Counter-Currents: The Correct White Nationalist View of the Ukraine War

I LOL’d reading this in my hotel room:


“And just like that, their primary argument in support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is proved false, and their true motives are laid bare for everyone to see. As my experience arguing with these so-called nationalists online has shown me, when you point this out they will simply move on to another point. You will never convince people like that to change their position. As you can tell from their arguments, they are too invested in the superficial aspects of this conflict and do not examine the issue critically. They just want to oppose the current thing and think that the best thing for the white race is to take the opposite stance from CNN. …”

Yeah, it has nothing to do with …

1. Gas prices which have nearly doubled since this war started which people who live in the real world care about. Especially those of us who live in rural America.

2. Inflation which is also at a record high which people who live in the real world also care about. More than anything else at the moment too. Far more than Ukraine. It is not even close. If you are not a defense contractor or a “journalist,” this is war is making you poorer by the day.

3. The fact that Americans who live on the other side of the planet have zero interest at stake in the status of Donbas. Whether it stays in Ukraine or goes to Russia doesn’t really matter. We have lived with a Russia that included all of Ukraine, Finland, Central Asia, the Baltic states and even half of Germany. We had better relations with Russia when the Russians owned Alaska. The only legitimate national interest we have in the region is avoiding war with Russia.

4. The fact that we have spent over $60 billion dollars financing this dumb war which could have been better spent on countless other things like our infrastructure or our own border. That’s also just the start. There is no telling how long this war is going to drag on and how big of a distraction it is going to become from long neglected domestic priorities.

5. The fact that we are not Eastern Europeans. We don’t have the same interests as Ukrainians or Finns or Estonians. Those countries share a border and a troubled history with Russia. We have no business involving ourselves in ancient blood feuds in Eastern Europe which we don’t understand, don’t care about and which ought to be of no concern to anyone in the Western hemisphere.

6. Years of experience with devastating, endless wars like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria that end up costing us a fortune, enriching corrupt interest groups and politicians like the Biden family and sowing the seeds of further chaos down the road.

7. Did I mention that Ukraine has a Jewish government?

8. The war in Ukraine is a war for liberalism and globalism. It has nothing to do with the White race. The “journalists” who are the biggest cheerleaders for this war don’t see it that way. Half of the countries in NATO are despotisms of one variety or another like Germany.

I will just say it.

I’m sick and tired of hearing about Ukraine.

I’m sick of seeing all the upper middle class White liberals with that stupid Ukrainian flag in their yards.

I’m sick of the politicians who are “standing with Ukraine” who can’t be bothered to do shit for their own constituents who are dying in their own country.

There has always been imperial wars in that part of the world which were of virtually no interest to anyone who lives here before the era of liberal hegemony.


  1. Blah, blah… The “white nationalist” case for supporting Globo-Pedo, Tricky-Dicky Jew-Piano Puppet, etc., etc. Boomertardery on steroids at best. How about staying the hell out? NATO needs to die and blow away. The EUSSR hasn’t even been paying for it’s “defense” for the past 30 years, just the chumps in Murika. Johnson and his catamites have no case at all. Letting the Club-404 Cash-Laundry go down in flames to the RF army and its allied forces is not our concern.

    The “brother-war” was not started by Russia. It was started by the Jew-puppets in Kiev on orders from Uncle Schmuel in 2014. Putin waited seven years to intervene – only when the NATO-armed invasion force was at critical mass with possible nukes and bio-warfare in the mix. No sane Russian leader could have done otherwise. If he were anywhere near the bad-ass they make him out to be, he would have ‘kalibrated’ and ‘de-nazified’ the gathered monsters at Davos. Most of the world would celebrate if he had done so.

    Russia was basically forced into Schlomo’s latest Goy-Toy Cock Fight. If the retards who join the Murikan Rainbow Legion would just walk away and refuse to play, or turn their weapons directly upon Schlomo and his many white step-n-fetchits (all of whom have it coming with accrued interest), all of us would be a lot better off.

    • Ooooph! Monster comment…perhaps the best 3 paragraph article of the year written not only on the situation in Ukraine but also the present critical (((world condition))).

  2. And just like that, their primary argument in support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is proved false, and their true motives are laid bare for everyone to see.

    Maybe some White Nationalists do ‘support the Russian invasion’ — I’m personally agnostic about it; as I said, I’m sympathetic to Russia’s security concerns (including NATO expansion), but do not know enough about the region to say whether the war is justified and necessary or not — I’m definitely against US intervention in the war, and hegemonic US policy and influence generally (‘globohomo’).

