Coach Red Pill: Important Message For Americans

As Ukraine collapses, Coach Red Pill is saying that NATO and specifically Poland and Lithuania are trying to engineer another Danzig situation by having Lithuania cut off rail access to Kaliningrad.

Note: Before the 2022 midterms, it looks like the road ahead is market collapse (in progress), recession (looming) and Ukraine’s collapse (getting closer by the day). Failed war leader will be another feather in Joe Biden’s cap.


  1. Lithuania de facto cut off Kaliningrad already now. And this will the first Nato country where regime change will happen.

    Lithuanians are not ukros . They hoping to sit quietly until Empire collapse but when action is needed they will act.

    • The fact that Russia are not still supporting regime changing forces in Europe right now is beyond me, absolute mayhem could be created in the weak NATO countries using 4th gen warfare formenting open insurection

      seems like the Russians for some reason will not take a page from the yankee playbook

  2. Funny, I never read about the ethnic cleansing of Danzig is history class. Seems like this has been happening for quite some centuries starting with Shlomo selling Austrian cannons to the goat lovers. Maybe even before in Spain.

    • Schlomo opened the gates of cities in Visigoth Spain to the invading Mohammedans. This ushered in the mythical rainbow land of Al-Andalus, in the account of Talmudist “historians” where science, arts and culture flourished (along with Schlomo’s customary usury racketeering). It was not such a utopia for the unfortunate Christians living there but Schlomo and his many step-n-fetchits don’t mention that chapter. Orwell mentions the “two-minute hate” but Schlomo has a much longer perpective that far exceeds Orwell: They practice the “two-millenia hate” on a daily basis in thought, word and deed.

      • Yes, and this is what led to the Inquisition which tried to separate out the true converts to Christianity from the overwhelming number of traitorous Marrano false converts who didn’t want to enjoy the benefits of Moslem “enlightenment” in exile after 1492. Funny how the hated Christendom was better for them than Moslem allies.

      • “Schlomo opened the gates of cities in Visigoth Spain to the invading Mohammedans.”

        I doubt that 1 in 100 know this, even fewer knowing the system of manipulating scheming that lead to it.

        Also, the jewzish scheme to destroy the Venetian Arsenal on Crete, so the Turks could control the Eastern Mediterranean.

        Many of the Venetian and Genoese trading ports in Pontic Greece were betrayed by jwx.

    • “Funny, I never read about the ethnic cleansing of Danzig is history class.”

      If you attended public schools you didn’t learn s–t about real history.
      They just filled your mind with disjointed pseudo-facts to make you malleable to political manipulation.

    • It was also the day that the (((Nathan Rotschild))) got early news of Wellington’s victory (in 24 hours or less) and at once started selling – a signal that caused the herd to panic and sell off en masse on the expectation that Napoleon had won the battle – the British market crashed in a huge way. By the time the truth got its pants on two days later, Rothschild had essentially bought a vast swath of British assets for pennies upon the pound. Like a spider, they always lie in wait. There is a lesson to be learnt in this bit of history….

      • Maybe just liquidate all of our current stocks, savings plans (IRAs, 401Ks, etc), make an early run on the banks and leave the ((())) nothing left to steal when the final knockout catastrophe hits. They will just print more money but they won’t have ours. Just sayin’.

        • “They will just print more money but they won’t have ours. ”

          They will so dilute the currency that your savings will be worthless, as in Austria and Germany 1922.

          You better think of an alternative

          • Actually, even gold and silver will become worthless in the future. The only things that will be of value are the items that you have that will produce/maintain food and energy to sustain you. Prep, prep, prep…

            Ezekiel 7: (KJV)
            19) They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.

        • You can also borrow from your own 401K and use it to buy something that will not evaporate in value. You’re literally borrowing from yourself in this case.

          • I cashed mine out. Heard a financial adviser say get rid of your 401K so you can sleep well at night. I don’t know about sleeping well but at least I don’t have to worry about something rising and falling with the economy that will probably never survive the nukes.

    • We have a chess playing Russian intelligence officer against a hack American politician, who could have foreseen the outcome ?

  3. The trajectory of things is for the U.S. Government to try to bring back conscription which ended in Jan. 1973 with the end of the Vietnam War.

    The diverse, tranny, multicultural U.S. military needs normal, smart, reliable, White males to function effectively against serious, high tech opponents. The first military reversal or outbreak of a serious war (Taiwan, Iran, etc.) will show the world that the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire has feet of clay.

    The solution will be to conscript normal, smart, reliable, White males to staff the military and make it effective. Force will be required because there will not be a rally around the flag effect like after 9/11. With such a diverse, tranny, corrupt, incompetent, anti-White Establishment governing the country all the pro-war propaganda they have will fall flat this time.

    Hopefully Whites will spontaneously give the finger to the Government en masse and tell them to pound sand. Wars thousands of miles away for shit like “democracy”, “Our Greatest Ally” or “freedom of the seas” are none of our business especially when the corrupt Government aids and abets an invasion across the southern border at the same time.

    Simply defying the Government in large numbers spontaneously with widespread popular support will bring down the whole rotten edifice of GloboHomo Shopping Mall. It happened before with Vietnam War protests. They can’t arrest everyone and they can’t fight their wars without popular support once things go badly for them. Failure at home and abroad will further discredit this rotten Establishment.

