Secular Talk: Joe Biden Is Furious Over His Low Polls

This is why I didn’t think there would be a total breakdown in relations with Russia before the 2022 midterms. Gas prices and inflation were already crushing Joe Biden’s poll numbers before Russia invaded Ukraine. Wouldn’t starting a war with Russia over Donbas exacerbate the problem? What if there was no rallying around the flag effect?


  1. Regardless of his low pol numbers he will be President for another 2 years unless the Republicans find their balls and do something to stop him, whether impeachment if they take control of both houses or by other means. The latter (Harris) would be just as bad or worse. There’s no political solution to this mess created by both parties, IMO.

    • “There’s no political solution to this mess ”
      Not when we have a shallow witless electorate of the stupid.

      Natural forces will take hold and collapse unworkable systems, with countless innocents suffering in the process.

    • He’s playing along with all of the media comments that call him, “senile” or “dumb” or “incompetent”. It’s much easier to play that role, than to admit he is doing a great job at the Leftist agenda, and it’s all on purpose.

      • When Biden and Harris do word salad or just make no sense, people call them “dumb”, but what they’re really doing is lying to you. They are struggling for words to cover up the horrendous things they are doing to this country. People need to learn what “lying” really looks like.

  2. “There’s no political solution to this mess created by both parties, IMO”

    The solution to 2022 is 1861

  3. “Republicans find their balls”

    Hahahaha, that will be the day.
    Their only capacity is to hurt the good.

    • “Republicans find their balls”

      With a pair of “Zircon encrusted tweezers”? (riffing on Frank Zappa)

      • With a pair of “Zircon encrusted tweezers?

        Not even with an electron microscope. Maybe they’re stored somewhere … like in the cloud.

  4. It matters not who votes. What matters is who counts the votes, and how.

    Remember 2018, when so many congressional races switched to demonrat weeks after the vote? Then in 2020 they stole a presidential election by fraud essentially in six counties.

    Nothing has changed. The Supreme Court upheld fraudulent elections 9-0 in late 2020.

    They can steal it, and there is nothing we can do about it.

    • “…They can steal it, and there is nothing we can do about it…”

      That’s not true. Why all this defeatist attitude? The Jews went from nothing to ruling us by continuously pushing for power. We can do the same but much, much easier by changing a few laws and overruling a few supreme court decisions which were illegal anyways. No civil war needed. No mass panic, just a majority vote and follow through. With serious activism we could wrap this up in a couple of years. You people have no vision. Here’s how we do it and the legal maneuvers we need to make it so. Here,

      It’s all there. States who refuse to have verified legal voting could have their representatives NOT seated in the Senate or House legally, (this was actually done by the Democrats there’s precedent), and we could run the country however we wished. If they tried to succeed we could impeach the President, Vice President, seat whoever we wished and hang the Governor that dares to start a rebellion. AND we could hang any Jews that support it.

      You might say that we can’t do this because of fake votes and Jew control BUT NO ONE WANTS THEIR VOTE STOLEN. Not the right or the left or the center. No one. What we need is real voting, which has overwhelmingly popular support, and then, we are the majority and with real voting we can slowly put people who represent our interest in office. One follows the other. It is NOT hopeless. Many countries have been more Jew pozzed than us and have thrown off the Jews, I expect they know this, hence the vax and corona to kill us off.

      • Keep living on that hopium, Sam. Here in the real world, the situation in America is completely hopeless, if we are going to keep trying to vote our way out of this. It will never happen.

        A ray of hope comes from the Ukraine war. The world’s greatest military power is now set in opposition to ZOG.

        And the earlier reports are true. Russian troops in the north have crossed into Ukraine in the Sumy region. The northern front is now reopened!!

        Q level intellects miss the importance. If we are ever to escape ZOG we will need powerful allies to arm us and defend us, as the Southland once more asserts her independence. Last time around the Russian Navy helped blockade our ports. Perhaps this time Russia will assist us against ZOG.

