Michelle Goldberg: Is Feminism Losing Cultural Vitality?

The short answer is yes.

The “New Woman” (born 1879) is well over a century old now. It has been half a century since feminism went mainstream. Feminism has gone from being a novelty to the norm. We live in a culture that is saturated with feminism.

New York Times:

“The Drift, a buzzy literary journal founded by Kiara Barrow and Rebecca Panovka, left-leaning women in their late 20s, published a series of short essays earlier this year under the rubric, “What to Do About Feminism.” “For a long time now, we’ve had the sense that feminism is in trouble,” Barrow and Panovka wrote in the introduction. They described an ambient feeling that feminism has been sapped of cultural vitality, even as an anti-feminist backlash is gathering momentum, and that young people especially were turning against the movement.

Of the eight essays they commissioned to try to make sense of this moment of “profound malaise” in feminism, four used the word “cringe.” Though the pieces came from different angles, there seemed a general agreement that mainstream feminism had grown stale and somewhat embarrassing, that it failed to speak to the realities of many women’s lives, and that it lacked a vision of a better world.

“Much of contemporary feminism, like my adolescent self, relies on a defensive posture, its energy driven toward negation. (Save Roe!),” wrote Elisa Gonzalez. Describing her mother, a home health aide and special education teacher, she continued, “My mother’s life is hard, much harder than it needs to be, and when I take stock of feminism’s current offerings, I see little that would actually ease it.” The writers don’t reject feminism outright. They just don’t have much faith in it, at least as it exists today. …”

The next 25 years are easy enough to see.

Pretty much every Western country and lots of non-Western ones are going to hit a demographic cliff as the consequences of the Sexual Revolution start to come into full view. Most Western countries are going to get a lot older and plunge into the same malaise that Japan is already mired in. It will be all downhill from there.


    • ((Who)) has made sluttish behavior a social norm ?

      ‘Sex in the City’ and thousands of the same themed programs.

      • While it is not often mentioned, I also think Sex and the City (small caveat: I never watched an episode), perhaps also shows like Friends (“), did do some harm to a significant portion of metropolitan women of a certain generation:

        ‘Sex and the City’ author Candace Bushnell regrets not having kids, says she was ‘truly alone’

        linkOne of the most outstanding ironies ever. Fifteen years afterwards, ‘Sex and the City’ star Kim Cattrall is crushed. Her hopes are dashed. Her life is a disappointment. She has no kids, and now she regrets working 19 hour days on the ‘Sex and the City’ set. . . a program dedicated to encouraging millions of women to live childless, self-centered, lonely lives!

        I knew several young women who were enthralled by Sex and the City.

        • “knew several young women who were enthralled by Sex and the City.”

          Women are suckers for fiction.

  1. It’s filthy destructive trash, like Michelle Goldberg, who have ruined the foundation of our civilization, the family.

    The entire system of toxic feminism flows from the tribe. Ruined families, intense antagonism between men and women, 3 generations of single moms raising dysfunctional children lacking the stable foundation of family.

    Social chaos and ruined lives , all rooted in the poisonous weed of kosher lies.

    • “3 generations of single moms raising dysfunctional children lacking the stable foundation of family.”

      Nonsense. Single mothers are not the problem. Bad men are. Forcing women to stay with bad men will not help anything and will very likely make matters a great deal worse. Divorce and single motherhood are concentrated in the lower classes, where decent men are particularly hard to come by and even harder to keep. Male chauvinist love to gloat about male achievement on the right tail, but completely ignore the implications of male dysfunction on the left tail.

      Of course, people who rail about single mothers are fighting the last battle, anyway. Birth control has gotten so effective now that birth rates among less-educated working-class women are in freefall.

      • >Single mothers are not the problem.

        They may not be the problem, but they certainly are a problem — as suggested, single motherhood is fairly strongly associated with a number of unfavorable socio-economic outcomes, especially among Blacks.

        And a cause (not the cause) of single motherhood is lack of female virtue — obviously, men are far from blameless; men who father and abandon children (and their mothers) are the worst kind of scum.

        • “as suggested, single motherhood is fairly strongly associated with a number of unfavorable socio-economic outcomes, especially among Blacks.”

          Right, but the problem is that we can’t jump to conclusions about causation from that fact. It’s like the college degree fallacy. People with college degrees earn more money. Therefore, everyone should get a college degree.

          I suspect that children who have fathers who stick around also tend to have a number of genetic advantages.

          “And a cause (not the cause) of single motherhood is lack of female virtue —”

          Fair enough, but I would submit that premarital sex has always been a thing. In the past, men were expected to marry the girl.


          Take a look at that first-birth shotgun marriage rate.

          • It is a fallacy all itself to constantly pronounce that correlation does not equal causation, thus implying we just need to drop the issue.

            The fact remains that if we built a society that fostered strong marriages, these problems would abate.

        • And ……… the cause) of single motherhood is … a toxic (((media))).

