Secular Talk: Progressive Activist Groups Have Been Paralyzed By Wokeism

While I was on our road trip out West, Sam Adler-Bell of the Know Your Enemy podcast tried to address the issue in the most gentle way. Now, Ryan Grim has a big new expose in The Intercept about how the spread of Wokeism has played out internally inside major liberal and progressive groups.

Note: Kyle knows this isn’t “a rightwing op.” This is just the toxic culture that most people associate with the Left. This is the brand.

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  1. Trump forced The Swamp to take brats onboard and brats took over.

    Now system goes self destruct and there is nothing they can do. Trump supporters are far away and mostly safe.

    This is how Stable Genius operates.

    • I like reading your comments, Juri. Very thought provoking. The brats are certainly running the show and that isn’t helping our enemies. Unfortunately, I have no confidence in the Republican response.

  2. Wokeism is toxic, a lot of university professors, from Cambridge, Sorbonne and other universities are realizing this. This is good, even if we have not be naif to think that now universities are free from wokeism cult, which is still a big problem in society and academic environment. My wish is that woke supporters clash each other and this is already happened like the struggle between muslims and femminists (far-left femminists). Leftists say that we have to respect muslim culture and remove crucifix and other symbols and also, in my country, they say that we have we don’t have to celebrate Christmas in the schools because this can be offensive to other cultures. BUT femminists are complaining because muslim culture is the furthest thing there is from feminism. Woke leftists have to choose which kind of their voters save and support: femminists or muslims???

  3. We should therefore not oppose wokeism in any enemy-controlled entity. Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a fatal mistake. This includes most what refers to itself as Christianity.

    • Exactly…I couldn’t care less that this insanity is infecting these sheep. What I do care about is when it rears its ugly head in science and medicine, things that really matter.

      • You have a valid concern and indeed Wokeism has already infected both fields. The reason for the infection is that (((Wall Street))) is in control of both funding for medicine and science. Hence the response to a bio-weapon designed and deployed by Deep-State/Big Pharma was to push pseudo-vaccines sold by the same folks who created and deployed the bio-weapon. The only way to purge Wokeism from such fields is to destroy the fake rentier-economy (usury-racketeering) upon which Wall Street’s power is derived. It’s already in the initial stages of collapse so the faster the better. Once the empire collapses, those who are genuinely concerned with science and medicine can move on to reconstructing it – once all of the falsified studies are dealt with and the toadies who produced them purged from their respective disciplines.

  4. How is woke even considered woke as it is merely an intensified form of the system’s ideology?

  5. They didn’t address the rampant anti-white-ism issue in America…and the White Genocide issue…

  6. As I was reading the long piece from The Intercept, yes, there were some of the obvious points, that were kinda explicitly spelled out here, not the least of which is this is what you get when you let women, esp. younger current year women, have the run of the joint.

    But I think there’s a way more obvious “hiding in plain sight” or “elephant in the room” moral to this story:

    The German language translation for Hemingway’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls” has as its title, “Wem die Stunde Schlägt.” Lit.: “Whom the hour strikes.”

    To me, this is all a matter of the bell tolling and the hour striking. These organizations exist purely for the purpose of left wing political agitation. Which means it was inevitable that the very same agitation that they engage in to affect the greater society and outside world would inevitably happen internally. As I read this, if I thought to myself, “Duh,” once, I must have at least fifty times.

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