        • “…Q level intellects miss the importance. If we are ever to escape ZOG we will need powerful allies to arm us and defend us,..”

          I notice people who say my ideas are silly never actually talk about the ideas. They throw out some sort of derogatory “name” or talk about some other “derivative” thing to dissuade people from the ideas I’m putting forward.

          For one I’m not in any way, Q anything. I think at maybe the 90% to 95% level that Q is,

          “Operation Trust was a counterintelligence operation of the State Political Directorate (GPU) of the Soviet Union. The operation, which was set up by GPU’s predecessor Cheka, ran from 1921 to 1926, set up a fake anti-Bolshevik resistance organization, “Monarchist Union of Central Russia”, MUCR in order to help the OGPU identify real monarchists and anti-Bolsheviks. The created front company was called the Moscow Municipal Credit Association.”

          I was very hopeful about Trump but it appears either he was a “false Hitler” thrown up in a time when we need an actual real Hitler, to siphon off support for real change and create inaction. People have said he did so much and he did do a lot, but in the end he either was never on our side or he was blackmailed and threatened into inaction. He canned all those we needed in office to help him and put in all sorts of deep State types that pretended to be doing something while doing nothing but stalling.

          You say we must have some sort of alien outsiders to prevail, and that’s complete nonsense. I’m not advocating civil war or violence but if it were to come to that we have right now plenty of arms to take on the Jews and their supporters. A full scale civil war I think we would lose.

          I ask you to explain why we need a massive civil war as compared to creating large pressure from all sorts, Democrats, Republicans, others to have honest voting then use that to overturn the illegal court rulings that led to the cities ruling over all of us? Please explain how that is foolish and getting the Russians to come to the US and save us is a better idea???

          If anything is hopium waiting for Russia or thinking a civil war will win all is it.

          Your advice has exactly the same effect as,

          I hope people will look around at the tsunami of comments that sound just like this and see how they would lead towards inaction instead of working on one issue that we can change, the illegal voting.

        • “… Perhaps this time Russia will assist us against ZOG….”

          HA! and you say I have hopium while your solution is the Russians should come over to the US and free us. WOW! Talk about hopium!

          I suspect it’s a lot easier to get together will all sorts of others, liberal, conservative, libertarian, freaks of all sorts and stop the stealing of votes. No one wants their vote stolen. Then use that to leverage power into our hands by enacting regional Senate representation in all of the States, along with changing voting to only be those that are contributing to the system. But good luck on your Russian navy freedom dream.

          • So you still believe the voting system is legit? When those bags of ballots were found? You think TPTB will actually let a good guy get elected who will stop this leftist regime? It’s called fantasy.

          • Re: “your solution is the Russians should come over to the US and free us”:

            To do that, Russians will have to free themselves first – from the crippling disease of capitalism, that they caught from the U.S. that infects the world.

            Russia WOULD have been the world’s largest economy by now, if not for the betrayal. See:

            Three generations have already been lost to the experiment with the deadly “free market.” Putin loves Russia AND the “free market” too, He cannot have it both ways. It is sad, it is tragic, for Putin and Russia, and for the world.

            However, Khazarkraine (aka “Nudelmanland”) is even MORE capitalistic than Russia, so it cannot be truly ethno-nationalistic. The history of Khazarkraine is a perfect case study of capitalism in action:

    • Agree. It’s amazing how so many Americans just pretend it’s business as usual, and go on about who’s getting in next time.
      People don’t want to admit that their rights are gone, and that the government, which includes both parties, doesn’t care about the Constitution.
      Both parties are playing this game. The yelling, ranting, useless Republicans, scolding the Democrats and Biden appointees, are playing their part. They do nothing to help us. Talk is cheap, and doesn’t do anything to stop things.