          Women are very malleable to perceived group behavior and ((who)) controls perceptions ?

      • “Nonsense. Single mothers are not the problem”


        I am talking against the societal structures that ruin the family, like TV, jewywood movies etc. That result is single moms carrying the burden of two parents.

      • You yourself have admitted to believing that a marriage going cold is sufficient justification for divorce. Most divorces are initiated by females for similarly weak reasons, because females are generally incapable of making good decisions.

        • “You yourself have admitted to believing that a marriage going cold is sufficient justification for divorce. ”

          Do you believe that men are justified in leaving a sexless marriage, yes or no?

          If a man fails to make good on his promise to “love, honor, and cherish” his wife, she has at least as much justification in leaving as a man in that situation. It’s not complicated.

          • “Do you believe that men are justified in leaving a sexless marriage, yes or no?”

            No, that isn’t a good justification. “Love, honor, and cherish” is corny modernist nonsense. Marriage has nothing to do with any of those things.

          • “In the US, women initiate 2 of every 3 divorces.”

            So what? If you have a useless husband who spends all his money on toys or drugs or other women or whatever, the only way to get him to step up is by taking him to court.

            The person who files the paperwork may or may not be the person who is at fault for the breakdown of the marriage. Personally, I have seen women hold out until the man is literally throwing his new girlfriend in her face before actually facing reality and filing the damned papers already.

            Or maybe you agree with Dart that a man should be free to treat his wife like sh!t with no possibility of consequences?

      • Which came first, the chicken or the egg? These “bad men” are primarily the bastards infesting these neighborhoods. Is there really any solution to the problem? Remember, Joshua didn’t try to civilize the Caananites, the lesson was to forbid getting involved with them because they would be a bad influence. Are these people like a feral cat that can never make a good pet? Other than rare exceptions can anyone who grows up in bastardy make a good middle class spouse?

        • November,

          Please, spare me the concern trolling. I’m not watching your ridiculous video about how women in academia, though still a minority, are destroying civilization, either. If you have an argument, make an argument, then post links to support it.

          In the meantime, I’ll just note for the record that the most destructive civilization-wreckers of all time have been men, for example:

          Freud dude

          Night owl,

          “These “bad men” are primarily the bastards”…

          There were no bad men until the 1970s. They were all saints. Nevermind all those centuries of rape, pillage, murder, slave-driving, and piracy.

          “Other than rare exceptions can anyone who grows up in bastardy make a good middle class spouse?”

          What makes you think they are “the rare exception”?

          • Yes, many civilization wreckers have been men. But at the same time, most of the civilization builders through history also have been men. Without male vision, creativity, and drive, we would live in unending poverty, squalor, and disease.

            This is not to denigrate women. Without their virtues we can’t maintain civilization. The key is for men and women to respect and cooperate with one another. Feminism, as it now exists, is an evil movement which destroys this cooperation.

          • “Without male vision, creativity, and drive, we would live in unending poverty, squalor, and disease…

            This is not to denigrate women.”

            Lol. I’m not a male chauvinist pig but…

            Anyway, men certainly have an advantage in spatial and mechanical reasoning, so you’ll probably always win the race to the patent office.
            But I’m sure we’d have domesticated fire and figured out the wheel sooner or later, though granted it might have taken a bit longer.

            Or then again maybe not. With all that time not spent killing each other, we might have gotten that first wheel prototype out one or two quarters ahead of schedule. Then there’s the fact that we are physically weaker than you, and necessity is, as they say, the mother of invention.

            Anyway, I’m (mostly) just kidding). Yes, we’re better together. Vive la difference! I would rather not have to participate I this mud-slinging contest, but if these deranged misogynists need sorted out.

  2. Femminists say that we are in a patriarchal society….. Really? Today?

    – Can girls choose their future husband or partner? YES
    – Can girls divorce/separate whenever they want from their future husband or partner? YES
    – Can they stand up to an abusive husband? YES
    – Can they get ahead by graduating from college or otherwise doing a job other than being a housewife and make it to the highest echelons of their positions? YES
    So, until middle 20 century patriarchal society existed but today not. Women can do everything and when the say that we are still in a patriarchal society is because they are nazi marxist femminists or because they don’t know history or perhaps both.

    • The vast majority of legislators, executives, judges, etc. are male, still. One can argue that this means we still live in a patriarchal society, and I am inclined to agree with this view. On the other hand, that does not mean we live in an unjust society. Rather, we live in a patriarchal society with equal rights, though not equal power, for women.

      I personally am fine with this, so long as it arises out of personal choices, and I think that it does. However, failing to recognize that we live in a patriarchy (still) allows men to evade responsibility for negative trends in society and blame women instead, even though they still run pretty much everything, including the public schools. (Most principals and a large majority of superintendents are male.) The only possible exception is the churches, where the male leadership is accountable to largely female congregations.

