The Atlantic: Why Biden Shouldn’t Run In 2024

Joe Biden is getting dumped this morning by the Democratic establishment.

The Atlantic:

“Let me put this bluntly: Joe Biden should not run for reelection in 2024. He is too old.

Biden will turn 80 on November 20. He will be 82 if and when he begins a second term. The numbers just keep getting more ridiculous from there. “It’s not the 82 that’s the problem. It’s the 86,” one swing voter said in a recent focus group, referring to the hypothetical age Biden would be at the end of that (very) hypothetical second term.

In recent weeks, I’ve spoken with 10 official and unofficial advisers to the administration who have spent time around the president during these deranged and divided days in America. “What has this been like for him?” is what I’ve been asking them, essentially. “How is he holding up?” …”

The internal polling must be worse than the public polling.

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  1. I would feel sorry for him if he wasn’t such an antiwhite crook. I’ve had several elderly folks in my own family who’ve went through dementia before eventually passing away, so I’m not heartless. But since Biden is an antiwhite scum-bag, I feel absolutely nothing in the way of sympathy. In fact, I hope the dementia comes full-on and soon. The quicker he’s out of office, the better. My only dread is that his antiwhite “poc” veepee will step in with more stupidity and antiwhite policy.

    • Don’t be so kind. He knows exactly what he is doing to us. Writing off anti-white legislation and oppression is like saying he is only doing all of this to us because he doesn’t know better. Sometimes I think people who say these things are on his side.

  2. Democrats still don’t get it. Joe Biden is not their problem. The hardline libtards running their party are their problem. Even if they get rid of empty suit Brandon, they will just replace him with someone even worse and less popular. Their problem is their total detachment from reality and inability to engage in even mild self-criticism. They are good, right, and correct. Everyone else is evil, wrong, and probably a domestic terrorist as well.

  3. I wouldn’t put it past our rulers to do to Biden what they may have done to JFK. Have Biden assassinated and then blame the killing on “white supremacists,” Putin, or maybe both. Then the lying press could go into overdrive to make a saint out of the deceased Biden, a gentle grandfather who was only trying to bring us all together. Next, with moral hysteria whipped up, the new administration could go on a jihad against “haters.” All of this would allow the Establishment to kill several birds with one stone.

    I hope and pray that the above scenario doesn’t come to pass. But given the psychopathic character of the Swamp, it’s at least possible.

    • Jihad comes anyway. Communists are not bored CEOs. They do not go out voluntarely.

      Only question is how many people come out to save freedom and democracy.

      Best outcome you may hope is what we in the Soviet Union had in 1991. Regime was so discredited that nobody came out to save communism and Lenin Great Legacy.

  4. The Democrats have obviously gone in a more extreme left wing direction. Democratic Socialism is a big deal now in the Democratic Party. I’ve always liked President FDR and his views on domestic issues. The Democratic Socialists are kinda of going further in the direction he and others went. Only problem is the Democratic Socialists are crazed on Abortion, Gays, Illegal Immigration, Black Lives Matter, and the list goes on and on and on. So that’s a problem for more “progressive” issue that might be a good thing from getting traction with average “Rednecks” now. Stuff like Medicare for All, a Living Wage, a 30 hour work week, and so on. What’s pathetic about White People in America is that many vote for people who keep them down….a good little Debt Slave. So what about Joe Biden? He’s not a Democratic Socialist and never has been. He’s a Democrat, a normal Liberal, and lets just call him a 1990s Democrat. The party base isn’t happy with them but he’s better than Trump….I’m sure that’s how they feel about it. So he’s still got a problem with the DS base of his party. Will he run for reelection? Sure. However he’s got a real problem with inflation and if he don’t fix it….he could very well lose in 2024. Deo Vindice !

  5. If the country continues to decline and the economy continues to implode, the Republicans could run mickey mouse and he would win unless of course they fix the election.

  6. You want Joe gone? All it is going to take is a few Javelins ending up in the hands of the Proud Boys. Discovered some where in the vicinity of a Drag Queen story reading. We don’t need gun control. We need Javelin and Stinger control.

  7. Kween Kamala ‘Heels-Up’ Harris for Teleprompter-reader in Chief with Brokeback Buttplug as the President of Vice. The perfect Church of Woke ticket. Go for it, D-jerseys. Petal to the metal and over the cliff, to Satan-Klaus’ hell we go! Really why the hell should we settle for the lesser evil? Biden has brought our side more converts than all Repukes combined. Perhaps old Vlad Ulyanov had a point with his worse is better argument (stomach turning as it might be).

  8. The Deep State is dithering over when to get rid of Dementia Joe, right away or after the disastrous mid-terms. No doubt different factions in the Deep State are going back and forth on this question daily in the Oval Office while Dementia Joe sleeps in blissful ignorance on a couch in the back of the room. Cackling Kamala just sits there and smiles, waiting for someone to say: “It’s her turn now!”

    When the various factions running the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire decide it’s time for Dementia Joe to go then it’s time for Dementia Joe to go, period. If he balks during one of his rare moments of lucidity the representative from the FBI will remind everyone present that Hunter may, that is, may have committed “some” felonies requiring them to reluctantly open an investigation. After all, they do have a copy of Hunter’s “Laptop from Hell” as well as two other of Hunter’s laptops that haven’t (yet) seen the light of day.

    The representative from the NYT,speaking for all the Lügenpresse will remind Dementia Joe that it’s their duty, their solemn fucking duty I tell ya, to print the Hunter stories in their unflinching, relentless, selfless quest for the Truth, Veritas, as the college professors say, unless of course Dementia Joe bows out quietly. The peculiar timing of their (potential) front page revelations above the fold regarding Hunter and The Big Guy’s 10% cut have nothing, nothing to do with pitching Dementia Joe overboard. Mere coincidence. Again. For the 10,000th time.

    After it’s good riddance Dementia Joe it’s Come on down, Cackling Kamala! She will have to be sworn in as Mr. President even though the Deep State will try to keep her on a short leash. It will be hilarious to have Cackling Kamala as Mr. President, the jokes will write themselves.

    It will also be terrifying as the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire disintegrates bringing war and BLM type violence everywhere including domestically as the electricity, food, EBT and assorted gibs fail. Don’t be near the diversity when this happens or you might enjoy some cultural enrichment up close and personal.

  9. “Have Biden assassinated and then blame the killing on “white supremacists,” Putin, or maybe both.”

    That would fit their agenda very nicely.

  10. The plan was that he stepps aside to hand over the presidency to the high-caste KWEEN, yet despite Joe struggling with dementia the beltway mafia realized Kamala was even way worse than mentally decomposing Biden they have to keep him alive long enough.

  11. Biden should not only run, but I hope he wins in a undeniable and unmistakable Banana Republic vote fraud scheme.

    Normies have to be bitch slapped into reality. Their continued loyalty and confidence to GAZE must cease ASAP.

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