  5. When you are an insignificant politician, which one of the first acts was to put a transgender as his advisor and that continue the boring agenda about delete white suprematist everywhere, so you deserve to lose. People want a job, want their history be respected, they don’t give a fuck about a word in a vocabulary, a male in the female bathroom and other bullshits like these.

  6. @HW

    There’s not meant to be a rallying around the flag effect.

    The US’s future is to be losing a war, with probable mutiny by several military units, whilst a civil war rages within the US borders. All brought to you by the same people who did it to Russia during WW1.

    Death to ZOG.

    • Exactly English Tom this is the guy chosen to end the empire and the union, i have talked to several White boys active military that say that if sent over they will join the Russians, all are long time career military btw

  7. No way Dementia Joe’s poll numbers are as high as Rasmussen, Emerson, YouGov et al. claim. The Lügenpresse is simply lying again. Even the MSM is reporting high inflation now and no longer bothering to tell the lie that Putin caused these problems.

    Dementia Joe’s administration has been very successful so far, much more so than the miserable Trump administration. Much of his agenda has been implemented through Executive Order or the corrupt bureaucracy such as fraudulent Global Warming measures. That is Dementia Joe’s fundamental problem, he has gotten what he wanted.

    He has caused gasoline and diesel prices to rise to about $5 – $6/gallon, has curtailed oil and gas production, he has provoked a war with Russia, inflation is raging and there are shortages everywhere. Food is expensive, he has ended border enforcement flooding the country with even more wogs and this is only the opening act for the Big Guy, Mr. 10%.

    All of these things are the demands of the oligarchs who are the beneficial owners of the U.S. Government, this is exactly what they want. From their perspective things are going great. The vast majority are suffering but since when has any miserable democracy been about about anyone but oligarchs?

    Unfortunately for Dementia Joe and the rest of the Democrats the electorate is going to be in an even worse mood come November and punish the Democrats at the polls. Unfortunately the miserable Republicans will benefit and resume looting the country for the benefit of their oligarchs, the public be damned.

  8. Remember, whenever someone complains about high gas prices or the cost of groceries be sure to insert the line “Joe Biden did that”.

  9. Meanwhile elsewhere…

    West commits war crimes by supplying weapons to Ukraine – Russian diplomat

    US plans to supply Ukraine with multiple launch rocket systems can only lead to a further escalation of the conflict, said Vasily Nebenzya

    UNITED NATIONS, June 3. /TASS/. Western nations commit war crimes by supplying Ukraine with weapons that it uses to shell residential districts, Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya told the UN Security Council session.

    “The West commits another war crime when it pumps up Ukraine with weapons, allegedly to enhance its capacity and give opportunities to push back Russia. But Ukraine uses these weapons to keep bombarding residential quarters of Donbas, the way they have been doing this for all those 8 years, killing women, elderly, and children,” he said.

    “For example, the United States delivered long-range M777 howitzers to Ukraine. On the eve of the International Day for Protection of Children, projectiles launched from one of these machines killed 5 people in Makeevka near Donetsk, among them was a five-year-old girl called Mira. The US also announced plans to deliver multiple rocket launchers to Ukraine. This can only lead to further escalation of the conflict – the very conflict Washington hypocritically claims so eager to put an end to,” the Russian diplomat added.

    World community should not wait for ‘horsemen of Apocalypse’ but negotiate, says Medvedev

    According to Dmitry Medvedev, Russia has never shut itself off from international communication

    MOSCOW, June 3. /TASS/. Russia is in favor of dialogue on all issues, but it should be a dialogue that takes into account its concerns and is aimed at creating indivisible security in the world, Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview with Al Jazeera TV channel.

    Commenting on his May Telegram post that lists 10 grim consequences of anti-Russian sanctions for the world, Medvedev stressed that these are not predictions, but “things that have already happened.” “One can have different attitudes to it, one can believe that the horsemen of the Apocalypse are already on their way and all hope is in Almighty God. However, one can still try to tone down this international situation,” the deputy chairman said.