      Anyway, this is very old news, and vindicates what I have been saying since forever: organized feminism does not represent mainstream women, the vast majority of whom are perfectly content with the progress of the women’s movement and see no need for furtherstrife and division. The major objectives of the women’s movement have been accomplished and all that remains is to defend what has been accomplished until now.

      • My statement is that IS a personal choice. In western societies women can aspire to make a career, and many have done so as early as the 1980s. There are a lot of women in politic, in academic enviroment ( a lot of them obviously with Phd instead once time they couldn’t even study), in sports, medicine, etc. I agree with you that it is right that women can have the opportunity to fulfill themselves in life and not be recluses in the home, but we have already achieved this in the West. Femminism today is only part of the woke culture…. for example yesterday i watched in tv an advertisements in which women claimed they had every right not to shave, so if this is the femminist battle today we have to cry.

      • @Lexi,

        Your thoughts and insights are superb. Although I agree that men have gotten off the hook for bad behavior, I don’t think that increasing the number of women in positions of power leads to any positive change.

        First, it was thought that woman’s suffrage might help avert war. It did not. All trends and cycles that existed before women obtained the right to vote have remained in place. Nothing changed. The empire grew. The federal government grew. Our overseas military adventures have increased.

        As women have increasingly obtained positions of power over the last generation, things have gotten much worse. We have open borders, critical race theory, BLM, and equity.

        The blame for all of this, in my opinion, lies with men for letting it happen. Men are physically stronger, and the disposition to defend and conquer lies with men. We have not enough good men. That is the problem. We need a few good men to step up and lead…

        • “Your thoughts and insights are superb.”


          “First, it was thought that woman’s suffrage might help avert war. It did not.”

          Dude, the latter half of the 20th Century, at which point women could conceivably have begun to flex at the ballot box, was the least bloody run in all of human history.


          “As women have increasingly obtained positions of power over the last generation, things have gotten much worse. We have open borders, critical race theory, BLM, and equity.”

          It seems to me that you attribute everything that has gotten worse, but nothing that has gotten better (literacy and life expectancy, e.g.) to women’s suffrage. I would encourage you to explore that assumption.

          • @Lexi,

            Weak and immature response. I expected better. Choosing to refute me by arbitrarily dismissing WW2(which is exactly what I had in mind) was pathetic.

            I later cited women obtaining many positions of power(in general) over the last 20 years. I had congress, the supreme court, heads of federal departments, etc. in mind. I merely pointed out that so many trends are much worse during this period. This would be an observation, not an accusation.

            You went from insightful to what feels like a bratty high school freshman. Maybe you are. You made no valid points. Try going back to being insightful if you can.

          • @Lexi,

            Please do not respond, as I see you are a JEW TROLL.

            Good riddance. I will ignore you from this point forward.

          • ps_mike,

            “Choosing to refute me by arbitrarily dismissing WW2(which is exactly what I had in mind) was pathetic.”

            I don’t think my dismissal of WWII was at all arbitrary. The seeds of WWII were sown well before women had the right to vote or any influence on foreign affairs. I think it is rather unfair of you not to recognize that. The 77th Congress was 98% male, and women were fearful that appearing overly reluctant to support war would feed into arguments that women voters’ pacifism would weaken the country.
            No matter what women do, it will be seized upon by some misogynist or another as a justification for denying our rights.)

            “I later cited women obtaining many positions of power(in general) over the last 20 years. I had congress, the supreme court, heads of federal departments, etc. in mind. I merely pointed out that so many trends are much worse during this period. This would be an observation, not an accusation.”

            I took it as an implied suggestion that women are to blame for those trends. If this was an error, I apologize.

          • “Please do not respond, as I see you are a JEW TROLL.”

            Lol what gave me away?

            Seriously, though, no, I’m not. And really, I shouldn’t have to be here defending women. Men should be doing it. They don’t because they’re afraid of being called cuck or White Knight or something, so I have to babysit just to make sure these creeps don’t start talking about chaining women to the stove naked and whatnot.

            I don’t know how long you’ve been following the dissident right, but yes, it really did get that bad. I have been told I deserve to be raped to death after watching all my “spawn” get exterminated like rats, etc. I can count on one hand the number of times anyone has been openly called out on that kind of harassment.

            If I were a Jew troll, why would I interfere with such appalling self-sabotage. Yet, I’ve been fighting this battle, almost single-handedly, for years now. My patience isn’t infinite, and I have bad days sometimes. I’m only human, after all.

      • The whole “men versus women” thing is very much like the focus on race. It’s just fine for women to have professions. The same men, who accuse women of being gold-diggers, will have disdain for women who try to have a decent job.
        It was always normal for women to seek out men with good jobs, who they could have a family with, but now there are so many who abuse this and just take the guy for his money, that the decent women are lost in the shuffle.
        Even if you go back, long ago, there were women who had good jobs. I met a woman in her 80s who worked in avionics for some of the first aerospace gigs. She never said one word about having been a woman in the business. She loved what she did, and she was very intelligent.

    • “Feminism is a cancer that should be wiped out.”

