The Atlantic: How San Francisco Became a Failed City

In my opinion, San Francisco illustrates the problem with progressive liberalism animated by a modernist sensibility in general, which is that it deliberately sets out to subvert limits and boundaries which are better left alone. The local explosion in crime, drug abuse and homelessness is only the most obvious example of this. That’s just my “authoritarian” view though.

The Atlantic:

“San Francisco was conquered by the United States in 1846, and two years later, the Americans discovered gold. That’s about when my ancestors came—my German great-great-great-grandfather worked at a butcher shop on Jackson Street. The gold dried up but too many young men with outlandish dreams remained. The little city, prone to earthquakes and fires, kept growing. The Beats came, then the hippies; the moxie and hubris of the place remained.

My grandmother’s favorite insult was to call someone dull. I learned young that it was impolite to point when a naked man passed by, groceries in hand. If someone wanted to travel by unicycle or be a white person with dreadlocks or raise a child communally among a group of gays or live on a boat or start a ridiculous-sounding company, that was just fine. Between the bead curtains of my aunt’s house, I learned you had to let your strangeness breathe.

It was always weird, always a bit dangerous. Once, when I was very little, a homeless man grabbed me by the hair, lifting me into the air for a moment before the guy dropped me and my dad yelled. For years I told anyone who would listen that I’d been kidnapped. But every compromise San Francisco demanded was worth it. The hills are so steep that I didn’t learn to ride a bike until high school, but every day I saw the bay, and the cool fog rolling in over the water. When puberty hit, I asked the bus driver to drop me off where the lesbians were, and he did. A passenger shouted that he hoped I’d find a nice girlfriend, and I waved back, smiling, my mouth full of braces and rubber bands. …

But I do need you to love San Francisco a little bit, like I do a lot, in order to hear the story of how my city fell apart—and how it just might be starting to pull itself back together.

Because yesterday, San Francisco voters decided to turn their district attorney, Chesa Boudin, out of office. They did it because he didn’t seem to care that he was making the citizens of our city miserable in service of an ideology that made sense everywhere but in reality. It’s not just about Boudin, though. There is a sense that, on everything from housing to schools, San Francisco has lost the plot—that progressive leaders here have been LARPing left-wing values instead of working to create a livable city. And many San Franciscans have had enough. …”

Quite the headline in The Atlantic this morning!


    • “left takes over is going to fail”

      Sure, because they don’t deal in facts, they shun reality.
      They think they can substitute their childish simplistic fantasies for reality.
      Never works !

  1. “It was always weird”

    Hah, a lot weird.
    The city has been a shole since Mark Twain wrote about it the 1800’s.
    City full of sociopathic creeps. Small wonder 1000’s have lept to their death from the rust colored bridge.

  2. What this shows, as a fact. is that “if” we can get a majority in the Federal House and Senate and “if” they will just do the stuff they say they want to do, stop the steal, then we can stop the vast majority of vote stealing over the whole country with stringent rules.

    It’s just one more majority vote to change the supreme court ruling that made all State senatorial representatives “population” based instead of regionally based, and the Democrats will be completely crushed. Their massive predominance n the city centers will not matter. The more conservative regional Senates could refuse to fund any of their craziness. They could demand honest elections. They could impeach crooked judges and officials.

    This is exactly the way Jews control things. Find choke points and points of power to amplify their control. We can do the same.

    • The Democrat answer is to flood the country with wogs who naturally hate White people and vote Democrat by instinct. The Democrats are united by their anti-White animus, nothing else. It’s the KKK Krazy Glue (H/T Steve Sailer) that holds the Democrat Party’s Coalition of the Fringes together. Demographics are destiny and the rising tide of colored people will give the Democrats permanent power over the failed U.S. as a Third World shithole with nukes.

      While the Democrat Party is the anti-White Party the hopeless and hapless Republican Party has reluctantly, grudgingly, become the (nominal) White Party. Republican “leaders” are mostly drawn from the ranks of scumbag businessmen who can’t wait to throw their voters under the bus and sell the Republican “agenda”, such as it is to the highest bidder. Republicans have been slobbering over the colored vote while giving the finger to their White voters at least since Reagan in 1980 without results.