    From Paul Craig Roberts:

    How Many More Red Lines Can Be Crossed Before Armageddon Arrives?

    In it he links to a 2016 OSCE report (here) titled War crimes of the armed forces and security forces of Ukraine: torture and inhumane treatment — it’s not unfair to assume similar ‘crimes’ against ethnic Russians and Russian speakers have been happening in eastern Ukraine since 2014; Western media has largely not covered the ongoing conflict there.

    So considering the timeline, Russia was actually fairly patient: they did not recognize the independence of the autonomous republics (declared in 2014) until February 2022, shortly before the invasion began.

  3. The problem of globalism is that local problems become always global problems, the problem of some becomes the problem of all. My position is not pro Russia or pro Ukraine, i don’t give a fuck because is not my country and is not a country near me, but especially because its culture and history is not near me. It was beautiful to see this year, during the liberation festival in my country on 25 april (the “liberation” from fascism), that liberal leftists clashed and quarreled with the communist, antifa and other far-left groups. This because woke liberal leftists had and waved flags of Nato, USA, Europe, Israel and Ukraine, instead far-leftists communists had and waved Communist flag, Russian Flag and Palestine flag. They only agree about gay, immigration, drugs and cancel culture but on other issues they clash each other.

  4. Nothing needed to add except that I am disappointed in Greg Johnson.

    Multipolarity is good for the world and for us. It ends The End of History and is a nice prerequisite to redrawing the map in North America. A stronger NATO could be good for whites in a scenario where we stand againt the non-white world, but for that the Global American Empire run out of Manhattan has to fall.

    • That’s what NATO could be in a sane world, but the West has foolishly and needlessly pushed Russia and China closer together. It doesn’t make sense, until you realize that the West is controlled by Yids and Yid-whores.

  5. VDARE has been having some god-awful takes about Ukraine recently. They’re very badly triggered by Russia using Chechans to fight and want us to sympathize with Ukraine on racial terms. As if opposing the globalist regime is less important than the slight difference between Chechans and Ukrainians.

    • The Zelensky regime is using Chechen mercs along with mercs from around the world (the Internatinal Legion – paid by Uncle Schmuel). Chechnya is part of the Russian Federation and they are now kind of the Russian Army equivalent of the Gurkhas. There is one small merc organization in Russia called the Wagner Group. It is overwhelmingly made up of Russian veterans with a smattering of Syrians who have been fighting with them in Syria over the last decade.

    • >VDARE has been having some god-awful takes about Ukraine recently.

      Vdare is largely a project of civic nationalist boomer conservatards, people whose views often do not align well with younger race conscious nationalists.

      I started reading them in the late 1990s (Vdare has been around a long time), and even supported them financially and had a few letters published there — over the years I read the site less and less, and I was finally done with them when Peter Brimelow sued the NYT for calling him a White Nationalist — if all that rhetorical activism against immigration wasn’t to preserve the US as a majority white nation, which is the essence of White Nationalism, then what was the point? — but instead of using the occasion to say there is nothing wrong, politically and morally, with wanting to preserve the demographic heritage of America as a majority white nation, Brimelow incomprehensibly decided to sue (and asked for donations to pay for it).

      • Peter Brimelow still worships Ronnie Reagan and Milton Friedman…

        And he still thinks that bombing Vietnam was a great idea…

        50 years ago today the USAF Napalmed 9 year old Phan Phuc…running down the road screaming…..FU Peter Brimelow….

      • He sounds like an idiot, and it’s people like that who keep wearing down the whole white thing.

      • VDARE has been floating a “Brown-White alliance vs. Blacks” for months now in its Pedro Gonzalez posts and otherwise. Brimelow (and Jared Taylor, et tu?) showed up at the recent AF clown-show where MTG disavowed everyone. They’re soon to cuck on immigration and lose any shred of credibility or reason to exist.

        Sic Semper Conservatives, paleo or otherwise.

    • “They’re very badly triggered by Russia using Chechans to fight”:

      Remember that it was the U.S. that corrupted Chechnya with Wahhabist Jihadism, to use it as a weapon against Russia in the 1990s. Even after the overthrow of Russian socialism and imposition of capitalism, the U.S. was (and still is) determined to further divide and destroy, and finally erase Russia as a nation, and the Chechen proxy force was a means to that end.

      Chechens are a White ethnic group of the Caucasus. At one time, many Chechens were Russian Orthodox, very few today, but they have purged themselves of Wahhabism since the war.

