Harry Enten: Democrats Are Losing Asians Too

Life objectively sucks so bad right now under Joe Biden and Democrats that they are down across the board with all parts of the Biden coalition … Millennials, Independents, White women, blacks, Asians and “Latinx” voters.


“This means Biden was down more than twice as much among Asians than among voters overall. …

This isn’t just a polling phenomenon. Let’s go back to San Francisco, which ranks in the top 10 US counties with the highest percentages of Asian residents. Specifically, we’ll concentrate on precincts where Asians make up at least 75% of the population.

Support for the recall reached at least 60% in all these precincts and north of 70% in a number of them, as you can see from data collected by Chris Arvin.

There was a clear positive correlation between how many Asians resided in a precinct and how many votes there were to recall Boudin. That was not the case for any other racial or ethnic group. …”

Once again, we haven’t seen the full impact yet of the stock market crash, the impending recession and Ukraine’s collapse. We also still have a few months to go until the midterms. It is still possible that Joe Biden could preside over even more crises like a blow up with China over Taiwan.


  1. Biden and his puppet masters single handily destroyed the democrats chance of winning the midterms but the Republicans won’t be much better. Both parties take turns slowly destroying this nation little by little and the Whites are the ones that pay the biggest price

    • Yes, that’s how that flim-flam works. D-jerseys push all sorts of crap and piss off the ocean of the clueless. R-jerseys then come along with the “conservative” message, which works out to more tax breaks for Schlomo and the very corporations (like Disney) who are shoving the perversions down everyone’s gullet. We then get to see all of the glittering palaces of billionaires on the Talmudvision, knowing at some gut level it’s all stolen wealth (an over-simplification of the rentier-racket, but it will do). After being strip-mined by Wall Street et al, the ocean of the clueless listen to the next squad of D-jerseys who promise to ‘stick it to the rich’. The ocean is filled with goldfish, whose memory holds only 10-seconds of info at most. And so the dialectical demonic dragon flaps its two wings over and over in an endless cycle.

      The goldfish fall for it, as it’s even more effective than the promise of the old Colt-45 Malt Liquor ads:

      It works …. every time.

      Voat moar harder, zeks! See that SHIT? It’s really GOLD!!! See that GOLD? It’s really SHIT!!!

  2. France’s parliamentary election that finished up Sunday is worth a look

    Unlike most of Europe, France has a USA-type election system without proportional party voting, it’s just who gets the votes in each district, tho they do this in two rounds, narrowing the field to 2 or 3 in the 2nd

    Marine Le Pen’s ‘far right’ (tho not exactly) party has done massively better than opinion polls predicted, her party rocketing ahead to do even better than the mainstream centre-right Les Républicains … tho she is still only maybe 15% of the Parliament, after Le Pen destructively refused to make a ‘far-right’ coalition with others

    The far-leftists and communist-types did make a coalition, and they won big with that … Jean-Luc Mélenchon, ‘France’s Bernie Sanders’, and others, are not just typical shitelibs, some of them are also anti-EU and anti-NATO, tho they cater hugely to France’s 15% Muslim population

    So Macron’s party lost the majority and will have trouble making a coalition, given that European economies are tanking with the Russia ‘sanctions’, and it is smarter for everyone, right or left, to remain in opposition

    But the Président of France has distinctive powers, even legislatively … Macron can rather ‘rule by decree’ when there is gridlock like this … the Parliament can over-rule the decrees, but when things are so fragmented the needed votes to over-rule are difficult to assemble

    With far-left and far-right both advancing, the centre dissolving, Muslims edging toward 20%, and maybe massive waves of Africans incoming … France has a fair amount of ‘civil war’ talk, but somewhat without the USA luxury of being able to easily divide the country geographically

  3. Biden is the classic example of “be careful what you wish for, you may get it” there must be millions of Democrats who wonder, what happened? There has got to be an ancient Greek fable along this line. Or a sly Chinese one. Democrats all seem to have that look that Wile Coyote always had on his face when he realized he just ran out of cliff, and was about to fall.

  4. It’s not his gaffes or “dementia” that have them turning away, it’s his constant destruction of our nation. Even phone rates are going up to support this whole “phones for people who need them” stuff, and you know where that’s coming from.