      Judeo-toxic feminism that masquerades as feminism.

      • You are more correct than you think. The new and improved “intersectional” feminism isn’t really all that…well, feminist.

        Because intersectional feminism holds that WOC are more oppressed than White women, it follows that feminists must fight “racism” in order to improve their lives. The upshot is that the women’s movement is totally subsumed by the broader anti-racist New Left. Indeed, genuine issues of concern to White women, such as grooming of our daughters by foreign rape gangs, must be ignored in the interest of “community cohesion.” White men are always the enemy, and it is unacceptable to air dirty laundry, as in the novel The Color Purple, for instance.

        Intersectional feminism is of no value to White women. It’s only purpose is to deny a healthy racial identity to White women while WOC get to assert their own ethnic self-interest while feigning allegiance to a global sisterhood.

        • ” to deny a healthy racial identity to White women while WOC get to assert ”

          That’s been the scheme all along.
          To hijack the energies of WHITE women and use them to subvert a healthy WHITE society.

  3. >… the same malaise that Japan is already mired in.

    I think Japan and the Japanese are doing pretty well, everything considered; the Japanese seem to have withstood the dramatic rise of China and South Korea as competing economic powers in Asia — and they have an advantage that some European countries facing a ‘demographic cliff’ do not: they still have and control their own currency — and nearly all Japanese debt is held internally, e.g. compared to the US, very little of Japan’s sovereign debt is in foreign hands.

    • The Japanese also don’t have the burden of Rootless Cosmopolitans with their immigration, diversity, multiculturalism, and every other destructive thing. They also are an island nation making it easy to keep out Third World filth. The Japanese police are very serious when it comes to rounding up and deporting troublesome foreigners especially those who are illegally in the country.

      • Yes, I agree — Japan’s racial homogeneity (which is not an accident) is also a big advantage — the cohesiveness of their population will greatly help Japan and the Japanese hold together and preserve their nation — in contrast, many White Nationalists in the US have for years held the view that the US, in its current form, is not only no longer worth defending, it is also not worth preserving.

        link‘Who is this nation for whom you want me to pray? … No, thanks. I’ll pray for my family and for the White race.’

      • “The Japanese also don’t have the burden of Rootless Cosmopolitans”

        You’d be partially surprised, some of japan’s porn and prostitution business is in the hands of ((them)). That’s who traffics Russian and European women into japan.

        • I learn something new on OD every week. Somehow, I’m not surprised, I just never gave it a thought.

        • The major trade publication for the porn and ‘compensated dating’ (prostitution is illegal in Japan, thus ‘compensated dating’) industry is run by…..you guess.

      • The Japanese get called, “racist”, so you know they’re doing things right. Too bad more Americans don’t think like they do. In WW2, every one of them would defend their homeland.

  4. Well it is two women who are starting World War III with the blockade of Russia’s rail supply link to Kaliningrad:

    Ingrida Šimonyt?, Prime Minister of Lithuania
    instructed and urged on by
    Ursula von der Leyen, President of the EU Commission

    Von der Leyen was not elected by any voters, but yet is in the position to decide to start a global war between EU-Nato and Russia

    These two ladies ‘decided’ on a direct violation of the Russian-Lithuanian Treaty of 1993, and a clear act of war, ‘casus belli’, under international law

    Media: “Lithuania’s state railways service set out details of the ban in a letter following ‘clarification’ from the European Commission on the mechanism for applying the sanctions.”

    Russia has served an ultimatum on Lithuania’s chargé d’affaires, demanding the blockade be ended or else they will act … they seem to be serious

    Ironically this is short driving distance from where WW2 started on the ‘Polish corridor’ by Danzig / Gdansk

    Photo of the above two WW3-starting women together –

    • “Photo of the above two WW3-starting women together –”

      This is precisely the absurdity I was talking about. Misogynists isolate female cogs in a male-dominated patriarchal machine and pretend it is some sort of evidence of female malevolence.

      • It is not at all ‘absurd’ for men to feel a kind of visceral resentment of female politicians who are being belligerent, to the point of risking war, even when/if they are ‘cogs in a male-dominated patriarchal machine’, because it is primarily men who will fight and die in any conflict — the situation is unnatural.

        • Well, Tricky-Dicky Piano-man has mentioned drafting wymyn into the 404 Grand Armée (a suggestion no doubt whispered into his ear by the Kosher-Kookie monster herself) so perhaps Lexi can sign up to show she’s willing to get blown to bits for feminism. You go girl! We promise not to send you a white feather if you join the ‘International Brigade’, just a lousy Darwin Award. I read the WEF-bitch running Finland wants to get into a rumble with the bear next door as well. I’m sure that Nudelman, Boot, Blinken, Garfinkel and the geniuses who are so in favor of all this mayhem will be happy to see Lexi go if she’s really a white female. Getting a white women killed or having her kill other whites is a high mitzvah for those in Satan’s service. They are true believers is equality when it comes to that.