      “Chechen-Ingush society has always been egalitarian, unstratified, and classless. Traditionally, there was no formal political organization and no political or economic ranking. Many observers, including famous Russians such as Leo Tolstoy, have been very impressed by the democratic nature of the indigenous Chechen governments prior to Russian conquest. According to the Western Ichkerophile Tony Wood, the Vainakh peoples, in particular the Chechens (as the Ingush and the Batsbi have fallen under foreign domination much more frequently and as a result, the indigenous system and democratic values are less deeply ingrained), could be described as one of the few nations in the world with an indigenous system highly resemblant of democracy”:

      • I always get a kick out of the “brown Muslim Chechen” comments. Like dude, they are literal Caucasians.

      • You raise a very good point. Remember the Beslan massacre back in 2004? There were all sorts of connections with the Neo-Klown gang in Murika as well as with various people in the Empire of Lie’s UK, and Saudi satrapies. Most the actual killers were a mix of Ingush and Chechens though there’s some evidence of communication with Saudi Arabia. The Putin government has done a remarkably good job of incorporating the Chechens in particular. As I noted before, they’re something of a warrior culture who are rather like the Gurkhas in terms of very high morale in battle plus a high degree of professionalism about it.

        • They are brash, but they are not highly professional. If you’ve seen viedos of them in action, you’ll see they are quite clownish and foolish in action.

    • The Chechens are Whiter then the US Army BTW

      Infact the troops deployed to Europe right now look more like a Cartel including alledged “Elite” units like the 101st and 82nd AB, 1st Cav etc

      In short the yankees hierlings are browning out fast like the shit they are

  6. Do you know when you are being setup? The war is over Russia won. Why are these fellers still pushing this Ukraine conflict as a worthy cause when it is now a lost cause?

    All those weapons Joe is sending in to Ukraine are being stolen and being sold on the black market and are to be used to fight some future terror war, but where and by who?

    DHS just told us.

    • That is a very good article, R.B. I second your recommendation. ‘

      Also note that it is not only the Neo-Nazis of various ethnicities who are being armed as a domestic proxy terror force to stir up division (divide et impera) in the U.S., but also much of the Ukrainian immigrant community in the U.S. has been since WW2 very militant and heavily armed (by the CIA) as an extreme right-wing (anti-socialist and anti-Russian) domestic terror force.

  7. “There is no outcome from this invasion that will reduce NATO’s power and through it, the influence of America in Europe.On the contrary, by the end of this war, no matter the outcome, Russia will be weaker in comparison to NATO”

    Stated without any evidence or argument in support. In reality, it’s the opposite. Europe’s economy is toast (this is obviously by design), and NATO will end up much weaker as a result. Europe will also be taking in millions of Africans over the next few decades. It will be enough to tip their demographic scales and ruin the continent permanently. The USA will end up weaker because its global image and prestige have taken major hits. Others can sense this weakness in the USA, so even states like Mexico are now openly ignoring American dictates.

  8. Inflation and especially gas prices have nothing whatever to do with Ukraine. They are a direction result of the covid-excused massive handouts and the administrations environmental and energy policies.

    But, we also have a Jewish government here in the US, actual descendants of Ukrainian Jews, and they are simply pursuing their ancient anti-Russian, anti-Christian vendettas. When they’re not busy attacking Russians, they switch over to White Americans.

  9. I agree 100% Hunter. However, since June is “Pride Month” I’m noticing a decrease in Ukraine flags and an increase in queer flags, lol.

  10. One issue that Greggy Johnson has failed to examine critically is that of all the raving sodomites who’ve infiltrated the White Nationalist movement. Or as Greggy likes to put it: the sexually different.

  11. “8. The war in Ukraine is a war for liberalism and globalism. It has nothing to do with the White race. The “journalists” who are the biggest cheerleaders for this war don’t see it that way. “

    I thought they do in fact see it this way, that’s why the media is so for it. It’s because they know Russia won’t let their college professors and NGOs have free rein to implement their east coast elite agenda under KGB controlled Russia and its satellites is the reason they want another Yeltsin back in there.

  12. Ambivalence should be the default position, as none of this would concern us if it were not for globalist supply chains that are now being disrupted by the policies of… the globalists.

    Were we energy independent this war wouldn’t even be on our radar.

    Ambivalence isn’t the same thing as being a Russia shill, as is seen way too much in dissident circles. It’s one thing to look at what they say was their reason, judge it at face value (even though their actual reasons are more cynical) and just say “I know those feelz, bruh”, and move on.