      Trump was an example of this par excellence when he slobbered over black criminals such as ASAP Rocky, offered reparations he called his “Platinum Plan” and gave Israel everything it demanded except war against Iran. In spite of this (or because of it) the idiot lost his reelection bid. How is Trump’s big, beautiful 2,500 mile border wall with Mexico, one of the worst countries in the world, coming along? Is Mexico paying for it, all 40 miles?

      Texas and Florida are close to being majority non-White now with Georgia and N. Carolina not far behind. Immigration and illegal entry have caused this situation and Republicans never did anything to stop immigration or illegal entry. Republicans even got an immigration amnesty for illegal aliens passed in 1986 by President Reagan. The useless Republicans’ answer is to slobber even harder over the colored vote while continuing to give the finger to White people.

      The lesson is we ain’t voting our way out of this mess, it’s too late for that. The country is on the verge of national failure with a doddering, corrupt old fool, Dementia Joe in the White House and Cackling Kamala, a first class moron (among other things) waiting in the wings. Failures are piling up fast now, both domestic and foreign and the senile, corrupt self serving, out of touch gerontocracy that passes for a political class is insulated and oblivious.

      Out of catastrophe a new order may arise, things may recover but the old order of Republicans and Democrats swapping political offices back and forth, voting, democracy, bribery, extortion, enriching themselves etc. has run its course. The wheels are coming off the country soon, voting won’t help. All one can do is get personally prepared for system failures and diversity on the rampage. The government is not your friend.

      • 12AX7,”…The Democrat answer is to flood the country with wogs who naturally hate White people and vote Democrat by instinct….”

        @Sam J:

        Reform must go beyond reversing how Senators achieve office….”

        You guys are NOT really comprehending how powerful these laws are. We don’t have to let any of them vote. None of them.

        The courts in,

        Reynolds v. Sims, 377 U.S. 533 (1964), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court ruled that the electoral districts of state legislative chambers must be roughly equal in population

        This completely, totally destroyed ALL political influence in anywhere in the States Except in the large population centers. This of course is where all the vote stealing goes on. It’s also why they can stiff arm the Senators from rural areas who want to clean this up because they know they have more political power (vastly more Senators and Representatives), in the cities.

        Here’s a population map and it is the present power structure in the US. Population density in 3D. Height is population.

        Here’s the present power distribution in representation.

        Here’s what it would be if the country had regional representation in the State Senates.

        The difference is huge. Can you people not see this? With one law change to a Supreme court ruling, we could run over the Democrats like they were not even there. With this power, here’s some things we could do. And all this takes is balls and a majority of votes in the House and Senate.

        To start, the ruling above I linked was illegal. If unequal Representation in the State Senates was illegal, then why would it be legal in the Federal; government? Same Constitution. The fact is this was some crooked BS thought up by the courts.

        It is written right into the Constitution that the Legislature can decide what the courts’ rule on. So we just pass a law that says they were wrong, that ruling is null and void and the courts shall never take up that issue again.

        Here’s the relevant constitutional passages.

        “…In all the other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

        “…with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

        The Constitution says,

        “…Article I, Section 5, which provides “Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members … Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behavior, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member.”…”

        They could demand photo ID. All ballots being controlled and accounted for. All ballots given to a voter accounted for. No mail-in voting unless done before the election with ID verification. All ballots scanned after being cast or during and a image of the ballot being uploaded to the internet tied to each voting place, with the number of ballots and the names of the voters attached. That way all votes could be independently counted by the public at large. No electronic voting. All hand count in a specified time. Maybe we couldn’t stop all cheating but cheating on the mass scale in the last election would be difficult to do.They could even demand the voters be “qualified” by whatever means they deem necessary. The above clause is not vague.

        With the voters, “qualified”, like having a high school diploma or paying a positive rate of taxes, we could totally crush all crime in a year. Since the people voting for the poz mostly do not meet these qualifications, the Black vote would evaporate and any politician who continued to do nothing about the Pol Pot level of crime in our cities would soon be finding other work.

        We could build vast gulags in the empty areas of the west to build canals or other public projects and pile criminals in them. Crime would plummet to nothing.

        Let’s look at what in the past regional based Senates did. In New York State, the “regional” Senators passed a law that ANY crime with a gun would get an immediate death penalty. It worked. No one committed crimes with guns and if they did there was speedy trial and they were electrocuted within weeks. Crime was very low because shopkeepers would keep baseball bats and if you tried to rob them they would pound you to pieces. What was done once can be done again.