        • “because it is primarily men who will fight and die in any conflict”

          So what? Every man who ever died in a war had a mother whose baby was taken away from her. Personally, I would rather die than lose one of my sons.

          “— the situation is unnatural.”

          No, it isn’t. You’re just entitled and bitter that you have to share power with women.

          If a man sends you to die in a foreign war, you will be just as dead as if a woman had sent you. If you had some evidence that women are somehow lacking in empathy with young men, and more likely to send them off to die, you would have a point. But of course you have no such evidence. All you is have inflammatory anecdotes and snapshots.

          If you would like to shut women out of decisions concerning when and whether to go to war, go ahead and try it. I seriously doubt you’ll like the results, unless you enjoy seeing young men come home from foreign wars missing various body parts.

          • >No, it isn’t.

            Yes it is unnatural Lexi, in a visceral sense, as I said — I believe I pointed out to you before that the average 80 y/o man has significantly more grip strength than the average female of any age (Graph of grip strength vs age for males and females).

            >… you would have a point.

            My visceral feeling that women in positions of power over men (and even worse nations) is unnatural is the point Lexi.

            >You’re just entitled and bitter that you have to share power with women.

            This is just dumb ad hominem — nothing I said is particularly unreasonable, yet it seems to have gotten under your skin.

            I’m just a man who does not like being told what to do by women; I do not like women having (institutional) power over me and my life — even worse is when women have power over a nation of men, to the point of risking a war that would not only kill a great many men, but also destroy much of the technical civilization that was primarily built by men — anyone ought to be able to see how perverse and unnatural this is.

            I believe many men share this sentiment.

            I have strong libertarian leanings, and therefore I personally do not wish to have power over others, and am suspicious of state power, especially the power to wage war, whether wielded by men or women — but as I said, my visceral feeling is that such power in the hands of women is unnatural.

          • Let me try to explain it to you this way Lexi:

            Ideally, a person in a leadership position should be both 1) an authority figure, and 2) a good decision-maker.

            To me, women are not authority figures — as I said, this is a visceral feeling that arises mainly (but not entirely) from the physical differences between men and women, e.g the significant difference in size and physical strength.

            I see women as complementary, not equal to men.

            I concede that in some cases women can be good decision-makers, perhaps even better than many men.

            But women are not authority figures — this is why I say it is unnatural to have women in leadership positions with power over men and nations.

            As a white male I believe in and practice (a modern form of) chivalry — in this sense I put women ‘on a pedestal’, I treat them with respect — I just don’t want them telling me what to do from atop that pedestal.

          • “I believe I pointed out to you before that the average 80 y/o man has significantly more grip strength than the average female of any age”

            Nevermind debates and elections. Let’s just have a grip strength contest or arm wrestle or something.

            “but as I said, my visceral feeling is that such power in the hands of women is unnatural.”

            I suppose you’re entitled to your visceral feelings. And I am as well. I am viscerally repelled by the idea of men making the decision, without input from women, to place in jeopardy the human life that our mothers and grandmothers all the way to the beginning of time with much pain and peril of their own lives have birthed and nurtured.

    • Balticus,

      Dude, really? World War Two did not begin because of Germany’s Special Military Operation into so-called Poland. World War Two in Europe began when the British and French provided a war guarantee to the bellicose Polish Prime Minister.

  5. The God intended purpose of sex is the propagation of the species, everything else is sodomy. If the sex act does not have a chance of producing a baby it is sodomy and it is anti-god. That simple.

    • Robert Browning,

      You are correct. According to my religion the only reason God created sex and marriage was to have children and any sexual act that climaxes outside of the natural target is considered sinful.

      Meaning birth control pills and condoms are immoral. As an aside I am strongly against feminism, women’s Liberation etc. As I have written before I am one of eleven children. Any cause that any form of Feminism had past or present that is reasonable like being against spousal abuse/rape etc. can be attacked without all the other causes that come with it.

      The husband is the head of the Family and men are supposed to have higher authority within society as a general rule. Women can and should be able to inherit property, wealth, and power like being a monarch etc.

      Scripture quite clearly states that God made man for Him but he made woman for man. So treat us good. i think scripture also states somewhere that man is master over woman. That makes me a little uneasy but I can not pick and choose.

      Religious divorces are also forbidden though separation is possible. Church annulments are difficult even now to obtain compared to divorces.

      I have stated our rules even though many Catholics do not practice or even believe in them. It is worse in some countries compared to others.

      On a global scale, annulment is fairly rare. According to Crux, the Church issues only about 60,000 of them each year. The majority of these take place in the United States: While only 6 percent of the world’s Catholics live in America, they account for somewhere between 55 and 70 percent of cases, according to Crux.Sep 8, 2015

      • @Cristina, personally i don’t think that a man is superior to a woman, my point of view is this: men and women are equal but with different functions for natural reasons even before religious reasons. As i said in a previous comment, women have already achieved a good level of equality in many fields (they can study, have careers, sports, go to the military, in short, practically all the things that males do) and if we look at nature of the world (even human nature) male and female have different function in the reproduction and child care. In reproduction for biological reasons and in child care because father and mother have a different but always important role in raising children. The bullshits about call parents 1 and parents 2 instead of mother and father is one of the battle of feminists of today.

        old article but still alarming:


        • Marcel,

          The article mentioned that Macron was a centrist? The Center in France must be far to the left then. Thank you for sending it to me.