    We shouldn’t care if the Russians feel under threat. It’s not our problem they don’t like competition in their back yard. We have our own problems at home.

    • You should be openly opposed to the slaughter of Slavic Russian Children in Donbass….our tax dollars are paying for it…

      50 years ago today 9 year old Phan Phuc was napalmed by the USAF…aren’t you disgusted by this as a human being?

    • They have 5000 nukes, so it is somewhat advisable to care if they feel threatened.

  13. It’s easy to see why Christ hated the pharisees laying on burdens on ordinary people, while feeling so righteous. I’ve come to think virtue signaling is a real sin. Since all it shows is make powerful people feel virtuous, while laying on burdens on those who don’t have wealth or connections. That’s all Ukraine is…

  14. I think Greg Johnson is mad that Russia is not allowing homosexuality to expand into their part of the world.

    • BINGO Friend, fn right on the mark dead center

      Also do never ever consider the words of a homosexual, if you are at that level of being moraly compromised your word should carry no weight

  15. Large military expenditures and interventionist foreign policies are anathema to the White race. While they feed off each other, Whites die in these wars, the wars often result in bringing many of the “liberated” people back along with their ancient grievances.

  16. The homosexual case for murdering Slavic Russian Children in Donbass…absolutely disgusting.

    Chinese Nationalist would never make the case for murdering Slavic Russian Children in Donbass…

    Iranian Nationalist would never make the case for murdering Slavic Russian Children in Donbass…

    What this degenerate is pushing is not White Nationalism……He is pushing homosexual bachelor “nationalism”…..what a loathsome and repellant creature Johnson is…

  17. “We have no business involving ourselves in ancient blood feuds in Eastern Europe which we don’t understand, don’t care about and which ought to be of no concern to anyone in the Western hemisphere”:

    But it is our business. “We” are not just “getting involved” in an old feud. “We” have been at war (war of agression) against Russia ever since the revolution, and we have been creating and supporting Banderaite-Khazarainian proxy forces against Russia since 1945. The U.S. creates conflicts (among brothers) that would never have existed. Divide et impera.

    Re: “tired of hearing about Ukraine”:

    We can choose to ignore imperialist war waged by the system, but the system is still interested in us. The Scripture says “there will be wars, and rumors of war,” but that is not to excuse tacit consent to imperialist war – like Jesus’ saying that “the poor you always have” does not excuse the systematic exploitation that makes the masses poor.

  18. Nice videos on Telegram of 80 Ukranus soldiers swimming across the Donesk river. The Russkies just waved to them, let them cross in peace. Donbass is now in Russian control. Heavy fighting opening up in Kharkhiv. If you squint your eyes while watching these battles on video, you will see shadows of our own past and future, fighting the Comanche, the Apache, the Cherokee, and the Mexicans past and future.

    • Russian and Ukrainian cousins fighting each other has zero correlation to Whites fighting Indians.

  19. The MS propagandists and liars went from covid to Ukraine and now they’re back on gun control. Never good crisis go to waste.

  20. Imagine not being able to recognize a pattern as a White Nationalist.

    Oh, right. The author is an Estonian nationalist trying to rope the rest of the White world into World War III.

    I’m not surprised to see such an article published in an esteemed and prestigious journal like Counter-Currents.

  21. There’s no such thing as Rainbow Flag nationalism. Globo-homo is globo-homo, and we know where Greg Johnson stands. Our concern for the Ukrainian people is not with their right to bombard civilian areas in Lugansk and Donetsk, or with their claims to Crimea or Charkow. Our concern with Ukraine is the satanic kike mafia that controls their country is removed. Unless that happens, there is no hope for the Ukrainian people.

  22. “seeing all the upper middle class White liberals with that stupid Ukrainian flag”

    Shows the shallowness of their minds and
    The power of the media and
    The dangers of media in the hands of one tribe.

  23. We might be witnessing an emerging subgenre, modeled off David French:

    “The White Nationalist cast for Sodomy”

    “The White Nationalist case for Child Trannies”

    “The White Nationalist case for Drag Queen Story Hour”

    “The White Nationalist case for NATO”

    “The White Nationalist case for the EU”

    “The White Nationalist case for Second Wave Feminism”

    “The White Nationalist case for Climate Change”

    “The White Nationalist case for Demographic Change”

    “The White Nationalist case for Democratic Hegemony

    Same energy, all of it.