    According to him, Russia “has never shut itself off from international communication,” and is ready to talk. President Vladimir Putin and other Russian politicians have repeatedly stated this at various venues.

    “We are ready to have a dialogue on all issues, but a respectful one that takes into account our sovereignty, our concerns, and is aimed at creating indivisible security; not in the interests of individual countries, but indivisible security. And then these 10 consequences can be reduced – if we have the right discussions, if we negotiate in the right way,” Medvedev concluded.

  10. Of course people are going to be pissed when you turn the economy over to these green nutcases who cut off the energy supply that made our rise from living in preindustrial poverty possible. Enabling these type of people is like putting the Timothy Treadwells of the world in charge.

  11. Biden LIES bald-facedly when he says the U.S. “does not want to become a party to the war,” and that the advanced, precision missiles being sent to Khazarkraine (Nudelmanland) will never be launched at targets inside Russia – because that is EXACTLY what they will be used for as soon as they get there, if they are not destroyed en route.

    Biden knows (by his career-politician instinct) that an apparent victory over Russia, or even an escalation of the war will boost his poll numbers with the “homeland” population that LOVES imperialist war because they are completely corrupted with the propaganda and spoils of imperialism. And the system depends, for its very existence, on endless and ever-expanding war.

    There is great useful information about the war today on Rick Rozoff’s “Anti-Bellum” blog, via Rowan Berkeley’s “Niqnaq” blog – both well worth the time to read:

  12. “Joe Biden is furious over his low polls.”

    What does he give a sh#t for?? His poll numbers, which should be less than 5 percent, will do NOTHING to stop this madness. The decrepit old fossil known as Joe Biden has enriched himself and his family, endlessly, for decades. He is a vile anti-White soulless demon, who has been dead inside for years and is dumber than a box of rocks, as we used to say.

    The same as with all this tranny-gay-negro degenerate filth that is shoved in my face every day — they can prop all this up and joe biden too — but they will NEVER make me “approve of” any of this, much less like it.

  13. Shitpants Joe has no one to blame for his unpopularity but himself. He makes nothing but negative, idiotic and divisive statements. Needless to say he believes his low poll numbers are not his fault, because he’s so damn charismatic. His handlers are the ones making him look bad!

  14. Re: Biden’s low poll numbers: Based on the recent referendum result in Denmark in which two-thirds of Danes voted not against, but FOR, the U.S.’s war against Russia, all President Biden needs to do to make his poll numbers soar, is to drop all pretence of moderacy and peaceableness and reveal himself to be, and revel in being the fully militaristic global mass murderer that he really is. He must now boldly, explicitly state that Russia and China, Belarus, Syria, Iran, Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, and all other nations that disobey us are being destroyed as nations, wiped off the face of the earth, once and for all, and that their remaining broken pieces will be put to work as slaves to pay off their “debt” to us, and that after this the U.S.’s imperial rule and capitalist exploitation of the rest of the planet will have no more challengers, our power will have no limits, and “we” will be richer than we ever were before, and we will be completely safe and secure, thanks to the war. The U.S. population LOVES imperialist war even more than the Danes do – about 99% as opposed to merely two-thirds of Danes. The U.S. population loves nothing more than the gore, and the rich booty (spoils) of imperialist war. Biden’s poll numbers will soar, when he comes completely out of the closet for war.

    • Chinese Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui said yesterday: “We must put an end once and for all to the hegemony of the United States, with its eternal desire to interfere in the affairs of sovereign states.”

      Put an end to it, once and for all….

      U.S. and its puppet allies (Canada, Australia, etc.) continue provoking China every day:

      It is interesting that the Khazarkrainian flags that were flying all over Israel have been taken down, and Israeli flags have been put back up in their place. What does this mean?

      Gonzalo Lira says he believes that there are cabals of Italian, German and French politicians discussing among themselves how they can change the course of Europe before it’s too late, stop assisting the U.S. war against Russia, and possibly leave NATO:

      • “Gonzalo Lira says he believes that there are cabals of Italian, German and French politicians discussing among themselves how they can change the course of Europe before it’s too late”

        Does he NOT know how many nonwhites have been imported into Europe? England is just GONE.