          • My intention was not focus on Macron’s position, but show you that natural family is mother and father and not bullshits like parent 1 and parent 2 (as is written in the article) to accommodate the whims of Lgbtq community.

            P.s. All leftists today are far-left, i don’t know people on the left who are moderate.

        • Marcel,

          I was shocked at the parent 1 and 2 part. The world is moving fast. No one sane could invent this nonsense outside of feverish delirium.

      • ” According to my religion the only reason God created sex and marriage was to have children”

        Sure, they wanted lots of cheap expendable soldiers and labor. Get women to overbreed and human life becomes cheap.

        Big replaceble armies.

        The motives of theologians is not so innocent .

        • Arrian,

          Well, I do like your name. Our family library has a book by Arrian if I remember correctly. There was such talent in the Greco-Roman days it is incredible.

          Anyway it is defined dogma what I wrote not theological opinion. To say that every theologian or even anyone was thinking of armies large or small seems strange to me.

          There is power in numbers.

        • Arrian,

          While I wrote before about there being power in numbers well that is true. The command of ” Be fruitful and multiply” does create more souls for God and of course it means a larger population for temporal purposes as well.

          Rulers generally like larger populations for work, taxation, and of course war. And God evidently wants more people in His Kingdom and to populate the world. Marriage with children is desirable but it is not sinful for someone not to marry.

          I think whites should have more children for reasons listed above.

    • That argument is the favorite of eggheaded theologists and an excuse used by queers to take the heat off themselves by saying “look, married couples can commit sodomy too!” It really cheapens the term to apply it to everything where it loses it’s effectiveness from becoming disassociated from it’s primary meaning. The absolute filth of a man plunging his dick into another mans hairy, poop filled ass. It’s really not that easy to commit sodomy, you have to be pretty far gone in the head in order to get a boner in such a situation to do this. To be fair, the Sodom and Gemmorah story is a warning that in a morally corrupt society, men who would ordinarily be hetero go out and become enculturated into a sort of masturbation by sodomizing effeminates and weak, unprotected orphans forces into such an awful practice. The story is a warning about how out of control such behavior can become if tolerated and how it warps other aspects of morality around it.

  6. Feminism will die with the USA and Europe. Without retarded Whites propping feminism up, the world will return to sanity.

  7. Curious how this “patriarchy” does everything in its power to destroy White men. particularly working & middle-class ones.

  8. Women are property, and feminism is white imperialism.
    The Taliban know how to handle white women.

    The very idea of a woman choosing her husband, having a political say or losing virginity before marriage is completely disgusting.

    Anyone who opposes honor killing is a homosexual||


    • Let me tell you what is “completely disgusting.”

      Men who hate women so much that they prefer to use little boys for sexual gratification.


      Or men who sell their 9 year old daughters to a man three times their age before she gets “damaged,” as if she were a car or something.


      Your ridiculous obsession with bridal virginity has caused untold misery in the world and we’re moving on. Deal with it.

      • Lexi,

        Sher Singh is joking and just having fun (I think). On the other hand this is a white nationalist website therefore you never can tell. The only thing he wrote I agree with is the virginity part. We are made special in such regards.

        • “The only thing he wrote I agree with is the virginity part.”

          And you have good reason for agreeing with him, to an extent. I don’t like premarital sex. It makes women feel used and discarded like trash, and it’s not what God wants for his precious, beloved daughters made in his own image.

          The problem is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to prevent without imprisoning women and buying and selling them like livestock. I know that sounds hyperbolic, but I’m afraid it’s true, or so it appears to me. There is never any point at which sexists decide that women are oppressed enough and maybe they should back off. Rather, as always, one repressive measure necessitates the next. Abuse escalates.

          If there is a strong taboo against premarital sex, which is only ever targets women, parents have little choice but to sequester their daughters as much as possible. Once they hit puberty, they are married off to men twice their age, because, after all, you need at least one adult in the house. The girl naturally resents this, and resists when her “husband” comes to rape her every night. So he beats her. He might also get her pregnant so no one else can, because, naturally, he knows she hates his guts and might cheat on him with a boy her own age. This will also assure that she is tied to him and can’t leave. Of course, she’s too young to carry a pregnancy to term, so she gets an obstetric fistula and has fecal discharge from her vagina. Grossed out, he throws her away and goes and buys another virgin to destroy.

          Or maybe men can just get over it already. I know this sounds extreme, but this is exactly the sort of life that many women live in contemporary patriarchal societies.


