1. All you need to know is that if Shlomo can print free money and convert it to crypto Shlomo owns crypto and can float or crash it at will. We have been here before.

  2. I don’t know much about crypto currency but in the past, before it became an investment tool, it was largely just a way for people to do shady transactions online like buying generic viagra from Bombay. At work we had some suckers get involved in these fake pyramid scheme MLM businesses and an MLM critic has a website exposing the scam. He also had an article calling crypto a ponzi and I would suspect he’s probably right as his judgment is pretty good on this type of subject.

    • >… shady transactions online like buying generic viagra from Bombay.

      That doesn’t sound like a particularly ‘shady’ transaction to me; more like one that most would prefer be private and untraceable — which reminds of the following article:

      Inside the Bitcoin Bust That Took Down the Web’s Biggest Child Abuse SiteThey thought their payments were untraceable. They couldn’t have been more wrong. The untold story of the case that shredded the myth of Bitcoin’s anonymity.

      So digital currency transactions are not as safe, secure, and untraceable as some may think — an example of the national security surveillance state.

      • It was obvious from the start that Bitcoin was the opposite of anonymous and untraceable. The whole point is that all transactions are publicly listed and verifiable in the blockchain; if you don’t have that, it can’t work. Anybody who believed in untraceable was either not paying attention or stupid enough to deserve whatever happened.

        Monero is traceable-only-with-difficulty, as every transaction is designed to be indistinguishable from 10 or so other possible transactions that may or may not have happened, so looking at it from the outside you don’t know which is which. But that dramatically raises the overhead in using it.

        My position on crypto from the start has been: tell me when I can buy groceries or pay my property tax bill with it. Until then, it’s not real.

        • >It was obvious from the start that Bitcoin was the opposite of anonymous and untraceable.

          You’re clearly a genius — I defer to your genius.

    • @Nightowl

      If you can’t buy groceries and pay bills with it, then it’s both useless and worthless as money.

  3. Crypto became extremely kiked over the past 3 years. All kinds of kike frauds grew up, many based in Tel Aviv. The were promising extremely high yields based on lending and borrowing bitcoin. In other words, they would take your bitcoin, then leverage it, and pay short term yields from the borrowings. It became a ponzi like kike minefield. Lots of these Jews have been stuffing whatever cash is left into their cars and what not over the past week. There is no insurance. The goyiim are screwed. Being in Tel Aviv the scammers will never be prosecuted.

    I sold all I had last year at $46,000. The fees were outrageous. The trading fees were always outrageous. So much for CIAcoin.

    I was amused to read something Wanglin wrote a couple weeks ago. He said definitely Bitcoin will not go below $28,000. At the moment it is arounnd $17,000.

    • Hahah, yeah, it should be funny to see what happens with some of these outfits that were claiming to act like ‘term deposits’ paying out 10% + pa if you lent them your crypto. I’m guessing a lot of people are going to be a little miffed after getting one or two years of 10% payouts and then realizing that the people they gave the principal too are going to keep it.

      Investing in crypto has always been nuts. I might buy some more Monero now in case I want to transfer it to someone or pay for something secretly later if regulations get worse, but I’m not going to pretend it might not drop later.

  4. Great video. It is a scam, and the jewish terrorist federal reserve fuels this for many asset classes. Cryprto is only one. You can see inflation everywhere. The asset values are crashing because the so called smart money(in reality jewish insider knowledge) has already cashed out and left gullible average joes holding the bag. The fed raising rates will make this even worse.

    • The thieves at the Fed never should have dropped rates so low to begin with.

  5. Wow, I hadn’t watched the whole thing til now. I had no idea that these jewish parasites were looking for taxpayer bailouts. This is Weimar level jewish filth.

      • Crypto is the ultimate fiat

        We used to be a Ron Paul / gold movement.

        Then we became a Trump / bit coin movement.

        What is the next detour going to be?

  6. Got a chuckle about how the Dollar is backed by the government/fed creating money as a lender of last resort and a strong economy that makes a lot of stuff. And the ability to extract tax payments at gunpoint.

  7. Funny how people will speak of crypto as some kind of ‘scam’, but not say the same thing about the fiat dollar and the growing debt resulting from its issuance/creation, the Federal Reserve, and the deficit.

    Maybe some saw the recent clip of Biden reacting angrily to the accusation that his administration’s spending is ‘reckless’ — but Biden actually inherited a huge deficit from Trump via the FY 2021 budget:

    2021 United States federal budget

    Total spending for FY 2021 was $4.05t, where $2.8t of that (the FY 2021 deficit) was new debt, i.e. money created out of nothing/thin air, then added to the debt, which must now be serviced by current and future generations of taxpayers — so for every dollar of spending, 69 cents was actually new debt.

    Does anyone seriously believe that money was just out there, maybe under grandma’s mattress, and they all just collectively decided to loan it to the federal government?

    Being a US citizen means being a debt slave for the national security state and those who control it.

    As I pointed out before, given current trends interest on the debt will surpass defense spending to become the 2nd largest budget item sometime later this decade — the largest budget item is HHS (social security, Medicare) — and interest rates are now rising; new debt/deficits will be more expensive to service.

    But sure, tell me how crypto is a scam (it’s obviously more like a commodity, and trades like one).

    • linkVote harder so we TAKE BACK THE SENATE! Then the country can continue being looted, but LEGALLY and a little slower!

  8. And if you compared it to the Russian ruble over the last 4 months or so, one could conclude the USD is a ‘scam’ — in late Feb, just after the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the ruble fell to approx 140/USD — it is now trading at approx 60/USD, i.e. when measured vs the ruble, the USD has declined almost 60% in value since the end of Feb — has crypto declined 60% since Feb?

    As they say, ‘it’s all relative’ — or it’s just the market — in general, I don’t view crypto as any more of a ‘scam’ than the USD.

  9. I saw where El Salvador (headed by a crypto currency enthusiast President of Middle Eastern extraction) has now lost half of its national treasury’s value to drops in crypto currency value that it is tied up in.

  10. Crypto currency is yet another false messiah that promised White racialists an easy way out of the mess we’re in. You don’t get Pro-White, Jew-free money before you get a Pro-White, Jew-free Nation. That’s bass-ackwards. Real life organizing is the only thing that will work.

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