    • The plan is to REDUCE social security benefits (when there is over 30% annual inflation) and cut off millions of people from health care and other social safety nets, to pay for the war. The U.S. population loves war, so they will be willing to pay for it.

      “The American ruling class needs a permanent state of war as part of an effort to divert internal social tensions outwards and to enforce a fictional ‘national unity.’ It is now clear that the Biden administration’s ending of the ‘forever war’ in Afghanistan was part of a redeployment and refocus on waging war against Russia and China. At the same time, the transformation of the ‘War on Terror’ into ‘great power conflict’ entails and requires an escalation of the assault on the working class. All available social resources not taken up by the bailout of the rich must be diverted to the instruments of war. The massive sums allocated by Congress must be paid for by the working class, particularly through attacks on social programs and other government expenditures. Over the weekend, both the WaPo and WSJ, house organs for the Democratic and Republican parties respectively, published editorials demanding cuts to social entitlement programs. The WSJ demanded that millions of people be purged from Medicaid, the health insurance program for the poor. The WaPo, in an apparent reference to Jonathan Swift’s satirical proposal to solve poverty through cannibalism, called for a ‘modest’ reduction in Social Security benefits. But the austerity measures proposed by these newspapers is only the beginning. The American ruling class’s project of global conquest entails a massive restructuring of social relations aimed at making the working class bear the burden of the crisis of capitalism”:

  15. Dementia Joe always remind me of what my pawpaw used to say when someone fucked the day up at work

    “Are you stupid or just Irish”

  16. Joe Biden is an unintelligent mediocrity, and suffering from mental decline, too.

    I just assume that everything that he says, or attempts to say, was written by his handlers.

    Had he gone into private law practice, he would either have been a glorified law clerk at some average law firm, or he would have made his living writing and probating wills, deeds, land titles, and other such mundane legal things. He’d also be retired by now.

  17. Patsy alert!!!!

    It is pride month, the out loud and proud crowd are going to be marching and dancing and getting in everybody’s face with their queerness. June is the perfect time for an FBI employed, white, AR-14 wielding nutjob to go on a shooting rampage at one of these queers parades. Joe needs votes and Operation Gladio is into the life style.

  18. Mike “we lie, we cheat, we steal” Pompeo has just received a summons to court in Spain: The Evangelical Pompeo, who teaches Sunday School, was the main plotter of the crime, and he said “nothing is off limits.” Of course he was going about his Master’s (the Empire of the Almighty Dollar’s) business, so he thinks he has nothing to worry about. On the other hand, Assange has predicted “When all is exposed, 98% of Washington will fall!”

    “Because sentence against an evil work is delayed, therefore the hearts of men are fully set in them to do evil.” Ecclesiastes 8:11. The mills of God grind SLOWLY, but they grind exceeding fine.

  19. Black pills aboundeth and yet if one ponders enough streaks of bright light eventually shine through.

    They deliberately wrecked our society to such an extent that they’ll never get Americans to unite around a fake patriotic war consensus ever again.

    That era of America is over. Many haven’t truly realized this yet. In some senses, the elites deliberately wreaking even more economic havoc on Americans is possibly part of the revenge.

    There will never be another War in Iraq consensus regardless of how many 9/11’s they try to pull off. There will never be another ‘Americans uniting against Germany like WWII’.

    The Ukrainian flags have now been replaced with the gay flags in a matter of months as the Current Thing. They think they are winning but they are losing.

    Americans aren’t buying the ‘Putin Price Hike’ BS. Americans are not rallying around Ukraine against Russia. The establishment political world tried hard but failed on that. It just doesn’t work any longer.

    Something fundamental has changed.

    The respected authority of the government, media, elites, and their institutions is all but gone.