        I’m constantly blathering on and on about the Senates in the States being elected by regional basis instead of by population, giving too much power to the cities. Well it seems that the Constitution handily provides that if they have the majority they can do just that. They could also demand a voting system that guarantees honest, open and verified voting, OR, the people who refuse can just have no Representatives at all. Not only the above but since it doesn’t require the President at all then he can not block it without blatantly trying to overthrow the Constitution in a most public way.

        Once again.“…Article I, Section 5, which provides “Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members …”

        We could say anyone who immigrated after 1964 could not vote. Totally legal. Once you deprive the left of voters, then the politicians will tailor their message and votes towards those that can vote. Heritage America.

        We could take over this whole country, run it as we damn well please in a few months.

        People are always saying that we need this, and that, change, civil war, mass bloodshed, etc, and I am telling you that the US Constitution is the finest document of governance in the history of planet earth that flawed humans can think up. That we don’t follow it is hardly the fault of the Founders. It’s all there.

        “…NY 2020 General Election. 2,000,000 questionable registrations and votes…”

        This shows how weak their position is. That even in New York State they feel they have to steal several million votes to guarantee winning. But as long as no one is punished for it they will continue to do so. We need to work with anyone, Anyone at all left, right, libertarian, voodoo doctors, anyone to get verified voting, and then we can ram through what we want No more trans children hour. Arrest them and send them to the gulags. Brad has been traveling across the west, he can tell you there’s plenty of room. It’s vast out there, with tremendous areas of nothing. We should build canals to spread water to these areas. By hand. Give them something to do.

    • @Sam J:

      Reform must go beyond reversing how Senators achieve office.

      Every Congressional Representative and Senator and their staff should be paid and then pensioned by their district or state. That way, they can’t give themselves raised or exempt themselves from the laws they enact on the citizenry.

      Only the Presidency (which is term-limited) and the Supreme Court and their staff should be paid and pensioned by the federal government and they should only see raises if a public voter referendum allows it at the beginning of the incumbent president’s second term.

  3. “In February 2021, at a corner in the lovely Japantown neighborhood, just a few feet from a house that would soon sell for $4.8 million, a 37-year-old homeless man named Dustin Walker died by the side of the road. His body lay there for at least 11 hours. He wore blue shorts and even in death clutched his backpack.”

    Just think about this juxtaposition. Homes that are worth more than most of us will earn in a lifetime, and just within a stone’s throw, homeless junkies die on the street without anyone noticing for hours.

    This is end-game liberal democracy, American empire. This is the filth that Antifa defends on Twitter. They think this is normal and beautiful and that we’re low-brow monsters because we envision something different.

  4. Ronald Reagan the Irish Mick sided with the Jewish homosexual Harvey Milk to defeat the Briggs Initiative. All John Briggs was trying to do was protect innocent young children. Why do the Irish and the Jews have a problem with protecting innocent young children? Because they needs prey? Is that it?

  5. It’s pretty simple. San Francisco became a center of wealth. Wealthy White people (and non-Whites who have assimilated to wealthy White culture) are subhuman garbage.

  6. Liberalism is the modern face of evil- but they’ll never figure that out in San Fran. If God’s judgment doesn’t fall on San Francisco, Sodom and Gommorah are owed an apology!

  7. ‘Wait, what is a progressive? … Am I responsible? Is this my fault?’”

    Yes. Yes, it is, “progressive” bitch. So all of you suffer, as we Homophobic Patriarchal White Supremacists out in the wilds of Flyova savor the show.

    They may have shown a modicum of sense in shitcanning usurper kike Boudin and the in-yer-White-face commie scum on the skool board, but only after they put them in power in the first place. Those holier-than-god fags & other freaks will soon forget what a disaster the last few years have been and return to their rainbow-hued vomit.

    • Well said. Culture flows from ethnos. Eliminate the Germans from Germany and German culture will cease to exist there. It’s that simple. Ditto for America. Exterminate the founding stock and all that sprang from it will cease to exist as well. Subverting and inverting the culture is a genocidal act. It’s telling to notice (((who))) are invariably the loudest voices in accusing whites of genocide. As usual, (((they))) cry out in pain as they strike.

    • This. /\ /\ /\ Best comment on this site for a long time. There is more than a grain of truth in this statement, there is a ton of truth this statement.

  8. Ironically, one of the reasons Charlie Manson left San Francisco in 1968 was because of the rising crime rate.

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