  5. My sister visited San Francisco from Australia a few years back. I asked her how she found it. She said there were a lot of homeless blacks there. She somehow stumbled across a location called the tenderloin. How she managed that as a tourist, I wouldn’t know.
    I asked her how she found the local Friscans, were they friendly? She said she mainly dealt with Filipinos who worked there. It’s the same in Australia:- the average tourist will find Chinese and Indians in the hospitality and service industries where they become the faces most tourists will deal with most of the time.
    The left want us to have less children………then tell us we need to import Mahatmas to fill labour shortages.
    I personally believe the fight is over. We now have to deal with the symptoms until we die fully. I will say this though:- they’re going to miss us, rest assured.

  6. expropriation

    the action by the state or an authority of taking property from its owner for public use or benefit.

    Joe has got to be thinking about nationalizing the oil companies. You know he is Irish and the Irish are limited in their problem solving ability. There is fighting, stealing, and lying, that is about it.

  7. I’m not a fan of proud boys but if in 2016-2017-2018 proud boys had blacks, hispanics and asians members, it means to me that also at that time democrats lost a lot of their voters. Probably they understood that democrats don’t really care about them but they use them as an excuse. But the dream ends and breaks when at the end of the game at the end of the party you still don’t have a job. Tear down monuments, change sex and censorship is not point for some democrat voters, so the bubble bursts and they open their eyes.

  8. So thankful we have family value Hispanics and based (albeit perhaps somewhat fickle and self-interested: ‘life objectively sucks so bad right now’) Asians to save us.

    • Not going to save us.

      This is just a repeat of the Carter years. The economy is so objectively bad that it is overwhelming the usual culture war divide.

      • “This is just a repeat of the Carter years. ”

        The current debt levels are far beyond anything in the 70’s.
        Only a few know the massive danger, Jim Rogers, Jeremy bentham, Michael burry.

      • >Not going to save us.


        How about Hispanics and African-Americans and working-class people — will that be enough?

        linkBANNON: “A populist uprising of Hispanics, African Americans, and working-class people is before us, and you can see it in the Rio Grande Valley.”

        • Bannon isn’t wrong about electoral trends.

          Of course, when gas is over $5 a gallon, inflation is at a 40 year high, rent is unaffordable in lots of metros, a populist uprising is inevitable because of sheer economic distress. Reagan won by landslides in 1980 and 1984. Hitler came to power because of inflation. That’s just how ordinary people react to inflation.

          Things like crime are also strong enough to change voting patterns. Most people don’t vote purely on the basis of racial identity

        • Aren’t spics & nigs already “working-class”? Who else was greasy Bannon referring to?

          Oh, that’s right – WHITES: the people the likes of him & worthless Dump refuse to mention by name,

  9. Let us say the Republicans win. What then? Actual American and NATO troops in Ukraine? How is that any better?

    • ” say the Republicans win. ”

      Hopefully the Retardicans dissolve faster than the democrats and we develop an avant nationalist party.

    • @Jim:

      David Cole AKA David Stein wrote that a lot of the blacketty-black nonsense of BLM was voted down by a coalition of Non-Blacks, i.e. Asians, Hispanics, Arabs, Persians, Jews, and any working to middle class Whites still living there.

      Only the rich shitlibs and extreme kook fringe kept drinking the Kool-Aid rather than getting fed up with all the antics of lunatic left with the Floyd lollapolluza and Covid lockdowns.

      So goes California, so goes the country.

      I do think American Blacks are more upset about the hordes of Africans and Haitians invading the Southern border so they can belly up to any table of benefits they thought were reserved for the descendants of Negro slavery than they want to openly admit.

      In any case, regardless of race, creed, or color, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the quickest way to turn a prosperous, productive paradise into an overpriced dumpster fire is to allow the entire turd world to move in.

  10. Ratchild: You played your role well for 4 years Trump. Now its time for Kamala to take over.

    Trump: I told them what they wanted to hear, suckers filling up stadiums cheering for me. I loved it.

    Ratchild: I want you to keep playing the populist role. File lawsuits over vote fraud. None will come to anything, since we control the Supreme Court. Then we’ll rig those two Senate seats for the Ossoff Jew & ape in Georgia.

    Adelson: Then we’ll be able to pass ‘hate speech laws’ & grab the white goyim guns, like we’ve done in Europe, Canada & Australia. It will all be legal.

    Soros: Welcome to the Jewocracy, where we manage everything. To the goyim its a ‘democracy’ though.

    Pornostein: They had a choice. Hitler or us. They chose us. Millions of white goy Christian-Communist liberal idiots.

    Dungberg: That’s because we’re the chosen ones.

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