1. Let me guess: he’d be a lot sicker if he hadn’t been vaxxed.

    >This crowd has long since moved on to Ukraine, abortion and gun control, but still …

    I’m a fan of the oxford comma, and you should be too.

    • That little jewish bastard is the root cause of the covid pandemic, his funding of the Wuhan synthesized strain.

    • Did you really just criticize his grammar? Seriously?
      You know that the Oxford comma isn’t technically necessary don’t you?

      I swear, sometimes right wingers are worse than shitlibs.

      • Punctuation, not grammar — and no, I didn’t ‘criticize’ — use (or not) of the Oxford comma (it has other names) is optional, and there has been a more or less tongue-in-cheek debate about it for a long time — so it was more of a joke; an attempt at one, anyway.

        But it is true that I personally prefer its use.

        If I wanted to criticize the proprietor here, I would bring up his response to COVID again — or maybe his opinion about White Nationalism.

  2. It’s probably a lie. The usual suspects also stated Bill Gates had been infected with his own bioweapon. That’s about as likely as a politician taking his oath of office seriously.

  3. The only people I know that are getting “covid” are the ones that are double and triple vaxxed. The whole purpose of vaccines is to keep you from getting the virus which you were vaxxed for.

  4. A rapid test does not mean he had Covid. 90% false positives. It is widely believed Fauci faked it to avoid being questioned by Rand Paul.

    • Yep, I bet a lot of these “asymptomatic” cases are false positives. We had one back at work in Nov 2020, a nervous nelly asian dude who wasted the counties resources getting tested every week all summer and finally managed to get what I suspect was a false positive after 30+ tests. Everyone was forced to stay at home due to that idiot and he actually expected us to not even go to the grocery store or anything. I went on vacation to Lake Huron since they were going to force me to use my vacation pay for his bungling. Hotels were really cheap back then, you should see them now, they are all $30-40 bucks more than they were in 2019 before the democrats used this thing to wreck America.

    • This is another “distraction” because there’s been WAY too much focus on Biden’s continual and purposeful destruction of the US.

  5. The claim was never made that vaccinations would prevent infection, as you well know. What it would do is make the illness less severe. For that reason it is a good idea to take the vaccin.

    • That was not the original claim. They moved the bar lower with your claim once it became obvious that the “vaccines” were not very effective at preventing infection.

    • Yes they were claimed to prevent it back when they came out, and they did work fairly well too on the original strain, but now all your doing is getting the Covid equivalent of the 2019 strain flu shot. The immunity either doesn’t last, or the virus has mutated away from a match to the vaccine’s design.

  6. All of the mRNA Covid vaccines have an efficacy rate in the single digits after a few months. Snake oil sold as the great prophylactic against a coronavirus that has a 99% survival rate.

    At least the Russians and East Asians were forced by the state to take that poison. Westerners on the other hand, bought into the BS with eyes open, and their sleeves rolled up.

    Caveat Emptor, suckers.

    • That’s not accurate about all East Asia and Russia

      Japan not only openly spoke about problems and side effects of the vaxes, it became official policy – right on the Japanese Prime Minister’s website – that there must be NO DISCRIMINATION against the unvaxed in Japan

      Putin formally announced the vax was voluntary, but apparently there were significant pushes / quasi-mandates for the vax at local levels including in Moscow; it was inconsistent and chaotic, typical Russian internal gov

      Curiously, the Russian Sputnik vax they ‘developed’ overnight, appears to be a copy of AstraZeneca, with AstraZeneca not publicly complaining about this … it’s as if the pharma-vax establishment simply handed info to their Russian friends

      Tho most big powers united in the covid-vax agenda, along with Trump, Brazil’s Bolonsaro is the most important big-country sceptic, eating pizza on New York City streets during his UN visit, because he was unvaxed and not allowed into NYC restaurants

    • Actually the most interesting aspect of this story is how via use/abuse of power, a government official can wreak havoc on countless individual lives, as well as the wider life of communities, even an entire country, and suffer literally no consequences, and experience little if any pushback — but some misguided (and probably psychologically deranged) goof can make toothless email threats, and he simply has to be put away, because, you know, he’s a danger to the public.

      Connally faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in federal prison for threats against a federal official. U.S. District Judge Paula Xinis has scheduled sentencing for August 4, 2022 at 11:30 a.m.

    • If only there was some way to permanently block you. You are true to your english roots, though.

  7. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer piece of shit !!
    So ,here’s to hoping that cocksucker dies a horrendous death.

    I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.

  8. These demonic rat-faced beasts are now pushing this death shot onto infants and children.

    Remember all the Alt-Right intellectuals who supported this in arrogant delusion.

    It’s not a mistake that the bloodthirsty Tribe is at the forefront of pushing this injection onto everyone.

    I hope that no one on our side has forced this onto their children.

    Ground Rules on Verifying Intellectuals:

    1. Do they agree with the international Tribe, the CIA/US Regime, and the establishment?

    2. Do they exhibit healthy skepticism of those in power?

    3. Do they exhibit common sense and a balanced humility?

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