racialists are willing to put on the One Ring to fight Sauron rather than understand, as Frodo finally made Faramir understand, that it was impossible to use it for Gondor’s purposes. Faramir even risked his life by disobeying his father’s laws, and he freed Frodo so he continued his journey: something that American racialists will never do.

    The American white nationalist is like Boromir, always ready to ‘compromise’ with the ethos of his country,

    The Austrian genius Frodo was the only man capable of destroying the Xtian Ring. But this Frodo couldn’t even reach Mordor (Murka).
    The Rohirrim and Gondorians betrayed him to Isengard (Soviet Russia), burned the Shire, killed all his friends and thousands of Nordic ephebes, and forced him to commit suicide.

  2. How true. The men of yesterday are not the same “men” of today. Growing up late 80s or early 90s you either learned how to fight or you became a bitch and were bullied. There were no participation trophies when I was growing up. Either you placed 1-3 or you tried harder to succeed if it was sports or academics. Today, everyone is a victim and there’s no responsibility or pride.

    • @John,
      You quickly learn in school or the workplace that being a crawling, grovelling weakling gets you nowhere. Stand up and take control, and you’ll be rewarded with respect.
      Don’t be a monster, mind you. Just sort out the ones bothering you.

      • “How true. The men of yesterday are not the same “men” of today. Growing up late 80s or early 90s you either learned how to fight or you became a bitch and were bullied.”

        Waah what a shame that’s gone. What do you want to do, cry some more about it? Way too ironic.

        What’s really interesting is it was the bullied who changed the world, very seldom the bullies. Mainly because those who had the power of physical strength never really had to find any kind of outlet or had to use their brains to outwit. Basically the sjw monitoring, reporting, censoring and distorting is just empowering a new people with a different kind of bully power. And to date the physically strong still haven’t figured out an outlet or used their brains to figure a way out.

        The third is complete and utter failure not only in response to this new era of bully, but in the ability to unite for common cause, put behind ego and not do anything other than fight for individual self.

        Meanwhile – they’ve lost and alienated most, what a surprise that not enough people want to cry with former bullies about the lost regime and hierarchy. It’s like the downtrodden who became socialist instead of nationalist in the 1900s, the Catholic who became anti-Pope, the Irish who became anti-Anglo, the Ukrainian who became anti-Russia; what did you actually expect? Every action -> equal and opposite reaction.

  3. A lot of clarity came in the past week. We have now clear evidence that the event up in Buffalo was a complete hoax. Now, at Uvalde, we see it was an active shooter drill for the cops. A drill gone live. Clearly a staged event. At which some people may have died. Or they are all crisis actors. Could be like Las Vegas, an event staged by the FBI, at which people died.

    Normies vastly underestimate how easy it is for ZOG to stage these events, as they are completely above the law, have endless budgets, control the media, and are very quick to murder any witnesses that contradict the narrative.

    The purpose of all these staged Gladio type shootings is of course to justify gun confiscation. If you want all this to end, demand that the FBI be abolished. And then it will end.

    • @Robert,
      Sounds like you’re a bit of a conspiracy theorist. I’m not. If I don’t know the facts about something, then I won’t claim to.
      Unless you have proof of something, just stick to the truth……..please! Otherwise, we look a wacky as the Left.

    • @Robert Rangewolf I agree. These are planned events. They always involve schools or churches. The Uvalde one is called white supremacist, and the gunman isn’t white. Sandy Hook was full of crisis actors.The goal is to disarm the nation, so white genocide can happen. Anyone who thinks that’s “conspiracy theory” needs to get out of the house more!

  4. I never met anyone from my mother’s family. I’ve never known why.

    My grandfather, dad’s father, was a union coal worker in Pike County, when that would get your homestead burned by pinkertons. A good man, who had his demons, but took care of his family.

    I miss him dearly.

    Nobody alive is better off without their grandparents.

  5. How is sad for our grandparents and also in some cases for our parents, see what society has become? It all started gradually in the 60’s but today we have reached a point of no return.

    • As soon as the legal guns are confiscated , they will order the police to stand down while they allow the blacks to create enough chaos to usher in what they really want, the global zog police force who will then commit mass murder against us and capture the rest
      of us to torture.
      They all but scream it at the top of their lungs in all their warped and twisted jew mind filth in hymiewood

      Are used to be Highlands and brutality and now I see that shit on TV this makes me sick so I know this is what they want to do to us and I know this is what they’re going to do to us because a critical mass of our people failed to awaken on time.
      We are headed for dark times.
      Nobody is coming to save us.

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