Progressive DA Chesa Boudin Recalled In San Francisco

I’m waking up to the news here in California.

New York Times:

“LOS ANGELES — Voters in California delivered a stark warning to the Democratic Party on Tuesday about the potency of law and order as a political message in 2022, as a Republican-turned-Democrat campaigning as a crime-fighter vaulted into a runoff in the mayoral primary in Los Angeles and a progressive prosecutor in San Francisco was recalled in a landslide.

The two results made vivid the depths of voter frustration over rising crime and rampant homelessness in even the most progressive corners of the country — and are the latest signs of a restless Democratic electorate that was promised a return to normalcy under President Biden and yet remains unsatisfied with the nation’s state of affairs.

“People are not in a good mood, and they have reason not to be in a good mood,” said Garry South, a Los Angeles-based Democratic strategist. “It’s not just the crime issue. It’s the homelessness. It’s the high price of gasoline.”

The West Coast contests were being monitored closely by strategists and leaders in both parties around the country, as Democrats seek to hold together a fractious and diverse political coalition that can be divided both by race and ideology over criminal justice. …”


“Voters in deep-blue California rebuked Democrats in both the Bay Area and Southland on Tuesday.

In San Francisco, a progressive prosecutor was recalled.

In Los Angeles, a billionaire former Republican is in the runoff for mayor.

Why it matters: Even in top Democratic power centers, midterm-year liberal voters are fed up. It’s a bleak sign for President Biden as Dems try to hold on to the House and Senate in November. …”

I’m not in San Francisco. I’m in the Los Angeles area. This is what we were discussing though last night.

First observation upon arriving … no wonder climate change and the environment are top issues out on the West Coast. Coming from the South, I have never seen so much pollution. The area would be a lot more beautiful without all the smog.

Second observation … having driven from Alabama to California with detours into Colorado and Nevada, the second thing I noticed is that far more people here are still wearing masks. It is like they didn’t get the memo that COVID is over in the rest of the country.

Third observation … gas is nearly $7 dollars a gallon in the Los Angeles area. It was around $4.29 back home in Alabama. This was already a disaster, but I can imagine how angry working class people out here must be feeling about it. I’m not looking forward to filling up before heading back to Arizona.

Fourth observation … my son had been wanting to try In-N-Out Burger for months and that was the first thing we did after settling in here in our hotel room. We enjoyed it. At least the food is good.

We’re about to head to the beach. We’re hoping that we won’t see the drug addicts and homeless people that we have heard so much about. I’m sure we will come across them at some point though. It was strange that the hotels seem a lot cheaper here than on the Gulf Coast.


  1. Indeed, the “progressive experiment” is coming to an end. London Breed will appoint Bull Connor as the new DA.

  2. “At least the food is good.”

    One thing I noticed when I was in southern California was that the Mexican restaurants there were a lot different than the ones back home. The Mexicans there must be from a different part of Mexico.

      • Souplantation is not a bad family place if they are still around. Ear plugs are handy for the water. That shit festers if it gets stuck in your ears. You need to do the “sting ray shuffle” in the water too although they don’t like crowded beaches much. You might have some bioluminescence this time of year also if there isn’t too much light pollution. Yes the waves are really glowing.

    • Like Mexican Restaurants for Mexicans? Or Mexican Restaurants for white women to go on Friday night and drink Margaritas? Not that the latter are bad, but they serve cheese covered TexMex faire. In Chicagoland there are old 1962 era run down strip mall storefront Mexican Restaurants catering to all the wets’ doing stuff like roofing and landscaping coming in for lunch and they serve more authentic stuff like Mexican Sandwiches, Tripe, and Tongue Meat Tacos. My brother lives up there and works with a lot of Mexicans and mentioned how in all these TV commercials showing mixed race couples, (like the latest with some flighty red head showing a black guy putting a bandage on her knee implying a romantic connection.) They will NEVER show a Latina with a Brother because they know the Mexicans will refuse to buy their product from the insult. Will have to pay attention to more commercials see if this is true? He said virtually all Mexicans he meets view blacks exactly as your grandfather did…as uncouth criminals.

  3. This was a successful implementation of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” only pretty much on our side.

    This was a successful case of making the conflict:


    Instead of simply complaining about :

    “The Liberal Media”

    “Soft on crime Democrats”

    “The hopeless Left Coast, Californicators”.

    Activists – White and Asian made the conflict PERSONAL. They identified one opponent This Soros funded DA Chesa Boudin and identified this one bad guy as responsible for the terrible crime, crazy homeless poopers, COVID restrictions on regular people.

    This is an example of GOOD PROPAGANDA:

    “This is THE ENEMY”.

    Our side identified a real flesh and blood enemy, organized around fighting, defeating, removing this bad guy and victory was achieved.

