1. Had to be Putler in an invisibility suit. How evil can he be? Pushing a retarded old vetriloquist’s dummy off of his bicycle. What a poopy-head! Better fire up the nukes, fellow Murikans!

  2. The spirit of Cornpop is to blame….and Putin….also guns

    “Listen Jack i may not know how to ride a bike…but”

  3. Why does Biden, basically a career politician (‘public servant’), have a beach house? — I’m reminded of the stock broker joke: ‘Where are the customers’ yachts?’

    • Yes, the eternal question to Wall Street from the suckers: “Where are the customer’s yachts?” Good one.

    • Biden probably had a mild stroke. I’ve seen guys younger and in better shape than Biden have strokes while riding bicycles and exercise bikes.

      I give Biden 6 months tops, he will resign after the mid-terms.

    • That’s a good one.

      I’m a boomer but even I don’t want an old grandpa like Brandon as our “leader”. I can’t imagine how younger fellers, 20 – 40, feel about it. And then there are the ancients in Congress. It’s like the Soviet Union with the geriatrics sitting on top of Lenin’s tomb reviewing the May Day parade.

  4. This feeble old traitor running in 2024 should not even be in discussion.

  5. Good thing “Dr.” Jill was there to treat Dementia Joe. Whoopi Goldberg said that “Dr.” Jill is one of the best doctors in the country and should be considered for Surgeon General. Tucker said “Dr.” Jill is a doctor like Dr. Pepper is a doctor.

    If you can’t trust Whoopi for good medical advice who can you trust?

  6. They put the old coot on a bike to make him look less like an old failing coot and then he falls looking even more like a pathetic decrepit dementia patient. You love to see it.

  7. My fantasy. Biden is answering questions after a speech and suddenly goes silent. Finally he blurts out “There’s nothing on this prompter!”.

  8. LMAO.

    81 million votes. The most popular Presidential candidate in history.

    The stolen election conspiracy theory is the realm of Qtards and MAGats.


  9. OT

    Just to show that in the West things develop in the same everywhere (‘Discrimination from above’):

    Diskriminierung von oben

    Die umstrittene Publizistin und Politologin Ferda Ataman wird neue Antidiskriminierungsbeauftragte der Bundesregierung.

    The current German government has named a Turkish woman as (a kind of) anti-discrimination Kommissarin — she is best known for having referred to Germans as Kartoffeln (potatoes).

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