          • Lexi,

            Are not most of those current abuses in non-European societies? I look forward to marriage and the performance of my wifely duties.

            I think female virginity is not up to the government to ensure. This is a personal and at most a familial matter. If a girl were to lose it they go to confession and then what God forgives then men are also bound to.

            I still think our virginity is more important since we receive the fruits of the act and it makes us more valuable. Latin societies are traditionally keen on such issue.

            It is true that a wife cannot refuse her husband sex on pain of mortal sin outside of an unusual circumstance. However, by Catholic standards a husband cannot refuse his wife sex either. One of the few cases where the Church gives a woman equality.

            Still a woman and a wife are to be submissive and I love it—as long as it is the European and christian style submission.

            From Encyclical Letter 1930 Casti Connubii

            28. Again, this subjection of wife to husband in its degree and manner may vary according to the different conditions of persons, place and time. In fact, if the husband neglect his duty, it falls to the wife to take his place in directing the family. But the structure of the family and its fundamental law, established and confirmed by God, must always and everywhere be maintained intact .

            Cristina comment–It does say different place–Latins are more male supremacist than anglos.

            29. With great wisdom Our predecessor Leo XIII, of happy memory, in the Encyclical on Christian marriage which We have already mentioned, speaking of this order to be maintained between man and wife, teaches: “The man is the ruler of the family, and the head of the woman; but because she is flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone, let her be subject and obedient to the man, not as a servant but as a companion, so that nothing be lacking of honor or of dignity in the obedience which she pays. Let divine charity be the constant guide of their mutual relations, both in him who rules and in her who obeys, since each bears the image, the one of Christ, the other of the Church.”[30]

          • Lexi,

            I could not resist this one. Even Anglo Americans probably did not find this song wrong and this was historically recent. 1960’s. No girl I know likes males who are worms.

          • “Catholic standards a husband cannot refuse his wife sex either.”

            Hehehe, nature often overrules that one.

          • Cristina, you are very sweet. I hope you find a great husband as you richly deserve.

            As for being submissive to your husband, I think you’ll find that notion to be extremely impractical and very nearly irrelevant to daily life.

            Your husband will ask you where to find XYZ, what the kids should wear that day, what they can have for a snack, etc. Because you take care of the house and do the shopping and laundry, etc.

            You will get tired of picking up after him. If you ever want to have a clean house, you will tell him to put his dirty clothes in the hamper and generally not leave shit lying around everywhere, because I assure you a man and a house full of kids, working together, can make messes way, way faster than you can pick them up. You can’t dust a table or mop a floor that you can’t even see because of all the crap lying all over it.

            Hopefully, your husband will understand this and appreciate that you are trying to make a comfortable and happy home for the whole family to enjoy rather than accuse you of being a “nag.”

            As for sex, you may be obligated to give it up, but you aren’t obligated to pretend you’re not just doing it because you feel obligated. Remember that when you’re breastfeeding an infant and haven’t slept for three hours together in weeks and your husband is wondering why you’re not in the mood.

          • Cristina, I forgot to mention that, yes, the abuses I referenced happen mainly in non-European societies, but remember, European girls in ancient times suffered exactly the same fate. They were married off in their early teens. As recently as Victorian times, girls who weren’t virgins anymore were considered “ruined” and consigned to a very short, miserable life in a brothel or on the streets.

            Poor families who couldn’t afford to keep their daughters might send them off to domestic service somewhere, trusting their daughter’s future to the man of the house. (There was no protection against quid pro quo sexual harassment.) If she got pregnant, of course, the father would deny ever having touched her and she would wind up on the streets.

            As you can see, our friend Exalted Cyclops wants to take it a step further. It’s forced prostitution for women who don’t cover themselves from head to toe, even if they’re virgins apparently. By all means, be proud of and grateful to White men for their enlightened treatment of women, but don’t forget what previous generations of girls and women suffered an don’t take your rights for granted.


      • I think the whole idea of having the sexes at each others’ throats, is to keep white birthrates down, and it’s working. Both MGTOW and Feminism have really taken a toll on white relationships.
        If a woman is qualified and capable of doing a job, that’s no problem for me. I dislike diversity hires, and I think this has set a lot of men against women.
        The idea of not doing premarital sex is gaining favor because of the lack of families now. Women can just go have a baby “out of wedlock” and it’s no big deal now, which really doesn’t matter so much…it’s the idea of only a one parent household.
        Too many women copy the Kardashians, etc., with the overly long hair, plastered on makeup, and provocative dressing. It’s really overboard. There is something to be said for someone who doesn’t go so heavy on things.

        • “I dislike diversity hires, and I think this has set a lot of men against women.”

          Yes, I think so, too. Of course, the problem is that the vast majority of women are not “diversity hires.” Most of us work in occupations where we’re already the majority. The women who benefit from affirmative action are exceptional by definition.

          • Lexi,

            Thank you for your kind comment above. My girl friends and I do not imagine or think about marriage as anything besides future happiness. Perhaps we idealize it but is that not good to a certain extent?