    We can do this in all sorts of local areas, build local organizations.


    Watch the same old, same old losers get ready for another losing 3rd party Presidential Crusade.

    • This is total mis-interpretation of the event at hand. It’s not a “victory for our side”. We have no side in San Franshitsco. It’s 100% enemy-occupied territory. The reality is that the worthless shitlibs of SF are exercising what the late Larry Auster described as an unprincipled exception to their general woke dogma. While Shitlibs of SF will gladly join with Soros to impose Boudins on every small town in Murika that is mostly white, they have come to realize that he was actually destroying the value of their own overpriced property there in San Franshitsco. It’s not that they are opposed to allowing the multi-culti criminals to run amok and kill YT at will. They simply opposed to them running amok in their own backyard. Inasmuch as shitlibs are always this way, I would have zero problem with the Chinese landing a nuke on SF and sending the lot of them up to the stratosphere in a glowing mushroom cloud. We need a divorce from these monsters.

  4. Unfortunately progressive experiment will continue in those places what have not ruined yet. Those locusts will move . Genetic white liberals hate, they don’t love. So they have zero obstacles to leave one looted area and go on to destroy another one.

    Wise men knew this long ago and put defense mechanisms into laws. For example that entry is limited to people with good character.

  5. Gavin Newsom – “California is the antidote — leading with compassion, common-sense and science. Treasuring diversity, defending democracy, and protecting our planet.”

    They want us dead.

  6. Take a look at the foto; it is emblematic of what I saw of Boudin’s campaign: in a low turnout, off-year election (2019; turnout was also low in the recall yesterday), he was elected overwhelmingly via the votes and activism of women — it was striking: media reports of his campaign appearances always featured crowds of adoring, mostly younger women.

    Again, I highly recommend the following video:

    Black Pigeon Speaks on Why Women Destroy Nations and civilizations

    • I agree, the entire fate of the west is in the hands of Rahab (the female voters.) The right wing is not yet radicalized enough to realize if we ever manage to get control of our society back in a miracle at the ballot box, we can NEVER EVER risk turning it back over to these people again by “hoping” the little ladies do the right thing at the ballot boxes. I hear some pretty unhappy talk radio hosts and their expert guests talking about building coalitions to win repeated elections and I cringe at the impossibility. Like a gambler expecting to keep laying a hundred on the Green Double Zero on the Roulette table eight consecutive times and expecting to win repeatedly. By turning so much of our society over to the whims of females we have lost the protection of God as the Hebrew prophets would frame it, or lost the Mandate of Heaven as the Chinese would see it. Muslims correctly see the female control of the West as a Crime Against God. From a secular view it is a crime against nature, nothing grates in a young boys soul more than being bossed around by a woman, it feels so unnatural even as a 10 year old they used to have to bring in a male voice of the principal in school if they really wanted to get the point across to a young boy. Feminism really is the ruin of us all, and more ordinary men better wake up to this fact and be prepared that saving America will not be done by the rules of your mid 20th century 8th grade civics class.

  7. Headed for the beach? I hope you don’ t go in the water, at least not in Los Angeles County. The water is polluted from sewage. Very high bacterial levels. I live here and stopped going in the water more than 20 years ago after local papers reported an official cover up of raw sewage spills.

  8. It is just a short hop skip and a jump from a society that protects itself from the mentally deranged to a society that protects itself from those who prey upon the weak and the innocent. Yes, yes Chesa Boudin was born to two Jewish parents and the nature of the Jew, their natural inclination is to prey upon the weak and the innocent. Should the nature of the Jew become clear to all, well things could get very dicey for the chosen. And that would not be kosher now would it?

    • >Stay clear.

      Someone who traveled all the way from the east to see California should visit SF if possible/their itinerary allows;it is not difficult to avoid areas you may not want to see — probably homelessness is more of a general problem.

    • @John—–The Castro district, the heart of the queer scene used to be an Irish neighborhood. Homosexuality is a recessive trait passed on among people who breed and produce children within their own bloodline, the Jews and the Irish are examples of such peoples. Why does Greg Johnson have a thing for a homosexual Irish poet, this W.B. Yeats guy? Was Yeats a white nationalist? There are four articles on Counter Currents website about Yeats,…… why?

      It is my opinion that there is a covert sympathetic relationship between the Jews and the Irish and it is founded on the common goals of the homosexuals. Ronny Reagan, the conservative went to bat for Harvey Milk over the Briggs Initiative,….. why?

  9. Hunter: Since we are talking about food, here is one for you. I have just recently moved back to Alabama with my wife after living in Orange County for the past 18 years. If you want an authentic taste of home, go to San Juan Capistrano and check out a restaurant called “Bad To The Bone.” The hush puppies are to kill for

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