    Where active measures failed to change things and actually helped the Government such as Trump, Charlottesville, Jan. 6th etc. passive measures i.e. massive non cooperation can topple the rotten system. What it comes down to is they need us to make things work but we don’t need them, they are just dead weight. National failure, which is inevitable now will bring this truth to light for even the most obtuse “Liberal” and their “Conservative” allies who never conserved a damn thing anyway.

    • “The solution will be to conscript normal, smart, reliable, White males to staff the military and make it effective”

      That’s the reason they conscript young naive males.
      They are innocent and compliant to misleading slogans, whereas older males, over 25-30 aren’t so willing to follow potentially dangerous assignments. Older males often see through the con.

    • I hope you are right, too but am not very confident. Most Whites, it seems, worship the military, especially rural Whites. Throw in the fact that the MSM would shift into propaganda high gear, and those young, White males will be lining up at the recruiting office. In the Vietnam era, the MSM propaganda was against the war. That’s why so many protested, fled to Canada, etc. This time around, the MSM will line up FOR the war.

  4. As tragic as losing our beloved and totally legitimate president would be, we have the consolation that in his absence the nation would rest in the able hands of Kamala Harris.

  5. There is a port there in Kaliningrad with military base to defend it. What is this guy selling?

    • Yes it’s the HQ of Russia’s Baltic fleet. The isolated oblast is heavily militarized and has been since Soviet times. Apparently NATO is going to launch a naval blockade as well, which effectively cuts off re-supply from sea along with the cutting of re-supply via rail through Lithuania. This will result in open war between NATO and Russia which means WW III. As Larry Johnson has noted, the WEF Klowns running Lithuania might have just lit the fuse to set off WW III. Coach Red Pill, also no dummy, picked up on this detail as well. We’ll all be reminiscing of the ‘good ol’ days’ when gas was a paltry 5 bucks a gallon if this shitstorm gets underway and is even constrained by some (maybe) sane folks in the Pentagon from going full-retard nuke. If it goes full-retard nuke those left alive won’t be worrying about the price of gas.

  6. Gonzalo Lira has been wrong about every single thing he has said about the Russian situation since the start. Russia is throwing everything and the kitchen sink at Severodonetsk and gaining a few meters a day, if that, while being unable to reinforce their lines elsewhere and losing territory steadily around Kherson and Kharkov. Meanwhile the Ukrainians are putting the western equipment to use and training up their mobilized population, while the Russians are putting jury-rigged T-60s into service and throwing anybody they can lay their hands on into infantry roles. The last thing they need is a new and much larger front line.

    The US does not need to and will not become involved. They will give ammo and guns to the Ukrainians, who will bleed the active-duty Russian military without launching any sort of terrifying German-style general invasion of all of Russia, thus leaving Russia in the situation of having no functional military but no existential-threat invasion to motivate a mobilization and do-or-die military effort. The resulting political and social stresses will cause Russia to implode. No nukes will be used.

    Check back on this prediction in a year or so, see how right or wrong I was.

    • 1.) The idea that the U.S. is not involved in this is hilarious. $60 billion dollars has been squandered on this and gas prices have never been higher. The Pentagon is running the war.

      2.) How much ammo do the Ukrainians need? We’ve already spent the equivalent of Russia’s entire military budget on this war. We just gave Ukraine another billion dollars in weapons. Every ask to go back to that well is generating more resistance too. Ukraine is on life support until the midterms.

      3.) In this case, Gonzalo is simply saying what has been widely reported in the media. Ukraine’s staggering military losses in manpower was featured in the NYT last week. All the weapons in the world can’t replace those losses. The tone of the coverage has abruptly changed in the US media too.

      4.) Public opinion in the West is already souring on Ukraine. Voters care about gas prices and inflation, NOT Ukraine. It is about to get much worse when we plunge into a recession over this. Nothing else comes close to mattering because the costs of thus war to the average American is just too great. The stock market collapse is the icing on the cake

    • >The US does not need to and will not become involved.

      LOL — you apparently have a (sort of) asymptotic definition of ‘involved’ — providing massive amounts of lethal aid is ‘involved’ enough for me, and the Kremlin probably sees it that way too.

      Anyway, if the munitions deliveries were not already enough to make the Russians feel provoked, there was also the credible rumor that Western targeting intelligence was key to the sinking of the cruiser Moskva in the Black Sea earlier — perhaps also Western weapons.

      And now:

      Telegram/ASB Military NewsRussian state media reports that a week before the attack on the Chernomorneftegaz drilling platforms, American commercial satellites filmed this area of ??the Black Sea. … Thus, the Earth remote sensing satellites Worldview-1, Worldview-2 and Worldview-3 photographed the area where the drilling platforms are located on June 11, 13 and 14, respectively.

      Telegram/ASB Military News“The Ukrainian attack on the Chernomorneftegaz towers untied Russia’s hands, in the near future retaliatory strikes will be inflicted on the Kiev regime decision-making centers” – Duma Deputy Sheremet

    • ROLLERY , every point you made is wrong, you read lika a PR shill for Ukraine Nuland Regime.

      This is a Neocon Jew war, Jews hate the “coach” for exposing Nuland/Kagan,
      a MUST SEE VID posted on here.

    • If their conventional forces become severely depleted, they will lean on their nuclear forces that much harder, making the entire situation potentially more dangerous.

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