            In another of your comments above you were threatened with rape. I am sorry to hear.

          • Lexi,

            The following rape statistics you might find interesting. It is by country at the bottom of article. The USA has a rape rate twice that of Mexico. Some Americans might think we are lying but yet they have no trouble accepting the high rate of murder statistics that Mexico owns up to.

            The article mentioned how many rapes worldwide including of course the USA and Mexico are bound to be under reported.

            In some ways I think it is still dangerous to be a female in most societies nowadays especially without male protection.

            I do not understand why Australia and Sweden have such high rape rates.


          • I agree. If a man meets a woman without a job, she’s a ” gold digger” but if she has a decent job, she’s a “feminist” or too independent. If she has no ambition, she’s using her husband. If she has career goals, that’s wrong too. So it shows too much is from the trouble-making media.
            I think most Whites are just trying to survive. The Whites who count are the ones who aren’t race-mixers like some of the ones on this site. Some of the most hypocritical ones in the right wing are race mixers. You’ll see them brag on sites like this.

  9. Hit a demographic cliff? Oh well…………just import more of India’s doctor’s, retail workers and cleaners to help fill in the labour shortfalls….
    Apparently, we need India’s doctor’s more than India does.
    With Covid border closures, local workers have a surplus of jobs available, and unemployment is low. Industry leaders aren’t happy about it. This can only be good for wages, social stability and welfare budgets. More jobs than job applicants…………oh dear!

    • November,

      How do you find all these unusual websites? I do believe in education for females. By early July at the latest I leave for Mexico for most of the summer. Until then if I see an interesting topic I will read it.

      I believe you mentioned you dated a latin woman. Was she Mexican or South American?

      • Christina,

        How much does a decent house in Mexico cost, 100 to 200 square meters, with and without a pool ?

        • Arrian,

          Prices vary greatly in Mexico. I found the following in Guadalajara. Mexico City would be more expensive.

          Guadalajara average–
          For a 500 foot furnished apartment the rent is around 15,000 pesos a month for a nice area and around 5000 in a regular area. Utilities around 500 pesos a month depending. So around $250 a month American money assuming I did the conversion correctly for the normal area triple that for a small apartment in a rich area. Not cheap.

          If you shop around perhaps better deals. I found the following:


          If you have money live in a good area. Crime is high. Some States are worse than others

          Without influence I believe you can forget obtaining a legal firearm very quickly..

      • Cristina,

        Dr. Edward Dutton (The Jolly Heretic) is well known on the DR. His continued association with the two-faced and twice divorced Richard Spencer is hurting his reputation by not severing his ties to him, but his research is refreshing in these times of censoring and suppressing findings that run counter to the judeo-left’s gaslighting of SJWs.

        If you ever found yourself on the Telegram social media messaging app, The Jolly Heretic’s channel can be a lot of fun with debates.

        I have dated two Latin women. The first was in high school. She was a redhead whose family had fled Castro’s communist revolution. If i recall correctly, her family was of Castille Spanish descent.

        The other Latina was from Venezuela, who coincidentally had fled the Chavez/Maduro “socialist” regimes. Andrea was in the flesh proof of why Venezuela has won many Miss Universe titles.

        Will you finish school in Mexico or America?

        • November,

          I did find his accent hard to understand at first but he is amusing.

          Cubans in the USA are probably the most conservative of the Latins. I do not know who are the most liberal maybe Puerto Ricans but I am only speculating. I am referring to beliefs within the USA only.

          I am not yet sure where I finish. My father wants his family with him in the USA since he has important property here. My mother and grandmother much prefer Mexico. If Mexico, enrollment by mid August at the latest I would imagine.

        • @November even me follow Ed Dutton, Spencer still attend Dutton and publish Dutton’s books This mean that Spencer still believe in dissident right cause but he is ashamed to be with us and wants to attend only those who he thinks are higher up on the dissident right.

  10. This is the feminism of today (from Italy)…… a group of marxist left-wing activists who has nothing to do with the femminists of XIX century and early XX century. This group wrote on wall “death to all men” and proposed to remove and tear down some medieval statues because they were “racist”. I have always seen as elegance in a woman the sweet, polite, feminine character, the gentle way of expressing herself…… none of this is represented by these activists.


    • The Muslims are not wrong about them…. As for the future, it will be the burkha or the brothel. Inshallah.

      • You’re right. Muslims are not wrong about us. That’s why they are educating women, letting them drive cars, vote, etc.

      • These activists should be sent in a muslim country to see what a patriarchal society really is, maybe then they will have nostalgia for the West or at least we will get rid of their toxic feminism.

    • Marcel,

      Well that was bizarre. I think the women there need better lyrics. Should they not get married and have children?

      • The majority of the women in the video don’t want to have children because they hate a lot men, and the other part of them are transgender women, so they cannot have children. This video show how certain feminism is toxic and nonsense.

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