      • “White” Nationalism only exists online, and in the minds of autistic retards like you, and your ilk Brad. It’s not a real world ideology but a mental ideal of Western liberal modernity.

        • Interesting.

          You would think under Orthodoxy, which you insist is “real Christianity,” that Christians would be more religious and would be having more children than here in the decadent liberal modern West. Unfortunately, those negative trends like atheism, abortion, alcoholism and low birthrates are even more advanced in Russia

    • There are many White nationalists (or borderline WN) who pretty much define Whites as “people of liberalism.” For these people, Whites are just a means to their real end goal of preserving liberalism/capitalism. You can see a lot of this coming up with the Ukraine situation now, where these people present Ukraine as “the whitest nation in Europe” while (almost racially identical) Russians have been recategorized from White to orc/mongol hordes who favor “Asiatic despotism.”

      These WNs have adopted a similar position on Whites to what CRT or the anti-White “Settlers” ideology of J. Sakai teach, that “whiteness” is just a cover for bourgeois or petty bourgeois class interests. The race-aware paleocons mostly fall into this category. That is why they will talk about “White presenting” minorities or model minorities, who have adopted their bourgeois viewpoints and behavior, because they define White people more in class terms than in biological-racial terms. Richard Spencer’s Apollonian cult and the racist feminists are in this category, too, each only viewing Whites as a means to preserving aspects of modernism that they favor (fornication/homosexuality and feminism, respectively).

      • Dart,

        I agree with this analysis. Social Liberalism has become hegemonic among Elite Whites and PMCs. Spencer and the Racist Feminists barely conceal their core belief that Elites and PMCs are genetically and spiritually superior to those dreaded “Deplorables”: Working Class Whites and lower middle class Whites with socially conservative values. (I’d put small business owners in this class too, as they were at the vanguard of opposing the tyrannical covid lockdowns, which Spencer and the pro-EU crowd strongly support to this day)

        Its the social conservatism thats the radical dividing point. That, and the desire to be Left Alone vs. the desire to Rule and Dominate. Left wingers and social liberals now have all the power, and they use it to spread their power and shape the world in their favor. I have no wish to dominate non-whites like in old school colonialism, but frankly, I’m now of the belief that if socially conservative White Nationalists ever obtain real power, we should use it to shape the White Race in our favor. We should impose our values on our people, and subordinate those who won’t cooperate.

        Social liberals are a genetic and spiritual cancer, and they would have no place in a White Ethnostate. Besides, Right Wingers are more on the side of technological progress and development then Left Wingers, who support ruinous green policies under the guise of “stopping climate change.” We’d have no problem keeping enough smart Whites around who have socially conservative values and dont wish to undermine their race and their culture from within. Spencer and the Racist Feminists don’t belong in White Nationalism, and they know it.

  24. It’s evident that CC is receiving funding of some sort from Ukraine or those affiliated. It defies logic to propose this sort of spurious argumentation.

    • Counter-Currents has some ties to Ukrainian groups and that seems to color everything over there. It is also why nationalists in the United States generally – who lack these connections- generally don’t want anything to do with the war

      • A lot of the meme war generation of pro-whites got redpilled in 2013-14, and are justifiably pissed at the Ukrainians because their fight against Russia, is more important than stopping non-white immigration into the West.
        Spencer and Johnson had nothing to do with the meme war, outside surfing the wave others created, so that they don’t understand why so many pro-whites support Russia is quite understandable.

  25. Seriously, the only “WNs” that support jewkraine are Grindr Greg, fruity Frodi, and Thomas Sewell. They are out on an island all by themselves shilling for the Zelenskyy-Six Eyes regime.

  26. No one can dispute that NATO is the military wing of the Ano-Judeo-Satanic Empire. No one can dispute that the Ukraine is a quasi-member of NATO. And no one can dispute that defeat is worse than victory. Europeans may be rallying around the NATO flag (which, quite appropriately, rather resembles an anus) because the war is still being fought, but once the defeat of the Ukraine’s Ano-Judeo-Satanic regime becomes definitive, they will sober up. This hardly needs to be spelled out because it’s the story of every losing war. I was living in Argentina as a young boy when the military regime invaded the British-held Falkland Islands. Support for the unpopular generals temporarily skyrocketed but plummeted when the reality of British victory set in. So it will be with the Ukraine and NATO.

    Defeat is always damaging, and a Russian victory in the Ukraine is indisputably a defeat for NATO and the US. I suspect that those who take the side of the Ukraine do so because as Americans they can’t quite let go of their fealty to the US. However, knowing the US stands squarely against White interests, they rationalize that by supporting the Ukraine—and the sickening Jewish ruling cabal from which it is inseparable—they are somehow really on the White side.