    The more they push to make fighting Russia and supporting Ukraine, fighting white supremacy, fighting climate change, and supporting LGTBQ+ the primary concerns of voters the more that respected authority will continue to nosedive while inflation skyrockets and society becomes increasingly unstable with open borders and the mass degeneracy of our culture over-saturating everything.

    For over 100 years, the greatest enemy of Americans has been the government and the elites. Finally and thankfully, Americans are waking up to this harsh reality.

    Now, the Feds are instigating mass shootings to push for gun confiscation since they know their century long hoax has been exposed.


  20. The elites do not have the phenotypical capacity for introspection, wisdom, or reversing course.

    They are predators/pests whom by genetic design only know how to parasitize and destroy.

    For Whites/White Christians to survive, they have to let go of America (patriotardism) or they’re going down with the ship.

    America is going to die. If you still support the military, the police and proudly wave the flag then you deserve everything that is happening now and that will happen to you in the future.

    The elites know America is going to die. They will still be able to hold onto power using the military and police that the patriotardic blue lives matter cheer for.

    Blormpf 2.0 is going to be the most nauseating and revolting thing we’ve seen in a while. A nauseating mixture of support for Israel, aggression against Russia, LGBTQ+, Military Industrial Complex cheerleading/funding, woke corporate MAGAtardism, tax cuts for the rich, cutting the social welfare net, Big Pharma vaccine grandstanding, and praise for the GOP establishment swamp which he will again try to commandeer/persuade.

    One would hope Blormpf has a reckoning with age before the nightmare of Blormpf 2.0 takes shape.

    It will be the biggest black pill we’ve possibly ever witnessed.

    • @Dissente Americans are still too in love with the football game of Dems versus Reps. Media like Sean Hannity, Fox, etc. keep it going on the “conservative” side. They think if we only elect more Republicans, things will be just fine.
      Most of these politicians who make the rules have never been in a work fox hole, had to suffer, had to put up with unfair things. They’ve never really had it bad. They just had money and connections.
      White Christians refuse to wake up. They are on the sinking ship, still praising the tribe. It’s why nothing changes, because they allow themselves to be governed by another tribe. So passive, so surrendering, never allowed to criticize those who are ruining their lives.

  21. Pilot,”So you still believe the voting system is legit? When those bags of ballots were found?…”

    Of course the election was stolen, but not everywhere. Are you trying to tell me that ALL the Republicans and ALL the Democrats will run on,”we must have vote cheating”?

    I personally believe that if pressure on this one issue is brought to bear that a majority can be assembled. All it takes is a majority vote in the House and Senate to demand honest voting with real registered voters. No mail in votes, no ballot harvesting, all ballots have pictures taken and uploaded to the Internet by voting place with a list of all registered voters and if they were given a ballot or not. Look at the link I placed above the House and Senate can define exactly who can be in it and voting requirements. Any State that does not follow the voting rules they will not have their Representatives seated and voting and running the country will continue without them.

    We don’t have to live this way.

    It baffles me that such a simple idea as real valid voting, regional representation in the State Senates to stop the cites from running everything is seen as some crazy idea. It’s written right into the Constitution, and the means to make it so is also there and all that’s needed is a majority vote. Biden can’t stop it because the House and Senate determine it for themselves. If he were to try to stop it, it would be obvious he was doing illegally. Even if he did it anyway how things look does matter in the long run and he would look bad.

  22. I just c-c-c-an’t understand why ol’ Shitpants Joey is less popular than a bucket of used depends, especially when he issues profoundly presidential statements with real gravitas like this one.

  23. Biden’s “Summit of the Americas” was boycotted by eight Latin American countries that were invited (Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela were not invited) including Mexico. Biden’s Summit was an abject failure and embarrassment. The President of Mexico made an excellent speech against U.S. imperialism, interventions, blockades, sanctions, meddling, etc. – and said the world is changing, as “the empire is losing its power.”

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