New York Times: Russia Threatens Lithuania Over Kaliningrad Rail Access

Who could have ever predicted that?

Expanding NATO into the Baltic states and Ukraine was always just a means for Western liberal elites to antagonize Russia. In the event of an actual kinetic conflict, it is the Western masses who will pay for it. First through higher inflation and energy prices. Then as cannon fodder should it ever come to that. This alliance is nothing but a liability for the overwhelming majority of Americans.


  1. Guess I should find out what their flag looks like so I can post all over social media. So bored with blue and yellow.

  2. The Lithuanians are being used as pawns in this sinister game of antagonizing Russia. Whatever reward they have been offered isn’t worth the risk they are taking.

  3. The title of The NY Times article is so misleading because it suggests that the provocation is coming from Russia and not Lithuania. But what can you expect?

  4. I know this sounds awful, but I’m ready for the Rooskies to glass Ukraine so this BS will be over.
    I don’t even really care about Russia, Im just tired of Jews telling me how great Ukraine and Zelensky are.
    Ben Stiller in the Daily Mail today is just the latest. Ugh.

    • They aren’t going to do that because at least half of those who live in the territory controlled by the Judeo-Nazis and the other puppets are their fellow Russians – ethnically and culturally. The sad thing – which Gonzalo Lira has touched upon – is how many have fallen for the past 20-30 years of Jew propaganda emanating from the west about how Russia is the great evil, plus the elevation of the bloodthirsty war criminal Stepan Bandera to the status of ‘National Hero’. If the actual Bandera SS-battalions has caught some of these Ukrainians speaking Russian they would have be liquidated on the spot – as a couple of million likely were back in WW II. The Russians have been holding back to an astonishing degree since the intervention started four months ago. If it spills into Lithuania, they’ll have to be somewhat careful as well because there are a significant number of Russians who live in the Baltic states.

      Russia’s leaders are being forced into this by the actions of NATO’s (((owners))), who always make money off the goyische cock-fights regardless of who dies. Until the fighting cocks start to turn and use their weapons upon Schlomo and all those who do his bidding, this racket will continue. Bandera was the perfect example of a ‘Nazi’ Schlomo could get behind. He was far more passionate about killing Poles and Russians than he was about getting rid of Schlomo, who probably provided a comfy sinecure for him.

  5. Kaliningrad was the old Prussian city of Königsberg until 1946 when the USSR renamed it after declaring it a province of the USSR at the 1945 Potsdam Conference. Stalin ordered the expulsion of the German population of the city remaining after the April, 1945 surrender of the city to Soviet forces. The isolation from the rest of the USSR didn’t matter until the disintegration of the USSR and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact.

    Now there are echoes of the Danzig Corridor here, 1939. Russia is just trying to maintain NATO compliance with treaties signed after the breakup of the USSR giving them free access to their territory. Germany recognized Kaliningrad Oblast as Russian territory renouncing all claims in 1990 as part of the unification of Germany. Interference with Russian communication between Kaliningrad and Russia is one of the biggest damn fool things U.S./NATO has done in a mile long list of damn fool things.

  6. So the US are risking the existance of another proxy state by now getting Lithuania involved

    I hope people all around the world are soon stating to see who is the real instigator of all this shit the veil lifted

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  8. Boy, I wish you could spend a day or two under the smelly Russian boots, then I’ll see what kind of song you’ll be singing!

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