    The US, NATO, and the EU are all manifestly anti-White entities and Whites should never support any of them under any circumstance. Anyone who attempts to make any argument to the contrary beclowns himself.

  27. Hunter, this is a brilliant article – that Gregory Johnson should read – on the U.S.’s methods of national de-population, as applied to Japan (which were also applied to China where the U.S. forced a “One Child” de-population policy on China in exchange for unlimited “free trade,” with the help of the revisionist traitor Deng Xiaoping) which relates well to the ongoing de-population of East Slavs – ethnic Russian Slavs and Galician-speaking Slavs – that has been happening in “Khazarkraine”:

  28. The Empire’s de-population policy for Russians and other East Slavs is the same as it is for White Americans, and for East Asians:

    “East Asians must not multiply. EMPOWER THE MASS OF WOMEN, abort their first children, prevent early pregnancies, shame young mothers. Social engineering was biblical and all-pervasive. Some of the top-down governmental measures seem absurd, over-the-top. The entire housing market, for example, stopped advertising children‘s rooms. You cannot rent or buy a house in Japan that officially has children‘s rooms. More family planning associations, agencies, and societies spread like mushrooms. Their unifying task: Prevent as many new Japanese as possible. Some of the slogans may sound familiar to our readers if they live under US-American occupation: Children equal poverty. Children arrest development. Children are holding women back. Children equals Third World. Children equals underclass. The results were mind-blowing (…) a sudden and swift decline in Japan’s birth rate (…) a rate of decline without precedent in world demographic history.”


    “The Japanese (…) managed to have ‘Western man’ not settle here. But the price for His rule in absence was brutal regulations: Military bases everywhere, dollar rule, fake democracy, form of economy, Christianity and foreign dictates from abroad. Most Japanese elites complied and made themselves into slaves to their American taskmasters. If they performed well and published in the American language, they got credits and mention in Western media, journals and news (…) Those Japanese elites who refused subjugation were removed. For example, the American taskmasters and their Japanese collaborators caused all Japanese men and the occasional pro-Japanese woman like Sugita Mio who were sympathizers to motherhood and Japanese survival to step down. There are large-scale foreign attacks on Japanese male leaders every year (…) The targets are accused of racism and sexism of the vilest sorts, including Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, Minister of Finance Aso Taro, House Speaker Hirasawa Katsuei, former Prime Minister Mori Yoshiro, and even Shiraishi Masateru, a lower ranked cadre who was utterly destroyed for saying that “IF TOO MANY MEN TURN GAY, WE WILL PERISH’ (…) The agents of Empire will then distribute the hate list to all corners of the world via Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Independent, The Guardian, Deutsche Welle, Reuters and Associated Press and so on. But these were just recent examples. The planned destruction of the Japanese race started in the late 1940s and early 1950, when America launched the greatest re-education campaign in that century, in parallel to the deNazification campaign in Germany. Pro-Japan nationalists were expelled from government and higher education. Pro-American scholars took their positions, shaming Japanese men, Japanese culture, Japanese war crimes, Japanese sexism, and breeding of the Japanese race. Several scholars were made famous in Asia Studies in the West because they finally tackled the problem of male Japanese chauvinism and suppression of Japanese women. Titles such as ‘Marital Sex Life’ in 1949 by the ‘first Japanese sexologist,’ Asayama Shinichi, started to DECONSTRUCT JAPANESE SEX LIFE AND EXPLORED SUPRESSED HOMOSEXUALITY and ideal of sex life. The female ideal sex life was to stay unmarried, fool around with strangers, use contraception, abort a few times, try foreign men, maybe discover your inner feminist lesbian and so on….”

    • Good article. Many people are unaware of just how much damage the USA has done to Japan, and how these methods have also been applied everywhere else under American control.

  29. Give credit where credit is due. The late great WLP warned (and this was decades before it did) that if Communism fell and Russia became nationalist it would be a greater threat to the United States (or more correctly the system would view it as a greater threat) than Communism ever was. The system can deal with Communism. The idea of forced equality in the Soviet Union and America’s new Diversity-Inclusion-Equity mandate is a difference of degrees by not by kind. Now a Russian nationalist state and America’s “Propositional nation” and Civic Nationalism will have major problems because it is a difference in kind and not degrees.

