Breaking Points: Biden Is Officially Jimmy Carter, But Worse

Joe Biden is actually polling worse than Jimmy Carter at this point in his presidency. Also, if you think he sucks now, just wait until he hits lame duck status after losing control of Congress in November and after we plunge into a recession and after Ukraine’s spectacular collapse, as this doddering old man gets even more senile. The weakness on display will invite more challenges. There is a lot that could happen after the Empire loses in Ukraine.


  1. Worse indeed !
    At least Carter had intelligence and moral integrity, albeit of the self-righteous variety.

  2. While I don’t think Carter was a great president, he wasn’t terrible either — like some presidents grandstand and take credit for good economic numbers and other things they had little/nothing to do with, Carter was unfairly blamed for inflation, the Iran hostage crisis (including the disastrous/failed rescue attempt), and other things that were not really his fault (I did disagree with his decision to boycott the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow) — I never found Carter personally objectionable, but I strongly dislike Biden’s persona (but then I despise pretty much all career politicians) — and compare the way Carter spent his life after being president to, say, a worthless, self-idolizing, stuffed-shirt narcissist like Obama — so Carter was and is a decent, self-effacing guy.

    Speaking of Carter, I remember when it was announced that, as president, he would do a call-in show where ordinary people, Joe Sixpack or Jane Lipstick, could call and ask him questions — AM talk radio was big at the time, which probably had a lot to do with the decision to stage this event, but Carter was generally a nice guy who seemed personable and approachable, so it could have even been his idea — anyway, Walter Cronkite was more or less retired at that point, but he was asked to be the host — I heard someone explain this by saying that while some might call and be rude to president Carter, no one would call and be rude to Walter Cronkite.

    • The joke at the time, you’ll recall, was that Carter was a micro-manager …

    • Oh Carter was terrible, just Biden is so much worst it makes the public forget. Carter gave away OUR CANAL in Panama! He also locked away so much of Alaska’s oil fields from production handing it over to a bunch of reindeer. He let the Shaw get overthrown as well, don’t know if he would have fallen anyway but he knew poop was going to hit the fan over there. Nope, Carter is what happens when a weakling becomes leader, a glimpse of how our whole society would go with female control these days.

      • “Nope, Carter is what happens when a weakling becomes leader, a glimpse of how our whole society would go with female control these days.:”

        @Nightowl – This IS how our society has gone, if you hadn’t noticed; and it was weak MEN who got us here.

    • I remember. When the Iran raid was a disaster, it made Carter look weak. But Carter had been a Navy guy. HIs brother Billy was comic relief.. .

  3. Other than America’s enemies, Carter is at this point the only one still happy about Brandon in The Oval Office. Carter knows that it is Brandon people are goung to remember as America’s worst President and not himself.

  4. I remember Gerald Ford was mocked as clumsy and dim witted. He had a well publicized minor skiing accident if I correctly recall.

    • @TW – I think a lot of the Gerald Ford bashing was hangover hate from the Nixon scandal. Come to think of it, given the way the media lies it would be interesting to revisit Watergate.

  5. Excerpts from The Art of Bore, the collected wisdom Joe Tzu, whose early exploits as a warrior-lifeguard fighting the dreaded Romanz and their Centurion Corn-Pop are the stuff of legend….

    *The journey of 1000 gaffes begins with a single misstep.
    *A journey greater than ten thousand miles begins by stepping off a cliff.
    *Never trust a piano player who uses both hands to wave at the audience.
    *You can always find a plan if you use a good teleprompter.
    *To dismount with dignity. First take your foot out of the stirrup.
    *Planning is a form of laziness.
    *You cannot go to a 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts without having a slight Indian accent. I kid you not.
    *I don’t shake hands with the air, the air shakes my hands.
    *So the best way to get something done…If you ..If you hold near and dear to you that you.. uh… like to be able to uh…….. anyway.
    *Know your enemy as I do, you will stumble, lose many midterms, shake many invisible hands.
    *Become your own best enemy.
    *Shake hands with the air! Your opponent will wonder at what person he’s not seeing!
    *Always speak in garbled tongues. It is better to walk it back than to stride forward.
    *Always greet effusively people who don’t exist. Your enemies will understand this as a sign of perspicacity: You see things that others do not.
    *We planned and run the war, but Ze didnttell us that we fucked up. Shame on him!
    *By doing almost everything, nothing is achieved.
    *If your strategy is seen as failing against a first enemy, apply it against a stronger enemy to confirm it doesn’t work.
    *Though a warrior may gain victory over a thousand Corn Pops, still greater is victory over thyself.
    *Fervently believe your own disinformation.
    *When climbing stairs, better to fall repeatedly and make yourself look weak. That way, people will never be able to tell how weak you actually are.
    *If one can defeat himself he need not be defeated by another.
    *When there is nothing left to do, you can cross your arms. There is no need to do it running.
    *When you don’t know what you’re doing, neither does your enemy.
    *I’ve said it before: self defeat can be defeated. But you have to defeat it yourself.
    *The supreme art of war is to fight without winning.
    *The government is 70 percent right 30 percent of the time.

    These are culled from the good folks over at Moon of Alabama, who’ve come up with quite a list of aphorisms taken from the most heavily used part of the used Depends pile. I already posted this collection over at Unz one of Anglin’s latest screeds.

    • @Exalted Cyclops — That is really, really hilarious — great stuff!! Thank you for posting that!

      This is my favorite: “*If your strategy is seen as failing against a first enemy, apply it against a stronger enemy to confirm it doesn’t work.”

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