  30. “The idea of forced equality in the Soviet Union and America’s new Diversity-Inclusion-Equity mandate is a difference of degrees by not by kind”:

    I hold that it IS a difference of kind, one being natural, brotherly classlessness, the other unnatural, fake “equality” – socialism versus Neoliberalism (which is capitalism), two opposites, a complete difference not of degrees but of kind.

  31. There is no point in debating these people any longer because to debate them is to give them the attention they crave.

    No serious and mature White Dissident would intentionally side with International Jewry, the CIA, State Department, Military Industrial Complex, globalists, the Uni-Party, neocons, the National Review, and The Atlantic.

    The US should not have pushed to expand NATO into Ukraine (traditional Rus territory). Ukraine post-Maidan is an illegitimate and criminal regime which was committing a genocide against the Donbas citizens. Zelensky deserves to be met with the ultimate punishment as well as Kolomoisky. Russia has the right to destroy an enemy at its doorstep and defend Russian speakers being attacked.

    As Occidental Dissent said, we are now bearing the economic burden of another massive US blunder.

    This US blunder is causing serious economic pain right now but it’s actually a necessity to rid the world of the US Empire.

    As the US weakens on the international stage it will increasingly point its guns at Americans:

    ‘FBI arrests a Republican gubernatorial candidate in Michigan who went to 1/6 Stop the Steal protests.’

    Counter-Current too much and you create a vortex which will flush you down the toilet into irrelevancy.

  32. Re: “the correct white nationalist view”:

    See YOUR tax dollars at work!!! You love it, even if you are “sick and tired of hearing about it.” Below is the timeline of just ONE typical day (June 10, 2022) of Khazarkrainian/Nudelmanista U.S. proxy terror attacks on civilians in Donbas (yes, deliberately aimed at civilians, NOT military targets) which are killing at least one and up to twenty or more civilians (and crippling and maiming many more) PER DAY! The U.S. plays DIRTY with your tax dollars and your tacit consent (you vote in the (s)elections, don’t you?) – the U.S. is supplying the illegal cluster munitions (and everything else) being used to terrorize and kill civilians in Donbas, and everywhere else. Is there no justice in this world? When will Babylon fall?

    06:00 – Fired from Khazarkrainian position in Codema to Golmovsky, Donbas: 10 120 mm mortar shells;
    06:00 – Fired from Krasnogorovka to Aleksandrovka: 7 shells of 122 mm;
    08:10 – From Novoluganskoye to Gorlovka: 9 shells of 122 mm caliber;
    08:35 – From Avdiivka on Mineralnoe: 4 mortar shells of 120 mm;
    09:08 – From Nikolaevka 2 on Gorlovka: 12 shells of 152 mm caliber;
    09:10 – From Novgorod to Gorlovka: 8 shells of 122 mm caliber;
    10:05 – From Codema to Gorlovka: 3 shells of 152 mm caliber;
    10:15 – From Codema to Gorlovka: 5 shells of 152 mm caliber;
    10:20 – From Avdiivka to Makeevka (Chervonogvardeisky): 10 shells of 122 mm caliber;
    10:45 – From Peski to Donetsk (Kuibyshevsky district): 6 shells of 122 mm caliber;
    10:45 – From Avdiivka to Makeevka (Chervonogvardeisky): 8 shells of caliber 152 mm;
    10:58 – From Severnoe to Donetsk: 40 rockets of 122mm Grad;
    11:45 – From Peski to Donetsk (Kuibyshevsky district): 8 shells of 122 mm caliber;
    12:00 – From Avdiivka to Donetsk: 10 120 mm mortar shells;
    12:00 – From Avdiivka to Donetsk (Kalinin district): 6 shells of 155 mm caliber were fired; 12:00 – From Avdiivka to Makeevka (Chervonogvardeisky): 5 shells of 155 mm caliber;
    12:07 – From Avdiivka on Mineralnoe: 6 shells of a caliber of 122 mm.
    12:15 – From Avdiivka to Makeevka ( Chervonogvardeisky ): 10 rockets 122mm Grad
    12:40 – From Krasnogorovka to Donetsk (Kirovskiy district): 8 shells of 122 mm caliber
    12:30 – From Jovanka to Zaitsevo South (Gorlovka): 15 60 mm mortar shells;
    12:35 – From Novoluganskoye to Gorlovka (Kalinin district):15 60 mm mortar shells; 12:45 – From Novgorod to Ozeryanovka: 9 shells of 122 mm caliber;
    12:45 – From Kamyshevka to Donetsk: 6 rockets of 220 mm “Uragan”;
    12:55 – From Avdiivka to Donetsk (Kyivsky district): 5 shells of 155 mm caliber;
    13:15 – From Majorsk to Gorlovka (Nikitovsky district): 10 shells of 122 mm caliber;
    13:15 – From Nikolaevka 2 to Gorlovka: 19 shells of 152 mm caliber;
    13:20 – From Novoluganskoye to Gorlovka (Nikitovsky district): 7 shells of 122 mm caliber;
    13:55 – From Avdiivka on Mineralnoe: 3 122 mm shells fired;
    14:02 – From Avdiivka to Makeevka: 3 shells of 155 mm caliber
    14:20 – From Otradovka to Gorlovka (Kalininskiy district): 12 shells of 122 mm caliber;
    14:25 – From Novomikhailovka to Yelenovka: 8 shells of 122 mm caliber;
    14:32 – From Avdiivka on Mineral: 3 shells fired with a caliber of 152 mm;
    14:40 – From Novgorod to Panteleymnovka: 9 caliber shells;
    14:42 – From Avdiivka to Yasinovataya: 3 shells of 122 mm caliber;
    14:50 – From Avdiivka to Yasinovataya: 5 shells of 122 mm caliber;
    14:45 – From Avdiivka to Verkhnetoretskoye: 5 shells of caliber 122 mm;
    14:56 – From Dzerzhinsk to Gorlovka (Nikitovsky district): 5 120 mm mortar shells;
    15:50 – From Avdiivka to Donetsk (Vorochilovsky district): 3 shells of 155 mm caliber;
    15:55 – From Krasnogorovka to Donetsk (Kirovsky district): 6 shells of 122 mm caliber;
    16:10 – From Codema to Gorlovka: 15 rockets of 122mm Grad;
    16:15 – From Krasnogorovka to Donetsk (Kirov district): 7 shells of 122 mm caliber;
    16:43 – From Vodyane to Donetsk (Kuibyshevsky district): 5 shells of 122 mm caliber;
    16:45 – From Pervomaiskoye to Donetsk (Kirovskiy district): 5 shells of 155 mm caliber;
    16:50 – From Codema to Gorlovka: 10 122mm Grad rockets;
    17:20 – From Codema to Gorlovka: 10 rockets of 122mm Grad;
    17:55 – From Majorsk on. Gorlovka (Kalinin district): 10 122 mm caliber shells;
    18:45 – From Novomikhailovka to Yelenovka: 10 122mm Grad rockets;
    18:50 – From Novoluganskoye to Golmovsky: 8 mortar shells of 120 mm caliber.
    19:20 – From Codema to Zaitsevo South: 10 shells fired with a caliber of 122 mm;
    19:20 – From Codema to Golmovsky: 10 rockets of 122mm Grad;
    19:25 – From Novomikhailovka to Yelenovka: 10 Grad rockets;
    18:30 – From Sands to Donetsk (Kuibyshevsky district): 4 shells of 122 mm caliber;
    19:45 – From Zaitsevo (North) to Zaitsevo South: 8 mortar shells of 120 mm caliber;
    20:29 – From Pervomaiskoye to Donetsk (Kuibyshevsky and Kyiv): 10 rockets 122mm Grad;
    21:00 – From Novgorod to Shirokaya Balka: 8 shells of 122 mm caliber;
    21:15 – From Avdiivka to Yasinovataya: 4 shells of 122 mm caliber;
    21:05 – From Peski to Donetsk (Kirovskiy district): 5 shells of 122 mm caliber;
    21:30 – From. Kamyshevka on Donetsk: 40 122mm Grad rockets;
    22:05 – From Pervomaiskoye to Donetsk (Kuibyshevsky district): 15 rockets 122mm Grad

    These “Nazi”-tattooed and insignia-ed Khazarkrainian U.S. proxies, who Greg Johnson openly admires and many other WNs secretly admire, are more cruel and mass-murderous than Tamerlane “The Lord of Destruction”, Genghis Khan, and the Roman Catholic crusaders all put together!!!

  33. Most won’t notice this but long-term this conflict is about Germany. Germany has been the “bad guy” for quite a long time. But now Russia has jumped to number one “bad guy” (at least from the West’s point of view). Germany is going to make a big come back in the future and this seems to be the out-in-the-open starting point and I believe one day if Russia/China do not do it first Germany/European allies will be the ones to nuke the Yankee Empire’s brains out. Just sayin’.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

    • Germany needs the oil Russia wants to supply them with. But the world bankers want to control this.

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